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Chicago Bulls Rumors
Here is your projected 2019 NBA Mock Draft: 1. Zion (Pelicans) 2. Morant (Grizzlies) 3. Barrett (Knicks) 4. Culver (Lakers) 5. Hunter (Cavs) 6. Garland (Suns) 7. Cash Considerations (Bulls)
15 May, 01:30 AM UTC
Laker Film Room
I was watching tape of guys who'd be available at #11 up until now, but my early favorite at #4 is Darius Garland, PG out of Vanderbilt. He'd be that shooting, high ball screen guard that I've been wanting next to Lonzo.
15 May, 01:26 AM UTC
Ryan Knight #ImpeachTrump 🍑
Honest question for @JoeBiden: Were you paying attention during the 8 years that you were Vice President and Mitch McConnell blocked Merrick Garland and obstructed Democrats at every turn? Our democracy is burning and this fairy tale that you’re spinning is not going to cut it.
14 May, 06:33 PM UTC
art de la haute couture
Duckie Thot lensed by Nick Knight for Vogue UK April 2019 ❤️❤️ Hair by Sam McKnight Makeup by Val Garland Styled by Carol Woolton
14 May, 05:07 PM UTC
Jonathan Givony
First stab at projecting the lottery, w/the order now set: Pelicans - Zion Grizzlies- Morant Knicks- RJ Lakers- Garland Cavs- Hunter Suns- Culver Bulls- White Hawks- Reddish Wizards- Sekou Hawks- Jaxson Hayes Wolves- Brandon Clarke Hornets- Washington Heat- Bol Celtics- Porter
15 May, 01:14 AM UTC
Kevin M. Kruse
I should note, that thread in the last tweet is from September 2015 -- before Merrick Garland and everything that's followed. Kevin M. Kruse's photo on Garland
14 May, 07:10 PM UTC
Way I see it. Lakers either trading the whole farm for AD OR - LeBron - Cap Space for an all-star/superstar - Zo, BI, (Garland/Culver), Kuz, Hart Not a bad spot to be in at all.
15 May, 02:44 AM UTC
HawaiiDelilah™ Unredacted Version
Trump is not extraordinarily awful all on his own. He is the filter-free standard bearer for a party that will do anything to hold onto power, the lives of people be damned. If you ever doubt how horrible Mitch McConnell is, repeat the words "Merrick Garland." Plus this:
14 May, 10:33 PM UTC
🏳️‍🌈Lisa Talmadge 🔥🏳️‍🌈
Hysterical vagina voters screaming Supreme Court in 2016. Whinemoms melting down over Merritt Garland and Neil Gorsuch. Bitches on the rag over Brett the rapist Kavanaugh. Now GA and AL prepping cases for the supreme court just as we pussy hatted.
15 May, 02:17 AM UTC
Trinity Resists
Two words on Joe Biden’s epiphany: Tea party Two more: Merrick Garland We had a shutdown over the ACA in 2013. This isn’t the GOP back in Biden’s day. An epiphany isn’t happening. Trump is not a Republican. His enablers aren’t either. Nationalists don’t have epiphanies.
15 May, 12:12 AM UTC
Keith Boykin
This new Alabama abortion law is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. This is exactly what Republicans wanted when they blocked Merrick Garland and forced Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court.
15 May, 01:50 AM UTC
@peterdaou Democrats should NEVER have rolled over to the stolen Merrick Garland seat. When Republicans got away with that, it was a green light.
15 May, 03:18 AM UTC
Evan Sidery
With Ja Morant no longer an option for the Suns, it's time to focus in on Darius Garland if they keep their pick. Garland is a pure bucket-getter, shot 47.8 percent from the perimeter on 4.6 attempts per game in his small college sample size. Comfortable playing on/off ball. Evan Sidery's photo on Garland
15 May, 04:06 AM UTC
@Amy_Siskind Not to mention Neil Gorsuch is holding Merrick Garland's seat.
15 May, 02:13 AM UTC
Charles Casillo
"Judy! Judy! Judy!"....Cary Grant never actually said that in a movie. But if he did he could very well have been talking about the great Judy Garland. Charles Casillo's photo on Garland
14 May, 06:17 PM UTC
Alex Regla
Feel there will be a Culver vs. Garland debate up until and leading to the draft, but at this point it is found money for the L.A. I did not think there was any chance they'd have a chance picking in the top 4 so this really is a breath of fresh air and excited for a new prospect
15 May, 05:18 AM UTC
NBA Now & Then
Post-Lottery NBA Mock Draft: NOP-Zion Williamson MEM-Ja Morant NYK-RJ Barrett LAL-Jaxson Hayes CLE-Jarrett Culver PHX-Rui Hachimura CHI-Cam Reddish ATL-De'Andre Hunter WSH-Sekou Doumbouya ATL-Nassir Little MIN-Coby White CHA-Romeo Langford MIA-Darius Garland BOS-Keldon Johnson
15 May, 01:39 AM UTC
Ryan Ward
Darius Garland (potential No. 4 pick) repped by Klutch Sports is fitting #Lakers
15 May, 01:25 AM UTC
LAX [SoCal🌴Lakers]
私は現時点の4位指名候補としてGarlandを有望視してる。 2年前、Lonzoのスカウティングの時から、LFR氏がずっと言っている「Lonzoと組ませるべきガード」によくフィットする。LFR氏はそれこそD'Loとの共存を熱望し、近年でもFoxとの共演も希望していた。 Lonzoの代わりではなく、共存相手として。
15 May, 01:57 AM UTC
Jason McIntyre
If it feels like a toss-up between DeAndre Hunter, Jarrett Culver & Darius Garland at 4 for the Lakers, just remember: Garland signed with Rich Paul & Klutch Sports in February. Mock Draft tomorrow Jason McIntyre's photo on Garland
15 May, 04:49 AM UTC
Troy Haliburton
@cmillsnbcs @WashWizards Garland will most def not be there and Bruno is not a good prisoect for Wizards
15 May, 02:11 AM UTC
The Designing Chica
@Ryan_S_Carlson @ava @kim_garland Your mom made that choice. A brave woman! Other women might not be as strong and they deserve to make the choice.
15 May, 06:58 AM UTC
Lee Thomas
Lakers select...Darius Garland 🦍 Lee Thomas's photo on Garland
15 May, 02:44 AM UTC
Lori Freshwater 💧🐋
Anything Trump and Mcconnell and their people have done that surprised you? We knew this is how they were coming for Roe. Which makes the dems allowing Garland to be held off the court all that more egregious. This is the reason for the treason. It’s always been about this.
15 May, 07:10 AM UTC
Ben Rosales
This is a great spot from DX on Garland before the season. Given that Garland's season was cut short by injury, a lot of this still has purchase and is worth your time:
15 May, 07:05 AM UTC
Ben Rosales
Both over Ja and several orders of magnitude over Cam. As for FA, it's way too early to worry about that. Maybe Kemba/Kyrie make Garland a more awkward option but having Kawhi/Butler with Culver as a reserve is absolutely not a problem. More versatile wings are good.
15 May, 06:50 AM UTC
@designingchica @Ryan_S_Carlson @ava @kim_garland The problem is that man you replied to has a right to be alive. Neither of us can deny that. And at some point, between conception and birth, he ought to have his right to life legally protected in utero because he STILL is a living person. Now where to draw the line? IDK.
15 May, 07:05 AM UTC
черничный тротил
@prettysadsun хочу чтобы ты бинтовал мне руки
15 May, 07:01 AM UTC
черничный тротил
@fronkidun вау а как это работает
15 May, 07:07 AM UTC
местный мечтатель
@garland_of_red я хочу бинтовать тебе руки, даже если не умею делать это правильно. но я был бы аккуратен
15 May, 07:04 AM UTC
“I am Iron Man” 😭😭
I'll be very happy by june/july knowing that Lakers are gonna have either of Culver/Garland or AD 😎
15 May, 07:03 AM UTC
@garland_conor @jimmymcnulty88 Get ready for your final. Now is not the time to worry about us. That comes next season.
15 May, 06:59 AM UTC
Tyler Nizinski
If Lakers don’t trade the #4 pick for AD, for sure need to look at drafting Culver or Garland.
15 May, 03:51 AM UTC
KuZo Ingram
@Zo2___Kuz Yeah I’d take him over Garland no question
15 May, 06:56 AM UTC
Ryan Carlson
@kim_garland Thank you! Happiness and peace to you as well.
15 May, 06:56 AM UTC
@JoeyProspects Not too mad about it, if we didn’t get top 2 it was all the same for me. Culver probably goes top 5 so one of Hunter, Cam, or Garland will be there for us
15 May, 06:54 AM UTC
Matt Fish
@JJMaples55_MST If Pels had’ve taken our deadline offer they would now have a core of Zion, Jrue, BI, Kuz, Zo, Hart, Julius (possibly) and one of Culver/Hunter/Garland
15 May, 06:51 AM UTC
4. Lakers- This is where it starts to get extremely murky. Garland/Hunter/Culver/Cam/maaaaaybe Coby. Culver is the best player of the options, but isn’t a good fit with a Lebron. Garland Coby are similar, I have more faith in Garlands quickness+passing. Hunter is safe option 2/6
15 May, 07:16 AM UTC
Kubra Kul Ozbasi
@ImPblq Garland is really waking up early
15 May, 07:14 AM UTC
@Yu___Pen おはようございます 変身遅れました💦
15 May, 07:13 AM UTC
Escort-Ads Support
Stunning #Garland Beauty - #NickiStarr #Call +1(469) 369-5065 Escort-Ads Support's photo on Garland
15 May, 07:13 AM UTC
D. Rodriqueqez
🏀@Lakers shuld reach out to@Bulls offer# 4 D. Garland & 2020 #11Pick for Zach Lavine.Then,Lakers 📞 @PelicansNBA& have 🍸 offer📝Z.Lavine,Ingram,& #41 pick 2020 Draft for Anthony Davis! Of course, that is if all parties would consider. @Shaqtin@KingJames@FirstTake@NBA@espn@NBATV D. Rodriqueqez's photo on Garland
15 May, 07:12 AM UTC
Lauri ILoveMarkknen
Actually after some re-thinking, I think I’ll bump Culver up to 1, Garland up to 2, and White down to 3 here
15 May, 07:11 AM UTC
Kim Garland
I hear you. I really do. I’m from a teen pregnancy. Another choice could've been made under other circumstances. I’m very aware of that. That’s where I guess we honor the 13 year old. I don’t know Ryan’s mother, but from the little I know, my gut tells me we defer to her choice.
15 May, 07:11 AM UTC
Fernando DDS.
Lakers: -No.4 pick( GARLAND, Culver) -Young core of good players(B.I, Lonzo, Kuz...) -LeBron And that bitch still gonna fuck this up and try to get AD... 😒 #LebronTALKTOHER
15 May, 07:11 AM UTC
Shelley Garland
@the_mazquerade Indeed. It's not a safe space if you have to listen to people who disagree with you. You white men are really slow today
15 May, 07:11 AM UTC
Judy Garland
Gilda, Dorothy, and Laura. Three of the biggest female stars of the 1940's, Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland, and Gene Tierney. If this isn't a paparazzi trifecta I don't know what is. #teamtjge #judygarland #ritahayworth #genetierney #gilda #dorothy #laura #thejudygarlandexperience Judy Garland's photo on Garland
15 May, 07:11 AM UTC
@JB_SteelCity @WhitlockJason I really like BI and I like Zo if he could only stay healthy and start improving on his offensive flaws. I did want Fox over Zo though. I'd be happy if they went with Garland or Culver. Culver needs to improve his shooting though and we need shooters. Love his defense.
15 May, 07:10 AM UTC
@DanielArtest lakers need Darius Garland. Like his game. Hunter idk if it’ll translate. Possibly draft Cam Reddish is the plan is to trade to NO to reunite w Zion
15 May, 07:10 AM UTC
@ImPblq Garland is really waking up early
15 May, 07:10 AM UTC
Shelley Garland
@Vote201907 @VusiSambo Well, quite. In my experience, people who don't agree with me are racists and Nazis, usually
15 May, 07:09 AM UTC
Byrie irving
I hope the suns get Darius garland
15 May, 07:09 AM UTC
Hot Gossip
Renee Zellweger Is Unrecognisable As Judy Garland In The First 'Judy' Trailer Hot Gossip's photo on Garland
15 May, 07:09 AM UTC
Joe Tidei
@thegeorgeyou Zion, Morant, Culver, Garland, Hunter, Reddish. That's my worst fear of how the top 6 goes and it's probably most likely to happen that way. Who else jumps in there? Bol Bol? Hachimura? Clarke? Once again, we're in a bad spot.
15 May, 07:08 AM UTC
15 May, 07:07 AM UTC
Jed Lim
@migbalmaceda @igotgame_12 @RjBarrett6 i dont even know who garland and white is haha thats how much i was worried about falling to 4-5
15 May, 07:06 AM UTC
Fernando DDS.
15 May, 07:05 AM UTC
Robert Flom
I haven't watched much film at all on Garland, but what's the thinking of Trey Burke as a low-mid range comp for him? I think the size is the biggest difference, but I see a lot of the same weaknesses (bad defense, not really plus playmaking, lack of explosion at rim).
15 May, 07:05 AM UTC
Frances Thorburn
@_rpflynn Yes she’s incredible. I’m very lucky to be working with such an incredible actress. She’s played my mum twice. Once in a theatre show where I played Judy Garland and she was Judy’s mum, Ethel #francesandethel She was exquisite in it and now as Isobel @bbcrivercity She’s amazing
15 May, 07:05 AM UTC
@vincestaples Garland sparkles for Lakers
15 May, 07:03 AM UTC
Anne Arjani
@CBSNews Almost all of these #2020Candidates should be running for #Senate. Justice Ginsburg and Justice Stevens will NEED to retire. A Republican Senate will pull another Merrick Garland. We MUST #fliptheSenate
15 May, 07:03 AM UTC
Zion to Suns Confirmed
Take Garland or Clarke and be happy. Suns will be fine.
15 May, 07:02 AM UTC
Timothy Garland 🇮🇲
Look after another amazing Manx sunrise it looks like is going to be a beautiful day. #sunny #IOM #isleofman @ Ballasalla
15 May, 07:02 AM UTC
カンガ屋 katikati(カティカティ)
★お客様の声★ 写真通りチョーかわいいです☆他にないホントステキな作品です。縫製も発送も何もかも丁寧で幸せな気持ちです。二回目の利用ですが、またちょいちょいのぞかせていただきます。
15 May, 07:02 AM UTC
- Coach Jr -
And her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" will give you chills.
15 May, 07:02 AM UTC
Shelley Garland
@stringent_j With my activism and studies I don't have time to work, so my father pays for the vast majority of my expenses
15 May, 07:01 AM UTC
Lakers always get draft picks when there aren’t surefire stars after pick number 1, why couldn’t we luck up and have a top 4 pick in last years draft? Lol, oh well. Give me Garland or Culver please.
15 May, 07:01 AM UTC
Anthony Segarra
I want Chicago to pick up either: Reddish Garland Coby White
15 May, 07:00 AM UTC
The Golden Bough Bot
A garland gay we bring you here; And at your door we stand; It is a sprout well budded out, The work of our Lord's hand.
15 May, 07:00 AM UTC
Diego Alvarez
René Zellweger en la piel de Judy Garland 💕 Diego Alvarez's photo on Garland
15 May, 06:58 AM UTC
Shelley Garland
@Notsoignorant1 She would be very welcome
15 May, 06:58 AM UTC
@LakerFilmRoom At 6’3” you’re gonna have to hide him on defense. With some development, rui can improve switching onto guards, but Garland will never be 6’8” 230 with a 7’3” wingspan. Can’t teach that
15 May, 06:58 AM UTC
Just Eighteen
Rose Gold Happy Birthday Balloons Decorations Set Party Supplies Girls Women Star Heart Foil Balloons Confetti Latex Balloons Happy Birthday Banner Tissue Paper Tassel Garland with Inflator Ribbon Kit Just Eighteen's photo on Garland
15 May, 06:58 AM UTC
Asiatic black man from ZION SZN‼️
Nah lemme chill, Garland nice.. Nice and injury prone 💀
15 May, 06:58 AM UTC
taqıya, täqıyä / такыя 花輪(hanawa, garland); 修道帽(shuudoubou, calotte)
15 May, 06:57 AM UTC
Well hello Chris Garland Training Thanks for following me. Have a great day! 😁
15 May, 06:57 AM UTC
Jared Huggins
@AleCozz1 @theIVpointplay @Suns_Reddit I like Culver quite a bit but how can you legitimately grade him as clearly better than Garland? Asking for a friend.
15 May, 06:56 AM UTC
@ry_thegod24 Have you seen Darius Garland he could shoot and play defense. High Basketball IQ. I don’t want Kyrie.
15 May, 06:56 AM UTC
Morten Stig Jensen
@mkhoops To me, it'd then have to be the Top 4, otherwise the drop-off is too steep to be worth sacrificing assets for. .. Unless of course Culver slips to #5 because Phoenix takes Garland, in which that's in play too.
15 May, 06:54 AM UTC
Anthony アンソニイ
@ayeeerayray fair enough. cam’s potential >>> but he didn’t show out this season. darius garland looked more NBA ready in the 4 games he played
15 May, 06:54 AM UTC
Dustin Pollock
@DuaneRankin And many think Garland could end up being better than Ja anyway
15 May, 06:53 AM UTC
Kim Garland
I’m glad to hear life is good for you and yours, Ryan. Truly. I wish you nothing but happiness and peace. And I’m sorry to hear of your mother’s suffering. That’s awful.
15 May, 06:53 AM UTC