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Trevor Lane
Since Andre Drummond arrived with the Lakers at the end of March, Marc Gasol is shooting 64% from the field and 62% from 3
09 May, 04:44 PM UTC
Lakers Nation
10 May, 02:24 AM UTC
Dr. Robert Klapper
#Lakers. Tonight We will See #AnthonyDavis take over A Game. He looks the Best I have Seen him in a Long Time. Hope Vogel Keeps #Gasol alongside him! #NBA Playoffs
09 May, 04:01 PM UTC
Trevor Lane
Gasol-Trezz duo…
10 May, 02:25 AM UTC
Mike Trudell
First time we’ve seen Gasol and Harrell play together. PHX has Kaminsky and Crowder as their backup 4/5, and both are 3-point shooters.
10 May, 02:28 AM UTC
Jovan Buha
We're seeing Marc Gasol-Montrezl Harrell minutes for the first time this season.
10 May, 02:24 AM UTC
Lakers Nation
AD gets a rest to start the 4th THT, Ben, Wes, Trezz, and Gasol on the court FTs from Trezz start the scoring and pushes the lead to 23
10 May, 04:09 AM UTC
Big Kings
Gasol and Drummond even mins. We gettin there
10 May, 03:15 AM UTC
Trevor Lane
Lakers trying the Trezz/Gasol pairing again
10 May, 04:08 AM UTC
Pablo Pérez
🇪🇺 🎸🎶 📽️ @parlamentoUE #TheFutureIsYours #EuropeDay Con: Alejandro Sanz, Calamaro, Orozco, Bisbal, Juanes, Laura Pausini, Macaco, Malú, Manolo García, Melendi, Miguel Ríos, Izal, Pablo Alborán, Pablo López, Rozalén, Vanesa Martín, Rafa Nadal, Gasol, Casillas...
09 May, 05:25 PM UTC
Marco A. Munno
Non esattamente il passaggio che Marc Gasol voleva fare, ma ok. #LakeShow #NbaTipo
10 May, 06:33 AM UTC
Sam Quinn
When the Lakers signed Marc Gasol to a two-year deal, I assumed it was a golden parachute. He’d play one year, then they’d stretch him and pay him for the second. That’s why he took the minimum. Now? They’re lucky he isn’t hitting free agency. He’d get too many offers.
10 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Obsessed Lakers Fan
Gasol and trezz both getting run
10 May, 04:06 AM UTC
Pero mirá lo gordo que está el LECHÓN de Marc Gasol debe ser el español más obeso después de Ibai y el Dandy de Barcelona
10 May, 04:06 AM UTC
Obsessed Lakers Fan
Suns was coming back when Drummond was in. Vogel actually coached brought gasol in and that allowed AD to go to work and operate. Shit that won’t show in the box score
10 May, 04:57 AM UTC
“Para mí, uno de los principales valores de un equipo es la diversidad y la posibilidad de complementar las habilidades de unos y otros para ser el mejor equipo posible” @paugasol 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 “Una temporada muy especial", por Pau Gasol via @expansioncom
09 May, 10:06 AM UTC
depressed laker/pacer fan
What are y’all opinions on Vogel playing Trezz and Gasol at the same time ? I liked it tbh
10 May, 05:30 AM UTC
Mundo Deportivo
✍ 'Las notas de @juliosalinas19' 🔟 El Barça de Gasol ya es de Final Four 9⃣ El Laureus para Rafa Nadal, un deportista de oro ... 2⃣ Lim saca de quicio incluso a quien le vendió el Valencia 0⃣ Las malas artes de la UEFA, que hace del fútbol su cortijo
10 May, 07:52 AM UTC
Trevor Lane
The Lakers picked up a big win over the Phoenix Suns as Anthony Davis led the way with a massive 42 points. Is AD officially back? Plus, we saw the Gasol-Trezz pairing, and do the Lakers actually want to stay in the 7 seed?
10 May, 08:06 AM UTC
Anyone else catch Drummond pouting after he got pulled for Gasol to close? He better not start that shit.
10 May, 06:26 AM UTC
Marc Gasol's Burner
@AriesLakers Gasol's value on display tonight. Drum filled up the stat sheet more with more points and rebs. But it was clear Gasol was a better fit. This has been the case all year. Fans just didn't understand that Gasol standing around on perimeter is valuable because it provides S P A C E
10 May, 05:09 AM UTC
Lakers Legacy
Anthony Davis Beast Mode at just the right time, Vogel actually closing with Marc Gasol, and LeBron James playing possum, waiting in the wings?? #SCARYHOURS
10 May, 05:45 AM UTC
10 May, 06:34 AM UTC
Jordi Colomé Batlle
Després de fallar sota l'aro, Ayton (6 i 3/3) l'ha superat en l'1x1 i aquí Vogel ha dit prou. Canvi i Marc Gasol (1, 0/0, 6r, 5f i +10 en 18') a pista. Les carones i els companys intentant-lo animar. Confiança 0.
10 May, 05:44 AM UTC
Anthony Davis Tr
Lakers Davis'in sakatlığından dolayı ve Gasol'den verim alamadığı için yaşadığı uzun sıkıntısını elindeki Harrell'ı vererek daha da alevlendirmek istemedi.Lakin şu an olsa Harrell'ın performansından dolayı verilebilir mi açıkçası düşündürücü.Yorumlarınızı bekliyorum
10 May, 07:48 AM UTC
Sacramento Kings
"Escúchame Monte, Papagiannis es el nuevo Marc Gasol, dale dos añitos más en Europa y me cuentas"
10 May, 07:46 AM UTC
@Lakers caruso minutes should be more than THT.. MONSTA TREZZ or Gasol should be more than drummond
10 May, 07:38 AM UTC
@gasol_30 おれ先月免許とった🥴
10 May, 06:59 AM UTC
@perezident25 idk why they don’t play Gasol more but I don’t watch that many laker games tbf
10 May, 06:33 AM UTC