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Forecastle Festival
Your 2019 Lineup is here! ⚓️ Tickets on sale THIS Wednesday, February 13th, at 10AM EST! Secure a GA weekend pass for as low as $39 down using our layaway plans. 🌊Explore the lineup and ticket options here: #Forecastle Forecastle Festival's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 03:02 PM UTC
Calpurnia The Band
What's happening?! We are playing @forecastle festival in July. Weekend passes on sale THIS Wednesday!!
11 Feb, 04:18 PM UTC
Maggie Rogers
louisville!!! so excited to be a part of this rad line up for @forecastle fest!! tix are on sale wednesday at 10 am est. see ya this summer ☀️ Maggie Rogers's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 03:19 PM UTC
The Avett Brothers
JUST ANNOUNCED! We are excited to play at @forecastle 2019. Weekend passes go on sale this Wednesday at 10am EST. Tickets and more info at The Avett Brothers's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 03:29 PM UTC
Festive Owl
.@Forecastle reveals 2019 lineup: @TheKillers, @AndersonPaak, @theavettbros + more. Festive Owl's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 05:33 PM UTC
We've been itchin to get back to Kentucky and this summer seemed like prime time. Catch all y'all Louisvillians at @Forecastle Festival very soon. Thanks for welcoming us to your fine town! Tickets on sale Wednesday at 10 AM EST: Caamp's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 03:22 PM UTC
This will be me with all of the high schoolers at Forecastle in the Playboi Carti moshpit Avery's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 04:22 PM UTC
i think i’m the only person in the city of Louisville with no interest in Forecastle at all
11 Feb, 04:12 PM UTC
Forecastle should just be 3 days of carti. Just my opinion.
11 Feb, 04:32 PM UTC
OutHere 🌐🌐🌐
Now all they gotta do is make sure IM IN THE PARTY COVE THIS YEAR and Forecastle is a home run!
11 Feb, 05:52 PM UTC
Cincinnati CityBeat
Louisville music fest Forecastle announces 2019 lineup featuring The Killers, The Avett Brothers, Anderson .Paak, Portugal. The Man, Maggie Rogers, Tyler Childers, Judah & The Lion, Playboi Carti, Chvrches, Moon Taxi, First Aid Kit, Dawes and more
11 Feb, 03:15 PM UTC
Greer Delts
Might go to forecastle only for Tyler Childers
11 Feb, 05:38 PM UTC
Best line up in years.. nice job @forecastle
11 Feb, 05:47 PM UTC
Gemstone Tiddy Queen
One of my fave fests and the lineup is great :,)
11 Feb, 05:35 PM UTC
What could have been... A bit weird not doing the festival thing this year.
11 Feb, 05:49 PM UTC
Max ❄️
Anyone want to come to Kentucky?
11 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
Jesse Harrod
@max_beard @itss_myahh The Killers and Anderson Paak are two of the best headliners they’ve ever had. Carti, denzel curry, moon taxi, nelly, Portugal the man, chvrches, snakehips, noname is a SOLID undercard especially for forecastle haha
11 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC
Biscuit Extra Buttra
@ThatBoysGood Oh I hear you. I did Forecastle last time Avett was in town, they were amazing but my shirt was soaked on the walk in. It's a young man's game.
11 Feb, 05:40 PM UTC
11 Feb, 06:01 PM UTC
Hop Along
We're headed to Louisville, KY this summer for @forecastle. Find tickets and see details: Hop Along's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 06:01 PM UTC
amy gesenhues
I am officially too-old-for-a-3day-outdoor-music-festival-where-I-only-recognize-headliners-which-is-fittingly-the-only-font-I-can-read-without-my-readers years old.
11 Feb, 05:56 PM UTC
Taylor Williamson
The Forecastle Festival lineup is insane this year! Use my link below to enter to win weekend passes!
11 Feb, 05:56 PM UTC
Lex 🍷
Should this year be the first year I go to Forecastle just to see one of my fave bands @judahandthelion?
11 Feb, 05:55 PM UTC
Anderson Paak coming to Forecastle!! 🤩🤩🤩
11 Feb, 05:44 PM UTC
Billionaire Dick Pic Enjoyer
We literally live in a world where you can pick up a smart phone and listen to any of the artists on the Forecastle lineup. People prob have already made playlists. It’s not that hard to be exposed to new music these days. You actually have to work at it not to.
11 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
Jake Clay
11 Feb, 05:42 PM UTC
bella king
Hey @bunburyfestival this is what a music festival is supposed to look like, helllll ya @forecastle bella king's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC
My whole life is building up to the moment where @thekillers play Mr. Brightside at Forecastle. After that my life will be all downhill from there.
11 Feb, 05:39 PM UTC
Billionaire Dick Pic Enjoyer
So do y’all seriously expect to know every artists whenever Forecastle is announced?
11 Feb, 05:38 PM UTC
alright sooo who’s tryna go to forecastle with me haha
11 Feb, 05:38 PM UTC
Forecastle Festival
@lex_winters A CERTIFIED BOP.
11 Feb, 05:38 PM UTC
Jennifer Smith
@TheMidnightLA @forecastle This sounds amazing! I want to go! I love the Avett Brothers!
11 Feb, 05:38 PM UTC
@TheFestiveOwl @forecastle @thekillers @AndersonPaak @theavettbros Interesting to see Tyler Childers and Chvrches next to each other on a line up 😂
11 Feb, 05:35 PM UTC
Matt Wickstrom
BREAKING: @thekillers, @AndersonPaak and @theavettbros are set to headline the 2019 edition of @forecastle Festival. Stay tuned for more info on the announcement this evening on the blog Matt Wickstrom's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 06:02 PM UTC
Chris Pham
11 Feb, 06:01 PM UTC
Win tickets for Forecastle Festival at Waterfront Park, Louisville, KY, July 12, 2019 with Do615
11 Feb, 05:57 PM UTC
Ohhhhh Forecastle lineup 😲
11 Feb, 05:56 PM UTC
Forecastle Festival
@AudleyGlove ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
11 Feb, 05:54 PM UTC
LL Cool J
*set at Forecastle was meant to be added
11 Feb, 05:54 PM UTC
Brandon Wilson
@forecastle You all renting dock space ?
11 Feb, 05:53 PM UTC
Fall Out Boy Updates
@Jessicakhaleesi Yeah, a lot of people can afford to do one or the other. I doubt I'll do Forecastle this year. I would only want to do one day and the bands I'd like to see are too spread out.
11 Feb, 05:52 PM UTC
@taypac__ Forecastle. You’ll be pissed if derby is the rainy mess it was last year
11 Feb, 05:52 PM UTC
Forecastle Festival
@Rip_Rope Hey Kyle! We'll share info on single day tickets in the next coming months.
11 Feb, 05:51 PM UTC
the curch of sam rockwell
bruh this fuckin lineup... Theres gonna be drunk white children for miles
11 Feb, 05:49 PM UTC
11 Feb, 05:47 PM UTC
Halloween Winkler
@pennyandsparrow @forecastle If you need a place in Louisville to stay for free my husband and I have a spare bedroom you are welcome to! We’re good cooks, and huge fans of you guys 😊
11 Feb, 05:45 PM UTC
I feel The Killers (big). Moon Taxi is super fitting for forecastle so I dig that. Chvrches is also an interesting addition. Kind of a different lineup this year it feels like
11 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
Spectrum News 1 Kentucky
Forecastle Announces 2019 Festival Lineup
11 Feb, 05:42 PM UTC
Jazmin Smith
I think I am pretty happy with the Forecastle lineup but should I go to Moon River Festival instead? And what about Bourbon and Beyond?? Idk idk
11 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC
caroline weikel
Just entered to win tickets to this rad event on do502
11 Feb, 05:40 PM UTC
#Forecastle announces 2019 lineup: #Thekillers #Nelly #PortugaltheMan #AndersonPaak #avettbrothers and more Raagveda's photo on Forecastle
11 Feb, 05:40 PM UTC
Tai x SEGA 4evr
Listen I just want to see @HopAlongtheband live one time, and Forecastle looks like it's gonna be the easiest way to do that press f
11 Feb, 05:36 PM UTC

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