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Brandon Awadis
Already booked my flight to Phoenix for game 7! This ain’t ending tonight! SUNS IN 7!!! 🧡💜 @brawadis's photo on Game 7
20 Jul, 02:29 PM UTC
Shea Serrano
giannis called KD the best on the planet and then giannis laughed at himself for air balling free throws in a game 7 and now giannis has 45 fucking points and is shooting 250% from the line in a close out game to win a championship what a fucking titan
21 Jul, 03:24 AM UTC
Skip Bayless
If Kevin Durant's toes hadn't barely touched the 3-point line at the end of regulation in Game 7 vs Milwaukee, as he drained one of the greatest clutch shots in NBA playoff history, we'd be having a different conversation right now.
21 Jul, 04:12 AM UTC
☀️ SUNS. BUCKS. GAME 6 🦌 Jrue Holiday's clutch steal and lob to Giannis late lifted Milwaukee in Game 5... now leading 3-2, the @Bucks look to secure the title while the @Suns look to force a GAME 7. #ThatsGame The NBA Finals continue tonight with Game 6 at 9pm/et on ABC. @NBA's photo on Game 7
20 Jul, 10:55 PM UTC
America is musty
#They said Giannis gave up when he said KD was the league's best player. And that man went and worked KD in the post to get that bucket to help lock that game 7 up. #They said Jrue and Khris ain't want it bad enough after laughing while down 0-2. And them boys ran off 4 straight @DragonflyJonez's photo on Game 7
21 Jul, 04:15 AM UTC
JR Radcliffe
Milwaukee has never won a championship (MLB and NBA, anyway) on its own soil. The 1957 Braves won Game 7 in Yankee Stadium. The 1971 Bucks finished a sweep in Baltimore. This ... has literally never happened in this town.
21 Jul, 03:49 AM UTC
"We control our own destiny..." Trailing 3-2, the Suns look to force a Game 7 with a win tonight in Game 6 at 9pm/et on ABC. @NBA's photo on Game 7
20 Jul, 09:40 PM UTC
Joe Knows
21 Jul, 03:55 AM UTC
Jason Maples
Chris Paul said Giannis expects to miss free throws and Giannis facetimed Steph for a 2 hour free throw shooting session before game 7 Wow
21 Jul, 02:55 AM UTC
21.0 PPG, 8.8 APG in these #NBAFinals.. Chris Paul arrives in #PhantomCam as the Suns look to force Game 7. GAME 6 ⏰ 9 PM ET on ABC @NBA's photo on Game 7
21 Jul, 12:03 AM UTC
Jeremy Lin
A tired 31 year old Holiday on offense is far less of a hit to the Bucks than a tired 36 year old Chris Paul to the Suns. Bucks forcing CP3 left nonstop and makin him resort to playin off-the-ball more. Suns need his playmaking to force Game 7
21 Jul, 01:26 AM UTC
#Vamos de Movistar+
Don Chris Paul tiene una cara de GAME 7 que no puede con ella. Tiene hambre de más. #LasFinalesDeTodaLaVida @vamos's photo on Game 7
21 Jul, 03:06 AM UTC
if i was playing tonight game 7 would be on thursday. that is all i will say about that
21 Jul, 05:12 AM UTC
Chuck and the Creepy Baby from New Orleans
@UltraWeedHater Giannis today played like Shaq while making his free throws if he’s Stephen Curry. That alone has to be one of the best close out games I’ve seen since LeBron 2016 game 7
21 Jul, 06:56 AM UTC
Had work today so I missed out on today’s game, I was really hoping for game 7. I love that the Bucks won with their own talent and some quality acquisitions. They’re a genuinely likeable playing group. Jack is stuck with OKC, but the new baby is coming in a winner #NBAFinals
21 Jul, 06:47 AM UTC
I fully expect to wake up and be taken back to some alternate timeline where Durant’s foot was behind the line and the Nets win Game 7
21 Jul, 06:46 AM UTC
Giannis SZN ✈️🦌
@GoonToAnGoblin @BPBurner Reminder harden went 1/12 from three in a game 7 and will NEVER taste championship champagne, while the dude he called no skill just won 😹
21 Jul, 06:57 AM UTC
2025 NBA finals timberwolves vs bulls game 7 wolves win 121-107
21 Jul, 06:58 AM UTC
STAN UNAI🇸🇴🇸🇪 #4
Already booked my flight to Phoenix for game 7! This ain’t ending tonight! SUNS IN 7!!! 🧡💜
21 Jul, 06:49 AM UTC
Brett Ammons
And also bashing KD after airballing in Game 7! Oddly enough, he was wearing the exact same shirt for all three games by coincidence @Bucks @barstoolsports
21 Jul, 06:42 AM UTC
@MusaRizk @nikos2711 @DozMan98 And these are the best playoff performances based on game score. It doesn’t include context such as game 7 or if they were playing with one leg or some shit
21 Jul, 06:53 AM UTC
STAN UNAI🇸🇴🇸🇪 #4
@BlaugranaMusab @HanaHoops Already booked my flight to Phoenix for game 7! This ain’t ending tonight! SUNS IN 7!!! 🧡💜
21 Jul, 06:49 AM UTC
Anthony R. 🇸🇻
@Gianni2225 @LALPrime Already booked my flight to Phoenix for game 7! This ain’t ending tonight! SUNS IN 7!!! 🧡💜
21 Jul, 06:45 AM UTC
Marco Pagliariccio
Team Worls has better bigs. Team USA tons of talents in the backcourt. We need a game 7.
21 Jul, 06:43 AM UTC
thy ganda
@256isaack Had high hopes for a game 7 How you Lose 4 in a row
21 Jul, 06:42 AM UTC
DeVinci 👨🏽‍🎨
A game 7 in phx woulda been nice 😭
21 Jul, 06:40 AM UTC
Patrick Dawson
@NBA @PeterSianis1 twice now Philly lose in a game 7. What could’ve been. Injuries going teams way. Could’ve won a chip by now
21 Jul, 06:38 AM UTC
Ronald Wade
@razipage @KendrickPerkins I will be the first to admit.. Middleton had some horrible games, but all playoffs.. when Milwaukee needed a big game from Middleton he delivered.. Game 6 vs the Nets.. he had 38, to push that series to game 7..
21 Jul, 07:00 AM UTC
BruNiN ᶜʳᶠ adorador do klay
@RealSkipBayless the clippers would've make game 7 but lost
21 Jul, 06:59 AM UTC
@dinonith1 @TALENTEDA1 @BullsGotNext ariza and tucker were dogs defensively so losing one makes your defense significantly worse, and your 3PT% too. That’s why they couldnt even take GSW to a game 7 the year after.
21 Jul, 06:58 AM UTC