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.@ChrisCuomo Cuomo is Fredo #ForeverFredo #TuesdayThoughts @CNN #LeftHandersDay #100MostHandsomeFaces2019 @BrianPSmyth and Thank You to the Lovely @Solmemes1 #FreeYourTV https://t.co/ERLqlMYKao
13 Aug, 12:30 PM UTC
Supreme Clientele
Smartest move of my damn life was going to streaming only. Saved about $150/month and I can watch what I want when I want! #FUCKCABLE #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 07:43 AM UTC
Sam Monson
At this point cable is archaic. 1. Cost is insane. 2. It's quality is dirt in a world of 4k TVs. We're moving to a world of on-demand, stream what you want when you want it. #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 12:34 PM UTC
๐™น๐š˜๐šœ๐šŽ๐š™๐š‘ ๐™ฒ๐šŠ๐š›๐š›๐š˜
Well, to be honest - I haven't had traditional television or cable since Hurricane Katrina happened - which was like 14 years ago. Netflix is only like $12.99/month and you have lots to choose from. I have no time to watch a lot of TV anyway. Cable is expensive. #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 12:06 PM UTC
#FreeYourTV Iโ€™m a binge watcher. I donโ€™t have time to keep up with shows weekly. Show me everything in one shot while I have snacks. https://t.co/eq0EeUqO0Z
13 Aug, 11:04 AM UTC
Fire TV ๐Ÿ“บ
You could win a cord cutting starter kit! Tell us why you want to make the switch to streaming to enter for your chance to win, use #FreeYourTV. Box includes Fire TV Stick 4K, $50 @Sling TV giftcard & more! Ends: 8/20 4pm PST. NoPurchNec. Legal: https://t.co/uoUKgyZLRT @amazonfiretv's photo on #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 05:00 PM UTC
Fire TV ๐Ÿ“บ
These families switched to streaming and kept live TV, sports, on-demand favorites, and more. Learn how you can #FreeYourTV with Fire TV: https://t.co/ozVDidwEfZ @amazonfiretv's photo on #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 03:40 PM UTC
Holly Lyn
#FreeYourTV watch porn on your phone instead! https://t.co/MIn49XJYta
13 Aug, 09:16 PM UTC
Luis Murillo
#toonami 's available on these services: - AT&T Live TV - Fubo TV - DirecTV Now - Hulu Live TV - PlayStation Vue - Sling Television - Spectrum TV Choice - YouTube TV - Adult Swim app/website #FreeYourTV https://t.co/kt067Xn1Y5
13 Aug, 08:53 PM UTC
Gracias por el #preguntaleamhoni muy bueno somos mรกs de 2,500 personas que queremos respuesta a nuestras preguntas @mhonividentey el Viernes regresa con mรกs de #preguntaleamhoni #LeftHandersDay #Martes13 @ClubMhoniFans #FreeYourTV https://t.co/6MyF96GVmx
13 Aug, 09:22 PM UTC
Emilie Graff
I want to do a shoutout to @StubHub and their Last Minute Pick Up Points before an event. I literally bought a ticket, drove to their pick up spot a hotel, picked up the already registered wrist band and was home within 30 minutes. Completely seamless experience #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:35 PM UTC
Prince Eric Harry Styles #NotMyPrinceEric #LeftHandersDay VMAs GTA San Andreas Statue Of Liberty Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus #Trumpisawhitesupermacist #FreeYourtvย ย  #CamilaCabello #8์›”์˜์ฒœ์‚ฌ_ํœด๋‹์ด_์ƒ์ผ์ถ•ํ•˜ํ•ด https://t.co/5F9luGW5E4
13 Aug, 09:15 PM UTC
Christa Noelle
Hilarious that @hulu is down while #freeyourtv is trending. #hulu @hulu_support https://t.co/sg3fW3XDnj
13 Aug, 09:00 PM UTC
DRHEJH@ Delano (common sense) my personal opinions
If you dont use Spotify for music, FREE with advertisements, 10$ with none and you can list all music YOU want, not one song on a disc for 20 bucks #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 08:57 PM UTC
DRHEJH@ Delano (common sense) my personal opinions
#FreeYourTV Remember, if you buy dish, make sure you have a contract showing price, they guarn 2 yrs and yet went up on me
13 Aug, 08:59 PM UTC
Epic noob vlogger (youtube channel)
Dropped cable a long time ago...switched to Netflix..couldn't be happier #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:44 PM UTC
โœจClueless Belle @ #MentalHealthHiatusโœจ ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฌ
I switched to streaming because of anime. The only time I wished I had cable was to watch Steven Universe. #FreeYourTV https://t.co/keZQFMyKM0
13 Aug, 09:41 PM UTC
Democrats Where Ya At?
Cable TV providers know they are endangered so they've been playing the slow increase/month game. I see my provider isn't the only one trying that $200+ a month game. #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:21 PM UTC
#FreeYourTV and fuck w me on #youtube channel https://t.co/1CkkLVdYeM
13 Aug, 09:21 PM UTC
Spencer Karter
The 2010s have been a Terrible Decade for Cable/Satellite TV, a Decennium Horribilis, period! #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 07:59 PM UTC
Brandon J Boettcher
All about saving cost. Miss some sports but that's what local radio is for. #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:10 PM UTC
growingoaks (Producer/Sound Engineer)
i dont gotta pick up a stream and move it to the other room. #buymybeats #tv #rap #rapper #beat #beats #gotbeats #igotbeats #trippy #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:46 PM UTC
#FreeYourTV Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Apple Music is all I need, donโ€™t have to pay over 100 bucks for cable, paying for channels that Iโ€™m not even watching is ridiculous.
13 Aug, 09:46 PM UTC
The one and only VIP
We switched to the lowest Direct Tv package with AT&T so we pay $130 a month for phone,TV, Internet. We kept Direct TV for the unlimited internet price being lower plus I watch my shows on apps. We also have Netflix & Hulu plus Amazon Prime. #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:45 PM UTC
Jami Claire
People still use cable? #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:43 PM UTC
i fucking hate ads #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:42 PM UTC
Cheaper #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:35 PM UTC
@amazonfiretv @Sling Im sooo tired of direct tv!!! Channels donโ€™t work half the time Iโ€™d loveee to switch to fire tv ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž #FreeYourTv
13 Aug, 09:33 PM UTC
Tony Rich
Money!!!! #FreeYourTV
13 Aug, 09:32 PM UTC