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Love Myself. Love Yourself. @beatsbydre #1of1
21 Oct, 03:31 AM UTC


Gary Lineker
Huddersfield Town have beaten Manchester United in a league game for the first time in 65 years.
21 Oct, 03:53 PM UTC


Virender Sehwag
Whoa ! Another day and another victory over Pakistan. This time it's 4-0 as we enter the #AsiaCupHockey final… https://t.co/SLEjMoWwoN
21 Oct, 03:09 PM UTC


Smriti Z Irani
Perhaps @OfficeOfRG planning to sweep polls in Russia, Indonesia & Kazakhstan ?? #RahulWaveInKazakhhttps://t.co/eMdqOK47uc
21 Oct, 08:23 AM UTC


21 Oct, 12:32 PM UTC


최시원 프렌치 불독 키우는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개한테 목줄도 안 하고 풀어놨다가 그 개가 한일관(80년 전통을 자랑하는 유명 한식당) 대표를 물었음. 대표는 패혈증으로 사망함. 고인이 사망한 건 10월 3일이고 물린… https://t.co/857xp5Rg5a
21 Oct, 03:23 AM UTC


Fifth 100 crore club for Thalapathy VIJAY #Mersal #TamiliansVsModi MERSAL 100CRS IN 3DAYS
21 Oct, 01:26 PM UTC


Sir Ravindra Jadeja
#Mersal Controversy Is All About BJP Vs Freeedom Of Expressions. But #RahulBotAttack Made It As 👉#TamiliansVsModi. Always Divisive Politics🙏
21 Oct, 11:51 AM UTC

Top Trends in USA

JFK Files

Donald J. Trump
Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.
21 Oct, 12:35 PM UTC


Cop: I pulled you over for not using turning signals Me: Can’t let these niggas know my next move
20 Oct, 11:08 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to offer historic tax relief to the American people! Join me today:… https://t.co/faXIjyR08M
20 Oct, 09:10 PM UTC

John Kelly

Lawrence O'Donnell
John Kelly said women should be "sacred" then insulted a black woman with lies & now refuses to apologize after his lies were exposed. Sad.
20 Oct, 10:13 PM UTC


21 Oct, 05:40 AM UTC


Giannis vs. LeBron fast break 👀
21 Oct, 01:14 AM UTC


Rob Perez
LeBron stepped out of the way of a full-speed Giannis just so he could swat his ass damn
21 Oct, 01:07 AM UTC

Top Trends in Japan


i don't wanna see y'all babying grown ass men anymore. if a 14 year old can do the right thing without hesitation,… https://t.co/5IMroAcu6G
20 Oct, 10:31 PM UTC


【公式】Fate/Grand Order
【カルデア広報局より】 公式Twitterのフォロワー数が100万人を突破いたしました!ありがとうございます!これを記念して10月22日(日)AM4:00以降ゲームにログインされた皆様に聖晶石10個をプレゼントいたします。… https://t.co/2XRuTIW719
21 Oct, 03:50 AM UTC


マンションのゴミ捨て場に貼られているんだが、ゴミ捨てに行く度に変わってて管理人さん(おじいちゃん)なんなの?ホッコリするわ!(´ω`*) (ゴミ捨て場で写真を撮る怪しい住人) https://t.co/9ED2TCnQvE
21 Oct, 01:37 AM UTC


小林 愛香
#TSPOOK パレード雨の中だったけど、ありがとうございました😈👑⭐️楽しかった〜〜! みんなと写真撮れるなんてはじめてでドキドキしちゃったよ。 https://t.co/TU0uRtPh7k
21 Oct, 06:16 AM UTC


ラスト1本、TWICEさん♪で「One More Time」 #NHK #シブヤノオト #TWICE
21 Oct, 09:04 AM UTC


Shuta Sueyoshi『AAA』
写真載せるの忘れてたので😅 Shutaダンサーズと共に٩̋(´∀`๑) #TGC北九州
21 Oct, 10:40 AM UTC


ついに本日「コードギアス反逆のルルーシュⅠ興道」劇場公開!キャラクターデザインの木村貴宏さんから決意に満ちた瞳のルルーシュ(とスザクとCC)のイラストをいただきました! sun_コウジロウ #geassp
20 Oct, 11:04 PM UTC


「ジャック・オー・ランド」1日目、無事終了致しました!雨の中、お越し下さった皆さん、ありがとうございました! 神木は3ステージに出させて頂きました。最後のステージでは、メアリちゃんと初対面!夏の思い出が蘇った神木でした。 明日も横… https://t.co/ggxuKERHCG
21 Oct, 11:04 AM UTC


和田 政宗
最終日にあたり様々な映像や写真を見返していたらこんなものが。 都議選時の秋葉原での安倍総理の街頭演説に籠池夫妻が来て声を上げていたが、その映像に写っている人物と、立憲民主党の枝野代表の街頭演説をサポートしている人物は同一人物だろう… https://t.co/W4FyJRsaKb
21 Oct, 08:44 AM UTC

Top Technology Tweets

Ariana Grande
halloween update coming soon #arimoji 🍂 https://t.co/A8NSogbSaZ
21 Oct, 01:24 AM UTC
On Oct 19, the Moon photobombed our @NASASun observatory that typically watches the Sun 24/7. Take a look:… https://t.co/YTmydwtKPD
20 Oct, 10:25 PM UTC
Narendra Modi
This month's #MannKiBaat will take place on 29th. Share your ideas and suggestions with me on the NM Mobile App. https://t.co/TYuxNNJfIf
21 Oct, 02:45 AM UTC
#謎解きは手短に】 省エネ男子、都合により探偵に⁉ 奉太郎の推理力を呼び覚ますことが出来れば、Amazonギフト券・ムビチケほか豪華賞品が当たる🎁✨※10/29〆切 ①フォロー ②RT ③結果が届く 詳しくは☞… https://t.co/hWyp4NvqCh
20 Oct, 11:00 PM UTC
Tim Cook
My kind of town, Chicago is 🎶 My kind of people, too. Thank you, Chicago, for welcoming us to the Riverwalk!
21 Oct, 12:15 AM UTC
Marques Brownlee
Shot on Pixel 2 XL
21 Oct, 02:32 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
Monday. 🐼
20 Oct, 09:49 PM UTC
Our Moon, seen today as a dry desert in the vacuum of space, might have once had a atmosphere similar to Mars:… https://t.co/yclj0blTBr
21 Oct, 04:11 PM UTC
Be dazzled by the Orionid meteor shower, peaking Oct 20-21! Watch before dawn in a dark area. May see ~20 meteors/h… https://t.co/dazi9yqrdq
21 Oct, 01:03 AM UTC

Top Business Tweets

Chris Hayes
The Chief of Staff of the President of the United States is a civilian job and politics are unavoidable. He knew th… https://t.co/St2TdE8eBd
21 Oct, 01:18 AM UTC
Paul Krugman
So Kelly, being a man of honor, has profusely apologized. Right? Right? https://t.co/NmlIaKNoWa
21 Oct, 12:25 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
So it turns out that Kelly believes in the doctrine of Trumpal infallibility: never admit being (and doing) wrong, no matter the evidence 1/
21 Oct, 02:20 PM UTC
Appreciate u bro 🙌🏼 hopefully we overlapping in some markets, gotta catch yours too 🔥 https://t.co/cHhhPLu1rA
21 Oct, 06:37 PM UTC
CNN Politics
All five former living US presidents are set to appear at a hurricane relief concert tonight https://t.co/eSdoySjByQ
21 Oct, 05:16 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
Refusing to admit mistakes or learn from them isn't bad judgement; it's bad behavior. It makes you MORALLY unqualified for high office 10/
21 Oct, 02:34 PM UTC
“I feel sorry for Gen. Kelly. He has my sympathy for the loss of his son. But he can't just go on TV and lie on me"… https://t.co/FD5qVSOmqK
20 Oct, 10:59 PM UTC
Michael Dell
https://t.co/fdw3j1gWZ8 in 1996. We've come a long way!! 🚀🚀🚀
21 Oct, 01:16 AM UTC
“I feel sorry for Gen. Kelly. He has my sympathy for the loss of his son. But he can't just go on TV and lie on me"… https://t.co/g1pdYzEL4v
21 Oct, 03:59 AM UTC

Top Culture Tweets

Love Myself. Love Yourself. @beatsbydre #1of1
21 Oct, 03:31 AM UTC
The Weeknd
dark times are among us
21 Oct, 03:20 AM UTC
🈲断のコラボ実現記念!😍✨RTしたらその場で🎉「大あたり」が出たら巨大カップに入った江崎グリコのお菓子詰め合わせ、「あたり」が出たらマックカード500円分が当たる!🎉今すぐRT!😊 #マックフルーリーぐるぐるチャンスhttps://t.co/L9nPUwZO9O
21 Oct, 12:00 AM UTC
【公式】Fate/Grand Order
【カルデア広報局より】 公式Twitterのフォロワー数が100万人を突破いたしました!ありがとうございます!これを記念して10月22日(日)AM4:00以降ゲームにログインされた皆様に聖晶石10個をプレゼントいたします。… https://t.co/2XRuTIW719
21 Oct, 03:50 AM UTC
Donald J. Trump
Great book just out, "A Place Called Heaven," by Dr. Robert Jeffress - A wonderful man!
20 Oct, 11:52 PM UTC
Us Weekly
Check out our list of most influential celebs on social media! https://t.co/yRPD5IB9LI
20 Oct, 11:30 PM UTC
TOKYO Day6🔥🔥🔥
21 Oct, 01:27 PM UTC
Office of RG
Mr. Modi, Cinema is a deep expression of Tamil culture and language. Don't try to demon-etise Tamil pride by interfering in Mersal
21 Oct, 07:36 AM UTC

Top Sports Tweets

Cristiano Ronaldo
21 Oct, 10:54 AM UTC
It wasn't even 9am and @TimTebow had us ready to run through a brick wall.
21 Oct, 01:33 PM UTC
Justin Verlander
I literally love you too @JoseAltuve27 ❤️
21 Oct, 06:04 AM UTC
1 assist shy of becoming the youngest player ever to record a triple-double.
21 Oct, 04:42 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Bounce back game for Zo 👀 29 points 11 rebounds 9 assists
21 Oct, 04:44 AM UTC
Lonzo Ball's 2nd game as a @NBA player: 29 PTS - 11 REBS - 9 ASTS #NBARooks
21 Oct, 04:42 AM UTC
Conor McGregor
Down at Croke Park with my little champion tonight. I am working on something BIG with @betsafe down here. Stay tu… https://t.co/InteqWKzdK
21 Oct, 12:13 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Meek really stuck the landing 😂 (via @MeekMill)
21 Oct, 03:02 AM UTC
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