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Crypto Arabs
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22 Jun, 07:59 PM UTC
Lawrence O'Donnell
The Supreme Court has decided that the Founders, who believed some people should live in slavery, also believed we should all live in terror.
23 Jun, 04:10 PM UTC
Max Rose
As gun violence reaches new heights, a Republican-packed Supreme Court continues to take away important tools we need to make our streets safe. They don’t seem to care how many lives are lost so long as their political goals are achieved. This is not what the founders intended.
23 Jun, 03:38 PM UTC
Ahmed Baba
If these justices were actually “originalists,” they would interpret the Second Amendment based on the understanding at the time it was drafted. The founders did not want Americans to have easy access to high-tech guns that hadn’t even been invented yet.
23 Jun, 03:20 PM UTC
Michael Tracey
If you get arrested, convicted, thrown in prison, and then it's determined that government agents facilitated this process by using interrogation tactics that violate the Constitution, you can't seek redress against those agents. Just as the Founders intended
23 Jun, 03:43 PM UTC
“It was probably a risky move, but it was one of the best things I did.” In this first episode of #BlockStories, a new series about #Web3 founders, learn why @HughKarp quit his job to launch @NexusMutual, a decentralized insurance alternative on Ethereum. https://t.co/tRZxU59Kbu @chainlink's photo on Founders
23 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
Here, Right Matters
@RepBoebert Did you know in 1791 when the Founders ratified the 2A, a well regulated militia was restricted to 1 musket, 2 spare flints and 24 bullets? They had to register and at anytime the gov could enter their home, take away their weapon and remove them from the rolls.
23 Jun, 03:22 PM UTC
Michael Fulwiler
We need to fund more Black founders in mental health. Last year, Black founders only got 1.4% of all venture funding. Black women received 0.27%.
23 Jun, 12:56 PM UTC
Legion Network
Today is the day! Join us at 6pm at Showfields prime location for the most incredible NFT NYC VIP Cocktail event for Founders and C-Suite executives! We look forward to seeing you there 🥂 RSVP Below: https://t.co/4wBbZXUdfP #NFTNYC2022 #NFTNYC https://t.co/WCVCHIXNkz
23 Jun, 04:07 PM UTC
Amie Whatserface
If the founders saw us celebrating SCOTUS's decision, they'd wonder WTAF has been going on here to bring us to this place where we are celebrating the ability to exercise basic American rights.
23 Jun, 03:29 PM UTC
Kappa Sigma
Congrats to our next Founders’ Award of Chapter Excellence winner: @KappaSigmaAU at @AshlandUniversi ! These Brothers shattered their RUSH record and more than doubled their donation to Kappa Sigma’s Military Heroes Campaign this year with over $5,700 donated. Let’s Go Eagles! https://t.co/tNEXyAOs8s
23 Jun, 02:05 PM UTC
Paul Shelley
Fun fact the Capital City of Angeli, second planet in the Croshaw System, the first system humanity discovered outside of Sol, was founded 666 years ago in #StarCitizen Lore. Needless to say I assume their founders day celebration will be lit this year. https://t.co/YBntmHhabM
23 Jun, 03:34 PM UTC
Secret Society Sally
@SenRonJohnson How many Americans today do you think are in state militias? Answer is somewhere around 14k. The 2A is about state militias. The Founders never considered all Americans. In fact, they went out of their way to exclude individual citizens.
23 Jun, 03:39 PM UTC
Vault by CNN
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23 Jun, 03:35 PM UTC
Vast Country Hypnosis
So, the founders gave us gun rights to deal with tyrants, and SCOTUS just legalized nationwide unpermitted concealed carry while simultaneously undermining Roe v Wade and Miranda... Place your bets for when some nut tries for a 2nd amendment remedy for this.
23 Jun, 03:21 PM UTC
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23 Jun, 04:15 PM UTC
Ultra Blake
@POTUUS @JackPosobiec Yes, the founders wanted an amendment to allow the People to overthrow a tyrannical government but only if the tyrannical government first gave the People permission to do so… say it out loud, see how dumb that sounds?
23 Jun, 04:08 PM UTC
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23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
Amir Shevat
Startup founders who fear an enterprise will steal their idea and quickly implement it, have not worked in an enterprise. Most enterprises struggle to implement their own roadmap, let alone someone else's ideas... and don't get me started on quickly...
23 Jun, 04:15 PM UTC
Suriya Subramanian
Fintech Kasheesh wants financially strained customers to say 'bye' to BNPL | TechCrunch: Kasheesh, a fintech startup that's less than two years old, came out of stealth today with a product its founders say can benefit consumers by ... https://t.co/8Jzc046bnp #finpeform #fintech
23 Jun, 04:12 PM UTC
𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘎𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘰 𝘝𝘊
@shavaughn_B @jaszwhaley Yeah, it would be great to see/hear LPs holding fund managers accountable. Still needs to happen at scale bc <$100M funds are drops in the bucket. I've not heard of any institutional LPs saying they won't invest in a fund anymore because the VCs don't invest in Black founders.
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
Cameron Mitchell
@TRHLofficial That there are even people's representatives in the federal government is really just a safeguard to give people voices refuting corrupt (or backing good) representation of their state WITHOUT overall majority (mob) rule. Founders loathed pure democracy for good reason.
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
Will Maxwell 💭
There is no magic, building a user feedback engine guarantees a great product. Good founders put nobody between them and a customer. However amateur founders often try to hire sales & customer support staff WAY too early.
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
chairman Calculus 🇬🇭
Meet the Founders of FLIP Delivery; Four(4) KNUST Students, who have made it easier, faster and safer to deliver parcels from place to place: C.E.O: Amo Mensah Isaiah C.T.O: Kelvin Osei Poku TECH LEAD: Samuel Kow Paintsil PRODUCT SPECIALIST: Isaac Junior Ampah https://t.co/YsMXVw4rao
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
Will Maxwell 💭
Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI says when founders are starting, you shouldn't do anything that isn't: - Working on your product - Talking to users - Exercising - Eating -Sleeping
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
Will Maxwell 💭
Building a great product is all that matters. If you do everything else wrong, but build a great product, your company is still very likely to succeed. Founders worry about: - Getting PR - Hiring - Business Development - Fundraising All of this becomes easy with a good product
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
Robert Seymour 🇺🇸
@lawnerdbarak @JillFilipovic The founders saw many technological advancements of firearms in their days, so you honestly think that they didn’t know that guns wouldn’t continue to advance technologically? So I guess we should get rid of the 1st amendment too since the printing press or internet didn’t exist.
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
@HelloShreyas these conferences are for non technical founders to circle jerk while devs pull their hair out fixing shit
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
Saher Druse
@bumpin_thenight @KlotzbachJoshua @EasterWorshiper @benshapiro Actually to pass an amendment you need 2/3rd of the senate to ratify it or 3/4 of state legislatures. The founders wanted a super majority for changing the constitution to preserve stability
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC
I feel like at some point we're going to get a SCOTUS ruling along the lines of "The Founders weren't sure we should have a country at all, ergo, we should not have a country."
23 Jun, 04:16 PM UTC