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Barstool Sooners
G Juarez is MVP (like there was any doubt)
10 Jun, 09:25 PM UTC
Barstool Sooners
10 Jun, 01:14 AM UTC
Brandon Drumm
THERE IT IS‼️ #Sooners @OU_Softball with their FIFTH NATIONAL TITLE in last 20 years‼️ @GassoPatty and company do it AGAIN‼️ G Juarez, Jocelyn Alo and company finish off a 56-4 season with SO MANY NCAA single season records‼️ One of the ALL-TIME GREAT TEAMS‼️ Congrats‼️ https://t.co/HNUNIDIxE5
10 Jun, 09:20 PM UTC
Joey Helmer
#WCWS All-Tournament Team: Montana Fouts Bailey Hemphill Odicci Alexander Kate Gordon Kaley Mudge Kathryn Sandercock Jocelyn Alo Mackenzie Donihoo Kinzie Hansen Tiare Jennings Nicole Mendes Most Outstanding Player – Giselle ‘G’ Juarez
10 Jun, 09:32 PM UTC
Joey Helmer
‘G’ Juarez named #WCWS Most Outstanding Player https://t.co/O9rn18EMqh #Sooners https://t.co/rzPTB15vYv
10 Jun, 09:53 PM UTC
Eric Bailey
G Juarez on when she learned she was going to pitch today: "Before we had left the hotel. I felt good. I knew adrenaline was going to be going through me. It was my last game as a Sooner and I just wanted to leave it all out there on the field for my teammates. #Sooners
10 Jun, 10:07 PM UTC
Tyler McComas
M-V-G. M-V-G. M-V-G. Give G Juarez the MVP. Don’t think twice about it.
10 Jun, 09:21 PM UTC
Andrew Gilman
OU was the best team all season and it was because of its hitting. Pretty cool it was the pitching - G Juarez stuffing FSU all game - that made the difference today.
10 Jun, 09:26 PM UTC
Eric Bailey
G Juarez has only allowed three runs and six hits through 11 innings against Florida State, including her complete game on Wednesday night. #Sooners
10 Jun, 08:36 PM UTC
Inetta Graham 🏈Mom
OoooooU! Wait to GO ladies! Congratulations to the Women’s National Champions! G Juarez ... You Rock!
10 Jun, 09:32 PM UTC
OU Softball & Natty Light SuperFan
G Juarez is unbelievable
10 Jun, 09:13 PM UTC
TJ Eckert
Just an AWESOME Women’s College World Series. What fight from Patti Gasso and Oklahoma. So many wins when facing elimination. G Juarez is unreal. Fitting she makes the final out. And nearly the entire team returns next year 👀 #Sooners #WCWS @TJEckertKTUL's photo on G Juarez
10 Jun, 09:29 PM UTC
Lee Benson
If G Juarez is not the #WCWS Most Outstanding Player the award doesn't mean anything. 5-0 (3 CG) 31.1 IP 4 ER 38 K 16 H 8 BB
10 Jun, 09:39 PM UTC
Nathan Hiatt
BOOMER SOONER: No. 1 @OU_Softball wins 5-1 against No. 10 @FSU_Softball in Game 3 in Oklahoma City. “G” Juarez (@ggotgame45) with the final out. As @Nicole_Mendes_ said, the #Sooners don’t lose twice to the same team. So happy for Jayda Coleman (@jaydac00). 🥎. #WCWS https://t.co/wlmUfK3CgX
10 Jun, 10:15 PM UTC
taylor (my version)
10 Jun, 09:24 PM UTC
Did Patty get her Natty?
What a performance for G Juarez. Legendary.
10 Jun, 09:40 PM UTC
hot vax summer sparks 🖤🥂⚾️🏀
.@Dodgers sign G Juarez to bullpen we need depth and Jocelyn Alo for GOAT depth
10 Jun, 09:32 PM UTC
Coach Reggie Jackson
Right after G Juarez wins the Most Outstanding Player Award in the WCWS National Championship game she immediately says it was a team effort! Spoken like a true winner! #Selfless #WeoverMe
10 Jun, 09:28 PM UTC
Eric Bailey
About to start news conference with Jayda Coleman, Nicole Mendes, Jocelyn Alo and G Juarez. #Sooners
10 Jun, 10:00 PM UTC
jess⁷ 🦋
Nah nah nah man you cannot forget G JUAREZ🙏🏽💗!!
10 Jun, 10:27 PM UTC
Jesse Pound
Will happily contribute to the G Juarez statue. https://t.co/RfWLEdUmWg
10 Jun, 09:39 PM UTC
@EricBaileyTW So G Juarez won the WCWS Most Outstanding Player but didn’t make the all-tournament team?
10 Jun, 09:38 PM UTC
Mike Manos
5th National title! 56 - 4 season! Broken records galore! #GassoTheGOAT G Juarez is the M.O.P. Congratulations ladies! @OU_Softball #ChampionshipMindset #BOOMER 🥎🔥 https://t.co/8lCVLmXLWl
10 Jun, 09:28 PM UTC
Act ✌🏾
G. Juarez thanked her teammates and God after winning the national championship. She then went on to praise FSU for the team they are and the season they had. @dannykanell if you are a real man you’d admit you let your allegiances get the best of you and you’d apologize to OU.
10 Jun, 10:59 PM UTC
Rita Lee Cain
@OU_Softball @ggotgame45 Congratulations, Giselle "G" Juarez , Women's College World Series Most Outstanding Player of 2021!!!!!! #GVIP #BoomerSooner #WCWS
10 Jun, 10:59 PM UTC
Adaam Davis 7
That’s O.G. Juarez now https://t.co/OPlUO5CYLm
10 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC
Mike Orcutt
Dang, G Juarez wasn’t lying when she said before game 3, “We don’t lose to the same team twice.” 😳
10 Jun, 10:17 PM UTC
Fresno State Softball Updates
G Juarez was committed to Fresno State when Coach Ford was Head Coach for the Bulldogs . But decided to follow Trisha Ford to Arizona State then transferred to Oklahoma, Congratulations to Oklahoma. https://t.co/Z036KbE3nT
10 Jun, 10:07 PM UTC