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Tennessee Basketball
A new career high for John F. Fulkerson 23 points with 9 minutes to play @Vol_Hoops's photo on Fulkerson
16 Feb, 12:39 AM UTC
Wes Rucker
If they really didn’t show a single replay of that Fulkerson charge/block, that’s pretty weak.
16 Feb, 01:21 AM UTC
Trey Wallace
The “Charge” call on Fulkerson. 🤷‍♂️. https://t.co/dSWkI0rvsZ
16 Feb, 01:25 AM UTC
Wes Rucker
If anyone has a replay/gif of that Fulkerson charge, I’d love to see it.
16 Feb, 01:19 AM UTC
Charlie Burris
Literally, by the new rules instituted this year, not only should this not have been a foul on Fulkerson but it should have been a technical foul for a flop on SC.
16 Feb, 01:26 AM UTC
Ben McKee
Finally saw a replay of the John Fulkerson “charge.” Garbage call. South Carolina player flopped.
16 Feb, 01:23 AM UTC
Tennessee Basketball
📊 FINAL NUMBERS 📊 FULKERSON - 25p / 9r PONS - 13p / 7r / 3b JAMES - 9p / 3r / 5a VESCOVI - 7p / 4r / 5a BOWDEN - 5p / 3r / 2a GAINES - 2p
16 Feb, 01:28 AM UTC
Mark Pancratz
Can we not get a replay of that charge called on fulkerson? Much rather see that than the student section dancing....
16 Feb, 01:17 AM UTC
Louis Fernandez Jr
Here’s the charge called against John Fulkerson at the end of the game. Thoughts? #Vols @LouisWBIR's photo on Fulkerson
16 Feb, 01:22 AM UTC
Will Warren
I have no idea if the John Fulkerson charge was a charge or not, because no conference has any serious consistency in how charges/blocks are called when you're outside of the restricted area. Regardless, the game shouldn't have come to that when Tennessee led by 6 with 3:30 left.
16 Feb, 01:28 AM UTC
Marshall Hughes
John Fulkerson defied all odds and reached a career-high in points after getting a haircut. #Vols
16 Feb, 12:54 AM UTC
Fulkerson = SEC POY
This Tennessee team has obviously declined from last season, but imagine where we would be without John Fulkerson. The entire team revolves around him, and his presence on the court makes everyone else a better player.
16 Feb, 01:37 AM UTC
Wes Rucker
#Vols coach Rick Barnes said the charge call on John Fulkerson in the closing seconds was a “clean” charge, but he hasn’t seen all the angles. Barnes definitely didn’t like the goal-tending call, though.
16 Feb, 01:40 AM UTC
Gene Henley
#Vols led this game 58-52 with 3:40 to play. Possessions: -Josiah miss -Yves miss FT (front end of 1-and-1) -Turnover -Turnover -Fulkerson layup -Turnover SC ended game on 11-3 run.
16 Feb, 01:42 AM UTC
Vol Herald
Twenty turnovers is not a fun stat to think about in the aftermath of this game. Love our guys- we fought hard, got some big opportunities the rest of the way. Also, Fulkerson is just incredible. He has completely transformed his game.
16 Feb, 01:40 AM UTC
Barnes says he thought the Fulkerson charge was a clean one.
16 Feb, 01:40 AM UTC
Josh Hamlin
@TreyWallace_ Even more egregious slowed down like that. Didn’t get a replay on the telecast. That call coupled with the no call Azubike mauling Fulkerson at Allen Fieldhouse are costly calls/no calls for the Vols
16 Feb, 01:28 AM UTC
Zack Rickens
So John Fulkerson was called for a charge with 10.4 seconds left. A month ago, the inbounds play where he drew a foul started at 10.4 seconds. 🤨🤯 @ZackRickensTV's photo on Fulkerson
16 Feb, 01:31 AM UTC
@TreyWallace_ Which was worse that BS charging call or the goaltending where Fulkerson never touched it?
16 Feb, 01:28 AM UTC
Ryan Clay (Defenders 2-0)
@Ajade97 Gotta say we got some slept on centers. Fulkerson and Maik are big dawgs.
16 Feb, 01:39 AM UTC
jeremiah denton
@GRITknox It was a charge! Gotta stop doing the same moves he had been called earlier twice for the charge from the same move we’re just not built to finish! Fulkerson played great but 1 play
16 Feb, 01:31 AM UTC
ktownkid 🇺🇸
@GoVols1914 @PastorJustinR She thinks I was referring to Fulkerson. Bowden is who I’m talking about. We aren’t in the game without fulk
16 Feb, 01:29 AM UTC
Tyler Badger
Is this a flop? Yes. Did Fulkerson hurt his cause by slightly extending the arm? Yep. Irregardless, SEC Officiating has been rough this season - and that’s putting it nicely. https://t.co/uSalgRptpE
16 Feb, 01:43 AM UTC
@TreyWallace_ If the charge is not called, Fulkerson’s shot was blocked by Kotsar. Tennessee lost the game by playing not to lose the last 4 minutes.
16 Feb, 01:43 AM UTC
Keith Ivens
@ZehDuck If I let John Fulkerson murder me like that, I’m hanging up the shoes and calling it a career.
16 Feb, 01:41 AM UTC
Ryan Schumpert
Barnes on Fulkerson's late game charge: "I thought it was a clean charge I will say that."
16 Feb, 01:40 AM UTC
Johnny Brooks
If anyone is listening to John Fulkerson on Vol calls I know he’s said Uhmmm 42 times in 3 minutes !!!
16 Feb, 01:39 AM UTC
@emily_proud Fulkerson is a habitual flopper. These things even themselves out.
16 Feb, 01:38 AM UTC
Josiah made a few mistakes down the stretch that hurt us and there was a terrible charge call on Fulkerson.
16 Feb, 01:36 AM UTC
@genehenley3 Kotsar also blocked Fulkerson’s shot.
16 Feb, 01:34 AM UTC