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Jim Chalmers MP
Don't believe the Liberals' lies on franking credits and pensioners #auspol Jim Chalmers MP's photo on franking credits
11 Feb, 06:05 AM UTC
Gordon William Smith
My mother, like most pensioners, lives below the poverty line. To describe those who are so asset-rich that they can survive on franking credits alone as “the most vulnerable” is as laughable as it is infuriating. #QandA
11 Feb, 11:15 AM UTC
If Frank in Corangamite is losing $10,000 in franking credits, I’m tipping he has close to a million dollars in shares. #qanda
11 Feb, 11:11 AM UTC
Australia Institute
"not wealthy people" FACT --> 74.6% of franking credits go to top 10% #qanda #auspol Australia Institute's photo on franking credits
11 Feb, 11:04 AM UTC
Australia Institute
"Effectively it's a bit of a legal rort that we're looking at and it's important we understand the facts," says @ebony_bennett, deputy director of @TheAusInstitute, on @SkyNewsAust #auspol So, what are franking credits and how do they work? Read here > Australia Institute's photo on franking credits
11 Feb, 04:19 AM UTC
Kailani Mana
Full disclosure here. Mr Bragg is a Liberal Senate candidate and peddles lies about the removal of a government hand out of Franking credits for those who don’t pay tax as a Retirees Tax #auspol
11 Feb, 12:29 AM UTC
Mark Dickenson govt think Sky News is a charity.
Pensioners aren't impacted by franking credits. 70% of people impacted have over $1.5 million or more in their super fund. They don't need the money. Meanwhile, people on Newstart get $489.70 a fortnight and have all sorts of punitive measures thrown at them. #Qanda
11 Feb, 11:15 AM UTC
Kristina Keneally
Sarah tells us about Frank, who she says is going to lose $10k in franking credits. This means that Frank has nearly $500k in his share portfolio.
11 Feb, 11:56 AM UTC
Van Badham
... And completing the demolition of Liberal Sarah Henderson on #qanda, @KKeneally comets: an EXCELLENT explainer about just how the Libs are lying to old people about “franking credits”... #auspol
11 Feb, 12:18 PM UTC
Ming The Merciless
Franking credits, superannuation and other legal tax 'rorts' - the top 1% own more than the lowest 70% @IndependentAus Advance Australia Fair? Over the #LNP's dead body. Let's grant their wish at #elections2019
11 Feb, 09:55 AM UTC
$5.6 billion in franking credits divided by 1 million retirees equals $5,600 per retiree, this is a lot of fuss for just over 5 grand. #qanda
11 Feb, 11:07 AM UTC
Sarah Henderson stop lying!!! Even my ex MIL who lives off her Franking Credits owns properties in Noosa France Falls Creek Toorak and has never worked a day in her life and Lives in Corangamite thinks you are appalling #QandA
11 Feb, 11:11 AM UTC
Australia Institute
👇👇👇 @ebony_bennett sets the record straight on franking credits #qanda #auspol
11 Feb, 11:07 AM UTC
Australia Institute
What the government doesn't want you to understand about how franking credits work, explained. #qanda #auspol
11 Feb, 11:03 AM UTC
Suren Senat
The ignorance of Tony Jones claiming retirees with excess franking credits don’t pay tax #qanda
11 Feb, 11:03 AM UTC
#Auspol To be frank on franking credits, draw on the wealth you gained in Oz to fund your retirement, not others folks taxes. @QandA
11 Feb, 11:26 AM UTC
Dot Goulding Ph.D.
@TimWilsonMP @Bowenchris @billshortenmp More bullshit, Tim. There is no retiree's tax in Labor's policies. There is nothing for Chris Bowen to defend, mate, unlike you & your cousin's disgraceful attempt to hide your financial interests through the so called franking credits petition. Pathetic, even for you 🙄
11 Feb, 06:27 AM UTC
Jen 🌿🌸
Felt like Sarah Henderson was getting a lot more airplay than Mark Dreyfuss (although she doesnt stop talking), so I timed them from when the franking credits started. Sarah Henderson 8 minutes Mark Dreyfuss 5:40 #Qanda
11 Feb, 11:51 AM UTC
Brilliant thread 👇by @KKeneally on #ALP plan to get rid of franking credits for some in #auspol
11 Feb, 12:47 PM UTC
Lorraine Hyde
@TimWilsonMP @elliemail Come off it Tim Wilson. Your party was in government for 11 years and refused to give pensioners an increase in their pension. It took a Labor govt to do so. As to the franking credits there are many older people like me who think it should not be cash for no tax!
11 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
@brissyhorses @KKeneally Perhaps you don’t understand? I’m one of those who gets a great income from super (untaxed) then thousands of $ year rebate from the gov to cover the franking credits for the dividends on my share portfolio. I have paid no tax. Zero.
11 Feb, 05:33 AM UTC
Brenda Thomson
Great thread from @KKeneally on who the Franking Credits actually impact
11 Feb, 12:03 PM UTC
Suzanne CASS
@JoanBloggs @smithmeyerjen @shamathahaven @BellaFlokarti @timtheous @ruckusman1999 @ActPeoples @WhistlingWhist @LadyPoop2 @bretthore91 @RobertT01078191 @LeftBankNowhere @Absurd_Penguin @brushhandsigns @OddemocracyA @AshRi373 @WgarNews @LesStonehouse @KateEmerson88 @chiccomarx @alocinotasor @AustralianLabor I'd rather see more independents, in the mould of @WilkieMP. Labor should not be complacent, they'll lose votes for backing down on the #Phelpsbill, for delaying on Newstart, and the franking credits (rort).
11 Feb, 12:45 PM UTC
Franking credits – is the dress black or white? - The New Daily Side observation: I've noticed Sarah Henderson rarely knows what she is talking about!
11 Feb, 12:33 PM UTC
Ashley Lahm
@QandA #nevergofullretard @SHendersonMP 1:24 - New pool for the Bellarine? 🤪The topic was franking credits. 🙃 The election hasn’t been called yet love. Very surprised how poor your media/crowd performance was tonight considering you used to host @abc730! #QandA #auspol #Corangamite Ashley Lahm's photo on franking credits
11 Feb, 01:00 PM UTC
Teresa Randal
@nevso She knows pensioners won't be affected by Labor's franking credits policy too!
11 Feb, 12:59 PM UTC
Clouds McCloud
@TheDancingSlug City of Greater Bendigo has a population of about 110,000. I think she was confusing the number with her franking credits.
11 Feb, 12:59 PM UTC
Sean Waugh
@KKeneally And his financial advisor has been very lazy in building his investment mix. Any advisor who put so much weight on franking credits to provide an income stream is irresponsible. BTW no mention of Franks pension go up about 5K p/a because of reduced income.
11 Feb, 12:56 PM UTC
MSM Not-a-Bot
@TimWilsonMP ~ You don't seem to know what you're talking about re Franking Credits, so here's a little explainer. It's in simple language, so you should be OK. By the way there's no such thing as a "Retirement/Retiree Tax".
11 Feb, 12:44 PM UTC
Count Monte Christo
@MayneReport @TimWilsonMP Franking credits need to be abolished and will be... Joke
11 Feb, 12:43 PM UTC
Steve Geddes
@KKeneally As it is, there’s no way you’ll recover five billion. It’s too simple to restructure one’s affairs holistically to retain the benefits of franking credits. You’ll just find income tax receipts are strangely reduced as non franked assets move into SMSFs and shares move out.
11 Feb, 12:41 PM UTC
@pablo_grandpa @QandA The bit Labor’s not telling you is anyone with more than $1.6m in a SMSF is now paying tax and generally will still get those franking credits.
11 Feb, 12:40 PM UTC
@pvik9 “He” is draining resources. He is getting a $10k handout when he had paid NO tax. Obviously you don’t understand franking credits.
11 Feb, 12:37 PM UTC
@QandA what the fuck has happened to Stephen Mayne @MayneReport ? @QandA Got some nasty foundation and fake tan thing happening... also sold out the little guy becoming and apologist for franking credits ...
11 Feb, 12:35 PM UTC
Steve Geddes
@KKeneally The trouble with the change as planned is that the super wealthy won’t be caught by it. I was an SMSF accountant until 2017. My clients with five plus million in their super funds will keep all their franking credits. Those with between one and four million will often be spared.
11 Feb, 12:34 PM UTC
Rabbi Schlongcuck Goldendiamondz
@ScottMorrisonMP Total scam. All these sideshows from liberal and labor about Newstart and $57m for battered women and franking credits and single mothers pensions. They all combined add up to half of just ONE submarine. Buy a friggin nuke and cancel the submarines and F-35s.
11 Feb, 12:31 PM UTC

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