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Everyone, we wanted to give you an update on the Vic Mignogna situation. Following an investigation, Funimation recast Vic Mignogna in Morose Mononokean Season 2. Funimation will not be engaging Mignogna in future productions.
11 Feb, 10:29 PM UTC
Funimation removes actor Vic Mignogna from anime, while harassment allegations keep growing: Polygon's photo on Funimation
11 Feb, 08:27 PM UTC
Funimation: hey we conducted an actual investigation on vic's behavior and determined that it's all true so we kicked him to the curb SSSbrolyboi69420: WOW, fell for the SJW's trap huh? Ruining a man's life on BASELESS claims huh???? Pathetic. This is why you can't trust women 🙄
11 Feb, 10:43 PM UTC
gender appropriator
FUNIMATION FIRED VIC gender appropriator's photo on Funimation
11 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
Update: Funimation confirms that it will no longer work with Vic Mignogna, “following an investigation”
11 Feb, 10:35 PM UTC
morg 🌸 choke me broly 🥵
anime dudebros: umm innocent until proven guilty where is the investigation that proves vic mignogna is guilty funimation: hey we did an investigation that led us to firing vic mignogna anime dudebros: umm innocent until proven guilty where is the
11 Feb, 11:05 PM UTC
💕Flowers are temporary. Anime is forever. 💕 Give your loved one the gift of anime with a 1-Year FunimationNow gift card! Funimation's photo on Funimation
11 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
@FUNimation Y'all need to calm down. They owe you absolutely no other explanation. Internal investigations aren't publicly shared 90% of the time there is nothing weird about this. His victims have already been bullied/harassed online so not shocking they aren't adding fuel to the fire
11 Feb, 10:51 PM UTC
Anime Outsiders suspended from twitter Vic Bologna axed from Funimation Good series of events
11 Feb, 11:09 PM UTC
Who's behind the door? 🙈 (via The #PromisedNeverland) #YouShouldBeWatching #約ネバ Funimation's photo on Funimation
12 Feb, 12:30 AM UTC
every angry reddit user in funimation's mentions right now ❄zetsubouquet❄'s photo on Funimation
12 Feb, 12:03 AM UTC
funimation is not required to disclose the specific findings of their investigation of vic mignogna to appease his stans' need for "evidence." much of his misconduct may have been reported in confidence. the privacy of survivors > the demands of fans who refuse to face reality
11 Feb, 10:54 PM UTC
11 Feb, 10:56 PM UTC
Toonami News
Breaking: Due to various sexual harassment and assault allegations, Funimation has fired and cut all ties with Vic Mignogna.
11 Feb, 11:09 PM UTC
Anime News Network
#News Funimation Will Not Engage Vic Mignogna on Future Productions
11 Feb, 10:53 PM UTC
Clifford Chapin
Episode 16 of #ThatTimeIGotReincarnatedAsASlime is here, and with it comes @KrisComics as Demon Lord Milim! The episode is out now on @FUNimation! Checkiy-check-check-che-check it out! Clifford Chapin's photo on Funimation
12 Feb, 12:38 AM UTC
🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 vic mignogna is dead! 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀
12 Feb, 12:49 AM UTC
@FUNimation With no evidence to support their claims you fire a man cause in 2019 its "guilty until proven innocent" the reason this happened right after the broly movie was cause of clout chasers. There is evidence they photoshop pictures to incriminate him #Istandwithvic
11 Feb, 11:26 PM UTC
Underground Chad Geek
@XxNnoitraxX @Phantomzeo720 @FUNimation who? Who has? Where? You can’t just say “yeah he did it” that’s accusations and not evidence. This sets a president for you to just lose your job because someone doesn’t like you.
11 Feb, 11:15 PM UTC
Arthur 🇧🇷🇵🇹🇮🇹🇺🇸🇪🇸🇩🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷🇦🇲🇯🇵
Essa briga @Crunchyroll_PT e @FUNimation me lembra CNN e FOX News, um democrata e um repuclicano...
12 Feb, 12:54 AM UTC
Text to Harm
@celestialtabris @64BitRatchet @FUNimation What's annoying is people such as yourself thinking you can simply erase others from existence because you don't like them. Maybe someday a mistake you've made will be uncovered and your art will be removed from existence.
12 Feb, 12:27 AM UTC
Underground Chad Geek
@XxNnoitraxX @Phantomzeo720 @FUNimation What you don’t understand is how dangerous this is. It’s one thing for something terrible to happen, but what can’t become normal is for gossip to become currency to ruin a mans life.
11 Feb, 11:21 PM UTC
Axel's Shadow Blog
Please @VIZMedia #KickVic so we don't have to deal with him in #jojosbizarreadventure anymore. @FUNimation got him out of #DragonBallSuper Axel's Shadow Blog's photo on Funimation
12 Feb, 12:51 AM UTC
One Angry Gamer
Funimation Cuts All Ties With Vic Mignogna, Won't Be Hiring Him For Future Productions | #KickVic #IStandWithVic #Funimation #DragonBallSuper #DBSuper
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
@FUNimation @MarzGurl Unsubbed. No more money from me in bluray releases either. Expect piracy of your titles to go way up. A VPN and a Plex account is your best friend now everyone. #IstandwithVic
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
Welcome, to the Kangeroo Court.
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
Isaac Johnson
@64BitRatchet @pancakeparadox @Elven_Anbu I know, it's a joke. I just don't care about funimation in general. I'd pirate anime either way. Because I don't get anime on TV, we don't get an adult swim or anything like that.
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
≼ ✩ ≽ ᴍᴏᴏɴ
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
read jitsu wa watashi wa
@cavenoire not just fired from funimation. fired from anime
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
William (LM27)
@Gamerben111 @DumbuBastard @Dazari10 @FUNimation Second - If they didn't conduct the investigation, then why do you think they said they did? I'm sure you have a good reason for why they'd lie in the post, if they did.
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
hope he sue the shit out of y’all
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
@Mark90075224 @FUNimation 😭 😭 😭 it's not just on the internet... They did an investigation... They then fired him.. Ergo, they found evidence that it was true... There have been allegations against vic since 2014 that's FIVE years now... Five years of numerous allegations. Cut it out
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
As someone who started anime with English dubs, (and I still do watch anime with dubs every once in a while) Vic Mignona was one of my favourites in the business, now that he's been removed by Funimation, reading about the things he's said and done.. just.. wow. Continued below.
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
TEAM SMSD {Cultured Swine}
Oh shit, now it’s trending. I thought he was already kicked from Funimation? TEAM SMSD {Cultured Swine}'s photo on Funimation
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
@FUNimation You guys played yourselves. congrats Wali's photo on Funimation
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
@kieron_wosser @FUNimation There are documents uploaded by few people where clearly victims are actually saying that tjeir pictires are beimg used to fake and soke hoes are miling this up. I hope he will sie the fuck out of hoes and funimation.
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
@scalaadcaelumm As a personal choice when @FUNimation gets around to the re cast of Broly I want #JohnnyYongBosch to start screaming like a saiyan in the mic! A highly talented martial artist, father, and VA. Cannabyss's photo on Funimation
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
🐸Richard Smack🐸🇦🇺
@Fan_Advocacy haha just a way to watch anime without funimation garbage.
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
@FUNimation -looked down upon just for being associated with him. I swear. The world is full if toxic dumbass people. Where’s a redo switch when you need one? I bet the rest of them are just going against him so they can remain relevant and not be brought down along with him because of-
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
@FUNimation Good job Funi, you fell for NPC bullshit :I DancingValkyrie's photo on Funimation
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
Skippity Dippity
@FUNimation You cowtowed to the gossip outrage mill
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
Gary Norwood
@Erikr60831192 @SmugJakuEternal And as I said previously, he was already booted from the show last week. I can't believe that Funimation would've done that if they weren't sure they could legally do that. The fact they've bought him back to complete the series is suspicious.
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
@J_Rincon31 @TheYellingHorn @EpithetFake @TeNsion79 @FUNimation But this isn’t a court of law. It’s a business... doing what it sees fit. They have no requirement to meet the standards of a courtroom. He got fired not thrown in jail.
12 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
Yaebi the zombie
@JordanJ65393762 @FUNimation There should be a criminal investigation so we know the facts instead of hearsay.
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
@Draycomaster @RaigarWasTaken @FUNimation Yup. I'm with you on that one. I think the trouble will be finding sufficient evidence to prove matters to that degree of severity. They can probably only prove that he did the bare minimum required to be terminated, but not enough to label him a predator in the legal sense.
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
Rena Drayton
@ReddRayne @FUNimation This! It's like they don't understand how unwanted physical contact works!
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
Briyan Sakuri
@ErikHackney1 @FUNimation Don’t forget to reverse the damage done to him... SJW filth, always ruins everything they touch...
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
None ya
@KodaKazar @Erimgard @SFtreyy @Jugulator__95 @FUNimation And unfortunately when you have people who are obviously faking photos you have to have a rock solid proof or else and nobody is going to believe you
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
Punny "SIEG ZEON" Vegas
@Jade_Ra88it @EraTsa @FUNimation Not how this works, though its not hard to find the leaks from the defanation squad behind this character assassination
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
William (LM27)
@NeoTokyo__Tempo @AbyssalSineater @Dazari10 @FUNimation You're absolutely right. Again, I apologize for said confusion, and hope to be more clear in the future.
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
@admiralkizaru15 @JTMasterJedi @linkszxx @FUNimation Except you're the sheep in this instance who's unable to look at objective reality. Funimation has said they conducted an investigation and found that he should be terminated from their employment. That's all the details you need and are going to get.
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
🐸Richard Smack🐸🇦🇺
@FUNimation Funimation you need to learn this quote.... GET WOKE GO BROKE. You also need to realise what you supply your customers with... you know anime. Anime is from Japan they don't have the sjw mental illness. Unless of course you start censoring.
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
Ken Ozuna
@Jugulator__95 @SFtreyy @FUNimation Lmao, I love how Vic is apparently so integral to Broly. Like, I could see people advocating for his Edward Elric, but fuck, Broly? Really? He gets praise for angrily guttering someone’s name over and over again? And then screaming nonstop the last half of the last film?
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
@Azazel070 @InfamousInsania @Gamerben111 @Dazari10 @FUNimation Haha, I know. I'm just amusing myself by engaging with them in my spare time.
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
@FUNimation Unfair and biased business practices or a man you are refusing to let defend himself.
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
ZroHour (Jon)
Damn, Funimation really fired Vic. How do you replace one of, if not THE most, iconic recognizable English dub voices in anime?
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
None ya
@KodaKazar @Erimgard @SFtreyy @Jugulator__95 @FUNimation And yes you have testimony from people who don’t have photos however these exact same people use Photos to prove their point and at the same time anybody can say anything about anybody. But you have to have proof unfortunately because these are serious allegations
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
@sozendo @LastWordMeta @KaxWolf @FUNimation So asking them to prove it is normal?
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC

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