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We are now trending nationwide and worldwide! Congratulations to everyone! We love you both, @imsethfedelin and @francinecarreld! *blue hearts* FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/4EByxhTbzF
23 Jun, 10:10 AM UTC
to all the casual viewers who clicked franseth’s tag on their TL. yes, they’ll be having a music video soon. please anticipate for it! FRANSETH MV SOON | #FranSeth https://t.co/9pP4vlRbql
23 Jun, 10:41 AM UTC
FranSeth Official
Umakyat pa nga sa worldwide trendlist! Currently trending at thirty-first spot worldwide! FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/CM9VQcBD4A
23 Jun, 10:06 AM UTC
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Retweet and Reply 'FranSeth in White' with our tags, dolphins! FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/63Jf8Xf6ad
23 Jun, 10:23 AM UTC
trending us worldwide, more tweets pa hehe FRANSETH MV SOON https://t.co/93IJ1KUqqH
23 Jun, 09:51 AM UTC
Retweet and requote/reply different bestfriend bucket list with our official tagline for the day, FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/PBf82Lr3Zk
23 Jun, 09:33 AM UTC
Retweet dahil almost five minutes ang mv FRANSETH MV SOON
23 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC
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Another engagement booster, engage engage team dolphins:) FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/sTeJyWKBko
23 Jun, 11:07 AM UTC
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Engagement booster, kindly engage here and don’t forget to include our tagline.:) FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/TbQADGIG6e
23 Jun, 10:56 AM UTC
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Reply | Quote Tweet “ FranSeth the visual tandem” together with our tagline FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/IOs49APwzQ
23 Jun, 11:14 AM UTC
FRANSETH goals 🐬💙
Worldwide #FranSeth fans thank you ng marami sa pakiki join sa party today! FRANSETH MV SOON https://t.co/xRbuQaG3NV
23 Jun, 11:08 AM UTC
Rt and reply “Carrel, pretty in blue” with the tags, besties! Kindly attach some photos/gifs while tweeting. *winks* FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/1nB707B0qB
23 Jun, 10:48 AM UTC
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Reply | Quote Tweet “ Excited for dirty linen” together with our tagline FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/8ilqn8HmG7
23 Jun, 10:52 AM UTC
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Rt and Reply 'Expensive duo' with the tags. FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/BaVkpyLOha
23 Jun, 11:16 AM UTC
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More engagement booster to push our tag higher! Go fam! FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/wD1WNGFM2b
23 Jun, 11:17 AM UTC
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Drop your favorite photo of our best girl, Francine with the tags! FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth
23 Jun, 11:02 AM UTC
Good afternoon, fam! FRANSETH MV SOON
23 Jun, 08:50 AM UTC
Ako’y mapagbantay for todeis bidyow FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/wo1gcGDIK9
23 Jun, 10:45 AM UTC
Hindi, Hindi ko kayang umibig muli habang buhay nalang kitang hihintayin. FRANSETH MV SOON
23 Jun, 08:35 AM UTC
everytime I see this picture I'll be like "dang the visuals" bcos hello? ang ganda at gwapo so much! FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/I2TmGOvCyB
23 Jun, 11:27 AM UTC
forda twitter party ang mga ferson FRANSETH MV SOON
23 Jun, 09:34 AM UTC
Would you rather FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/UkoL8FErui
23 Jun, 11:13 AM UTC
what if game na game tayo sa mv pero yung main characters pala ay yung mga kambing at ten seconds lang screen time ng franseth *laughs* FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth
23 Jun, 11:30 AM UTC
nakatulog ako saglit ang lakas FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth https://t.co/b91uklzHPe
23 Jun, 11:26 AM UTC
not yet at 100 followers so im not sure if my tweets would count but keep dropping the tags, blue hearts ! FRANSETH MV SOON | #FranSeth
23 Jun, 11:19 AM UTC
@FranSethOFC_ Focus on the Good FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth
23 Jun, 11:31 AM UTC
@FranSethOFC_ tisoy FRANSETH MV SOON | #FranSeth
23 Jun, 11:31 AM UTC
@xoxodiazS Make popsicles FRANSETH MV SOON
23 Jun, 11:31 AM UTC
@FranSethOFC_ sethyboy seth pio FRANSETH MV SOON #FranSeth
23 Jun, 11:31 AM UTC