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Wolf and Dragon #gameofthrones https://t.co/5H43O2dBcm
21 May, 08:04 PM UTC
Aaron Rodgers had to rant about that #GameofThrones ending 😆 ESPN's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 10:53 PM UTC
Insónias em Carvão
fdx #GameOfThrones Insónias em Carvão's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 10:23 PM UTC
Patrick Hovan
The only spin off we need. #GameOfThrones Patrick Hovan's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 07:08 PM UTC
thank you. #Brienne #JaimeLannister #GameOfThrones #Braime twelvelevens's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 07:28 PM UTC
Jon Snow🐺❄Spoilers
Estoy en shock, los fans tienen más imaginación que los propios guionistas 😂 #GameOfThrones Jon Snow🐺❄Spoilers's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 05:43 AM UTC
Uber Eats France
Vous préférez affronter la fin de #GameOfThrones le ventre vide ou le ventre plein ? Si vous êtes comme nous, on offre un code de 20€ à 5 de ceux qui RT** et si c’est votre première commande, on vous offre 10€ avec le code FAIMGOT* Uber Eats France's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 04:00 PM UTC
Better ending..... #GameOfThrones Elshendos's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 04:28 PM UTC
"I think it’s disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers," Sophie Turner said of the #GameOfThrones petitions https://t.co/OPrfpgxQDb
22 May, 05:30 AM UTC
Emilia Clarke watched Hitler speeches to prepare for big #GameOfThrones finale moment https://t.co/9BDfjd6aNj Variety's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 06:52 PM UTC
Fan Actu
RT + FOLLOW @FanactuCom pour tenter de gagner le plein de goodies #GameOfThrones à l'occasion de la sortie digitale de la saison 8 ! Fin du #concours le 28 mai à 18h. Bonne chance à tous ! Fan Actu's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 04:37 PM UTC
agent sara #forCersei ⚜️
So, Brienne really caressed Jaime's page before closing it saying goodbye to him forever, while "I'm hers and she's mine" is playing in the background, I– I have to cry, these two deserved so much better. #GameOfThrones agent sara #forCersei ⚜️'s photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 11:32 AM UTC
Let's Talk Dr. Doom! ➃ Agent of G.I.R.L
I haven't watched #GameOfThrones but I'm pretty sure this how it ends (Art by Dike Ruan) Let's Talk Dr. Doom! ➃ Agent of G.I.R.L's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 12:41 AM UTC
Dead Horse Media
So it turns out Gwendoline Christie (aka Brienne) predicted the ending to GAME OF THRONES a long time ago. 🎬 #GameOfThrones Dead Horse Media's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 12:53 PM UTC
Dark Vador Officiel™🌐
J'ai une pensée pour les FDP qui ont spoilé #Avengers, qui ont spoilé #GameOfThrones, et qui en attendant #StarwarsIX vont devoir spoiler Capitaine Marleau, Camping Paradis et Motus.
22 May, 09:32 AM UTC
Yago Martins
Sobre o final de #GameOfThrones e a justificação da violência política. Eu sinto que o @Dionisius e o @franciscorazzo vão gostar. https://t.co/N6U6bNeAvX Yago Martins's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 01:52 PM UTC
alissa loves daenerys
thread of #gameofthrones plot inconsistencies found on reddits thanks to u/vilgliucci https://t.co/c6gu7L71le
22 May, 11:14 AM UTC
Joffrey can kiss my royal ass. #GameofThrones Rothy's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 07:27 AM UTC
that wouldve been so awesome #GameOfThrones Sandra's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 01:57 PM UTC
Lucy Diavolo
“We need the Aryas to move at the speed of light and f*ck shit up when everything else fails." -@emeronobaro on anarchist Arya Stark, part of her kick-ass meme making #GameOfThrones characters into organizers as a fundraiser for the @utahppc. https://t.co/EkyMq1JU7D
21 May, 09:49 PM UTC
Queen Charlotte just claimed the #IronThrone👀 #GoT #DemThrones #GameOfThrones WWEPPorn™'s photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:28 PM UTC
i dont know #shecago
@ninjafrog658 @ConnerDaWaffle Jejeje ness is sans Hahaha XDXD #funny #memes #xd #beef #spillthetea #boney #fortnite #fortnitefunnys #GameofThrones #bitcoin #NintendoSwitch #chefboyardeebeefaroni #squidward #ToyStory4  #DetectivePikachuMovie #undertale #ness #lol #iHeartBTS #TuesdayMotivation #EARTHBOUND64 🤪 i dont know #shecago's photo on #GameOfThrones
21 May, 11:00 PM UTC
Executivo da HBO garante que #GameofThrones não terá sequência https://t.co/2PqSajgHWQ omelete's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
#GameofThrones #GoT @MundoGodinez Aquí estrenando!!! Gerardo's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:19 PM UTC
Cas Anvar
👁🔎🐾🕵‍🐾🕵‍🐾📚 Here is your task mortals: Sift through the ashes of the dead for loot...see what you can find! 🔥☠🔥💀 The clues have dropped! Lets see if you have the soul of a #Direwolf. 🐺 #MartianOnTheLoose #LAHuntLoc1 #ScreamingFirehawks #GameOfThrones https://t.co/Hs2NTtQaee
22 May, 03:28 PM UTC
the queen in the north 🐺❄️
That #gameofthrones petition is a waste of time. Everyone should focus their attention on the things that matter. Like stopping D&D’s bag. the queen in the north 🐺❄️'s photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:26 PM UTC
Matty T
@blowoutcards #BlowoutTV will be breaking @SciFiHobby #GameOfThrones Inflexions boxes all afternoon! @blowoutbuzz https://t.co/SbNfD6vOuL
22 May, 01:39 PM UTC
The true heir to the iron throne 👑 #GameofThrones https://t.co/AmYk9koS4L
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
David Sierra
¿Y tú, de qué casa habrías querido ser en #GameOfThrones? 🐉- Targaryen 🐺- Stark 🦁 - Lannister 🦑 - Greyjoy 🦅 - Arryn 🦌 - Baratheon 🐟 - Tully 🌹 - Tyrell ☀️ - Martell
22 May, 02:51 PM UTC
Колин Фаррелл
иногда боюсь забыть перелогиниться и случайно твитнуть про карлика от аккаунта прзидента. #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:29 PM UTC
Scottish Bookstore
Game of Thrones: Three-Eyed Raven includes a collectible 3 ' figurine of the raven from the show. Also included is a 48-page book featuring full-colour series photography throughout. #GameofThrones #Branthebroken #GoT #Three-eyedraven https://t.co/7icXptV46Z Scottish Bookstore's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Disability Wales
#GameOfThrones fans - do you feel that the show has altered people's perceptions of disabled people for the better? "Dinklage, and his character, have been a game-changer for the entertainment industry's depiction of dwarfism." https://t.co/EZkUaAVLuv
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Game Of Laughs
#GameOfThrones Game Of Laughs's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Brian H. Waters 📱💻📸📹🎮
I didn't watch #GameOfThrones but this is cool. https://t.co/HORGEu7BTM
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Yair Cortés Zúñiga
@disparamargot @faustoponce @ximenadelam @chekozaun @szurita Hablen de la reseña de @pedrosola sobre el capítulo final de #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
No podíamos dejar de hacernos eco del final de #GameofThrones. ¿Que opinará @GRRMspeaking sobre el final de la historia? #FelizMiércoles https://t.co/rZ20ZYPHjt https://t.co/cup5i4CdJd
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
@espinof_com Los actores de #GameOfThrones querrán un cambio. Muchos empezaron siendo muy pequeños y saltaron muy pronto a la fama en plan a lo #HarryPotter Seguro que no todos continuarán en la interpretación.
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
@GRRMspeaking https://t.co/6koWo2J8AD #GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesFinale
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Erick Bojorges Stark
#GameOfThrones Erick Bojorges Stark's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Fulya Gündoğan
#GameOfThrones Madem tahta Jon oturmayacaktı, kaç sezondur neden bize adamın aslında Targaryen olduğunu anlatıp duruyorsunuz? Sadece soruyorum?
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Esta lista es perfecta para a los que se nos ponían los vellos de punta, en las escenas de Daenerys. Daenerys Targaryen: A Song of Fire https://t.co/UehoJE1LQD #NowPlaying #teamTargaryen #GameOfThrones 𝓙𝓾𝓶𝓲's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
ไม่มีอีกแล้วหนุ่มมาดเซอร์ผมยาวรุงรังที่หนวดเฟิ้มปกคลุมใบหน้า แม้ 'เจสัน โมมัว' จะลาจากซีรีส์ GOT ไปตั้งนานแล้ว แต่เหมือนว่าจะไม่มีใครลืมคาแรกเตอร์องอาจเป็นชายเหนือชายของเขาในบท คาร์ล โดรโก ได้ลง #GameOfThrones #PopOfThrones #TheStandardPop #TheStandardCo https://t.co/EyTej9sB7u
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Michael Lima
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
I'm in larva with you
When R.R. Martin finally finishes his books I look forward to the new series "Game of Thrones: Brotherhood" #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Trivia, AD
#GameOfThrones #Trivia @bluemoonmexcafe - #Englewood, #NJ TONIGHT at 8pm. RSVP at; https://t.co/gUwkO8OHV8 #GoT #ForTheThrone #GameOfThronesSeason8 #BergenCounty #NorthJersey
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Wiener Zeitung
Interview: „Würde Shakespeare heute leben und #HBO hätte ihn um eine Fantasy-Serie gebeten, hätte er sie genau wie #GameofThrones gemacht.“ Michael Niavarani über die Übernahme des Kabarett #Simpl und warum er sich besonders auf die John #Cleese freut. https://t.co/fV5pKISM9y
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
📌 #JuegodeTronos: ¡George R. R. Martin habla del Final y Proyectos Futuros! 🗡️👑🐺💀 #GameOfThrones https://t.co/Iu3w41uWLG
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
An avenger, an assassin and the Night King Slayer... She is Arya Stark of Winterfell! Long live the protector of Seven Kingdoms! #GameOfThrones #GoT Gaana's photo on #GameOfThrones
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
La crítica no perdonó el final de #GameOfThrones pues el último episodio hace historia como el peor reseñado de su historia ➡️https://t.co/y7Oq3lbc22 🍅🍅Tomates podridos para el desenlace. ¿A ustedes les gustó?
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
National Herald
“#GameofThrones” ended its run with yet another record. The final episode of the fantasy series brought in a series record of 19.3 million viewers for #HBO in the US https://t.co/bjRkEqMnGw
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC