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DYK Sudbury, Ontario, is home to a monstrous coin that is an exact replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel? At a whopping 9 metres in height, it makes ‘cents’ that the #BigNickel is one of the largest coins in the world! #FunFactFriday 😉 📷walkaboottravel/IG @Canada's photo on #FunFactFriday
18 Sep, 01:40 PM UTC
Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)
Humpback whales are creative hunters. One of their most innovative 🧠 hunting strategies is bubble-netting. It involves encircling a school of small fish with a wall of bubbles and lunging with their mouths agape to snag their fishy prize 🐟 It’s truly fascinating! #FunFactFriday https://t.co/cIs4O0ybed
18 Sep, 07:54 AM UTC
Windows Aesthetics
#FunFactFriday: Paul Thurrott's screenshots of Whistler build 2446 shows a wallpaper similar but different from the branding wallpaper in Release Candidate builds of Windows XP. However, it is not included in build 2446, meaning it was likely supplied by Microsoft themselves. https://t.co/VPNdAxT5k7
18 Sep, 01:00 PM UTC
JIGWA Frankie
FAHAMU TAI (Eagle) ANAWEZA AKAMUWINDA SWALA MDOGO, AKAMNYAKUA NA KUPAA NAE ANGANI ✍🏾Kamwe usimdharau TAI, ana nguvu za kuweza kumnyakua swala mtoto na kupaa nae angani ✍🏾Pia nguvu ya kukamata kitu (gripping) ya TAI ni X 10 ya Binadamu. #WajumbeFunFriday #FunFactFriday https://t.co/pkHZqqlvdi
18 Sep, 07:56 AM UTC
TX Parks & Wildlife
Breakfast! A female Summer Tanager munches on American beautyberries, a favorite of wildlife. Summer Tanagers also eat bees, rubbing them on branches first to remove the stinger. #FunFactFriday @TPWDnews's photo on #FunFactFriday
18 Sep, 01:46 PM UTC
Seahawk Softball🥎
Before you head into the weekend, take a look at today's edition of "Rounding the Bases" featuring sophomore catcher @catieee_23 #HawkYeah #FunFactFriday https://t.co/DYmuoU59mc
18 Sep, 01:08 PM UTC
Marwell Wildlife
What’s your favourite 'weird' animal fact? 🤔 We love that an okapi’s tongue is long enough for them to lick their own eyelids and ears (...we bet you just tried!) #FunFactFriday 📸 Steve Liptrot https://t.co/OWo1moQb8S
18 Sep, 10:00 AM UTC
ESU W.Basketball
❓DID YOU KNOW❓ Last season our winning % was its BEST since the 2016-2017 season, and we also had an AMAZING home victory record of 14-2! 🏀🔥 #wherewarriorsbelong #warriorvision #funfactfriday https://t.co/pZUqyDcEQw
18 Sep, 01:25 PM UTC
PA Department of Community & Economic Development
#FunFactFriday: #Pennsylvania is the only state in the Northeast with access to the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and Great Lakes. We make it easy for companies to do business beyond our borders. #BTW2PA https://t.co/DUonmrs7ru @PADCEDnews's photo on #FunFactFriday
18 Sep, 01:35 PM UTC
Granit SMASH
#FunFactFriday @HirschulatSSB watches Bares für Rares. Tag someone who watches Bares für Rares too! https://t.co/VE38ynFVBy
18 Sep, 02:09 PM UTC
Patent number 1,000,000 was granted to Francis Holton on August 8, 1911. What was his invention? Find out: https://t.co/c6m3PgEZCc #FunFactFriday #NowYouKnow #Patents
18 Sep, 01:46 PM UTC
Events East
#FunFactFriday Our team @ScotiabankCtr is pure 🔥 They can transform #ourhouse from hosting @hfxhurricanes basketball🏀 to @HFXMooseheads hockey🏒 to @HFXThunderbirds lacrosse🥍 then BACK to @USPORTSca hockey🏒🙌 overnight! #hfxevents19 https://t.co/w2vOWJfVRT
18 Sep, 01:32 PM UTC
UNL Canine Cognition and Human Interaction Lab
It's #FunFactFriday! #DidYouKnow the tone, pitch, and range of a #distress call can contribute to how dogs respond to them? Due to differences in the sound, #dogs will respond quickly to puppy distress and slowly to human distress, with kittens falling in between. https://t.co/MljXOWtkMW
18 Sep, 01:29 PM UTC
Dr. Sturg is _____
Not really a #FunFactFriday post, but a bit of #AltGov insight from my 2 1/2 years of study of the movement. #Thread
18 Sep, 12:56 PM UTC
Zoo Society MKE
Put your paws together for these two sunning models! As you can see in this photo, lions have HUGE canines. Adult lions typically have canines up to 10 centimeters long. For comparison, our canines are about 1.5 centimeters 😲 #FunFactFriday https://t.co/vLd1ANuS2k
18 Sep, 01:55 PM UTC
H.J. Oldenkamp Co.
Twenty-five years ago, today in 1995 Jeff Jensen and Steve Bergmann joined the HJO family. We are forever grateful to have such wonderful high-level employees like them that stick with us through thick and thin. 🥳👏🏼 #FunFactFriday #HJOFamily #WorkAnniversary https://t.co/qiAnqKpjSQ
18 Sep, 01:39 PM UTC
Ravinia Festival
Ravinia has been a name in bringing concerts into the home as far back as the ’50s & ’60s! Long before Memorex, Chicago’s Webcor and Sherwood touted the live-performance sound of its stereos with Ravinia as the gold standard, even naming several models after us. #FunFactFriday https://t.co/JSTbmU7iT9
18 Sep, 02:06 PM UTC
John Cena Fanpage • SID
Check out today’s @JohnCena #FunFactFriday! • @JohnCena has the most overall wins in WWE with 1731! » 📸: @jaackedits.(IG) • • • • #JohnCena #Facts #FunFact #FunFacts #WWE #DRThuganomics #UCantSeeMe #NeverGiveUp #RiseAboveHate #NeverGiveUp #Cenation #TheChamp https://t.co/AavWokm3m5
18 Sep, 01:46 PM UTC
The Voiceover Gurus
Did you know...Cats have 2 sets of #vocalcords: one for purring and one for meowing. #FunFactFriday https://t.co/XFWOckyoc0
18 Sep, 01:45 PM UTC
#DidYouKnow A group of pugs is called a "grumble." 🐾🐾🐶🐕 #dogfacts #funfactfriday #interestingfacts #DogLover https://t.co/s2J6L0DDTu
18 Sep, 02:00 PM UTC
#FunFactFriday I just realized that 2 NFL superstars have crossed paths with my life. My son gets to play on the same field as HOFer Earl Campbell. I mean Holy WOW. And I got to watch Mahomes graduate from high school, he graduated with my stepson. My stepdaughter worked w/ his
18 Sep, 02:13 PM UTC
For Elephants
#ElephantFact: Elephants have poor eyesight. These large mammals have small eyes and cannot see far. For more facts about an elephant's eyesight, check out our blog post! https://t.co/cEwjzgDeBo #FunFactFriday #Elephants https://t.co/5GMgBruHNj
18 Sep, 02:00 PM UTC
Jefferson County Public Library
#FunFactFriday: James Patterson is P-R-O-L-I-F-I-C. 🤯📚❤️ https://t.co/d2qsGALCB3
18 Sep, 02:07 PM UTC
Many people might assume that it’s the US that is at the center of all things to do with foreign currency exchange. However, it’s actually the UK that is the hub of forex trading. More than 40% of all transactions take place in the UK and 19% in the US. #funfactfriday https://t.co/rPkfFtSG2j
18 Sep, 02:01 PM UTC
Division of Extension Natural Resources Institute
#FunFactFriday Did you know fall is the best time to plant trees, because the cooler temperatures promote root growth? Check out this great guide from @WiscExtForestry about how to plant and maintain trees on your property: https://t.co/UbG56DuhWE https://t.co/6TwKFnKWqL
18 Sep, 02:01 PM UTC
Lake Compounce
#FunFactFriday Down Time drops its riders at 60mph from 185ft in the air 😱 https://t.co/oGftxKkbHJ
18 Sep, 02:00 PM UTC
Ready For Next Advisory Group
Hawaii, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Ohio and Maine are the states that have the most baby boomer owned businesses. #RFNAdvisory #readyfornext #babyboomer #DidYouKnow #business #FunFactFriday #TheMoreYouKnow #RFN #fact
18 Sep, 01:59 PM UTC
UK Manufacturing
RT @Surespan: #didyouknow natural daylight leads to increase productivity? #FunFactFriday #fridayfeeling #ukmfg https://t.co/kRC0iEarH9
18 Sep, 01:51 PM UTC
Dakota Layers
#FunFactFriday -- Do you crack your #eggs on the side of a bowl? Well, you’re doing it wrong! The best way to crack an egg is on a flat surface - so the membrane remains intact at first. #DidYouKnow #Cooking https://t.co/KXVh0KKM1d
18 Sep, 01:49 PM UTC
Institute for Engineering in Medicine
#FunFactFriday Did you know that the first successful bone marrow transplant not between two identical twins happened here at UMN in 1968? The transplant was performed by Dr. Robert A. Good (1922-2003). https://t.co/0zfQXlRYo3
18 Sep, 02:15 PM UTC

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