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We Are Not Numbers #Gaza
On International Nursing Day, let's pray for Razan Al-Najjar, the Palestinian volunteer nurse who was killed by Israeli occupation forces while saving people's lives while participating in the #GreatReturnMarch protests in #Gaza, last year. We Are Not Numbers #Gaza's photo on #Gaza
12 May, 08:49 PM UTC
Ummah Welfare Trust
Ummah Welfare Trust’s water trucks are working extra hard this #Ramadhan, delivering safe drinkable water to #Gaza’s families. The charity has four water trucks, providing water to 400 families, 40 schools, 10 masjids and 4 hospitals, alhamdulillah. https://t.co/EryDgMpMiZ
13 May, 01:12 PM UTC
(((ylana))) ✡️ ציונית ن
#Gaza #TerrorismeIslamique Gaza - Mai 2019 Il est des pays où l'on fait la queue pour avoir de l'eau, de la nourriture et autres nécessités Et puis, il y a Gaza Où l'argent du Qatar est arrivé Et où chaque palestinien reçoit Le Salaire du Terrorisme (((ylana))) ✡️ ציונית ن's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 01:16 PM UTC
UNDP Palestine
With support from 🇶🇦 Qatar, we are creating #jobs for 3,516 #Palestinians in #Gaza in #education, #health and public service sectors. Improving livelihoods for families in #Gaza UNDP Palestine's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 07:46 AM UTC
teleSUR TV
ONU alerta que el bloqueo ilegal de Israel en #Gaza podría generar un colapso social https://t.co/N84atAwA6O Al menos el 1,3 millones de personas, de los 2 millones que habitan en la Franja, viven bajo el umbral de pobreza #ResistePalestina 🇵🇸 teleSUR TV's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 05:05 PM UTC
Énoooorme MashaAllah ! #Maroc #Ramadan A la mosquée de Casablanca, l'imam fait des invocations pour #Gaza et pour la reprise de la mosquée Al Aqsa de Jérusalem ! InshaAllah nous prierons à Al Aqsa libérée ! Allah ou Akbar ! One Ummah ! 🤲🤲☝️ Islam&Info's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 08:28 PM UTC
بنت فلسطين
الشخص في الفيديو من عائلة بكر هو نفسه في هذه الصورة يبكي على أطفال عائلته الأربعة الذين قتلهم جيش الاحتلال الصهيوني على شاطئ بحر غزة خلال عدوان 2014. على مدار السنوات كان وعائلته وقارب الصيد الخاص به ضحية لإجرام الاحتلال. #Palestine #Gaza بنت فلسطين's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 07:12 PM UTC
Du #Yemen à #Gaza : la responsabilité sociale des entreprises qui exportent des armes : https://t.co/udox856j7c @FC_actu @CPolF5 @RFI @afpfr @Reuters_France #directAN #Syrie #Lybie #Egypte #Europe #France NADOT's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 06:55 PM UTC
China Xinhua News
More than 1 million people in #Gaza may not have enough food, if it cannot secure at least an additional 60 million U.S. dollars by June: UN #Palestinian refugee agency https://t.co/B0KbJYbZUh China Xinhua News's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 07:53 PM UTC
teleSUR TV
ONU alerta que el bloqueo ilegal de Israel en #Gaza podría generar un colapso social https://t.co/N84atAeYIe Al menos el 1,3 millones de personas, de los 2 millones que habitan en la Franja, viven bajo el umbral de pobreza #ResistePalestina 🇵🇸 teleSUR TV's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 08:06 PM UTC
Shehab News
#UNRWA: More than one million people in #Gaza may not have enough food by June https://t.co/7WaoVX6Tmf Shehab News's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Randa J. Kullab 🇵🇸🇵🇸
Enough , its time for the world to wake up ! #Gaza #Palestinians #Palestine #FreePalestine Randa J. Kullab 🇵🇸🇵🇸's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 05:33 PM UTC
Usman Malik عثمان ملک 🥶
RIP! One-year-old baby, Saba, killed on 4th may night in an Israeli airstrike in #Gaza. Don’t forget the #UMMAH in this blessed month of Ramadan. #Palestine #GazaUnderAttack https://t.co/qSiaEe1arq
13 May, 02:08 PM UTC
(((ylana))) ✡️ ציונית ن
#Gaza #FakeNews Non @palestinechronf ce n'est pas Gaza 2019 Photo de Syrie 2015 https://t.co/AYOiAKUcZf Vous êtes vraiment sur place? https://t.co/k6Rycywvxl
13 May, 06:21 PM UTC
░▒▓► #Gaza needs your help, urgently 🙏 #WorldWithGaza #StandUp4Gaza #Rights2Live4Palestinians🇵🇸 ❝ TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to demand Israel allow medicines into Gaza to prevent 100s of amputations! https://t.co/6RD6N6LkLa / ifamericansknew KAKAPO➤Endangered's photo on #Gaza
12 May, 11:33 PM UTC
Aurora Intel
#US Embassy in #Jerusalem issue a warning for #US Citizens in #Israel across the whole country for #Eurovision and #Nakba Day. #Gaza https://t.co/9Lv38IE2vn Aurora Intel's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 07:59 PM UTC
Aurora Intel
The Supreme National Commission for Return and Breaking the Siege has invited the people of #Gaza to participate in what's titled "the million return and breaking the siege" on Wednesday, May 15th. The March coincides with the 71th anniversary of #Nakba #Nakba71 #Israel [Knish] Aurora Intel's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 02:52 PM UTC
UNDP Palestine
Part of @nmladenov visit and meeting with beneficaries of #C4W programme in one of #Gaza schools 🙏 to #Qatar 🇶🇦 funds @RobertoValentUN @gprewitt1 @UNSCO_MEPP @MofaQatar_EN @UNDPArabic UNDP Palestine's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 07:46 PM UTC
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸
You have no idea how hard it is to be a freelance journalist. You spend endless time working on a story you already spent so much time digging. Then they ask for changes & more changes. Then you start the editing battle. And it doesn't even pay well. #Gaza
13 May, 08:19 PM UTC
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸
Only God knows how much time I spend answering emails, giving statements, helping other journalists, helping people, giving insights & its all just draining. I find no energy left to the cruel process of hunting freelancing gigs. #Gaza
13 May, 08:26 PM UTC
Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ
AR-15 fans in my followers- what do you think this upper/lower combination is in #Gaza, in the hands of Al-Qassam brigades? Doesn't look like standard A2 to me at all. Also weird is the barrel profile, maybe taken from the Colt 653s there. Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 08:34 PM UTC
Nick Black
#Hamas sending women and children to the front line of the #Gaza border so their murderous operatives can hide behind them. Cowards. #onedayingaza
13 May, 08:33 PM UTC
On a de l'empathie pour ce chat apatride gémissant suite à un bombardement aérien de la coalition, mais l'idée ne nous traverse pas l'esprit que des enfants des mères subissent chaque jour le même sort ! ( Vos choix politiques et vos Impôts y contribue) #Gaza #Syria #Irak JONAS's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 01:05 PM UTC
Surrey Friends of Palestine
Visiting the #apartheid State? Don't let the #Zionists hide the brutal illegal occupation from you The theft of land homes and resources the murder of kids Just Don't #Israel #WarCrime #America #Palestine #Gaza #BDS #BoycottEurovision2019 https://t.co/jocuwGWaBO
13 May, 06:08 PM UTC
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸
I get tons of emails requesting TV, Radio & online appearances with no mention of being paid & I'm too shy to even ask my money, for some reason I don't feel comfortable doing so yet I can't be doing it for free anymore either. #Gaza
13 May, 08:25 PM UTC
Fiery Riot💥
“As she spoke to the girl she was hit. 14 year old Wisal was killed with a single shot to the head”. One day in Gaza BBC2 #Israel #Gaza #Palestine
13 May, 08:22 PM UTC
Nilgün Kılıç
Herşeye para var, herkes desteklenecek kadar değerli; sömürülen günahsız mazlumlardan hariç! #Yemen #Gaza #Somali #DoğuTürkistan https://t.co/JeH6TyG71n
13 May, 08:37 PM UTC
Maggi Carter
@OhBleakEarth @AnissaNain @humayunhussain @mjallad @Communista2 @laielkha @ITsalagi @takethepss @curiousallele @pinccushion @melaniekmelvin @Armstrong141 @lisanandy @JasnaBosna1 @Lamis_Deek @jncatron @wisermann Israel monitors & controls what comes in & goes out, esp in #Gaza. From the beginning, Israel wanted Hamas & wanted some weapons, esp in Gaza... so Palestinians would be divided & so there'd be an excuse to eventually flatten Gaza, like S Lebanon. Would have to come from outside.
13 May, 08:45 AM UTC
Ibtihal Aloul
Depending on foreign aid through @UNRWA is not a sustainable solution to end the suffering of about 2 million Palestinains living under illegal blockade; lifting the #Gaza blockade is. Dignity and full rights are as important as aid #GroupPalestine #قروب_فلسطين https://t.co/uPVVmLGOBy
13 May, 12:56 PM UTC
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸
And before you ask me why I have to resort to freelancing & the online battle: #Gaza unemployment rates skyrocket every year, rare new jobs open & they are either predetermined due to corruption or unsuitable.
13 May, 08:32 PM UTC
#GAZA | Les factions terroristes de Gaza menacent d'envoyer plus de ballons incendiaires sur Israël que jamais ce mercredi 15 mai, jour de la Nakba (qui signifie "catastrophe" et qui correspond à la date indépendance de l'État d'Israël). Plus d'infos : ⬇️ https://t.co/P7IYsuHKGF
13 May, 08:27 PM UTC
Al Mayadeen Español
Ocupación israelí continúa atacando a #Gaza para desviar atención de sus planes anexionistas https://t.co/zEGXlsQCKp Al Mayadeen Español's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 08:41 PM UTC
Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸
Also very sad to say that most of the #INGO world in #Gaza is unhealthy & crushes talented strong people. Sharks leave no space for any smaller fishes because they feel threatened.
13 May, 08:33 PM UTC
Max Slaughter
“Approaching a fence is not a lethal, life-threatening act, so that does not warrant being shot. Lethal force may only be used as a measure of last, not first, resort.” – Rupert Colville, a spokesman for @UNHumanRights, after #Israel kills 60 protesters in #Gaza. #OneDayInGaza
13 May, 08:34 PM UTC
Richard Hardigan
RT PalestineChron "#Israel’s Common Denominator: Why Israel Will Continue to Bomb #Gaza by Ramzy Baroud https://t.co/0hhy8NPGfC PalestineChron "Richard Hardigan's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 08:42 PM UTC
Clár Ní Fhearaíl
The #IDF murders medics, they know they are medics. They shoot anyway, they shoot to kill #onedayingaza #Israel #Palestine #GreatReturnMarch #Gaza
13 May, 08:38 PM UTC
@BBCNewsPR IDF couldn't lie straight in bed scumbags the shit that comes out of there mouth's #Freepalestine #Gaza #BDS
13 May, 08:38 PM UTC
#oPt: More than one million people in #Gaza – half the population – may run out of food by June - @UNRWA https://t.co/6w6EI7gZIp
13 May, 08:21 PM UTC
@BettyMcCollum04 Rep. McCollum, Many thanks for introducing historic bill for the most wretched kids in #palestine H.R. 4391, Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children #bds, #gaza. @RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN https://t.co/gtgGKUAnSJ SLcyberspace's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 08:45 PM UTC
Surrey Friends of Palestine
Pleasantly surprised by the honest of the BBC2 programme 1 day in #Gaza The #Zionist @BBC will suffer one hell of a backlash for showing #Israel to be the Murderers they are #warCRIMES #apartheid #Palestine #BDS #America #BoycottEurovision2019
13 May, 08:44 PM UTC
Eddie DiFruscia
#JeremyCorbyn: We Cannot Stay Silent At Continued Denial Of Justice To #Palestinians– IMEMC News https://t.co/oXXmmieQmE #Gaza #BreakGazaSiege #Jerusalem #FreePalestine 🇵🇸 #Palestine #BoycottIsrael #BDS #Google #CNN #BBC #FoxNews #MSNBC #DonaldTrump #Apartheid #Israel #Netanyahu
13 May, 08:42 PM UTC
Fiery Riot💥
“While he was treating three casualties and wearing a paramedic’s vest Musa was shot by the IDF”. The Israel regime really have no shame or morals. One day in #Gaza documentary.
13 May, 08:41 PM UTC
Palestine Chronicle
#Israel’s Common Denominator: Why Israel Will Continue to Bomb #Gaza by Ramzy Baroud https://t.co/SsqxCHIIZd @PalestineChron Palestine Chronicle's photo on #Gaza
13 May, 08:39 PM UTC
Fawwad Uddin
The sad situation people of #Gaza face. A daily fight of freedom. These people are asking for the right to walk on the land that was theirs.A completely different life2what we live in the West. Makes you appreciate what you have.
13 May, 08:37 PM UTC
Clár Ní Fhearaíl
Hamas and the Israeli government are more alike than either would care to admit. Both use innocent Palestinians as pawns in their game #onedayingaza #Israel #Palestine #gaza #GreatReturnMarch
13 May, 08:36 PM UTC
#OneDayinGaza is just heartbreaking. #gaza #Eurovision
13 May, 08:34 PM UTC