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gaby; con follow?
you can't change for somebody and you can't change somebody for you ~ #frantasticmonday @connorfranta ~ https://t.co/KeSibVK2i0
18 Jun, 10:27 PM UTC
jul” марнe
u gotta stop the forces in my brain #frantasticmonday || @connorfranta https://t.co/tJtGTsUoEz
19 Jun, 01:15 AM UTC
speed the roads on our doubting days, to any place that's far away (@connorfranta #frantasticmonday ) https://t.co/c3JuHIhVwE
19 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
mrs. pøtαto hęαd ♡
~ happy #frantasticmonday y'all ~ wish you lucky and productive day 🌿☕️ stay inspired, be you all my love xo {… https://t.co/GoQ11eVrCc
19 Jun, 07:15 AM UTC
we all live in the same world but we all see it differently how beautiful 🌉 @connorfranta #frantasticmonday https://t.co/B3klARc7Xr
18 Jun, 08:28 PM UTC
#NoteToSelf ... be in touch with reality but always allow yourself to fall into fantasy ...… https://t.co/SUG61NonV7
19 Jun, 03:46 AM UTC
and I'm faded away you know i used to be on fire #frantasticmondayhttps://t.co/T4avFCeghb
19 Jun, 09:09 AM UTC
anniet ☀
oh god I'm clean out of air in my lungs // it's all gone ~ #frantasticmonday | @connorfranta https://t.co/sW0IAg2vqB
19 Jun, 09:06 AM UTC
don't make no sense 'less i'm doing it with you 📍somewhere in dubai, uae. #frantasticmonday @connorfranta https://t.co/foIZvAnYPz
18 Jun, 07:04 PM UTC
Kayla 🌹
Why does something so sweet taste like defeat? • #frantasticmonday https://t.co/YMO3pze0sz
19 Jun, 05:55 AM UTC
i need a miracle to break from this ritual { @connorfranta #frantasticmonday } https://t.co/CNs0ZX0k7U
19 Jun, 12:47 AM UTC
мuшаня ☕️
happy #frantasticmonday everyone! there are some photos from serbia hope you like it 💛 have a good day ☀️… https://t.co/mAW3m5WQEl
19 Jun, 10:25 AM UTC
Kerttu [PB]
✨🌺 hold onto hope if you got it, don't let it go for nobody 🌺✨ happy #frantasticmonday !! 💓 { @connorfranta } https://t.co/ta4BvFkXGc
19 Jun, 08:57 AM UTC
Happy #frantasticmonday everybody! I went to Brighton last week and it was so much fun!! Have a nice day everyone♡… https://t.co/zH0DRwR3RM
19 Jun, 09:40 AM UTC
Fell in love with the tall buildings and the palm trees #frantasticmonday @connorfranta https://t.co/ziz2eT2s8X
19 Jun, 10:51 AM UTC
Hannah | Pinned
ill love you till my breathing stops🥀 { #frantasticmonday // @connorfranta } https://t.co/Ler13E03zh
19 Jun, 02:07 AM UTC
all smiles to my last year of high school everything will be worth it in the end ☆彡… https://t.co/B69HmNrRM6
19 Jun, 11:41 AM UTC
дриз' jonnor is real
you've got the fuel i've got the spark in my young blood /happy #frantasticmonday/ https://t.co/Mo9qBO0INm
19 Jun, 09:16 AM UTC
Happy #frantasticmonday everyone • { sunny d a y s } • /@connorfranta / https://t.co/se0roQXSrh
19 Jun, 08:37 AM UTC
happy #frantasticmonday friends ❣️ hope y'all doing well https://t.co/4ahw3coX8N
19 Jun, 11:09 AM UTC
I can try to stop it, all I like hands down, I've lost this fight // #frantasticmonday \\ // @connorfranta \\ https://t.co/nWfCgfQUNh
19 Jun, 11:30 AM UTC
слезы юности
don't let me go 'cause I'm tired of feeling alone #frantasticmonday https://t.co/quCGtDsmGN
19 Jun, 11:13 AM UTC
põpõ | TYLER DM ME🍀
Happy #frantasticmonday everyone🌻 💚 I hope your summer is very fun and YOU spend it just UNFORGETTABLE 💚… https://t.co/dR85niNPgp
19 Jun, 11:06 AM UTC
V ∆ L E
||Sunsets never get old|| I hope you have a good week, and remember be kind. Ily @connorfranta #frantasticmonday https://t.co/uXPwjUmp9J
19 Jun, 11:41 AM UTC
we'll never be as young as we are right now, we'll never see the world like we do right now so take in what's aroun… https://t.co/Hy9FvwEg4F
19 Jun, 11:38 AM UTC
happy #frantasticmonday !!! i'm in love with the sky just saying https://t.co/SfwaKB5HQb
19 Jun, 11:19 AM UTC
you can take the kids from the summer ,,,,, but you'll never take the summer from me #frantasticmonday @connorfranta https://t.co/ABKuOwkBTU
19 Jun, 11:34 AM UTC
happy #frantasticmonday angels here are some of the pics i took this weekend 🖤 hope you all have a great week xx https://t.co/bXFZHhYRuF
19 Jun, 11:33 AM UTC
мuшаня ☕️
#frantasticmonday @connorfranta ненавижу, когда фавают цитированные твиты на фм, уведомления очень засоряются https://t.co/jT6dGTSNTo
19 Jun, 11:22 AM UTC
grace 🌼 pinned!
off to my last day of school pls like :) #frantasticmonday @connorfranta https://t.co/yfOGkuD1t1
19 Jun, 11:18 AM UTC
My Fashion Gully
#myfashionully exclusive collection for the those who love BEARD. GET YOUR ONE FOR JUST RS. 499 link in bio.… https://t.co/DEjABwGW8S
19 Jun, 11:08 AM UTC
#frantasticmonday кексы получились вкусными!! я делала из овсяных хлопьев поэтому думала что выйдет хуево но это оч… https://t.co/sdmGdtc3Is
19 Jun, 11:47 AM UTC
No new pics today but happy #frantasticmonday have a great week ❤
19 Jun, 11:47 AM UTC
y o u n g g o d
"come on down to florida, i got something for ya" #frantasticmonday https://t.co/LSDuvi2aZJ
19 Jun, 11:45 AM UTC
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