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#BTS (#방탄소년단) Speech at the 75th UN General Assembly (
23 Sep, 01:56 PM UTC


Women hate how little it takes for us to be happy. Stay up, kingz.
23 Sep, 08:27 PM UTC


LeBron James
The most DISRESPECTED person on earth is THE BLACK WOMAN! I promise you I’ll do my best to change this as much as I can and even more!! LOVE to you QUEENS all over this country and beyond! 👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
24 Sep, 12:59 AM UTC


오늘은 선우와니키의 날❤❤매월 24일마다 사진으로 기념할게요😍😍😍 #ENHYPEN #SunKi #SUNOO #NI_KI
24 Sep, 07:36 AM UTC


ML Kejera
charging one of Breonna Taylor's killers with, essentially, damaging property while ignoring the fact that they killed her is the "property over people" system going full mask off
23 Sep, 06:00 PM UTC


online lectures are nice background noise for scrolling twitter
24 Sep, 09:09 AM UTC


Jeneisha Harris
They killed her. And not only did not refuse to charge her killers... they didn’t even have the decency to say her name.
23 Sep, 06:00 PM UTC


Kevin Liptak
Trump at the court as crowd chants “vote him out” — it’s rare for this President to see his opposition this up-close and in-person @Kevinliptakcnn's photo on VOTE HIM OUT
24 Sep, 02:03 PM UTC


In all my years of niggadom I’ve never seen the camera man get dropped
24 Sep, 03:15 PM UTC


adriana ❁.*・゚
pls look at this rug I made!!! my absolute favorite album from my Mac 🤍🥺
23 Sep, 09:53 PM UTC


Seth Dunlap
Louisville Police now saying, “We’re going to arrest every single person who is here right now.” There are thousands of people protesting. They just ripped up a huge banner of Breonna Taylor before shooting munitions at those holding it. This is what fascism looks like.
23 Sep, 07:56 PM UTC


Mark Ruffalo
 @MarkRuffalo what’s the plan? The man has told us he won’t leave peacefully, he is stacking the court with Justices he knows will rule in his favor, and he is talking about tossing ballots. What is the plan?
24 Sep, 12:35 AM UTC


Chris Hayes
This is obvious, but still worth saying: declining to commit to a “peaceful transfer of power” is itself a threat of violence.
23 Sep, 11:34 PM UTC


Young Jean 🇭🇹
When she sliding my Fenty Men boxers off @YoungJeannn's photo on Fenty
24 Sep, 05:31 PM UTC

Biden 2020

Defund Cops Take Their Money
theres not a single american in this entire country that would tag both 'biden 2020' and a circle a on the same property
23 Sep, 10:29 PM UTC


This is Kasey. Once a week he’s given an empty frozen peanut butter jar. Always takes it to a safe spot before licking it. 13/10 please enjoy @dog_rates's photo on Tory
24 Sep, 08:52 PM UTC


Candace Owens
Cops DID knock on the door. Breonna’s BOYFRIEND fired first. She was NOT sleeping. Black Lives Matter does not care about facts. They seek to riot and loot and are now holding America under siege. Our DOJ should be investigating this DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.
24 Sep, 01:38 AM UTC


Y’all.. look how they doing childbirth in Switzerland. 24h room service and 3 course menu meals every single day AND midwife visits once week for 3 months (covered by basic insurance) All for $500. Everyday I’m reminded how ghetto America is.
23 Sep, 12:54 PM UTC


Michael Beschloss
The defeated George H.W. Bush’s letter to Bill Clinton on the day of their peaceful transfer of power, 1993: @BeschlossDC's photo on Conley
24 Sep, 04:27 PM UTC


Barack Obama
You don't need me to tell you what's at stake in this election. Now is the time to show up and vote like never before to elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Educate yourself on the candidates running and vote: @BarackObama's photo on Tonya
24 Sep, 05:40 PM UTC


Brian J. Karem
This is the most frightening answer I have ever received to any question I have ever asked. I’ve interviewed convicted killers with more empathy. @realDonaldTrump is advocating Civil War.
23 Sep, 10:54 PM UTC


Barstool Sports
Disney revealed their mural for Chadwick Boseman today. Beautiful. @barstoolsports's photo on Jags
24 Sep, 10:54 PM UTC


Kangana Ranaut
उद्धव ठाकरे, संजय राउत @mybmc जब मेरा घर ग़ैर क़ानूनी तरीक़े से तोड़ रहे थे, उस वक्त उतना ध्यान इस बिल्डिंग पे दिया होता तो आज यह लगभग पचास लोग जीवित होते, इतने जवान तो पुलवामा में पाकिस्तान में नहीं मरवाए जितने मासूमों को आपकी लापरवाही मार गयी, भगवान जाने क्या होगा मुंबई का 🙏
24 Sep, 06:09 AM UTC

Nearly 500

Scott Dworkin
BREAKING: Nearly 500 generals, admirals and fmr national security officials from both parties just endorsed Joe Biden
24 Sep, 02:40 PM UTC

The Heat

Bleacher Report
Tyler Herro drops a career-high 37 PTS to put the Heat up 3-1 ⚡️ @BleacherReport's photo on The Heat
24 Sep, 03:21 AM UTC

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