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The name cardinal comes from the Latin term cardo which means hinge. Cardinals hinge on the doorway between earth & spirit. People believe seeing a red cardinal is a positive spiritual message from a loved one that’s passed on. ❤️ #FunFactFriday https://t.co/SBeQqPF0jV
27 Mar, 03:10 PM UTC
#FunFactFriday: The em dash is named after its length—it’s about the same width as the capital letter M. Its alphabetical cousin, the en dash, is about the same width as the letter N. 🤓
27 Mar, 04:06 PM UTC
Rebecca's Butterfly Farm
The Comma #butterfly - What it lays eggs on, what it looks like in its life-cycle & a #funfact for #FunFactFriday 🥚🐛🥐🦋 #ButterflyWhisperer Most pics are from @savebutterflies website #Butterflies #learn #learning #teachersarestars #teach #teaching @NatGeoKidsUK @BBC_Teach https://t.co/HKAOQIZOHG
27 Mar, 05:56 PM UTC
CFB Home
#FunFactFriday Did you know Paul William "Bear" Bryant has the most outright SEC Championships in Alabama history but also in Kentucky's history? He's also the last Texas A&M football coach to post an undefeated season without being on probation. https://t.co/ofXGjPRz6y
27 Mar, 02:13 PM UTC
Coffin Works
#didyouknow the first @ODEONCinemas was opened in Perry Barr, in 1930 by Oscar Deutsch who was born in Balsall Heath and became a master of marketing with 'Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation'. Thanks to @cstockychris for the #FunFactFriday #Birmingham photo credit to @Brumpic @CoffinWorks's photo on #FunFactFriday
27 Mar, 10:58 AM UTC
Your Shore Beach Rangers
It's #FunFactFriday! 🥳🙌 Did you know... the #HoneycombWorm is a reef-building species with 30,000 individuals found per square metre! 😮 Each tube is a worm apartment 🏠 made from sand/shell fragments and a organic glue. Did you know what they were? Have you seen them before? https://t.co/JKcVfzJNzW
27 Mar, 09:59 AM UTC
Marine Mammal Commission
#FunFactFriday: the elusive #narwhal sheds its skin. Credit: many generations of observations by the Inuit. Learn more about their contributions to our understanding at https://t.co/AwdaeZjG1H #marinemammals @OceanPortal
27 Mar, 02:15 PM UTC
Happy #FunFactFriday! Did you know that American coots swim like ducks but don't have webbed feet? Each one of its long toes has lobes of skin to help it kick through the water. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Hostert) @WillCoForests's photo on #FunFactFriday
27 Mar, 02:02 PM UTC
Bobby Bones Show
#FunFactFriday with @RadioAmy; Cows moo with regional accents. "In small populations such as herds you would encounter identifiable dialectical variations which are most affected by the immediate peer group," said a professor in an article for BBC News. @bobbybonesshow's photo on #FunFactFriday
27 Mar, 10:27 AM UTC
Long John Silver's
It is Friday. Let us do the cooking so you can enjoy more time with your crew. Our family meals include batter-dipped fish and chicken (mix or match), family-sized sides, and savory hushpuppies. #FunFactFriday We're open for drive-thru, take-out, and delivery (where available). @longjohnslvrs's photo on #FunFactFriday
27 Mar, 03:52 PM UTC
The Humane League
#FunFactFriday: Baby chicks develop object permanence faster than baby humans! 🤯👶🐣 @TheHumaneLeague's photo on #FunFactFriday
27 Mar, 05:23 PM UTC
The Humane League
#FunFactFriday: Mother hens feel compassion for their children and stress when they are in danger, just like all the human moms out there 🥰🐔 @TheHumaneLeague's photo on #FunFactFriday
27 Mar, 05:26 PM UTC
RT #FunFactFriday-- Leaving Neverland is full on BullSh!t - Join MILLIONS from all over the world & Find the #MichaelJackson truth -- https://t.co/2AdCITQYBW https://t.co/SNO1XFqMEt
27 Mar, 04:45 PM UTC
Ly Ly's Nail Bar
A sheep, a duck and a rooster were the first passengers in a hot air balloon. #FunFactFriday https://t.co/sz6maOqtj2
27 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
🥎 Weber State Softball 🥎
#FunFactFriday Weber State Softball: 4️⃣ CONSECUTIVE Big Sky Regular Season Titles 🏆🏆🏆🏆 3️⃣ Big Sky Tournament Titles 🏆🏆🏆 3️⃣ NCAA Regional Appearances 🥎🥎🥎 (Moral of the story . . . We’re kind of a big deal) #WeAreWeber #BigSkySb #purplereign https://t.co/dweVtsVXIB
27 Mar, 03:22 PM UTC
Milagros Peña
#FunFactFriday #UCRiverside’s graduation rate for students receiving Pell Grants is 25 POINTS HIGHER than the national average. 🎓📈 https://t.co/mCDFESI2qk
27 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Life in Las Vegas
Apocalyptic Vegas. https://t.co/FfhbI6ihcZ #LasVegas #COVID2019 #Vegas #FridayMotivation #FunFactFriday #FridayFeeling https://t.co/IUy6ronXeM
27 Mar, 05:21 PM UTC
⚓️Old Submariner🇺🇸
#FunFactFriday - The oldest ship in the world is remarkably intact. 143 x 19.5 ft of Lebanon Cedar planking & Christ's Thorn tenons, dissembled into 1,224 pieces & stored in a pit next to the Great Pyramid of Giza in 2500 BC ☀️ The Solar Barge of the Pharaoh Khufu ⚓️ https://t.co/CaAPAbbXlf
27 Mar, 04:42 PM UTC
Virginia DEQ
While out on your walk this weekend (please remember social distancing), be on the lookout for this aptly named Virginia springbeauty. The scientific name, Claytonia virginica, was given in honor of Colonial Virginia botanist, John Clayton, and our great state. #FunFactFriday https://t.co/woLkUqU0wB
27 Mar, 04:02 PM UTC
FUNNY CAT /CapCarlos
Hello friends! Happy Weekend 2all 😆😃🐈🐾☀️ #FunniestTweets #haha #HAHAHA #FunFactFriday #lol #StayHome #ilovecats #catlovers #HappyFriday #goodafternoon #FelizViernes #FelizViernesAtodos #BuenasTardes #HelloWorld #QuedateEnCasa #BuenViernes #FelizTarde #Hello #hola #cats #gatos https://t.co/85OJoqkGWM
27 Mar, 07:15 PM UTC
Inventive Academy
#FunFactFriday - There are "low-level" and "high-level" coding languages. Lower-level languages more closely resemble binary code while higher-level languages are easier to code in. #100daysofcode #programming #coding #programmer #developer #code #coder #technology #python #tech
27 Mar, 07:03 PM UTC
Chimps and honeybees are among the many species that have been observed practicing social distancing to avoid disease outbreak in communities. Animals can even detect certain diseases even before symptoms appear! Read more at: https://t.co/254nmzTS4P #FunFactFriday https://t.co/N5LP79CdGr
27 Mar, 07:12 PM UTC
Frank Farias
How to SCAN a Book/Magazine Article/Notes/Images and share it out as a PDF. #FunFactFriday #simple @apple #iphone #DigitalLearning #GoogleClassroom @GoogleForEdu @FRPSsupt @Nik_Medeiros @christieconnell @ejplewis @GoPro ::WATCH IT NOW:: https://t.co/OGS3Fcbzmp https://t.co/IgZSfPn45F
27 Mar, 06:29 PM UTC
Shenandoah Arts&Sciences
It's #FunFactFriday and we just learned an awesome trick from our friends over in IC! Did you know you can scan documents in your iPhone Notes app? Notes app > create new note > tap camera icon > snap the photo! You can save, share, or markup the scan. https://t.co/1W095Ag93b
27 Mar, 04:56 PM UTC
Clark University
A chance to learn something new on #funfactFriday. Clark Professor Bob Tobin (@queerlitprof) was recently interviewed by @Cosmopolitan about the history and significance of 11 LGBTQ+ flags. Check it out: https://t.co/7gjCLQuh1C Quiz a friend (virtually, of course!)
27 Mar, 07:10 PM UTC
Beverly A. Pekala
Remember when real estate agents and lawyers did closings at title companies? Now closings are happening in cars. #CurbsideClosings #LifeInTheAgeOfCorona #realestate #homebuyers #homesellers #realtors #FunFactFriday https://t.co/wMGatMcS1a
27 Mar, 05:15 PM UTC
Jonathan Salcedo
Since everyone is stuck inside you most likely pulled out one of these to play with your family. Here are some fun facts about them. 🎲🎲🎲 #FunFactFriday @CoreBTSLI @SaraLMarino @pomara_matt @BarrySnoz @ChristyCoreBTS @RiazCORE https://t.co/twqGrWoHcm
27 Mar, 06:19 PM UTC
Carolina Tiger Rescue
It's #FunFactFriday! What’s faster than the average blink? A Muhammad Ali punch? The time it takes to snap a photo? A king cobra strike? Would you believe us if we said that a serval’s paw strike is faster than all of those things? Read more here: https://t.co/8d3DTMihNp https://t.co/tYDvEimTtb
27 Mar, 06:22 PM UTC