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Markelle Fultz woulda had at least 10
21 Jun, 02:38 AM UTC
Adam Levitan
Pretty incredible the Sixers ran into three top-2 picks who literally couldn’t shoot. Evan Turner, Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons. Seems almost impossible.
21 Jun, 02:56 AM UTC
Markelle Fultz watching Ben Simmons drop 5 points and take the L in a game 7 @UptownDC_Rich's photo on Fultz
21 Jun, 03:24 AM UTC
The Sixers ruined Markelle Fultz, convinced Ben Simmons he's a point guard, and wasted 7 years of Joel Embiid. The process isn't revolutionary it's an episode of Nathan For You.
21 Jun, 03:58 AM UTC
Jack Armstrong’s Burner
The 76ers tanked so much the nba had to step in just for them to draft • Micheal Carter Williams • Jahlil Okafor • Markelle Fultz • Ben “I’m scared to shoot” Simmons #TrustTheProcess #ATLvPHI @JackBurnerAcct's photo on Fultz
21 Jun, 03:11 AM UTC
Lil Woj
@WorldWideWob Philly if they drafted tatum instead of fultz @futureHOFpipe's photo on Fultz
21 Jun, 02:51 AM UTC
Matt Dudas
Our 4 sports teams have had 4 number 1 overall picks since 2015. We ended up with Carson Wentz, Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Mickey Moniak. @mdudas8's photo on Fultz
21 Jun, 02:57 AM UTC
Can't believe they sent Markelle Fultz to Outworld (the Orlando Magic) for this.
21 Jun, 03:03 AM UTC
Jamie Lynch
Fultz and Ben are hands down two of the strangest cases in NBA history to me and it's really cool that they both landed on the same team in back to back years.
21 Jun, 03:54 AM UTC
I don’t know if there’s any correlation with Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz both being absolutely broke from the field, but the lack of development of lotto-pick talent in Philadelphia is highly concerning
21 Jun, 02:26 AM UTC
Ben Simmon’s Burner Account
Ben Simmons played so bad, he had Fultz, Wentz, Doc, Brett Brown, Kyle Kuzma, Shanghai Sharks, Embiid and Curry, Maxey, and Red Velvet all trending on twitter within 2 hrs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
21 Jun, 05:22 AM UTC
Andrew Perloff
So much "Process" talk. Do people realize Sam Hinkie left 76ers in April, 2016? He didn't do the following: - Draft Fultz over Tatum - Pay Tobias Harris instead of Jimmy Butler - Trade Mikal Bridges for Zhaire Smith (Morey, however, genius for Curry trade, drafting Maxey)
21 Jun, 12:45 PM UTC
suns fan until b*n s*mmons is traded
Ben Simmons has “Fultz” “Wentz” •Brett Brown” all trending.
21 Jun, 03:20 AM UTC
Kenny Morales
Markelle Fultz would never have gone out sad like this https://t.co/Dfa9WOklhr
21 Jun, 03:25 AM UTC
Noah Terranova
Any team would’ve taken Ben Simmons with the first overall pick. And Markelle Fultz was viewed as the consensus top player in the draft. This is revisionist history https://t.co/v1sacWYRV0
20 Jun, 11:37 PM UTC
markelle fultz dunking this 10 times outta 10 https://t.co/J5iyzOy5B5
21 Jun, 03:41 AM UTC
🐺 NEW ERA (23-49)
Can’t believe people are just now realizing Ben Simmons is bad on the playoffs I remember the Philly/Brooklyn series a couple years ago when Kangaroo Fultz was getting bitched by Jared Dudley of all people 😭😭😭 https://t.co/SDGj2I8QHk
21 Jun, 04:10 AM UTC
76ers could've had Embiid, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown but they were like... nah we'll take Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz instead #theprocess #dannyainge @spizzyspose's photo on Fultz
21 Jun, 03:03 AM UTC
I was going to say I have never seen anything like Ben Simmons completely forgetting how to play basketball. But then I remembered I lived through Markelle Fultz forgetting how to shoot and Carson Wentz forgetting how to play quarterback. Only in Philly.
21 Jun, 01:49 PM UTC
@ErnieLeemon @DanWolken RoCo developed because he got so many minutes, but you didn't Tank to get RoCo or improve his skill set. You did it to get Embiid and Ben and Fultz, so the goal should've been about maximizing them, not guys like RoCo, Saric, or TJ. I do think Ben is different if a vet was there
21 Jun, 04:13 AM UTC
I know making “Process” jokes bout the Sixers is easy but most of their biggest fuck how came long after the Process was over. The Fultz pick, Bridges trade, Harris/Butler situation etc. None of that was Process era
21 Jun, 01:15 PM UTC
RJ Champton
@jonathanigoat Remember when I said there are some fucked up takes based entirely on recency bias on Twitter? People voting No in this poll is a prime example. Regardless of what anybody says, right now, Simmons IS a better player than Fultz, and I love what I've seen from Markelle.
21 Jun, 02:49 PM UTC
We both having them in depth thoughts on decisions made lol Simmons draft over Ingram / Brown Fultz draft over Lonzo / Tatum https://t.co/q2n4onQ8OE
21 Jun, 02:49 PM UTC
International Feez
Okafor over Booker. Fultz over Tatum. Can you imagine Ben- Booker-Tatum- Embiid?! https://t.co/siVEvAxXPX
21 Jun, 02:59 PM UTC
stimmy turner
@Dart_Adams Philly fans really panicking this bad? Like there’s some big issues but having markelle Fultz regret should be at the bottom of the list. He can’t even put up good stats on bad team
21 Jun, 02:58 PM UTC
RealHero Still cooking 🔥
@Dart_Adams If anything.... Fultz would have shot the 76ers outta the series because he's not a good decision making when it comes to the 🏀. 76ers validated on what NOT to do with the tanking process that only lead to exits before Conf finals.
21 Jun, 02:57 PM UTC
State Sponsored Juice Cleanse
Trade Ben Simmons for Markelle Fultz
21 Jun, 02:55 PM UTC
Corey B
We aren’t sinking to this are we? No Fultz is not better than Ben Simmons. No Fultz does not win that series for Philly. Trae Young would’ve went for 40 a night lol https://t.co/f1JsREgOVp
21 Jun, 02:55 PM UTC
Coach Nicholson
@JohnFSilver @MattsSportsBlog @Efawcett7 What is it with Philly and top picks? Where is Markelle Fultz?
21 Jun, 02:53 PM UTC
@Sheglar_GD @DoughboyFresshh Nahhh can’t give that pass look how fast Markelle Fultz fixed his shot…and he had a hitch to his shit…Ben is just missing and not shooting
21 Jun, 02:53 PM UTC