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➓ sᴉʍǝ˥
Armed Robbers enter the bank - Boof “get fucking doon, get fuckin doon” “Awright mate can a get a 12 inch pepperoni passion”
17 Jun, 07:11 PM UTC
Robyn Doolittle
K I just wanna say, I was under the Gardiner and quite close to Kawhi. The crowd started chanting "ONE MORE YEAR" and he smiled and held up one finger nodding. Then they switched to "FIVE MORE YEARS" and he laughed and shook his head. Sooooo..... #HeStay
17 Jun, 05:34 PM UTC
монологи в*агины
кроули: У МЕНЯ НЕТ СЛОВ!!! азирафаэль, голосом рассказчика за кадром: несмотря на потерю дара речи кроули продолжал орать следующие два часа
17 Jun, 05:25 PM UTC
People abandoned their cars on the Gardiner Expressway to watch the Toronto Raptors celebration parade. #WeTheNorthDay #RaptorParade #WeTheNorth @globalnews's photo on Gardiner
17 Jun, 05:47 PM UTC
Rudi Schuller
Lakeshore & Lower Spadina. Yes, those are people lined up on the Gardiner Expressway off-ramp. #WetheNorth @RudiSchuller's photo on Gardiner
17 Jun, 03:12 PM UTC
happy bday @joshuadun ur the coolest drummer out there @skeletonclique #CliqueArt #happybirthdayjosh
18 Jun, 11:07 AM UTC
Amazon worrier Tyranny 🏳️‍🌈📎
Vi har alla varit där. Man har för många fönster och torsk på gardiner, då sträcker man sig efter hakkorsflaggorna. Force majeure.
17 Jun, 05:50 PM UTC
планы на лето: 1)пройти всех врачей н е с д о х н у т ь 2)поступить н е с д о х н у т ь 3)сдать учебники н е с д о х н у т ь 4)пережить школьную поездку н е с д о х н у т ь 5)переехать в другой город н е с д о х н у т ь 6)вылезти из депрессии н е с д о х н у т ь
18 Jun, 04:12 AM UTC
Eva Uguen-Csenge
People willing to stand under the CRUMBLING Gardiner for hours is COMMITMENT
17 Jun, 04:53 PM UTC
Rick Dhaliwal
Source - Lots of Myers and Gardiner talk in Vancouver. Both will have multiple teams after them, won’t be easy for #Canucks. Both can command 6-7 years in the 6-7M range.
17 Jun, 09:03 PM UTC
Ppl of a #GayPrideParade attempted to provoke a clash with Catholics by planning the march to end at Poland's holiest monastery #JasnaGora where Poland's most famous Catholic group had a pilgrimage that day An alliance of Nationalists,Conservatives & Catholics blocked their path
18 Jun, 12:04 PM UTC
WG Saraband 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇹
I have clips of Barry Gardiner saying that immigrants have undercut wages in the UK, and Jo Coburn staying absolutely silent, or Isabel Oakeshott saying immigration has been awful for the UK and Fiona Bruce staying silent. Yet someone says "batshit" and BBC loses its mind 🤦‍♂️
17 Jun, 05:18 PM UTC
Rami Malek Yeah
Rami Malek was interviewed in NYC today #MrRobot #bond25 Sources: margaret_gardiner, jennycooneyinc, showbizmanila (all Instagram)
18 Jun, 04:04 AM UTC
Dan Riccio
#Canucks need more offense from D. Gardiner is one of the best in the league. Perfect match.
18 Jun, 01:05 AM UTC
Steph Gardiner
Sometimes when the man is getting you down, it’s nice to have a coupla sleeping kids to kiss before bed. They’re warm and soft like those white dinner rolls from Woolworths.
18 Jun, 11:28 AM UTC
Alexander Appleyard
In this @NHL UFA class here is the entire list of Dmen who have over the last 3 years: Played 120+ games (23 players) Have + CF Rel Have + ExGF Rel Jake Gardiner Niklas Kronwall Yeh, that is it. Not the best of classes for the @NHLFlyers to add another Dman. #Flyers
18 Jun, 10:11 AM UTC
Gabino Iglesias
"This book wrecked me. A must read." - Paul Tremblay "Textured, intriguing." - Roxane Gay "A story of tremendous social importance with an unputdownable plot." - David Joy "Vivid and visceral, gritty and magical, dark and soaring." - Meg Gardiner
17 Jun, 01:48 PM UTC
Disco Stu
Lose Edler, add Panarin and Gardiner, bring up Juolevi. Canucks will look substantially improved over last year at both ends of the ice. I'm down. Let's do this.
18 Jun, 11:57 AM UTC
Alexander Appleyard
There are 8 guys in UFA @NHL D class who grade out positive in one+ of CF Rel or ExGF Rel. Gardiner (CF+ExGF) Kronwall (CF+ExGF) Davidson (CF) Petrovic (CF) Edler (CF) Del Zotto (ExGF) Gunnarsson (ExGF) Nemeth (ExGF) And Edler is only 1/8 who has played vs top 6's. #Flyers
18 Jun, 10:16 AM UTC
The RFS is here @kewgardens with the #ActionOak partnership. Over 40 organisations working to save our oak trees 🌳 Lord Gardiner plus a few familiar faces @ActionOak @ForestryComm @UKHouseofLords @DuchyofC @DefraGovUK @The_HOEF @WoodlandTrust @lovesmallwoods @TreeCouncil #UKSA
18 Jun, 12:12 PM UTC
Disco Stu
Lol look at those numbers. If Edler walks and Canucks sign Gardiner it's an upgrade. Complaining about term/$ if this scenario plays out is insane.
18 Jun, 11:41 AM UTC
Plague of Locusts #FBPE #HaveDemocracy
@paulmasonnews @guardian Corbyn fast and strong. Where is Barry Gardiner saying he wants to bailout the government?
18 Jun, 12:29 PM UTC
Alexander Appleyard
And here is how those 8 @NHL UFA Dmen grade out when look deeper. Gardiner is ONLY one of them who is + in each area Del Zotto can't defend blue-line. Petrovic can't get out of zone. Kronwall is pretty effective when does things, but does not do them often. #Flyers #NHL
18 Jun, 10:32 AM UTC
Chance the Dapper
Imagine that Raptors parade route going along a Lakeshore where they tore down the Gardiner?
18 Jun, 12:17 PM UTC
How On Earth
Want to better understand air pollution--its sources, health impacts and solutions--both here in Colorado and around the world? Listen to our recent interview w/ @Gardiner_Beth and NCAR's Dr. Frank Flocke. And tks, @Jason_Plautz for cohosting. @KGNU
17 Jun, 09:50 PM UTC
Beth Gardiner
NYC folks: I'll be talking about Choked: Life and Breath in the Age of Air Pollution at the Mid-Manhattan Library, Wed, July 24, 6:30 pm. I'd love to see you there! It's free (but please register), and the brilliant @randihepstein is moderating. @nypl
18 Jun, 12:19 PM UTC
Chellie Pingree
My thanks to @USDAFoodSafety and @MaineDACF officials for joining me on a site visit to Common Wealth Poultry Co. in Gardiner. Small plants are critical to Maine's local food economy. We must work together to ensure that they have the tools they need to be successful.
17 Jun, 08:33 PM UTC
Will this guy even make it to free agency? If he does, he’s an interesting option. #Habs Jake Gardiner could be a great fit with the Canadiens, but there’s significant risk involved
18 Jun, 11:26 AM UTC
Etienne Ferland
@LesPartants @jp_tvasports @CASinotte J’aime Gostisbehere, mais je choisis Gardiner parce qu’il est autonome sans compensation et le #CH pourrait l’obtenir sans perdre de joueurs. Et je crois qu’il ferait une bonne paire avec Weber. Le prix pour Gost sera très élevé.
18 Jun, 12:03 PM UTC
Ascot Prop Invest
NEW LAUNCH! Gardiner Square, Belfast A stunning collection of 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom townhouses in heart of this vibrant city! DM us now or contact for more information and a free PDF brochure
18 Jun, 11:00 AM UTC
Johannes Klenell
@pappaA Frysta smådjur, uteblivna gardiner. Det är så mycket som triggar rasism.
18 Jun, 11:11 AM UTC
Ronnie The Coxswain #FBPE #WATON #OFOC
@reasonablerich @oxymoronictimes @valerimelnyczuk I've got a bit of sympathy with Burgon and Gardiner. Corbyn cranks them out for interviews because he's too chicken-shit to do it himself. He's as bad as that twat Johnson.
18 Jun, 12:38 PM UTC
EMOtional Tiger
@gardiner_gule Спасибо. Просто не ебу, какого хера родные люди доебываются из-за таких мелочей
18 Jun, 12:38 PM UTC
Josephine March
@xxkilljoyfirexx Держись там булочка💛 У тебя в последнее время такие агрессивные твиты про людей вокруг что прямо жиза 🖤
18 Jun, 12:36 PM UTC
NHL Draft hosts @Canucks looking to add a difference maker T4 D. Tyler Myers, Jake Gardiner in the conversation. Rasmus Ristolainen, too?
18 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
Josephine March
Если честно «тв не двойной агент ты тройная дрянь в тебе есть хоть что-то настоящее говоришь на латыни?» вызывает у меня куда больше эмоций чем лав ю 3000 потому что они оба мертвы(
18 Jun, 12:29 PM UTC
@TheDiscoStu Add Panarin, Gardiner,....draft Newhook/Boldy
18 Jun, 12:03 PM UTC
Great views from under the Gardiner for #RaptorsChampionshipParade #WeTheNorthDay - everybody else was downtown- worked out for us - even beat the crowds home - ❤️ what a day! Thank you @Raptors and @TPSOperations
18 Jun, 11:49 AM UTC
тайлер безмозглая задница дердан
@gardiner_gule Спасибо☺️
18 Jun, 11:43 AM UTC
Matt Allen 🧢 ⚡️🚘🚀
@steph_gardiner Those rolls ... 😋
18 Jun, 11:43 AM UTC
@steph_gardiner Toasty little dough balls 🤗
18 Jun, 11:42 AM UTC
Josephine March
@luciferisgod6 ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ🥳🖤💛
18 Jun, 11:33 AM UTC
@JonasBjoerk Men snälla Jonas. Rollar du ALDRIG dina kläder, gardiner, överkast, soffan ???
18 Jun, 11:31 AM UTC
@steph_gardiner Well that took an unexpected turn!
18 Jun, 11:31 AM UTC
Issac Gardiner
@JimAloisi @BostonMassMark Well, I, for one, am looking forward to moving up the rankings. Certainly we will never be no. 1, but surely we can do better than 5. I am also willing to pay for it, and my preferred method would be dynamic road pricing and/or VMT (because I am already going 2 pay more in fares)
18 Jun, 11:27 AM UTC
Jake Couturieringer
@avappleyard @NHL @NHLFlyers It would, but it’s not the greatest allocation of assets if you’re paying Gardiner big money to be on your 3rd pair. I’d also start to question how comfortable I’d be in the DZ with those pairings. Transition game and offense would be a lot of fun, though.
18 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
Alexander Appleyard
@J_Fahringer @NHL @NHLFlyers Yeh, but: Provorov-Gostisbehere Sanheim-Niskanen Gardiner-Myers Would be a lot of fun!
18 Jun, 11:10 AM UTC
Josephine March
@Sap_Dee @message__man_ Ну окей тут не буду спорить можно в принципе привыкнуть и научиться жить нормально
18 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
Josephine March
@hasserhitze Это пиздец Но зато ура нормальные законы кажется кродуться
18 Jun, 12:39 PM UTC
☕️Tired Hawkguy☕️
@gardiner_gule @message__man_ А как срач на хате, подгоревшая недосоленная еда, вонючая и мятая одежда могут повлиять на политический строй? Засранцы и неряхи есть как среди мужиков, так и среди женщин Это как съехать от предков и только начать жить самостоятельно, со временем уладится и не особо критично
18 Jun, 12:37 PM UTC
The Colorado Sun
Amid tipsy Santas and smartphones, a Colorado author saw the need for an urgent message on dealing with disaster via SunLit
18 Jun, 12:37 PM UTC
Keir Gardiner 🇦🇲
@FrankieDevine10 here we go again with these
18 Jun, 12:36 PM UTC
Brennan Leffler
@TheDiscoStu Agreed. No bs 7mil for Myers or Gardiner. Tho, I wonder if panarin would play here
18 Jun, 12:34 PM UTC
Alan Kidsley
@WilliamClouston @TheSDPUK When will we here from Gardiner, Abbot, Starmer, the great leader & his puppet-master come out & comment on Tom Watson's clarification on what he thinks is the Labour position this week?
18 Jun, 12:22 PM UTC
Dr Clovis Palmer
@clair_gardiner Very nice article Clair. Enjoyed it. @edwina_wright
18 Jun, 12:19 PM UTC
extravagant. 🇬🇩🇦🇴
I just wanna know why the EB Gardiner ramp at Jameson is closed every single day.
18 Jun, 12:13 PM UTC
☕️Tired Hawkguy☕️
@gardiner_gule @message__man_ Но у нас тут не нетфликс, а реальный мир. Мне больше интересно, откуда автор взяла статистику по тому, что большинство мужиков не могут убраться/приготовить еду/постирать/погладить? И вместо того, чтоб разложить по полочкам свою позицию, эта интеллек2all'ная особа кидает в чс 👍
18 Jun, 12:12 PM UTC
@TheDiscoStu Is Gardiner that good? I am not sure he deserves that kind of money.
18 Jun, 12:11 PM UTC
Maxime Lalancette
@EtienneFerland Edler... meh.. maybe 2 years max..! Gardiner i'll take him but not for 7m per for 7 years.... maybe a 5x6m or 6x6m MAX.... TJ BRodie would prolly be the perfect fit...but is he really available ..!
18 Jun, 12:10 PM UTC
Listen Comedy
New episode from "The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds": 383 - Frank Gardiner - Live w/Nick Cody
18 Jun, 12:10 PM UTC
Darren Walkerdine
@FurtherEdagogy Yes, even useful to go back to Piaget and critically evaluate these ideas. Even Gardiner's learning styles, which is not used anymore. The question needs to be asked: Why was it used? What was the evidence base?
18 Jun, 12:06 PM UTC
Caylena Cahill Photo
Pouring a #tail at Gardiner Liquid Mercantile
18 Jun, 12:03 PM UTC
Morning Sentinel
Gardiner #Maine to vote on budget. Reported by @JLowellKJ
18 Jun, 12:00 PM UTC
@therealFriedass Utan sängkläder? Jag fick kritik för att jag hade orangea gardiner. Men jag förklarade att jag bara har svarta kläder. Någon färgklick måste jag få ha. Jag var bara singel frivilligt. 😆
18 Jun, 11:57 AM UTC
@JLew1050 I was under those arches around 10am. Took a look at the situation and said, no thank you then got the F outta there. Spent some time walking around and ended up catching the parade under the Gardiner. Great spot.
18 Jun, 11:44 AM UTC
Eoin O'Mahony
@UrbnWarfareDuck A yellow box the entire length of that part of Gardiner St?
18 Jun, 11:44 AM UTC
Jim Benning
@TommyMofo19 @johnnycanuck71 @BigNasty6oh4 @Roccos_Van @ChrisConte79 You are all wrong, My phone is a 1997 LG Xpression from AT&T. No, you cannot confiscate my phone. How else will I be able to sign Jake Gardiner?
18 Jun, 11:40 AM UTC
Trevor Martin
@Liz_Gardiner @BorisJohnson Seriously how dumb are you this nan is not interested in Brexit, you or the country just his own ambition . He is a lying scumbag who I hope is crowned PM as he will finally be found out and it will end the Tory party . Bring it on
18 Jun, 11:19 AM UTC