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Never forget! This was Enugu state First Lady during Global Hand Washing day in 2019. #EndSARS #EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA
17 Oct, 04:55 PM UTC
Marc E. Elias
I don't know John Burke, but he just threw away his entire career for this racist politician. Every future employer, customer, client, fried and family member will see this. It will stay with him for the rest of his life. Sad.
17 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
Ismail drives me in Abuja. He told me the horrifying story of how a short drive to zone 4 to get fried yam with his friend landed him in the “Abbatoir” at Guzape. SARS took them there because they refused to “buy their share for them”. Accused them of one chance. Yam! #EndSARS
17 Oct, 06:26 AM UTC
FOX Sports: Braves
The @Braves are 13-1 when Max Fried takes the mound in 2020. @FOXSportsBraves's photo on Fried
17 Oct, 03:40 PM UTC
My fatass thought this was fried chicken 😂😂 @IntroSpecktive's photo on Fried
17 Oct, 06:46 PM UTC
chiquita D☀️
Plantains and their RANGE. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Savory and or sweet. Mashed, fried, boiled. The same love y’all have for potatoes, I need for platanos.
17 Oct, 03:22 PM UTC
Jeff Passan
It took Walker Buehler eight pitches to shut down the Braves in the first inning. Eight pitches into his first inning, Max Fried and the Braves trail, 2-0, after Justin Turner went deep back-to-back with Corey Seager.
17 Oct, 08:49 PM UTC
Mark Bowman
Good news: The Braves beat the Dodgers after Fried allowed them three first-inning runs on Aug. 18, 2019 Bad news: Rafael Ortega isn't around to hit a grand slam today.
17 Oct, 08:59 PM UTC
SantiTroll 🔻
Era consumidor habitual de Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), pero viendo que los dueños son los FACHAS de Rocio Monasterio y su familia, he cambiado a los puestos de comida pequeños, que preparan unos bocadillos que te cagas.
17 Oct, 06:13 PM UTC
Sylvia Plath's Food Diary
I had fried potatoes and bacon and buttered brown toast and two cups of coffee this morning; my favorite breakfast, to make up for the huge rejection. 10/17/56
17 Oct, 03:00 PM UTC
Cask Lounge & restaurant
Cask mega meat platter that comprises of 3 assorted meats across (beef,goat, chicken,pork)..5 assorted accompaniments across( fried rice,pasta,cask fried matooke,chips & potato wedges) mixed vegetables,salsa mexicana,fruits, salads,dip sauce & gravy only 120,000K Ugx.
17 Oct, 11:29 AM UTC
The Tennessee Holler
Oh Look, @abcnews is covering @SenGardenhire's racist "FRIED CHICKEN" comments. The @TNGOP's racism continues to go national. As @GlennforSenate said, it's time for a change. @NoogaHoller
17 Oct, 11:58 AM UTC
Gianna Woods
Someone posts an eggplant emoji... What they think: big manly appendage!🍆 What I think: Parmigiana! Which means it needs to be sliced and battered then fried! 🇮🇹
17 Oct, 05:27 PM UTC
V I P E R™
Back Fried 💣 #DCvCSK #IPL2020
17 Oct, 06:30 PM UTC
FOX Sports South
Max Fried bounces back with two scoreless frames. @PeterMoylan likes where the @Braves ace is at through three innings. @FOXSportsSouth's photo on Fried
17 Oct, 09:53 PM UTC
Fried green maters😋🍅The real straight out the garden shit y’all!
17 Oct, 09:05 PM UTC
️️️️ ️️️️
I have 6 eggs, i broke two, fried two and ate two, how many do i have left??... Reply without checking the replies 😌
17 Oct, 07:10 PM UTC
Lady B.
The people who think they’re above protesters or above protesting annoy me honestly, like who the fuck do you think you are? Because you can afford fried rice? People are protesting in countries like France, USA and Honk Kong and you think that you’re above it? #EndSARS
17 Oct, 04:17 PM UTC
D-Money 🇹🇹
OK. I need to conserve my energy. Between now and election day, I'm not talking about any of this bullshit: 1. The 1994 Crime Bill 2. ADOS 3. Court Packing Come on my TL with any of these and you'll be early Thanksgiving fried turkey.
17 Oct, 09:52 PM UTC
riding an 8 inch d*ldo after eating spicy korean fried chicken was not one of my best ideas in the world
17 Oct, 09:58 PM UTC
Online protesters can also partake in live protest too. Abuja #Endsars protest is a real call to one unity amongst youth. Plz If you know the girl on the 4th Frame help me tell her I forgot to collect her number. Lastly plz if u are bringing fried rice make sure to add salad😍
17 Oct, 09:56 PM UTC
Jasoñ Reese
OMG! Kakes is like having a pitcher bat! I’d rather have Fried hit.
17 Oct, 10:00 PM UTC
𝕭𝖗𝖚𝖈𝖊 𝕺𝖜𝖊𝖓𝖘 𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖒
Didn’t know what to have for dinner and then the fried egg sandwich showed up in Birds of Prey.
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Get crab fingers but get them fried
17 Oct, 07:08 PM UTC
Arab News Japan
Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force (@JASDF_PAO_ENG) has started a Twitter blitz to publicize various “karaage” deep-fried chicken dishes served at its bases nationwide, showing a rivalry against the Maritime SDF’s famous navy curry. @jmsdf_pao_eng @ArabNewsjp's photo on Fried
17 Oct, 10:00 PM UTC
you mean to tell me the air fried these wings?
17 Oct, 09:43 PM UTC
Thraaxologist 👨🏾‍🔬
This hoe fried
17 Oct, 09:57 PM UTC
a r i 🦁
“ we just be fried “
17 Oct, 09:20 PM UTC
Ben Aybar 🏳️
@tillerbagel Brain fried body fried I have so many things to do
17 Oct, 10:00 PM UTC

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