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Bleacher Report
FRYFOGLE CANNOT BE STOPPED 😱 He has seven catches for 223 yards and 3 TDs (via @CFBONFOX) @BleacherReport's photo on Fryfogle
21 Nov, 08:19 PM UTC
ESPN College Football
Indiana's stars left it all on the field in a tough loss to Ohio State. 💪 Penix Jr: Second most passing yards in a game in school history 🤲 Fryfogle: First player in Big Ten history to record 200 receiving yards in consecutive games
21 Nov, 09:22 PM UTC
PFF College
TY FRYFOGLE vs OHIO STATE 🚀 7 catches 🚀 223 YARDS 🚀 3 TDs @PFF_College's photo on Fryfogle
21 Nov, 08:18 PM UTC
Zach Osterman
Ty Fryfogle is the best receiver Indiana has had since James Hardy. #iufb
21 Nov, 08:16 PM UTC
Indiana Football
Are you serious, @Ty_Fry3???? 56-yard touchdown gives Fryfogle seven receptions for 223 yards and three scores on the day. 5️⃣ passing TDs and 477 passing yards for @themikepenix. OSU 42, #IUFB 35 | 10:26 4Q @IndianaFootball's photo on Fryfogle
21 Nov, 08:19 PM UTC
Indiana Football
.@Ty_Fry3 again! @themikepenix to Ty Fryfogle for the 33-yard score. OSU 35, #IUFB 21 | 5:!4 3Q @IndianaFootball's photo on Fryfogle
21 Nov, 07:36 PM UTC
Zach Osterman
Ty Fryfogle becomes the first player in conference history to post back-to-back 200-yard games in Big Ten play. #iufb
21 Nov, 09:28 PM UTC
The Checkdown
Ty Fryfogle cannot be contained 😱 @Ty_Fry3 @IndianaFootball (via @CFBONFOX) @thecheckdown's photo on Fryfogle
21 Nov, 08:21 PM UTC
Alex Kirshner
Every Indiana receiver: -rules -sounds like they're a Hogwarts horticulture professor or the owner of a magic wand shop in Diagon Alley TY FRYFOGLE
21 Nov, 07:36 PM UTC
Chris Solari
Purdue watching that Fryfogle catch and wondering how that wasn’t offensive pass interference.
21 Nov, 07:59 PM UTC
Jeff Rabjohns
"We came here to win the game. Close isn’t good enough." - Tom Allen after No. 9 Indiana fell 42-35 on the road to No. 3 Ohio State: #iufb More from Allen, Michael Penix, Ty Fryfogle and more:
21 Nov, 09:46 PM UTC
Yahoo Sports
MICHAEL PENIX JR ➡️ TY FRYFOGLE Indiana makes it a one-score game and Fryfogle is up to 223 yards and 3 TDs 🤯 @YahooSports's photo on Fryfogle
21 Nov, 08:21 PM UTC
Hoosier Huddle
From 2017 & @sammyj108: “Fryfogle does possess big play ability and his size allows him to punish smaller defenders who try to take him down with arm tackles. His vertical combined with a good set of hands gives him the ability to go up and snatch the ball out of the air” #iufb
21 Nov, 10:04 PM UTC
Alex Simpson
In his last 3 games, Ty Fryfogle has 25 catches for 565 yards and 6 TDs!
21 Nov, 08:19 PM UTC
FOX Deportes
Tremenda atrapada de Fryfogle para el Touchdown que acerca a Indiana ante Ohio State... vaya concentración. #CFB #NCAA @SirJohnLaguna @RodolfoLanderos @FOXDeportes's photo on Fryfogle
21 Nov, 07:40 PM UTC
Bulldog Recruiting
How tf did we misevaluate Fryfogle when Dylan Lawrence, McKinley Jackson, and MJ Daniels were/are down in George County.
21 Nov, 10:07 PM UTC
@john_boomer1990 @cbfowler @IndianaFootball @OhioStateFB Way to give no credit to IU's defense for making Fields look bad and to Penix and Fryfogle for beating up on the DBs. Penix showed a lot of touch on his passes. IU beats most teams in the country with that showing, just not this one.
21 Nov, 10:21 PM UTC
There were plenty of reactions to #OhioState’s 7-point win against #Indiana this afternoon (FREE)
21 Nov, 10:12 PM UTC
The AlphaGinger Show
@FanDuel Ty Fryfogle has entered the chat...
21 Nov, 10:20 PM UTC
Baby Pluto Jr. 🌑🦄
Fryfogle was shitting on OSU today 😂😂 IU legit
21 Nov, 10:06 PM UTC
Saturday Tradition
Indiana’s Michael Penix Jr., Ty Fryfogle put up eye-popping numbers in loss to Ohio State
21 Nov, 09:50 PM UTC
Jim Coyle ISB Radio🎙️
Ty Fryfogle making B1G history. A lot of football games have been played in that history.. #iufb
21 Nov, 10:44 PM UTC
Jeff Miller
If I ever have another child, boy or girl, the first name will be Fryfogle #Hoosiers 🔴⚪️
21 Nov, 10:30 PM UTC
No. 10 IU Football Grimace
@patrick_mayhorn Pls specifically break down the play where Sean Wade got called for DPI and Fryfogle toasted him for a tuddy anyways
21 Nov, 10:18 PM UTC
Tyler Moore
@loyo_12 Dude... was saying the exact same thing! Fryfogle was bullying people and they didn’t go to him late in the game. Ellis killed them twice and they were going to him 🤷🏼‍♂️
21 Nov, 10:12 PM UTC
Ty Fryfogle is the first Big Ten player to record back-to-back 200-yard receiving games. #IUvsOSU #B1G #GoBucks #IUFB
21 Nov, 10:45 PM UTC
Ty Fryfogle sounds like a sure handed red haired TE from northwest Iowa
21 Nov, 10:39 PM UTC
Sean Allums
@MitchMossRadio Fryfogle n Philyor are absolute studs. Had those two to score, and IU +28.5 after half. A verrrrrry good day indeed!!!!
21 Nov, 10:22 PM UTC

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