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Absolutely PERFECT match for the #KingOfTheRing Finals. Chad Gable and Baron Corbin work so good together and to be honest, after the performance @BaronCorbin delivered thru this entire tournament, its hard to be upset with him being KING. Fantastic stuff #Raw
17 Sep, 01:05 AM UTC
Lance Storm
Who is your pick for KOTR tonight? My heart says Gable but my brain says Corbin. My pick is Corbin, but I hope I’m wrong. #RAW
16 Sep, 09:50 PM UTC
Sean Waltman
Chad Gable at 202 lbs, like Rocky Balboa. #Raw
17 Sep, 12:46 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Throwback to Corbin hitting a sick End of Days on Gable. #RAW
17 Sep, 12:43 AM UTC
Sean Ross Sapp, THICC BOY
Gable works Corbin's leg and says "you're my size, now." What a great touch.
17 Sep, 01:02 AM UTC
𝓅乃 🎭
Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable was so fucking good given to us on FREE TV. Gable's best match on the main roster, along with Corbin's. Giving props to both men even if the result wasn't in my favor. #WWE NEEDS to keep the momentum Gable has, a star was made! #KingOfTheRing
17 Sep, 01:09 AM UTC
nWo Wolfpac 4 Life
Raw prediction. Gable fired by Shane. Shane vs Corbin in KOTR final. Shane defeats Corbin with the Finger Poke of Doom. King Shane then gives Corbin a WWE title match against Kofi at Hell In A Cell.
16 Sep, 04:57 PM UTC
Turnbuckle Topics 🎙
#RT for King Corbin #Like for King Gable #WWE #Raw
16 Sep, 08:10 PM UTC
👅 ☕️ Ⓩ 👅 ☕️
No matter how you feel about Baron Corbin, his finisher is one of the best in the WWE rn! Look at THIS. This is the End of Days on Chad Gable during the Dusty Classic. FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL. #RAW
17 Sep, 12:53 AM UTC
Sean Slate
Unpopular opinion: Baron Corbin winning King of the Ring was the right decision. A) it suits better with a heel B) Gable still looked strong in defeat C) Corbin was phenomenal in the tournament
17 Sep, 01:06 AM UTC
John Canton
Baron Corbin beat Chad Gable in the King of the Ring finals. Outstanding match. I wanted Gable to win, but I'm not surprised by the result. Corbin had several good matches in this tournament and that one was the best. Gable was very impressive again. More TV time for him. #Raw
17 Sep, 01:10 AM UTC
Martin Elliott
The new archive release from The Rolling Stones is released on 8 November - Bridges To Buenos Aires. The audio was recorded on 5 April 1998 by Ed Cherney with Dave Hewitt. The video is likely to have been directed by Jim Gable and Dick Carruthers. @EagleRockEnt
16 Sep, 09:14 AM UTC
Scott Fishman
This is such a great platform to show how good Chad Gable is but also Baron Corbin...Very few nowadays are true heels in a world of “cool” heels. #WWE #Raw #KingOfTheRing
17 Sep, 12:58 AM UTC
Somos WWE PY 🇵🇾
Chad Gable es un crack y sin duda merece ganar el torneo, pero Corbin está a otro nivel. De todos los participantes del torneo, él es el que tiene el mejor personaje y hay que admitir que mejoro bastante en el ring y fisicamente. Espero que el Lobo gane el torneo. #KingOfTheRing
16 Sep, 11:00 PM UTC
Bad News Brown's Baadasssss Song
Chad Gable had a star making performance throughout the KOTR.
17 Sep, 01:06 AM UTC
Average Wrestling Review
RAW 9/16/19 Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable 4.5* #WWE #RAW #WWERaw #BaronCorbin #ChadGable #KingOfTheRing #KOTR #KingCorbin #ProWrestling #WrestlingCommunity
17 Sep, 02:32 AM UTC
The Pen Fall
Corbin winning was worst case scenario from the start... please @WWE don’t waste Gable’s momentum now. #KingOfTheRing
17 Sep, 05:21 AM UTC
Precious Jeff
@yumabooma It was so good! Also Gable wearing the King Mabel colors while trying to become King Gable 🤗💜💛👑
17 Sep, 05:20 AM UTC
🇦🇺𝘼𝙅 𝙎𝙞𝙢𝙢𝙤🇳🇿
@bryanalvarez I’ve already done the rounds of seeing “omg Chad Gable got buried” 😑
17 Sep, 05:59 AM UTC
David Ramirez
@Falbak_ Lo merecía,no me gusta su push pero el luchon que dio ayer,como el público le cantaba; Si Gable tuviera carisma o micro me hubiera enojado,pero está verde para ser un KOTR.
17 Sep, 05:59 AM UTC
john 🌳🐷
The Gable-Corbin match was really good and not just because of Gable.
17 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
HOWDY PRICE & His Roomie
@yumabooma Oh man I can't wait to see that match. I knew how the tournament was going to end I just really wanted a good finals people mentioning that Gable wore Mabel colors gives me more anticipation
17 Sep, 06:11 AM UTC
reylos compared there ship to mr. darcy and elizabeth bennet well then us damerey’s should be compared to vivien leigh and clark gable.
17 Sep, 06:06 AM UTC
@ChicaDeRollitos Es que se divide en dos partes, la primera es pues la que más me gustó, la segunda si es más aburrida pero si al final la termine es buena y es a color que para el año.. (1939) fue una hazaña Pd: Y ver a Clark Gable actuar ufff 👌👌
17 Sep, 05:44 AM UTC
Sean Huggan
@bullyray5150 @BustedOpenRadio Corbin going over was the right call to. And it was booked well. Gable looked like a star in defeat.
17 Sep, 05:18 AM UTC
Eric Denton (fka @LAAngelsInsider)
@yumabooma That was a very good match. Corbin is putting it all together, Gable just needed to be given TV time because he's incredible. Corbin looked like he was on a mission to show he could go. He more than held up his end & Gable was the perfect opponent.
17 Sep, 05:16 AM UTC
Tech Jet
@Jackamacka2 they killed cedric owens & gable all in 1 week literally what fucking babyface am i supposed to be cheering for other than seth
17 Sep, 05:09 AM UTC
Baron Corbin def. Chad Gable to win the 2019 King of the Ring Tournament
17 Sep, 06:14 AM UTC
Shaun Slaughter
Well. At least Gable is over. Too bad the old man in the back still has no idea about that..
17 Sep, 06:13 AM UTC

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