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Dave Portnoy on Steph Curry’s 43 point Game 4 in the Finals: I had seats right there. I’m like “you’re gonna have to do it yourself”. He looks and goes “I know I am”. (via @Flagrant2Army) https://t.co/rQraPVdpRG
22 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
AVALANCHE WIN ‼️ Colorado rallies to take a 3-1 lead after Game 4 goes to OT ⛰ #StanleyCup @espn's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 03:28 AM UTC
KADRI WINS GAME 4 IN OT! THE @Avalanche ARE UP 3-1 IN THE #StanleyCup FINAL! @NHLGIFs's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 03:27 AM UTC
KADRI?! WHAT AN ENDING TO GAME 4! 😱 #GoAvsGo | #StanleyCup @Sportsnet's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 03:29 AM UTC
The OT-winner of Game 4 📸 #StanleyCup @SportsCenter's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 04:09 AM UTC
Rachel Tos
Enjoy this reaction to the @Avalanche winning Game 4 in OT #GoAvsGo @RachRichlinski's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 03:46 AM UTC
Stephen Whyno
Statement from NHL Hockey Operations on OT Game 4-winning goal: @SWhyno's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 05:22 AM UTC
Charles Barkley's got the energy at Game 4 of the #StanleyCup 🔋 (via @KaileyMizelle) @SportsCenter's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 01:28 AM UTC
Sam Valenti
Here is Nazem Kadri’s Game 4 OT winner with the @Avalanche radio call. Incredible passion and enthusiasm from @ConorMcGahey, one of my favorite hockey broadcasters. #FindAWay #StanleyCup @AltitudeSR https://t.co/GK8oJiPL7m
23 Jun, 05:05 AM UTC
Greg Wyshynski
Statement from the NHL on claims that the @Avalanche had too many men on the ice during Nazem Kadri's game-winning goal in Game 4: @wyshynski's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 05:25 AM UTC
Greg Wyshynski
🎶One of these things is not like the other ...🎶 On left, the score sheet handed to media at Game 4. On the right, what's on NHL dot com. https://t.co/MrtClTLtIi
23 Jun, 04:20 AM UTC
NHL Hockey Operations released a statement on Nazem Kadri’s Game 4 overtime goal. Thoughts? h/t @SWhyno | #StanleyCup @Sportsnet's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 05:46 AM UTC
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23 Jun, 12:54 PM UTC
LJL(League of Legends Japan League)
【1 Day to Go!】 LJL 2022 Summer Split 開幕まであと1日 開幕初日は DetonatioN FocusMe と Sengoku Gaming が Game 4で対決! 昨シーズンの Finals マッチが初日から激突!ベテラン揃いの両チームが魅せる激しい初戦を制するのはどちらのチームになるのか。 #DFMWIN #SGWIN @Official_LJL's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 07:59 AM UTC
Paul Driscoll
The Bolts *have* come back from a 3-1 series deficit once in franchise history. They did not hold home-ice in that series, either. They also lost Game 4 at home in OT. 2011 PIT ≠ 2022 COL, but it has happened before... #GoBolts @PDriscollTBT's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 01:32 PM UTC
Ryan Greene 📷
Gotta admit - smart move by Jon Cooper. His one answer presser thats got everyone asking if the Avs "stole" Game 4, was more well planned and executed than anything the Lightning did in OT #GoAvsGo
23 Jun, 01:32 PM UTC
Hockey Night in Canada
Should Nazem Kadri's Game 4 OT winner have counted? 👀 Jon Cooper and the Bolts certainly don't think so 😬 More: https://t.co/KTwRU59hDO @hockeynight's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 12:45 PM UTC
@BarDown 🏒: Stanley Cup Final, Game 4 📺: 8 PM ET on ABC, @espnplus
22 Jun, 11:30 PM UTC
Aarif Deen
"Sitting here right now, it's kind of surreal." My story on Nazem Kadri's poetic return, overtime goal, and a #StanleyCup Final game mired in controversy https://t.co/XC2Ozf31FF
23 Jun, 05:57 AM UTC
Time to 3ELIEVE! Hang on with those farewells, don’t yet leave the stands. If we won game 4, and tie 2-2, what did we have to do in Game 5 @ Avs? Then what in Game 6 in Tampa? Same thing we gotta do now. WIN! An OT point isn’t enough to make me count us out of next steps #GoBolts
23 Jun, 02:20 PM UTC
Joe Smith
Whether it is due to too many men, too many injuries or just too much #Avs, #tblightning Cup reign on life support after gut punch loss in OT. Our story. “My heart breaks for the players because we probably still should be playing,” Jon Cooper says https://t.co/YWzf76zK6t
23 Jun, 01:12 PM UTC
Canadian Hockey League
The QMJHL champions face the OHL winners tonight in Game 4 of the 2022 #MemorialCup presented by @KiaCanada! @Cataractes_Shaw 🆚 @BulldogsOHL 📍 Harbour Station 🕖 7pm AT 📺 TSN/RDS @CHLHockey's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 12:18 PM UTC
Eyes on Isles
Oh the irony. Tampa falls to Colorado much like they felled the New York Islanders (twice) in 2021 ECF. #Isles | @TLOMitch https://t.co/XF7h7Px3fW
23 Jun, 02:26 PM UTC
Darcy Kuemper made the big saves in Game 4 and helped set up Nazem Kadri's memorable overtime winner | by @JJoftheYear #GoAvsGo #FindaWay #StanleyCup https://t.co/toYnsJsBgS
23 Jun, 06:24 AM UTC
For The Fans Media
Brand new @SnipeNCellyPod feat. @lalalalaurrrren, @CSIHALEY & @MarkPiselli13. Live reaction to #StanleyCup Final Game 4 and a lot more — enjoy! https://t.co/bZS7lI3gCG
23 Jun, 12:21 PM UTC
TONIGHT‼️ TTO CoD plays Game 4 of the @ChicagoCDL LFG boys!☘️💚 🆚 @XetaGaming ⏰ 10:30pm est ☘️@cambot42 ☘️@Talabbzzy ☘️@Proffees ☘️Onyx ☘️@Nt1do ☘️@Vebeg4 ☘️@iRemote44 🎙TBD https://t.co/j3RHom4Cxm
23 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Nazem Kadri definitely joined the party in Game 4! ••• (🎥: @espn) @JayOnSC's photo on Game 4
23 Jun, 02:49 PM UTC
Samantha Pell
Avalanche’s Game 4 OT winner clouded by controversy https://t.co/aC6bpTJkR6
23 Jun, 02:42 PM UTC
Students are working hard and preparing for Monday.2nd-3rd worked on their lemonade stand. 6th-8th worked on their putt putt game.4-5th enjoyed question and answer time with Ranger Gary Purchase. @WCDE_TN @hayesc_wcde https://t.co/cmHvqY27lC
23 Jun, 01:29 AM UTC