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Natural History Museum
Do you love finding fossils, fancy making a career out of learning about prehistoric life, or feel inspired by the #MissionJurassic dino dig? Discover dinosaur researcher @Tweetisaurus' tips on how to become a palaeontologist: #FossilFriday https://t.co/8qeFiEDTtB
12 Jul, 11:16 AM UTC
Mark Witton
I've had a marine-filled couple of days (so many whales and sea birds!), so here's Jurassic #paleoart equivalent for #fossilfriday: Rhomaleosaurus, juvenile Stenopterygius, Parapsicephalus and many inverts. Composition is exactly how you see large marine vertebrates in real life. https://t.co/h9Emra9hoc
12 Jul, 12:44 PM UTC
Yara Haridy
Sum fossils r big Som fossils r smol #FossilFriday https://t.co/ARswHRDzE2
12 Jul, 11:28 AM UTC
Dr Thomas Clements
For #FossilFriday I'd like to introduce you to a ADORABLE new fossil octopus from the Late Jurassic, Tyrionella fauseri, named after Tyrion Lannister because of its small size! Brilliant reconstruction by C. Klug and Paper by Fuchs et al here: https://t.co/P3R53rcgKM https://t.co/J6i8JZ2Vh1
12 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC
恐竜博2019 公式
#FossilFriday #金曜日だから化石貼る 【だれの口??】 いよいよ明日は #恐竜博2019 開幕日です‼️ 開幕まで続けてきたFossil Fridayも本日でラスト✨ 最後はコチラ!ジャジャン! だれのお口でしょうか??? ………もちろん答えは会場で🦖‼️ 主催者一同みなさんに会えるのを楽しみにしています🥺🥺🥺 https://t.co/11OwtZclut
12 Jul, 02:37 PM UTC
Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. 🦖💕
#FossilFriday Whole mess of crinoids https://t.co/PR2lZIujx5
12 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
いよいよ開幕した特別展「恐竜の脳力」。 今週の #FossilFriday は目玉の1つ、トリケラトプス。 2枚目はトリケラトプスの脳の型 (エンドキャスト) が残されていた「脳函」の実物化石、3枚目は復元されたトリケラトプスの脳。 復元された脳から、トリケラトプスの生態を探ることができます。 https://t.co/UGur3G3tOw
12 Jul, 11:27 AM UTC
The Ice Age
A skull bone discovered in Greece may rewrite the story of human prehistory https://t.co/Up1ynIZ9Qh #FossilFriday
12 Jul, 02:17 PM UTC
Happy #FossilFriday! Explore Silurian (443.8–419.2 MYA) fossils — from cephalopods to bryozoans, echinoderms & more — from the Czech Republic with "Systême silurien du centre de la Bohême" (1852-1911) by Joachim Barrande. In #BHLib via @mayrlibrary ➡️ https://t.co/kX4iTcBccH https://t.co/TYd4BBSi97
12 Jul, 01:01 PM UTC
Alex Xafis 🏳️‍🌈
Huzza! It's already my first #FossilFriday! Here is one of the most peculiar extinct land #mammals. Deinotherium is a Miocene proboscidean, possessing only one pair of lower tusks. Skeleton and its reconstruction are both exhibited in @SMNStuttgart https://t.co/3ZnnPgF1My
12 Jul, 01:56 PM UTC
Paige Madison
The KNM-ER 1813 skull, found in Koobi Fora, Kenya in 1973. This amazingly complete skull is 1.9 million years old. 📸 National Museum of Kenya https://t.co/oBlRqHgB45 #FossilFriday https://t.co/fiAzdOxq5w
12 Jul, 10:12 AM UTC
Jack Ashby
A 100 million year-old bird has been found in amber with a long middle-toe. 🐦💅 It was probably for prying insect grubs out of wood, just like what striped possums and aye-ayes do with tissue their middle fingers. #FossilFriday https://t.co/Zkk0Od3KGl
12 Jul, 06:43 AM UTC
Do the Damn Research!
Trace fossils, also known as ichnofossils, are geological records of biological activity. Traces of an organism, rather than the organism itself. This includes impressions like footprints, but also burrows, root cavities made by plants, even coprolites (fossil poo)! #FossilFriday https://t.co/s4SdD3OVKO
12 Jul, 11:22 AM UTC
CMNH VertPaleo
Recently repaired and remounted skull of #Teleoceras fossiger from the Ogallala Fm., KS. Collected by John Bell Hatcher during his first year employed by O.C. Marsh in 1884! Hardware needed improvements to protect the bone. Back on display soon! #FossilFriday https://t.co/TCeGRfqODi
12 Jul, 02:24 PM UTC
Robin Driscoll
New specimen of Microraptor found with nearly complete #lizard in its stomach https://t.co/gsQaKJnLFr via @CurrentBiology #FossilFriday https://t.co/xvIrp9tCIy
12 Jul, 11:35 AM UTC
BGS Geology Shop
The Tunjice Hills in Slovenia have the oldest fossil record of seahorses. The pygmy and ribboned pipehorses in particular were first discovered in these middle Miocene deposits. #SiriScientificPress #Seahorse #FossilFriday #Solvenia #Lagerstätte #Fossil #Miocene https://t.co/UrwiPaIkgI
12 Jul, 10:01 AM UTC
James E. Jepson
A selection of #Jurassic kalligrammatid lacewing (Neuroptera) wings from China, showing well preserved eye spot colour patterns, similar to those seen in butterflies today. #FossilFriday #insects #Neuroptera https://t.co/mGHI0Z9xi1
12 Jul, 02:50 PM UTC
#金曜日だから化石貼る #FossilFriday お魚いろいろ。 Aspidorhynchus Axelrodichthys Echinochimaera Paralichthys https://t.co/SkrCOzZZuw
12 Jul, 02:35 PM UTC
Annette McGrath
For #FossilFriday here are my beautifully preserved Lutetian (Eocene) age bivalves & gastropods from the Paris Basin, France. Mollusc fauna like this are perfect for palaeoenvironmental & palaeoclimatic reconstruction. Like to find out how? PGDip #Geology @uniofyorkcll @UniOfYork https://t.co/uu4CJGVUlU
12 Jul, 11:40 AM UTC
The Sedgwick Museum
'Make sure you get our good side!' Our Iguanodon head reconstruction and Allosaurus skull cast looking fantastic in their case as part of @museumbraintree's #Ageofdinosaurs exhibition. Opens 20th July. #FossilFriday https://t.co/XyrWlaLOpH
12 Jul, 02:29 PM UTC
大学に展示されているタルボサウルス・バタール 恐竜展に出張しました #金曜日だから化石貼る #FossilFriday https://t.co/1Sa9MnXwUy
12 Jul, 02:08 PM UTC
Happy #FossilFriday! One of the #fossils in Dino Dig is the Maiasaura, which translates to “good mother lizard.” Unlike many #dinosaurs, Maiasaura mothers didn’t abandon their eggs, and continued to live together for years. ❤️ https://t.co/SsTvJGC1Nt
12 Jul, 12:00 PM UTC
Gabriel N. U.
And for #FossilFriday I have to bring back my reconstruction of the newly described troodontid Hesperornithoides miessleri. I feel very happy I had the opportunity to collaborate with the announcement of this new species by doing this reconstruction. #paleoart #sciart #dinosaurs https://t.co/EqCyhPcr48
12 Jul, 02:53 PM UTC
Ivan Kay
For #FossilFriday, a repost of my first #pterosaur drawing, #Pteranodon, along with two other #Niobrara Formation taxa; the giant #plesiosaur #Elasmosaurus, and the huge predatory #fish #Xiphactinus. https://t.co/X9SW4Lyihi
12 Jul, 01:24 PM UTC
Thomas Cullen
For #FossilFriday here's the ceratopsian #dinosaur Anchiceratops, with photos of specimens from @MuseumofNature (CMN 8535) and @FieldMuseum (FMNH P15003). https://t.co/NSJqshtkrq
12 Jul, 02:52 PM UTC
絵本 ほうさんちゅう✨ いよいよ明日発売です‼️ ちっちゃいけどスゴイ化石の写真絵本だよ💗 #FossilFriday #金曜日だから化石貼る #放散虫の夏 #アリス館 https://t.co/SKSren7QLT
12 Jul, 02:07 PM UTC
Jennifer Peteya
For #FossilFriday, some of the beautiful petrified logs that can be seen at @PetrifiedNPS. These logs are approximately 218 million years old. The original tree has been replaced by quartz with iron oxide and manganese oxide impurities through a process called permineralization. https://t.co/l9sTsl0Fih
12 Jul, 02:47 PM UTC
Patrick Getty
Here's an unusual #fossil trackway from the Jurassic of Connecticut that was made by a hopping vertebrate. It's too bad that the tracks aren't better defined. The specimen is on display at Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill. #Ichnology #FossilFriday https://t.co/sznWHzt3MC
12 Jul, 02:51 PM UTC
Cueva Victoria
Metápodos, astrágalos, falanges y vértebra Axis de Equus. #CuevaVictoria #Cartagena #FossilFriday https://t.co/Skpo5jeaF1
12 Jul, 02:47 PM UTC
Sedum pilosum grown from seed and potted up with some ammonites, seeing as it's #FossilFriday and #FoliageFriday. I told you I like rocks and plants. #succulents #alpines https://t.co/iLBKNqcPoo
12 Jul, 01:49 PM UTC
Columbia Univ Press
Happy #FossilFriday! Author of THE STORY OF THE DINOSAURS IN 25 DISCOVERIES, Donald R. Prothero, is setting the record straight about what #Dinosaurs might have really been like this week's blog, "Debunking 5 Myths About Dinosaurs." #Palentology https://t.co/Y85EHFgGSl https://t.co/HuTgoNyyeT
12 Jul, 02:00 PM UTC
64 million year old caterpillar leaf mine w/ frass (insect poo💩) This was 2 million yrs AFTER K Pg extinction wiped out the dinosaurs. Leaf mining insects also experienced a major extinction, but diversity levels recovered over the next 10 million (or so) yrs #FossilFriday https://t.co/GdhLJNNlO3
12 Jul, 02:55 PM UTC
PLOS Paleo Community
Happy #FossilFriday! Read our latest news roundup! https://t.co/u87OcseF05 @PLOSBlogs
12 Jul, 02:50 PM UTC
Featured data for #FossilFriday: Gregarious suspension feeding in a modular Ediacaran organism #fluiddynamics @ScienceAdvances https://t.co/KApTStuZlJ
12 Jul, 11:50 AM UTC
Perot Museum
Science & discovery doesn't always take place in a pristine lab. Often you have to be willing to get dirty- Ask the team who discovered our #FossilFriday! It's a partial marine turtle🐢 from the Ozan Formation found eroding out in the bed of the N Sulphur River, near Ladonia #TX. https://t.co/ihJEgIBFBq
12 Jul, 02:34 PM UTC
ミャンマー琥珀からCretolycusなるベニボタルが記載されたのでついに自分のにも名前がついたかと確認してきた。 結果違い、この二頭はヒシベニの様に前胸が彫刻されたタイプで顕著な未記載種だと思う。 自分が最も好きなベニボタルの形態(ホタル科にはない特徴なので余計に) ぎりぎり #fossilfriday https://t.co/SlBAAwUVVB
12 Jul, 02:55 PM UTC
Left Field Notes
Time for #FossilFriday! Today's spectacular line-up of Shaligrams all have one thing in common. They're temple stones. As in, they are considered to be far too large to worship at home and are cared for by pujari or brahmacharya as community ritual deities. https://t.co/k1qmXWXzf5
12 Jul, 02:54 PM UTC
Even met the amazing Tarbosaurus bataar! Look at those teeth! O.O! #FossilFriday #fossil https://t.co/9VOEnoMGn3
12 Jul, 02:55 PM UTC
WY Geological Survey
Lori is considered a troodontid, which is a meat-eater known to possess sickle-like killing claws and to have potential for above-average intelligence. (Life reconstruction painting by Gabriel Ugueto; skeletal silhouette by Scott Hartman) #FossilFriday #fossil #paleontology https://t.co/ESIqQ9Fs7F
12 Jul, 02:36 PM UTC
Jorge Orlando Calvo 🦕🐾
#FossilFriday the holotype of the sauropod Panamericansaurus schroederi gave the name to the line of saurus wine https://t.co/vnr5phcgIf
12 Jul, 02:35 PM UTC
Jay VanderVeen
Fossils from Toxodon species, collected by Charles Darwin and described by Richard Owen, now at the Natural History Museum in London. #FossilFriday https://t.co/aWgDduQBij
12 Jul, 02:31 PM UTC
Jan Freedman
Them: Plants are so boring. Me: Here’s a freakin’ massive leaf from a 50 million year old palm tree!! @World_Museum #FossilFriday https://t.co/hQjv6aB9B1
12 Jul, 03:02 PM UTC
Peter Falkingham
For #FossilFriday, here's a cool cast of a #sauropod footprint captured with #photogrammetry. Paper about the site this is from has just been resubmitted after minor corrections, so you can find out all about it soon (ish). https://t.co/niiewQDThx
12 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC
Peter Malcolm
#FossilFriday #BestOfThrowbackBlackTwitter #McLyte #Hiphop Cold Rocking a #wgnblockparty in #Area51 causing a #SeattleEarthquake that will settle the #JermaineDupri #CardiB “I taught I taw a #Rappers Puddy tat feud. “. #music #Rap . #Atlanta #NewYork #LosAngeles #Toronto #Miami https://t.co/O61u2RqdlT
12 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC
fernanda castano
#FossilFriday Primary blocks of Hesperornithoides miessleriis. https://t.co/ux62bHeC82 https://t.co/5YV7D16KOH
12 Jul, 02:54 PM UTC
Cy Hundley Artist
-Dusk on the Tundra Steppe of North America. Some 23,000 years agone- A story has been told around many a hunting party’s fire... Read the story here: https://t.co/nxENUMEu1B #fossilfriday #mammoth #fossil #wollymammoth #elephant #caveman #neanderthal #paleoart #writing #writer https://t.co/3Slch9MH9N
12 Jul, 02:49 PM UTC
Paleozoic age fossil Crinoid stem in chert gravel photographed by MDEQ geologists in Claiborne Co. Originating from ancient marine limestone in the mid-continent, eroded from its bedrock source, and deposited by the ancestral MS River during the mid-Pleistocene. #FossilFriday https://t.co/umgVpX2f3M
12 Jul, 02:41 PM UTC
Paesur Biey
As an aspiring scientist, do you know of any other mammals that are EXCLUSIVELY homosexual? If not, what does that tell us? Does it have anything to do with natural selection? #FossilFriday https://t.co/yDWKOOle9o
12 Jul, 02:33 PM UTC
Paesur Biey
Looks like a "modern" braincase to me. If a computer program were to objectively sort them out, with no "look for this, it's #Neanderthal" they would be sorted out differently. Less than a decade ago, 95%+ said Nean. was a different species incapable of breeding. #FossilFriday https://t.co/H207n0kI9l
12 Jul, 02:27 PM UTC