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Raphousetv (RHTV)
Billionaire Jeff Bezos Warns of Recession, Advises People Not To Buy TV, Fridge, Or Car😬😱📉🇺🇸 https://t.co/INViDwKlnr
23 Nov, 02:11 PM UTC
Mx. Amadi Lovelace
My cousin stuffed her turkey and put it in her oven, which is not turned on, with the intention to store it there overnight rather than the fridge. “There’s no room.” This is why you can’t eat just anybody’s food. This time tomorrow that whole household will be at the ER.
24 Nov, 04:03 AM UTC
Chucky 🔥
Every morning when I look in my fridge and see the ingredients instead of meals https://t.co/2XtdvOYgdG
23 Nov, 06:43 PM UTC
🐻: does V have beer in his fridge? 🐰: yes yes the way taehyung smiled at jungkook when got the right answer 🥹 https://t.co/JuI1xoM1GA
23 Nov, 09:08 PM UTC
Date a Hindu, He will keep you in his heart not fridge
23 Nov, 02:05 PM UTC
@lollyfitz13 I used to HATE when my family would do this. Like instead of putting away all the stuff they’d never buy and that was for “special occasions” away, they’d put it in the cupboards/fridge almost to like trick you into doing exactly that 😫
23 Nov, 10:03 PM UTC
Jyot Jeet
मेरी बहन…🙏🏻 तू परमात्मा की भक्ति में चूर रहना… तू आनंद और ख़ुशियों से सदा भरपूर रहना… पर 35 टुकड़े होके जो पहुँच जाए Fridge में…😢 बस तुम ऐसे Love Jihad से दूर रहना…🙏🏻 #LoveJihad_ActOfTerrorism @activistjyot's photo on Fridge
23 Nov, 01:37 PM UTC
Girlfriends that leave their boyfriend's fridge like this when they come visiting >>> @Naija_PR's photo on Fridge
23 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
Michael Rosen 💙💙🎓🎓
Dear Mogg Glad to see that Numero 10 has been sitting on evidence today with so-called parties during lockdown. This is precisely the kind of obstructive behaviour that ensures things proceed properly. It's all water under the fridge now anyway. Bonissimo constipatio Boris
23 Nov, 04:58 PM UTC
Kühne UK
This chilly weather calls for some #WinItWednesday heat! Wan't to get your hands on this 🔥 bundle to fill your fridge with? Yeah, you do... 😉 For your chance to #WIN this bundle simply FOLLOW & RT to enter our #Giveaway! T&Cs apply: https://t.co/H7eqA7ihj2 https://t.co/DpTygeO7vI
23 Nov, 02:07 PM UTC
Betty is Fighting for her Life against Breast and Neck Cancer.  She is out of work after having surgery to Remove the Cancer in her neck and is unable to afford groceries. She needs a Hand Up to put food in the fridge.     GOAL: $150 Can you help? https://t.co/wIxqZy2Crt
23 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
Crowd funding Ali Fazal to Buy a fridge for his house
24 Nov, 05:03 AM UTC
Manoj Maithani
@Sassy_Hindu she has a 500 lit fridge at home....pls understand...: )
24 Nov, 04:02 AM UTC
kitz ∞
egg fridge
24 Nov, 08:42 AM UTC
Subroto chatterji
Hope @RichaChadha does not have fridge at her apartment or kitchen. If you got married with a halal launda abusing India, Indian army is a must , else it's blashphemy 😂🙏 #richachadha #GalwanValley
24 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC
Steven Trillberg®
@willthrill8 @SvtBlackKen @raphousetv2 .. Cuz where the absolute hell you find a working Fridge for $100 https://t.co/iwdIh5rNvO
24 Nov, 08:43 AM UTC
quokka!⭐ FAN !! weenie
"Nick had tears streaming down his face feel like we have such an amazing time together it's a lot of fun, George locking the fridge is pretty funny, Nick and George play ping pong a lot with each other cuz George used to play tennis" shut up I love you I love u I love them
24 Nov, 08:41 AM UTC
@justinandkimsma @_pinnaclegroup Don't bank on it #MyattsField Estate.. knocked down over 800 homes and rebuild 800ish then sold the majority of them off Buyers get SMEG oven hob Fridge & washing machines Council get BEKO oven & hob Buyers gloss white units council ole council brown units Social Difference #GMB
24 Nov, 08:30 AM UTC
The Chained Typist
@Bells4Dais @amaditalks A week unrefridgerated? my mum and I don’t eat cooked meat past three days in the fridge.
24 Nov, 08:45 AM UTC
@Makro_SA #MakroBlack5DayDeals I would like to purchase the LG Side by side Fridge https://t.co/lQ3IznhSbc
24 Nov, 08:45 AM UTC
Emilie #JIB13 #CharCon23 #HawaiiCon23
@MiaAW90 @twicksterart They are in the fridge here in Denmark😊🥚
24 Nov, 08:45 AM UTC
𝙰 𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎 𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚎 (new 📌) ❤️‍🔥
“Nah, I’m all alone in this tall tower so fuck it. My tits are out…for now. Anyways I’m free, so I can hang.” She said before stretching and then going to her fridge to grab a drink. https://t.co/ezgpmO3Pln
24 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC
@PINPUNG1 Tinesar evaro Nenu tindam ani fridge lo petkunna 😓 anduke night ae tineyali ☹️ teeth cavity vosthundi ani tinale night puta 😭
24 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC
Axe 🇧🇧
Usually I’d put all 4 in the fridge. But eggs are give or take. Not fussed. https://t.co/Q9defrXt9C
24 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC
Denise Robertson
@NoContextBrits Bread in the bread bin. Eggs in the egg rack. Ketchup in fridge. Chocolate in my mouth.
24 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC
James Curran
@IKEAUK why do you not provide replacement reinforced shelves for the fridge cabinet? They do in the US. This is creating waste. #DoBetter
24 Nov, 08:43 AM UTC
Master Shifu
@ayeejuju Why is the fridge light turn on and off where?
24 Nov, 08:43 AM UTC
David Reid
@rather5ceptical @SpenaLFC @NoContextBrits You should keep eggs at a constant temperature. Most kitchen temps fluctuate. So fridge is best, even though they are on the shelf in the shop.
24 Nov, 08:43 AM UTC
@ShaneeUK @NoContextBrits No its fridge cupboard cupboard cupboard
24 Nov, 08:43 AM UTC
My brother got excited about the Jell-O shots in the fridge until he read “Shots” lmao, whoopps 🤧 me and hubs need something to help with the stress later.
24 Nov, 08:43 AM UTC