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Tennessee Basketball
Strong first half for Fulky: • game-high 14 pts • 5-6 FG • 4 boards @Vol_Hoops's photo on Fulky
16 Feb, 12:01 AM UTC
Houston Kress
Show me that Fulky “charge” again, plz.
16 Feb, 01:14 AM UTC
Houston Kress
16 Feb, 01:25 AM UTC
Smokey Vol
Not a foul. Fulky should’ve been shooting free throws for the lead. @SECOfficiating https://t.co/FKv9pc4bMi
16 Feb, 01:25 AM UTC
Tennessee Basketball
Santi the steal! Fulky the bucket! 1:03 left. #Vols +1.
16 Feb, 01:06 AM UTC
Barstool Rocky Top
16 Feb, 01:08 AM UTC
Houston Kress
Fulky played his ass off and is rewarded with this? Man. I’m not even sure what to think about this one. https://t.co/OyneUZk0qC
16 Feb, 01:49 AM UTC
More Important Issues
Notes on the game: -No NCAA Tournament -Fulky carried us -SEC officiating is so bad
16 Feb, 01:20 AM UTC
🍊🍊Battle Capt'n Cornbread🍊🍊
Kotsar hammers our guys all night... Nothing.... Fulky spins and gets offensive fouls called all night. Just trash. 50+ fucking fouls called in this game. What a joke.
16 Feb, 01:16 AM UTC
🐝Santa Vol 🍊🏈🎅🐝
@LouisWBIR I'm not sure Fulky even touched him!
16 Feb, 01:31 AM UTC
Total Vols Move
That was a horrible flop call on Fulky to end the game, but we lost that game because we were outplayed and outcoached.
16 Feb, 01:26 AM UTC
This is LEADERSHIP. The team has zero senior leaders and thankful to have Fulky step up and be a leader for the #Vols. He will be prepared to lead the loaded squad of young ballers next season on Rocky Top! https://t.co/w7Hqclt4cQ
16 Feb, 02:12 AM UTC
Ray Brown
@Vol_Hoops Kotsar fouled Fulky before time expired, @SECOfficiating needs to investigate
16 Feb, 01:20 AM UTC
Drew W
@wesrucker247 Hard to miss the irony of the block/charge with Fulky giving and then taking away with SC this season.
16 Feb, 01:20 AM UTC
Matt Dixon
@JohnnysBarbeque Vols just don’t have “that guy” we can give the ball to and say get a basket. Love Fulky, but he can’t be the go-to player.
16 Feb, 02:01 AM UTC
Mitchell Thomas
@AL_Tastic @JLuethke @wesrucker247 Not in any way was that a charge. What game were you watching? The kid was out of position and jumped 14-feet when Fulky started the spin move.
16 Feb, 01:29 AM UTC
Nick Angel
@BillyWilliford @SECOfficiating at their finest! He flopped the wrong direction from where Fulky was even going!
16 Feb, 01:25 AM UTC
Brandon Roysden
@VolRumorMill I think you read way too much into stuff like this. Fulky would probably agree or at least not be surprised.
16 Feb, 01:56 AM UTC
25 pts and he was schooling them down low all game Yes the correct play call was to keep feeding Fulky
16 Feb, 01:39 AM UTC
Ryan Schumpert
Barnes: "Fulky played his heart out, but he had too many turnovers."
16 Feb, 01:39 AM UTC
@Volcrazy @ConnerHKnapp Fulky looked better than Grant their freshman year prior to his injury
16 Feb, 01:31 AM UTC
Jeremy Aucoin
@VolHerald Horrible offensive call on Fulky .. didn’t even touch the player on his spin..
16 Feb, 01:27 AM UTC
@ConnerHKnapp Be honest.... did you see Fulky as a legit player as he is now a couple years ago? (I sure as hell didn't) Barnes has done wonders for him. Not having Turner hurts.... alot. Bowden sure isn't pulling his weight either.
16 Feb, 01:27 AM UTC
R K Jarvis
@wesrucker247 Fulky can’t do it all on his own was something I didn’t anticipate saying at the beginning of the season.
16 Feb, 01:27 AM UTC
Go Vols 1914
@PastorJustinR Agreed. Fulky was a huge reason we had a chance to win.
16 Feb, 01:26 AM UTC
Trevor McGill
@Charlie_Burris A make-up call to end all make-up calls. Would like to know who the ref was when fulky got the benefit at home. Same call, same guy. Just a different outcome.
16 Feb, 01:23 AM UTC
Randy Phillips
@AuntCinnamon That's why I moved 20 miles west of Tally on the lake. Quaint and get some seasons here. My Aunt's husband of 40 yrs. just passed. She is still trying to adjust. She has a fulky equipped large workroom out behind her house. I'm sure she'll get back to it. Have a nice evening😊
16 Feb, 01:23 AM UTC
Austyn Miller
Biggest F****** Flop I’ve ever seen!! Fulky barely touches the dude and he acted like he got rocked!!! BS https://t.co/Tpq7e3ErKO
16 Feb, 01:23 AM UTC
Dylon (Conor) McGregor
VERY interesting the “charge” on Fulky was not shown again. Fucking stupid
16 Feb, 01:21 AM UTC