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Dean R. Lomax
Let's start your #FossilFriday the right way. An exceptional, 180 million year old ichthyosaur with skin. Just look at the dorsal and caudal fin! Simply stunning. Collected from a quarry at Holzmaden and on display at the Hauff Museum. Dean R. Lomax's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 06:51 AM UTC
Mark Witton
It's #FossilFriday, which means it's time for Lemmysuchus, a species scientifically proven as the most rock and/or roll of all teleosaurids. This #paleoart is a deliberate homage to those most grisly and metal of all palaeoartworks - John Martin's scenes of Mesozoic life. Mark Witton's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Science News
Rocks filled with comb jellies and jellyfish could help flesh out what life on Earth looked like during the Cambrian. #FossilFriday https://t.co/ffWlxMDTWd
22 Mar, 10:05 AM UTC
American Museum of Natural History
Happy #FossilFriday! Megalochelys atlas is smiling because it’s almost the weekend.This large land turtle lived during the Late Pliocene ~2 mil yrs ago. The skeleton in the Hall of Vertebrate Origins was collected by Museum fossil hunter Barnum Brown in 1922 in Chandigarh, India. American Museum of Natural History's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:28 PM UTC
Gabriel N. U.
It’s #FossilFriday and here is a WIP I’m working on of a Proterosuchus which just captured a young Lystrosaurus at an Early Triassic, South African river bank. Will it consume it in the water or on land? Many details to be refined but it is getting there. #paleoart #sciart Gabriel N. U.'s photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 02:03 PM UTC
A hip and partial backbone from the large iguanodontian dinosaur Barilium, from the Early Cretaceous of Hastings, UK, which is about 140 million years old @NHM_London Note the ribbon-like ossified tendons that stiffened the back #FossilFriday #NHMdino https://t.co/YkAHPtZ4w2
22 Mar, 01:49 PM UTC
Evan Johnson-Ransom
#Tyrannosaurus on display at the @CarnegieMNH in Pittsburgh. Fun fact this was the first Tyrannosaurus skeleton to have been found and has been on display since 1950. #FossilFriday Evan Johnson-Ransom's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 06:11 AM UTC
Yara Haridy
O HEEY #FossilFriday So I work on anything w bone.. so this pushes me to read about all sorts of vertebrate groups, lately, it's been 'placoderms'. 'Placoderms' are nature's answer to "What if fish but also beetle?" Let me tell you about these armored fish. 👇👇Thread #Scicomm Yara Haridy's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:55 PM UTC
João Vasco Leite
Last full day in Argentina, it has been an extraordinary trip! For #FossilFriday the one, the only, Herrerasaurus' left hand...what a beauty! #NHMdino #dinosaur 🇦🇷🖐️🦖🦕 https://t.co/bIXD2P1k7r
22 Mar, 01:18 PM UTC
#FossilFriday The Irish Elk (or, Giant Deer), Megaloceros giganteus on display at the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel. DigAtlasAncientLife's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 12:20 PM UTC
Rachel Warnock
fancy simulating some fossils this #FossilFriday? check our R package FossilSim. We provide flexible models & tools for simulation and visualisation, compatible w/ ape & @dwbapst's paleotree. Available on CRAN and @github. Link to quick start & vignettes: https://t.co/uh1yUrYAwN
22 Mar, 08:43 AM UTC
Rob Sansom
Woah momma! #FossilFriday is off to a 'bang' with a new Cambrian Lagerstätte in China yielding some lovely beasties, including purported cnidarians. Much excite! https://t.co/8GAplQpHeE Rob Sansom's photo on #FossilFriday
21 Mar, 07:37 PM UTC
Evan Johnson-Ransom
Say hello to Scotty the #Tyrannosaurus of the @royalsaskmuseum and the new heavyweight! Weighing in at 8870 kg in comparison to @SUEtheTrex's 8462 kg. Don’t worry Sue you’re still the best T.rex specimen. #FossilFriday Evan Johnson-Ransom's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:38 PM UTC
Paige Madison
Emerging from a quiet few weeks on twitter with one of my favorite specimens, the Homo erectus maxilla (Sangiran IV). Paleoanthropologist Ralph von Koenigswald's wife hid this fossil in her pocket during WWII, while he was a prisoner of war. #FossilFriday 📸 Gerbil/WikiCommons Paige Madison's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 11:58 AM UTC
#FossilFriday Upper surface of a colony of the cyclostome bryozoan Reticulipora dianthus from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) of Calvados in France NHM_Bryozoa's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 08:50 AM UTC
Ben Miller
Eocene trionychids from Mongolia. Turtles specifically evolved to leave a spectacular fossil record. #FossilFriday Ben Miller's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:26 PM UTC
Aaron LeBlanc
For #FossilFriday: the inside of a rib of the newly discovered species of shell-crushing mosasaur, Globidens simplex. The ribs are almost completely filled with bone, making them very dense. This may have helped this animal sink to the seafloor and forage for food! Aaron LeBlanc's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:57 PM UTC
Christian Kammerer
One of the rarer finds in the Pliocene Yorktown Formation of North Carolina: the beak of an ocean sunfish (Mola)! From our collections here @naturalsciences. #FossilFriday Christian Kammerer's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:42 PM UTC
Andres Elgorriaga
For this #FossilFriday & #FernFriday here's a Cladophlebis fern from the #Jurassic of Chubut (Patagonia) that I found last week. Un helecho de tipo Cladophlebis del Jurásico de Chubut que encontré la semana pasada. #plants #botany #Paleontology Andres Elgorriaga's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 03:48 PM UTC
Scott Persons
It is my paleontological pleasure to share a new paper on “Scotty”. This is a T. rex of extraordinary size (8,800+ kg) and age (28+ years old). Scotty’s skeleton is riddled with pathologies. It was hard to be the king. https://t.co/MgqheWF8pL #FossilFriday #Massive2019 #science Scott Persons's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 04:07 PM UTC
The PalAss
Today we're at the @LinneanSociety for the Diversity in Natural History meeting, which feels very pertinent following our recent Diversity Study and the activities of our newly-formed Diversity Group on Council #DiversityandInclusion #FossilFriday https://t.co/mHQkloxZcL
22 Mar, 09:57 AM UTC
Jan Freedman
Holding hands with an ancient relative. The beautiful hand of the 2 million year old hominin, Australopithecus sediba. @HumanOrigins #FossilFriday Jan Freedman's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:17 PM UTC
Dr Donna Yates
Hey #palaeontology Twitter. Did you know that the US is considering restricting the import of Chilean palaeontological objects into the United States? Your expert comments are *very much needed* by the State Department by 25 March. See: https://t.co/71pQgx7UK7 #FossilFriday Dr Donna Yates's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 03:16 PM UTC
Time Scavengers
#FossilFriday w/ Tullimonstrum gregarium a soft bodied creature from the Pennsylvanian. Found in the Mazon Creek fossil beds of IL. Due to the bizarre anatomy, this organism has been assigned to many groups since it was first discovered. What do you think the Tully Monster was? Time Scavengers's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:01 PM UTC
James Rule
This #FossilFriday is also #InternationalDayOfTheSeal, so here's the skull of Acrophoca longirostris! Fossils of this lobodontin have been found from Chile and Peru. It is unusual due to its elongated rostrum, resulting in widely spaced teeth! James Rule's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 01:16 PM UTC
Frog Rescue
Happy #FrogFriday & #FossilFriday! 🐸🦖 https://t.co/4QgjJr92V0
22 Mar, 01:43 PM UTC
Kieran Shepherd
Even the Mammoths @MuseumofNature are looking forward to warmer weather. A rainy #FossilFriday in Ottawa. https://t.co/U0IHo5OZRO
22 Mar, 03:25 PM UTC
Stu Pond
Happy #FossilFriday! Here’s the skull of Sinosauropteryx from the early Cretaceous of China and seen the Dinosaurs of China exhibition held in Nottingham a couple years ago. Stu Pond's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 12:26 PM UTC
Explore "Illustrations of the Fossil Conchology" (1849) in #BHLib for #FossilFriday thanks to @museumsvictoria @bhl_au ➡️ https://t.co/68g9eM4KDd https://t.co/6TPPgnxLj1
22 Mar, 11:36 AM UTC
Jurassic Coast Guide
I found this partial Ichthyosaur jaw on the Jurassic Coast today!! There should be some nice teeth buried in the matrix... I'm currently saving for my own prep equipment so will look forward to revealing this piece! It's around 195 million years old! #FossilFriday #jurassiccoast Jurassic Coast Guide's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 04:55 PM UTC
Liam Elward Paleoart
Camarasaurus lentus, one of the most common and well-known sauropod dinosaurs. Probably not much to say that you don't already know. #paleoart #paleontology #sciart #scientificillustration #fossilfriday #dinosaur Liam Elward Paleoart's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
The Alf Museum of Paleontology
This alien-looking skull belongs to a brontothere, a plant-eating cousin of horses and rhinos that lived in western North America around 35 million years ago. It was found by paleontologist Malcolm McKenna when he was a teenager! #FossilFriday The Alf Museum of Paleontology's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 04:13 PM UTC
Laura McLain 🦖
For #FossilFriday: Rhamphorhynchus at @hmns. Look at those fangs! https://t.co/MJOKUNqUA2
22 Mar, 04:27 PM UTC
James Lamsdell
I have a new friend, just in time for #FossilFriday @PRInstitution James Lamsdell's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 03:43 PM UTC
Karma Nanglu
#FossilFriday Natgeo article on the Qingjiang fossil discovery, also with commentary on recently described stem-ctenophores. Check out the paper and don't skip the supplement, some of the most beautiful fossils I've ever seen! https://t.co/VBh96zl7sU https://t.co/pySTAcvUfP Karma Nanglu's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 04:10 PM UTC
Consider the cynodont Cynognathus crateronotus and the biostratigraphic implications of where specimens have been found. Femur cross-sections here! https://t.co/9vd28Han2Z @brenenwynd @_gondwannabe_ @_megwhit_ @ChristianSidor #FossilFriday #vertebrates #Paleontology Morphobank's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 03:00 PM UTC
Liam Elward Paleoart
Here's the feet, looking a tad prickly as per fossil trackway evidence. I think it's interesting that ostriches also have a similar spiky-ness on the bottoms of their feet. #Camarasaurus #fossilfriday #sauropod #paleoart #paleontology #sciart #scientificillustration Liam Elward Paleoart's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Jason H. Moore, PhD
Stunning Bounty Of 500-Million-Year-Old Marine Fossils Unearthed In China https://t.co/EoscUd2CjX #fossilfriday #fossils Jason H. Moore, PhD's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Jonathan Marcot
#Trilobites were among the first animals ever to evolve eyes. Some had compound eyes so they could see a full 360º without moving. This Neoasaphus (at @DenverMuseumNS) is about 465M years old from Russia. Why do you think its eyes were mounted atop long stalks? #FossilFriday Jonathan Marcot's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 04:39 PM UTC
In case anyone needed an idea of just how massive Quetzalcoatlus actually was here's a cast from the Tucson Gem Show for #FossilFriday RaptorChatter's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:06 PM UTC
Sergio Álvarez Parra
From today I'm officially a PhD student at @geologiaub studying Cretaceous amber and fossil insects from the Iberian Peninsula! So, from time to time I will tell you interesting info about these topics 😋 🐜🐝🐞🦗🦋🌿 #FossilFriday Sergio Álvarez Parra's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:05 PM UTC
Gönenç Göçmengil
Bloguma ara ara popüler bilimsel gelişmeleri de yazmaya çalışıcağım. Bu yazıda Çin'de yeni keşfedilen Kambriyen yaşlı nadir bir fosil yatağınından bahsettim #fossilfriday #cumafosili (link: https://t.co/FyFwJW7Xht)
22 Mar, 04:55 PM UTC
Jeremy Wiles
Got to visit the @PerotMuseum on my way through Texas. The displays were pretty awesome, though they should speak to their Apatosaurus about photobombing etiquette. #FossilFriday https://t.co/50rS7fjLBK
22 Mar, 04:42 PM UTC
Love you nan #fossilfriday
22 Mar, 03:10 PM UTC
The Coleopterists Society
#LiteratureNotice Yamamoto. #Fossil evidence of #elytra reduction in ship-timber #beetles https://t.co/CVqx5tMU9L #Beetle #Coleoptera #Lymexylidae #ShipTimberBeetles #FossilFriday https://t.co/l8Xjfkewht
22 Mar, 02:17 PM UTC
Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)
#FossilFriday Nothosaurus Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)'s photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:13 PM UTC
Liam Elward Paleoart
Here's the DA link w/ sources: https://t.co/ogy59h2pXp #fossilfriday #paleoart #Camarasaurus #sciart #scientificillustration #dinos #fossils #dinosaur
22 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Liam Elward Paleoart
Here's the head, featuring a crest-type thing. #Camarasaurus #art #dinos #fossilfriday #paleoart #paleontology #sciart #scientificillustration Liam Elward Paleoart's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Jason Love
The @burkemuseum Tufts Love rex has a hockey smile right now. But the teeth will be back at some point. #fossilfriday https://t.co/iINyGEXy25
22 Mar, 05:16 PM UTC
Prehistoric Museum
#FossilFriday is also part of the #PrehistoopricMuseum #Scavangerhunt inside the paleontology hall. Hope you like this post on Theropod anatomy. https://t.co/y1HIhLvBes https://t.co/y1HIhLvBes
22 Mar, 05:16 PM UTC
Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)
#FossilFriday Edmontosaurus Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)'s photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:15 PM UTC
Magdalena Georgieva
It's still #fossilfriday! I had the amazing opportunity to work with @MBARI_News @USGS @BritGeoSurvey and @SEELeeds scientists to document a huge submerged fossil serpulid mound, only 20,000 years old: these worms might still be around today! Paper here: https://t.co/T73Ln43lga Magdalena Georgieva's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:15 PM UTC
Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)
#FossilFriday Xenoceratops Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)'s photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:14 PM UTC
Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)
#FossilFriday Diceratherium Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)'s photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:12 PM UTC
Scruffy Jack
Hidden treasure #Whitby #FossilFriday https://t.co/Gl4MEDANJd
22 Mar, 05:11 PM UTC
CDN Fed of Earth Sci
Amazing #fossil of hatchling with feathers! #FossilFriday https://t.co/uFKr8Z4eGn
22 Mar, 05:10 PM UTC
Loren Sztajer
My dog heard that amazing trove of #fossils was just discovered in China. He is digging his way there to see them. #FossilFriday Loren Sztajer's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:08 PM UTC
Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)
#FossilFriday Mapusaurus Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)'s photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:06 PM UTC
Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)
#FossilFriday Antarctosaurus Brendan Lee (恐竜ブレンダン)'s photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:04 PM UTC
American Scientist
How long have #dogs been our friends? Fossils have helped to establish a far earlier timeframe for dog domestication https://t.co/abwKJTkwRM Indeed, it hasn't taken long to domesticate foxes -- a human lifetime https://t.co/NipR62v8B8 #FossilFriday #NationalPuppyDay https://t.co/Q1g3WFxIhb
22 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Explore the history of life on Earth as you meet and color 100 amazing, intricate prehistoric creatures with a creative twist! Check out "Vanished Kingdoms" on Kickstarter here: https://t.co/ko9zoDgpFJ #FossilFriday #paleoart #coloring #coloringbook #kickstarter PrintNinja's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 05:00 PM UTC
James McGowan
@MaddowBlog This unprecedented flooding is a direct result of the steadily increasing global temperature. We must become carbon neutral and then nurture plants on land and water to maximize carbon uptake. All ASAP and on the scale of the moon shot. #carbon #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 04:46 PM UTC
Rosalina globularis d'Orbigny,1826 - dorsal face and ventral face (with a probable predation mark) - from Tagus "bottleneck" (the narrower mouth section between #Lisbon and #Almada) #foramfriday #fossilfriday #geology #micropaleontology @IdlLuiz @FC_UL @ForamsEU https://t.co/OXOEmxrCU3
22 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
Ken Pledger
Pope Francis Encyclical and Climate Change #climatechange #Climatechangisreal #fossilfuels #fossilfuel #FossilFriday https://t.co/Glp9f8e5ul
22 Mar, 04:31 PM UTC
🌳Susan B.🌳
#fossilfriday 🌳Susan B.🌳's photo on #FossilFriday
22 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Ken Pledger
#climatechange #ClimateChangeIsReal #fossilfuels #FossilFriday #palmoil https://t.co/m5xJQ0OMJk
22 Mar, 04:26 PM UTC

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