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I hope someday I win a supermajor in a game 5 last hit situation so I can know what popping off feels like
18 Oct, 04:30 AM UTC
On Oct. 18, 2007 the Indians thought they could get in Josh Beckett’s head by having his ex-GF sing the National Anthem before game 5 of the ALCS. They were wrong. He struck out 11 & the Red Sox rolled through this game and the next two to take the series. @SurvivingGrady's photo on Game 5
18 Oct, 01:44 PM UTC
Dodgers Nation
The #Dodgers were down 2-1 to SF and won Game 5 on the road, they were down 3-1 to the Braves in the 2020 NLCS and came back to win. LA has won 12 of their last 13 against Atlanta at Dodger Stadium. RT for Dodgers in 6 Like for Dodgers in 7 Go Dodgers!@DodgersNation's photo on Game 5
18 Oct, 04:43 PM UTC
Rep. Eric Swalwell
Hey! That’s the first base umpire from Giants-Dodgers Game 5. @RepPeteAguilar @RepJimmyGomez @RepAdamSchiff
19 Oct, 12:46 AM UTC
Are you OK? No I'm fucking not I just had to watch this in Game 5 grands
18 Oct, 10:09 PM UTC
In the 2010 playoffs, Dwyane Wade dragged his team to a game 5 to avoid elimination while dropping 46 points. His timely shot making and clutch factor was amazing in this game.
18 Oct, 08:14 PM UTC
Tanner Rebelo
This Wednesday will be insane: Red Sox v Astros Game 5: 5:08 FS1 #NERevs at D.C.: 7:30 p.m. TV38 & MyRITV Celtics at Knicks Season Opener: 7:30 p.m. NBC Sports Boston & ESPN Bruins at Flyers: 7:30 p.m. TNT Three teams on national TV, multi-screen type of night.
18 Oct, 03:06 PM UTC
Wauseon Sports
OHSAA D-III Volleyball Sectional Semifinals: Game 5 Wauseon - 15 (3) Swanton - 9 (2) Indians advance to Wednesday’s Sectional Finals!
19 Oct, 12:22 AM UTC
I hope ZG can pull some heroic HOF type performance out of his ass tomorrow If you pull out a win tomorrow, then you have Framber for a big game 5 and hope that Strom and the pitching analytics team can regroup and figure out the right gameplan to attack BOS
19 Oct, 03:52 AM UTC
Centralia College Baseball
Team Sweger evens the series at 2-2 with a 3-1 victory! @Nolan244224 closes the door with 6 straight Ks! Game 5 for all the marbles will be at 6pm tomorrow! Taking the mound for Team Sweger will be @River_terry3 and for Team Schaefer will be @plercie! #BlazersOnTheRise⬆️
19 Oct, 02:57 AM UTC
Harvey Leonard
Game 4 weather for the ALCS at Fenway Tuesday Night. Similar to Monday Night, perhaps a few degrees less cold. Milder for game 5 Wednesday, which is a 5:08pm start...around 66 degrees at that time. #wcvb @HarveyWCVB's photo on Game 5
19 Oct, 03:41 AM UTC
Last hit game 5 stings, but well played by Noku. GGs
19 Oct, 04:00 AM UTC
Hunter Felt
I feel like I'm skipping out on my duties by seeing the Mountain Goats on the same day of ALCS Game 5 and the first Celtics game of the year but man, it's been SO, SO LONG since I've seen live music. I need this man.
19 Oct, 04:03 AM UTC
@jorgecastillo @MikeDiGiovanna At this rate, what game 5??? I can see it now... down 0-3, facing elimination game and Roberts holds Urias back, opting for another BP game.
18 Oct, 10:41 PM UTC
Kyle Edward
@redsoxstats I mean imagine if they win Game 5 on Wednesday and take the series….absolute chaos.
19 Oct, 03:40 AM UTC
If we can win tmrw Sale is gonna throw a gem in game 5 I can feel it
19 Oct, 03:30 AM UTC
Joe Kelly
Cannot wait to go to Game 5 Wednesday
19 Oct, 03:28 AM UTC
@Black_Thunder35 He did bad in game 4 2017 first round. But in 2016 game 5 WCSF he had 27/8/5/1 on 53.6 TS%. In games 4 and 5 of the grizzlies series CJ averaged 26/4/1/1 on 75.5 TS%.
19 Oct, 04:03 AM UTC
Rob Wong
What the heck just happened in the Blues/Coyotes game? 5 goals in 5 minutes for St. Louis?!
19 Oct, 03:35 AM UTC
@BostonStrong_34 Pivetta 4. Houck 1. Braiser 1. Taylor 1. Whitlock 1. Sale 1. Eovaldi Game 5???
19 Oct, 03:37 AM UTC
Reading XinQ's thoughts on game 5 gave me light on why they didn't pick mag or banned mag. Collapse's Tide and Doom were more of a threat to them than Mag. They weren't dumb enough to let Collapse be the dominant player on their laning phase.
19 Oct, 03:34 AM UTC
Den Den
@gabbyhurlbut10 If you get us the next one, I’ll get you game 5… deal?
19 Oct, 03:29 AM UTC
Austin #SDS
After Rodriguez mocked carlos, i think we tie it up tomorrow, 2-2 then either w/l game 5 idk tbh but we take 6,7 at home
19 Oct, 03:26 AM UTC
Imma tell my kids this was SF vs. LA game 5
19 Oct, 04:10 AM UTC
Game #5 of squid game is absolutely painfully brutal to watch. I’m sweating
19 Oct, 04:07 AM UTC
General outline: Game 1: Sharks and Minnows Game 2: Paper Cranes Game 3: 老鹰抓小鸡 Game 4: King of the Hill Game 5: Jump Rope Game 6: ???
19 Oct, 04:05 AM UTC
Texas Patriot
@christo61010538 Yeah for sure. Valdez game 5
19 Oct, 04:03 AM UTC
E♯ Student
>Cooling off from a Strive session >play a rando in a park to close it >VIP player trying out Millia >3-1 them in the ditto >game 5 >they lose 1 interaction >take their hand off their stick for the rest of the game What a fucking loser. I lose 30 games before I give up.
19 Oct, 04:02 AM UTC
Felipe (Depressed Giants Fan)
@amcboricuax2 @thefriscobay If we scored 3 runs in game 5 we’d be in the NLCS!
19 Oct, 03:59 AM UTC