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Muhammad Smiry 🇵🇸
Rest in peace Abed. #Gaza 14 year old child, Abed, was shot on Friday, and died the second day, he was protesting at Gaza borders. https://t.co/rJOHqI1zO7
15 Jan, 06:09 PM UTC
✌️🇵🇸✌️Mohammed pal
Good morning from #Gaza My nephew Mohammed ❤🇵🇸✌ ✌️🇵🇸✌️Mohammed pal's photo on #gaza
15 Jan, 07:06 AM UTC
Shehab News
Israeli occupation ban filming their crimes! #Gaza #Palestine #BDS Shehab News's photo on #gaza
16 Jan, 12:33 AM UTC
Ummah Welfare Trust
Over 2,000 families in besieged #Gaza have been helped with blankets, LED lights and new coats this winter الحمد لله. Here’s some children that you’ve brought smiles to this winter. https://t.co/MudwyY5x4j
15 Jan, 05:12 PM UTC
‎﮼رفيف 🇵🇸
Our kids are our only hope for the future.♥️ Good evening from #Gaza 🇵🇸 ‎﮼رفيف 🇵🇸's photo on #gaza
15 Jan, 03:37 PM UTC
Bahaa Shammala
You will never feel them due to this is not happening anywhere, but in #Palestine 😔. Palestinian families take part in a protest of solidarity with their sons who are held in Israeli occupation jails, in front of Red Cross office, in Gaza city today. #IsraeliCrimes #BDS #Gaza https://t.co/loPUeLsupH
15 Jan, 11:53 AM UTC
Sonia Mota
#WestBank & #Gaza"Occupied"or"Disputed" Territories? From the Legal Point of View,there's no question in Intl Law that the Territories are“Occupied" Even the #IsraeliSupremeCourt has issued several rulings that the WestBank & Gaza are held by #Israel under“#BelligerentOccupation” Sonia Mota's photo on #gaza
15 Jan, 07:41 PM UTC
Saif Deen Bitar
ASK YOURSELF➤What Danger Did This Mother Pose To #Israel's Security OR Those Fully Armed #Israeli Snipers Entrenched behind #Gaza's Fence⁉️ Was that DANGER-just her ❝LONGING❞ for her home stolen by #Israeli settlers OR her ❝Right Of Return❞ preserved by International Law⁉️ Saif Deen Bitar's photo on #gaza
15 Jan, 12:43 PM UTC
ⵏⴰⵙⵜⵉⵜⵉ ⴽⴰⵔⵢⴰ ⴷⴻⵡⵉ 🇵🇸
❄❄ One of the daily activities during the winter in #Gaza. ❄ #GazaSiegeCrime #GroupPalestine ⵏⴰⵙⵜⵉⵜⵉ  ⴽⴰⵔⵢⴰ  ⴷⴻⵡⵉ 🇵🇸's photo on #gaza
15 Jan, 10:47 AM UTC
FOTÓGRAFO PALESTINO ARRESTADO POR ISRAEL BRUTALMENTE . #FreePalestine #PalestinaLibre #Gaza Contra SIONISMO's photo on #gaza
15 Jan, 02:20 PM UTC
Maurits Oskam
Impressive working visit to #Gaza to learn more about the humanitarian and human rights situation on the ground. And most importantly: to meet Gaza’s inspirational future leaders that participate in the @UNDP youth empowerment programme @UNDPPalestinian @Dynamic_Futures https://t.co/8ezbprz5Tj
15 Jan, 03:12 PM UTC
Joe Truzman
First images of today’s infiltration into #Israel from #Gaza by members of a Palestinian border unit. They managed to cut the wire, enter the opposite side of the security fence and burn a #IDF sniper’s nest. They all returned safely back into #Gaza. https://t.co/MFaJW5oyFo
15 Jan, 09:08 PM UTC
🇵🇰 🇵🇸 Maria🇵🇸🇵🇰
#Gaza is in our Hearts !! Oh #Sons of #Dog !! #GroupPalestine #قروب_فلسطيني 🇵🇰 🇵🇸 Maria🇵🇸🇵🇰's photo on #gaza
15 Jan, 04:30 PM UTC
Dimitri Lascaris
Toronto law firm Gardiner Roberts disgraces itself by hosting a speaker who has called for ethnic cleansing in Gaza: https://t.co/k0PprgbMVk - @GRLLP #racism #warcrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Gaza #palestine
16 Jan, 01:31 AM UTC
Manolo Luppichini
#Gaza Fonti sul campo anticipano che la storiella dei #Carabinieri rifugiati sta volgendo al lieto fine. Apparentemente #Hamas ne ha stabilito l'identità ed è sul punto di lasciarli andare. Curioso di sentire la panzana ufficiale che spareranno sulla loro presenza nella striscia https://t.co/s8yNjrimMe
15 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
RIمSHA 🇵🇰🇵🇸
Never forget #Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja who was murdered by israeli occupiers in #Gaza, while he was on duty. Rest in peace... https://t.co/UmX85UQXSL
15 Jan, 12:24 PM UTC
EP Internacional
El comisionado general de @UNRWA_spain, @PKraehenbuehl destaca que la agencia superó una "crisis existencial" tras la retirada de financiación de EEUU y alerta sobre la situación en #Gaza. Lo cuenta en una entrevista con @borja_aranda en @europapress https://t.co/oXN1EeqoDJ
15 Jan, 08:18 AM UTC
Richard Hardigan
ISMPalestine "Video: #Israel kills dreams of #Gaza boxing champion “I had the ambition to become a boxing champion and to represent Palestine abroad,” Abu Marahil told Electronic Intifada. “But the #occupation was the obstacle,” stated Osama Ayoub, A… "Richard Hardigan's photo on #gaza
16 Jan, 01:30 AM UTC
#Hamas assediano nostri carabinieri a #Gaza rifugiatisi nella sede #URNWA. Sono accusati di essere degli israeliani sotto copertura. Ecco i terroristi palestinesi che tanto piacciono ai sinistri. https://t.co/6h7fsYktFP
15 Jan, 11:51 PM UTC
ISM Palestine
Video: #Israel kills dreams of #Gaza boxing champion “I had the ambition to become a boxing champion and to represent Palestine abroad,” Abu Marahil told Electronic Intifada. “But the #occupation was the obstacle,” stated Osama Ayoub, Abu Marahil’s coach. https://t.co/ee3CjzEnDc ISM Palestine's photo on #gaza
16 Jan, 01:00 AM UTC
#GazaAmal es un cómic de Susanna Martín y UNRWA para romper prejuicios y estereotipos sobre las mujeres de Gaza. ¡Descárgalo y compártelo! #gaza #mujeres #NiUnPasoAtrás https://t.co/VACXwjPHZA
15 Jan, 10:31 PM UTC
TopTrends ITALIA
TT ITALIA 04:39 1.#Brexit 2.#Cartabianca 3.#10yearchallenge 4.#Bersani 5.#TheresaMay 6.Nel 2009 7.Strasburgo 8.Sossio 9.D'Annunzio 12.#gaza
16 Jan, 03:39 AM UTC
14 jährige #Palästinenser vom israelischen #Sniper #Scharfschütze n am #freitag in #Gaza erschossen, starb am nächsten Tag. #Israel #Terrorism #Kinderrechte #Menschenrechte #Palestine #BDS https://t.co/FoQPQvQZE6
15 Jan, 07:07 PM UTC
CIDI jongeren
Terreurgroep Hamas heeft in #Gaza een gebouw van UNRWA omsingeld. Daarin bevinden zich vier gewapende Italianen, waarvan Hamas beweert dat het Israëli's zijn. De Italiaanse ambassadeur in Israël heeft echter de nationaliteit van de vier bevestigd. https://t.co/qGOAFpLZpl
15 Jan, 08:58 PM UTC
“We diabolus thugs kill for money, but since you are my friend, and if you’re ready to die for me, then you will never realize that it is I who will have you killed. We will do it for free.” Beelzebub Netanyahu #Zionist #TelAvivSyndrome #FalseFlags #USSLiberty #911truth #Gaza https://t.co/IIIoRz02d7
16 Jan, 04:19 AM UTC
Debbi Morello
ICYMI @Nervana_1 ‘s Outstanding compilation of news and analysis- This Week in Egypt: Week 2-2019 (7-13) #Egypt #Sisi #Pompeo #AhmedDouma #RamiMalek #Gaza https://t.co/6VkCuAbRve
16 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
TopTrends ITALIA
TT ITALIA 05:09 1.#Brexit 2.#Cartabianca 3.#10YearChallenge 4.#Bersani 5.#TheresaMay 6.Nel 2009 7.Strasburgo 8.Sossio 9.D'Annunzio 12.#gaza
16 Jan, 04:09 AM UTC
Karen R Pomer
Over 30,000 people have been shot in #Gaza since the beginning of the #GreatReturnMarch demonstrations, and roughly 250 have been killed. At what point do the “#Zionists against #BDS” own their complicity in the shooting of yet another unarmed,... https://t.co/mdmxn0Obf3
16 Jan, 03:49 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Italy.

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