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Dan Bongino
The moment you bring a bomb to a “protest” it stops becoming a protest and starts becoming a terrorist attack. #Gaza
16 May, 10:24 PM UTC
Patricia López 💜
¿Os imagináis a Hitler diciendo que "con los judios pruebas métodos no letales y no funcionan, de ahí las cámaras de gas"? Pues Netanyahu lo ha dicho para justificar el genocidio de palestinos y la comunidad internacional a callar
16 May, 06:43 PM UTC
Toni Mejías🔻
24 horas después Pablo e Irene siguen siendo TT. Ha desaparecido Pablo Casado, ha desaparecido el Juez Llarena, ha desaparecido Gaza. Los medios de comunicación marcan nuestra agenda y nos dicen de qué debemos hablar. Priorizar frivolidades frente a lo importante. Es tremendo.
17 May, 10:17 AM UTC
(((Yair Rosenberg)))
I wrote: 13 inconvenient truths about what has been happening in Gaza, an attempt to acknowledge the realities partisans often do not
17 May, 01:51 AM UTC
El PDCAT, Ciudadanos y el PP impiden que el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona condene la matanza en Gaza. Que las banderas no obnubilen su verdadero ser.
17 May, 07:05 AM UTC
An Israeli Defense Forces drone TEAR GASES journalists at the Gaza border! RT's photo on Gaza
17 May, 07:00 AM UTC
Ben White
The Israeli army wants you to think the claims made by a Hamas official in a TV interview - that 50 fatalities in #Gaza on 14 May were "Hamas" - somehow justifies the conduct of its forces. Some have apparently bought this line. But they're wrong – and here’s why. THREAD ⬇️
17 May, 09:41 AM UTC
Al Jazeera English
"When Israel is not sniping us down or bombing us, it exerts great effort to ensure that we live in subhuman conditions." — #AJOpinion
17 May, 04:28 AM UTC
Aya Isleem 🇵🇸 #Gaza
#Gaza under bombing at this moment Aya Isleem 🇵🇸 #Gaza's photo on Gaza
16 May, 10:18 PM UTC
🇺🇸 SKY45 🇺🇸 ︻デ═一
We are at a point where liberals openly support communism, dictatorship and terrorism! Mind boggling! These are kids that are brainwashed to kill. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease #Gaza #ThursdayThoughts #KAG2020 🇺🇸 SKY45 🇺🇸 ︻デ═一's photo on Gaza
17 May, 11:54 AM UTC
Jim Hanson
Four corrections to a @nytimes hit piece is staggering I guess their layers of fact checkers and editors were busy making up garbage about Gaza Mark has done an amazing amount of work on the #IranDeal and many other issues & deserves to have the truth told about all of it
17 May, 12:01 PM UTC
Sarah Wilkinson
Rules on criticising Israel abandoned as Gaza gets Front Page on city rags & politicians break their obedient silence
16 May, 06:16 PM UTC
Kenneth Roth
It doesn't matter whether the victims were members of Hamas or not. Israeli snipers, entrenched behind two substantial fences, had no right to use lethal force (killing 58) against anyone unless as a last resort to stop an imminent lethal threat. Kenneth Roth's photo on Gaza
17 May, 01:22 PM UTC
mikel ayestaran
Balance de la Marcha del Retorno en #Gaza desde el 30 de marzo al 17 de mayo mikel ayestaran's photo on Gaza
17 May, 06:00 AM UTC
Susie Snowflake
If you are a decent person and you haven't condemned Israel's use of brute, disproportionate force in Gaza, you should speak out now. Otherwise, what makes you any different? Silence is complicity.
17 May, 08:38 AM UTC
Tammy Coldwell
"Instant Karma" I guess there were many "self-inflicted" injuries on the #Gaza border. OUCH!!! #HAMAS #Israel #MAGA Tammy Coldwell's photo on Gaza
17 May, 01:35 PM UTC
Harris J
And to those who are about to jump on the chance to @ me, I’m only promoting that coz they went to do good work in Gambia. Anything else right now don’t come to me for. PRAY FOR GAZA
17 May, 03:33 PM UTC
Olga Rodriguez
También parecía imposible con Sudáfrica, pero el boicot y la presión sirvieron. ¿Para cuándo con Israel? El apartheid, los arrestos preventivos, las matanzas y la discriminación diaria necesitan respuesta. No en nuestro nombre. #Gaza Olga Rodriguez's photo on Gaza
17 May, 02:37 PM UTC
(((David Ghitis)))
Después del trino de Petro sobre lo que pasa en la frontera entre Gaza e Israel… ¿Me ayudan a buscar los trinos de Petro condenando la masacre ordenada por Daniel Ortega contra estudiantes nicaragüenses?
17 May, 01:45 PM UTC
Unquestioning support of Israel's brutality is one of the main reasons Americans are hated around the world. #GazaMassacre #Gaza Massacre Marchella's photo on Gaza
16 May, 09:32 PM UTC
1000s of ppl unite in Paris to condemn the apartheid state of Israel & express outrage over its massacre in Gaza
16 May, 06:02 PM UTC
TheLuckyHeron 💚
As if Israeli snipers killing over 60 protesters in last couple of days wasn't enough, they are now bombing northern Gaza on the first day of Ramadan! #GazaUnderAttack Savages And still silence from Teresa May...
16 May, 10:53 PM UTC
Partisangirl 🇸🇾
Ladies and Gentleman. I give you the Jewish ISIS. #Gaza
17 May, 02:53 PM UTC
Arch Kennedy
Hamas turns away two large truckloads of Israeli humanitarian aid meant to relieve medical shortages in Gaza Strip #ThursdayThoughts #Hamas
17 May, 01:14 PM UTC
Ben White
Hamas is a large, multi-faceted entity. It is political (won '06 elections, & approx. 1 in 3 of Palestinians in WB/Gaza would vote for them tomorrow), & it is social. As the authority in Gaza, it runs the police. It also has a military wing.
17 May, 09:56 AM UTC
WATCH: Tarek Loubani, a Canadian doctor who was shot by Israeli forces while treating wounded Palestinians in Gaza this week speaks to @democracynow about the dire conditions that the medical system in the besieged enclave face. The IMEU's photo on Gaza
17 May, 03:52 PM UTC
ᑕᗩᒍᑌᑎ ᑕᕼIᑕK 💕🌻💕
How to sum up the Gaza “protests” in one image ᑕᗩᒍᑌᑎ ᑕᕼIᑕK 💕🌻💕's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:37 PM UTC
Erin Cunningham
In Gaza, some 1,360 Palestinians were shot over the course of 8 hours Monday. They were shot on the Palestinian side of the fence, which was never breached. No Israeli soldiers were reported injured.
17 May, 08:12 AM UTC
“1. There is NO border. 2. There were NO clashes. 3. This is NOT only related to the Embassy opening. This WAS the lethal use of force against non-violent protesters who did not pose a threat to Israel” ~ @4noura And the world should be ashamed. RT
17 May, 01:06 PM UTC
Twitter Moments
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley praised Israel’s “restraint” in dealing with Gaza border protests before walking out on the Palestinian representative as he began speaking.
16 May, 07:49 PM UTC
Omar Baddar
Palestinians in Gaza aren't helpless children following Hamas's orders toward meaningless death. They are human beings with agency, living under a suffocating siege where decent life is impossible & they're willing to risk their lives for freedom.
17 May, 02:29 PM UTC
MintPress News
What we have witnessed over the course of the last decade is a periodic all-out Israeli assault on Gaza’s vital infrastructure.
17 May, 03:35 PM UTC
CBC News Alerts
Trudeau tells New York audience Canada will not move embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Says unilateral actions don't help, conflict can be resolved only by direct negotiations between the 2 parties. Background: (Photo by CBC's Catherine Cullen.) CBC News Alerts's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:37 PM UTC
Pierre Nerval
Un terroriste palestinien arrêté mardi par l’armée israélienne alors qu'il tentait de violer la frontière israélienne a déclaré dans une vidéo que le Hamas pousse volontairement la population de la bande de Gaza vers la barrière de sécurité avec Israël.
17 May, 04:32 AM UTC
Palestinian Rights
"I think most people around the world take for granted that every day, they are able to do something very simple, which is at the end of the day, they go home. For Palestinians, they have not been able to go home for 70 years." - @YousefMunayyer #Nakba70
17 May, 04:32 PM UTC
Conservative Review
"Ambassador Haley made sure to set the record straight about the actors behind the so-called “protests” in Gaza. She detailed the Iran-backed financing of Gaza terrorism ..." - @JordanSchachtel
17 May, 04:30 PM UTC
Israel en Español
La verdad en 100 segundos: Las personas de #Gaza son víctimas del #Hamas, una organización terrorista comprometida con la destrucción de #Israel, poniendo su ideología extremista islámica por encima del interés de su población. #EstoDebeParar #NoAlTerrorismo Israel en Español's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:36 PM UTC
#RamadhanMubarak #RamadhanKareem Alhamduulillah Dapur Umum Indonesia akan Mulai di Buka besok Jumat 2 Ramadhan 1439 H.Makanan Buka & Sahur akan dibagikan gratis Untuk Warga Gaza..Subhan’Allah..🙏 #SavePalestin's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:21 PM UTC
michele giorgio
#Gaza, #Ramadan di sangue. Il mio reportage oggi su @ilmanifesto
17 May, 01:33 PM UTC
Agence France-Presse
Israel bombardea posiciones de Hamas en Gaza, la Liga Árabe se reúne #AFP
17 May, 03:31 PM UTC
Palestine Info Center
Palestinian Muslim worshipers perform "Taraweeh", nightly prayer of the holy month of Ramadan, at a mosque, in Gaza city.
17 May, 04:08 PM UTC
Rodney Latstetter
'This Is the Language of a Fascist': Trump Denounced for Racist Rant, Calling Immigrants 'Animals' "From Palestinians in Gaza to immigrants in America, dehumanization is always the prelude to cruel and callous policies."
17 May, 01:17 PM UTC
Noura Erakat
Hamas employs the public sector in #Gaza and was democratically elected. Being a “member” is overly broad & irrelevant re #Israel’s massacre
17 May, 04:42 PM UTC
Michael Dickson
If You Call the #Gaza Death Toll "Disproportionate," How Many Israelis Have to Die for the Sake of Symmetry? by Eric H. Yoffie, former President of Union for Reform Judaism @URJorg
17 May, 04:41 PM UTC
Strength and Honor
BBC >spent more AIR time and money about the solidarity of the royal marriage!>#Amnestyinternational Updated numbers from the Palestinian Ministry of Health show 52 people have been killed today in #Gaza, including 5 children under 18>HOW CAN IT BE.! Strength and Honor's photo on Gaza
17 May, 03:42 PM UTC
Liza Vasquez
The violence in Gaza is horrifying. Join me on @IfNotNowOrg's open call May 17 at 8 p.m. EST to get an update from young Jewish activists and experts from the ground on what's happening, and what you can do about it. Sign up for the call >>
17 May, 08:15 AM UTC
Merci @JustinTrudeau de finalement répondre à l'appel de @theJagmeetSingh et de suivre l'exemple de plusieurs États sur la scène internationale
16 May, 08:48 PM UTC
Palestinians abroad
Actor Benicio del Toro joined Palestinians at the #Cannes Film Festival in a demonstration against the deaths of Palestinian protesters by Israeli army fire in #Gaza. Palestinians abroad's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:00 PM UTC
Michael Dickson
Israel 'did everything we could' to avoid bloodshed at the border with #Gaza
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
For anyone wondering what it looks like in #GazaStrip #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine #HamasRiots #Hamas #OpenAirPrison #GreatReturnMarch
17 May, 04:37 PM UTC
Oscar Mijallo
Excelente infografía sobre la localización de las víctimas de la actuación israelí en #Gaza
17 May, 04:43 PM UTC
Últimas Noticias
#Internacionales El Papa Francisco repudió la masacre en Gaza Últimas Noticias's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Julián Rubio
Queda uno sin palabras y con mucha rabia e impotencia, el escuchar la justificación por parte del Embajador israelí en Colombia de la masacre de Gaza, en entrevista en @WRadioColombia. Repudio total!
17 May, 04:34 PM UTC
زيا 🇵🇸
#القدس #القدس_لنا #فلسطين #فلسطيني #القدس_عاصمه_فلسطين_الابديه #قروب_فلسطيني #فلسطيني #قدس_عاصمة_فلسطين #GreatMarchOfReturn #United4AlQuds #PalestineWillBeFree #PalestineImmortal #GroupPalestine #Palestine #JusticeForPalestine #TeamPalestine #GreatReturnMarch #Gaza 🇵🇸♡ زيا 🇵🇸's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:22 PM UTC
Israeli military’s international spokesman says some Palestinians ‘that weren’t the target’ were hit. This is quite the U-turn from saying they every bullet is planned & every target intended. It shouldn’t have happened, but it’s a welcome admission.
17 May, 01:34 PM UTC
Brian Flynn
My statement on the unacceptable violence happening in Israel and Gaza.
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Simon Patterson
Huge backlash against supporters of Israeli government over Gaza Massacre via @MidWalesMike
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
The Greanville Post
Israel Commemorates Nakba with Mass Murder at the Gaza Fence - The Greanville Post's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:46 PM UTC
Rami G. Khouri
What should we make of emergency meetings this week at the Arab League and the Islamic Cooperation Organization to discuss the Gaza/Jerusalem situation? Not much beyond symbolic protests, I suspect. My comments to Aljazeera English tv today.
17 May, 04:46 PM UTC
Ariel #FBPE
'Appalled' Trudeau calls for inquiry after Canadian doctor wounded in Gaza
17 May, 04:46 PM UTC
Ceri 'Militant Matriarch' Dyke
60 protesters, including 8 children, shot dead by Israeli soldiers in #Gaza. Sanctions on South Africa helped free its black people - it's time for sanctions on Israel to free Palestinians. Sign & RT:
17 May, 04:46 PM UTC
Gal Katz
The use of certain words effectively shapes a controversy just because it’s disguised as a mere “natural” (so not “political”) description. The case of “border”
17 May, 04:46 PM UTC
i24NEWS English
You can blame #Hamas till doomsday, but it is #Israel, not Hamas, that has the power to do something about the dire conditions in Gaza, @AlonBenMeir tells @ShaynaEstulin & @DavidShuster i24NEWS English's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:46 PM UTC
Gus 📿
@Mabelrbcardenas Acaban de entrevistar al embajador de Israel por el tema Gaza, pero a todos los atendió. Y se sorprendieron porque dizque les tiró el teléfono, pero después de esa emboscada de semejantes hienas, quien no!
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Rowan Wolf
Israel Commemorates Nakba with Mass Murder at the Gaza Fence - Rowan Wolf's photo on Gaza
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
New Jewish Right
For the cost of a cup of coffee you can help a deprived youth from Gaza attend Hamas camp this summer. There he'll learn traditional Palestinian terrorist arts & crafts like how to build a swastika kite bomb to burn the Jews. @Sultanknish @ymedad @haivri #tcot
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Coby 🎋 Troy 🍂
Laura Loomer Reports LIVE From Israel On Gaza Strip Conflict
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
(((Jay Lampert)))
@SethAMandel @NYGovCuomo Just like the bridge connecting Gaza and the West Bank.
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Geoffrey M Hodgson #FBPE
13 Inconvenient Truths About What Has Been Happening in Gaza via @tabletmag
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
המרכז הירושלמי
#Israel #Gaza #Terror
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Jim Crossman
@trklou @JustinTrudeau “This blood will keep boiling until the occupation leaves forever,” he said.
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
#Gaza #ガザ地区 ではイスラエル兵によるデモ参加者への発砲で、子ども8人を含む60人が死亡しました。南アフリカでは、制裁が黒人解放運動の成功につながりました。今度はパレスチナ人解放を目指し、イスラエルに対し制裁を加えるべき時です。ご署名&RTお願いします:
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Hunter Collett
Pretty sure US media will spin this as “Trucks of Israeli humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip decide to not deliver aid”
17 May, 04:45 PM UTC

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