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Bleacher Report
Fury and Wilder had a 5 minute staredown without saying a word to each other 😳 (via @trboxing) @BleacherReport's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 09:25 PM UTC
INTENSE 😳 @Tyson_Fury and Deontay Wilder stared each other down for five plus minutes without saying a word. (via @TRBoxing) @SportsCenter's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 09:56 PM UTC
ESPN Ringside
Two years ago today, @Tyson_Fury had Tom Schwarz swinging at nothing but air 💨 @ESPNRingside's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 03:39 PM UTC
@ProsafiaGaming “Too many icon fighting game characters” Dude....there’s 4, potentially 3 if you don’t count Ken since he’s an echo Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and Tekken are all more then deserving of being in Smash, you gotta stop @TheNCSmaster's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 08:31 PM UTC
MTK Global Boxing
🗣️ "It will be like an 18-wheeler running somebody over." @Tyson_Fury with a bold prediction for his rematch with @BronzeBomber. #FuryWilder3 #TysonFury #Boxing @MTKGlobal's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 09:07 PM UTC
DAZN Boxing
Yes, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder really faced-off for over FIVE minutes 😳 (via @trboxing) @DAZNBoxing's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 09:15 PM UTC
ESPN Ringside
EJ is taking Wilder over Fury in the trilogy fight. #FuryWilder3 @ESPNRingside's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 08:01 PM UTC
Update: Tyson Fury wins @Grabaka_Hitman's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 09:11 PM UTC
Mike Coppinger
My two cents: Wilder doesn’t want to face the music after making every excuse in the book and tossing accusations at Fury https://t.co/yIfBtdPsui
15 Jun, 09:23 PM UTC
Boxing on BT Sport 🥊
You do not want to miss this! 🔥 Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder come face-to-face for the first time since February 2020 ahead of the trilogy! 👀 Watch the #FuryWilder3 press conference live tonight from 9pm BST on our YouTube Channel 👉 https://t.co/1EineRAoVW @BTSportBoxing's photo on Fury
15 Jun, 07:00 PM UTC
David McBride
Help Wanted: Looking for a driver with a Medium Rigid License, to drive the Firetruck of Fury for one day in Can 17 June for Bernard Colleary, K, and my case. Paid, and expenses (reasonable). Be part of the revolution of truth! DM me if interested 🚒👩‍🚒🧯 https://t.co/GUeNU5TyOT
15 Jun, 05:45 AM UTC
The love between @winmetawin and snowballpower is like a firework busting into a passionate fury of sparkling lights. We love you to the moon and back!! 🥺💚 ctto. #winmetawin #LoveWinToTheMoonAndBack https://t.co/qjXczfi59J
15 Jun, 01:50 PM UTC
Top Rank Boxing
Photos worth a thousand words, since today’s face-off had none 🤫 👑 @Tyson_Fury 💣 @BronzeBomber #FuryWilder3 | JULY 24 | Las Vegas | PPV https://t.co/e7INwyjhMC
15 Jun, 11:54 PM UTC
Shannon Sharpe Burner Account
@BleacherReport @trboxing This man Tyson fury stays trolling Deontay wilder 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Wilder #tysonfury #wilderfury3 https://t.co/2IXZewZ3t6
15 Jun, 09:26 PM UTC
David M. Perry
@shorelinejrhigh This kind of thing happens all the time. I can't count the number of times our son has been excluded, or nearly excluded, from events and pictures and related social activities in his 8 years of school. I know this fury.
16 Jun, 12:55 AM UTC
Jacob ⚒
Fuck fury Joshua this is the fight https://t.co/qX49FzCyUT
15 Jun, 09:58 PM UTC
Not as bizarre as you reporting that Joshua - Fury was definitely next and that Wilder had no case. https://t.co/7k4IkLZReV
15 Jun, 09:13 PM UTC
Thank you @MiamiOH_SB for an awesome camp today! I’m looking forward to taking everything I learned onto the field. @fury_brown @FuryPlatinum https://t.co/6A9P3A6mMD
15 Jun, 09:40 PM UTC
x-Victory Flamingo🦩
We have some #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights dates for next season! -9/22 Training Camps Open -9/30 LAK/VGK Preseason Game in Salt Lake City* -10/12 2021-22 Season Begins h/t: @mayorNHL & @SinBinVegas *Called "Frozen Fury" as opposed to "Frozen Furry" which is something else entirely.
16 Jun, 01:54 AM UTC
Kaelan Ramos
@AkubarixRSTV Me too lmao But I can at least understand why a modern American gamer wouldn't know Fatal Fury/KOF/NeoGeo. But fucking TEKKEN?
15 Jun, 07:04 PM UTC
Unified Champion
Lance says Wilder needs to “stop the excuses” and Fury was “as fit as he’s ever been”. I’m sorry what press conference were you watching? https://t.co/fQmt1i654q
16 Jun, 01:58 AM UTC
@izdatyofaceee It will be Fury v. Uysk for the undisputed title.
16 Jun, 01:57 AM UTC
Behind The Gloves
“IT’S A REMEMBRANCE SUIT OF DEONTAY WILDER’S A$$ KICKING 28 MONTHS AGO!” TYSON FURY PLAYING MIND GAMES 🥊 🎥 https://t.co/q743A3T2gr #boxing #FuryWilder3 https://t.co/aO8EROvHf7
16 Jun, 01:54 AM UTC
Bobs Logs
@mindmatters001 @pauljac98819436 @SavageMMABets @trboxing @Tyson_Fury @BronzeBomber Definitely a few takes on his behaviour. Is it all business or does he not want questions about the cheating accusations? Only he knows. Interesting sll the same with a nice stare down at the end. I think the pressers will be more refined this time
16 Jun, 01:56 AM UTC
I cant lie. I think Deontay Wilder was viewing the face off against Tyson Fury kinda differently to how other people saw it as... https://t.co/R9qtg0qF3G
16 Jun, 01:56 AM UTC
@otumusyapoke 退屈な話をつまみに、鼻くそを喰らうっていう姿に哀愁を感じます。
16 Jun, 01:55 AM UTC
@NicaLuv1 Lol I know Fury put on a master class but Deontae always have a punchers chance😂 you know you’ll be in Vegas anyway
16 Jun, 01:55 AM UTC
Bruce Trampler
@WilliamDettloff But seriously, Fury has been in camp for less than a week after vacation in Miami. He and Sugar Hill get serious tomorrow.
16 Jun, 01:52 AM UTC