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Piya Chattopadhyay
Can/Did the Ontario government explain why those who got AZ for first shot now have to be at back of line for a second dose even if they are willing to get Pfizer? Cuz There’s a lot of rage from the gen x crowd right now, And there might be a good reason for delay but explain it
10 Jun, 05:31 PM UTC
The Poisonous Euros Atmosphere Fan
Why are Gen X suddenly on Twitter instead of Facebook, absolutely failing to observe the most basic tenets of grammar and aggressively shilling for the Tory party.
10 Jun, 02:23 PM UTC
Kelsey Francis
@shannoncoulter So cranky and Gen X, I got excited about my new notebook that only cranky Gen X can appreciate.
10 Jun, 12:59 PM UTC
I understand your perspective and understand the obsession also. Life is hard. And getting harder because of FIAT and monetary expansion. Millenials and Gen Z are really facing the brunt of the policies installed and enjoyed by Boomers and Gen X.
10 Jun, 03:09 PM UTC
Dr. Ubaka Ogbogu
Gen X got dose 1 in April. I think we are lining up again now that dose 2 booking has been opened up to April or earlier. Helping Kenney get his Stampede against our will. @UbakaOgbogu's photo on Gen X
11 Jun, 01:14 AM UTC
Fern_Suchada PPTV
ฉีดแอสตร้าฯแล้วไม่เป็นไข้ แสดงว่าเป็นคนในยุค Baby Boom ไม่ก็ Gen X นะคะ 😂 น้องสาวน็อคไปอีก 1 เดี๋ยวก็หาย
10 Jun, 04:01 PM UTC
Where are muh Gen X’ers? 🤣🤣🤣 let’s have a “scar off”
10 Jun, 11:33 PM UTC
(This part is superfluous.)
ME: When did Gen X get so angry? ALANIS MORISSETTE: 'Cause the love that you gave that we made Wasn't able to ma- ME: oh right
11 Jun, 02:39 AM UTC
@mrbenjaminlaw Woooooow. Such hate. Yes it’s true, but so hateful. Yes, I’m Gen X. Yes, I demand a double space … and an Oxford comma!
11 Jun, 03:15 AM UTC
I know Gen X is aging, but it’s still extremely jarring when one of the homies from HS passes away. Really, anyone in their 40s or 50s, cuz that’s way too f*ckin young to die.
11 Jun, 03:07 AM UTC
Carmen Seaby
@niltiac @mrbenjaminlaw I am younger end of Gen X. I took typing classes on electric typewriters in the early nineties where we were taught 2 spaces after the full stop.
11 Jun, 03:07 AM UTC
Aaron Turon
That said I have never quite felt as millennial as when hanging out with a large group of Gen X parents. 🤣
11 Jun, 04:50 AM UTC
Ricard De La Cuesta y Rozas
This is the biggest problem with Gen X and Gen Y... many of us were raised to be infantile and selfish and thus resent duty. Those of us who love it, look upon the remaining 60% in disgust and with contempt.
11 Jun, 04:17 AM UTC
Survivalist Mind #ChinaVirus
@stuff_charlie GEN X here saying over my dead body... Trump measured the swamp. It's up to us to finish draining it...
11 Jun, 04:34 AM UTC
Random of Eddie
The film was explicitly set in 1981, which is fine, making Batman Gen X, which is fine. I like that the period came through, but the movie wasn't a period piece, it wasn't OH HEY LOOK AT ME I'M IN THE EIGHTIES I'd like to see a Batman movie set in the 30s with the same approach
11 Jun, 04:14 AM UTC
David Jesse Goldberg
@coloradotravis Gen X. Grew up with the older crowd and now (mostly) following the younger crowd- and not sure which crowd is more depressed.
11 Jun, 03:44 AM UTC
The Lasch Group 🕊️
@Goodtweet_man This is like when Gen X found out about Johnny Ramone's politics.
11 Jun, 03:38 AM UTC
Ben 🦍🖍️
@ThatNeighborBoy @morty162 Gen X actually doesn't exist
11 Jun, 03:19 AM UTC
@Blankzilla literally half of gen x is him just dramatically staring off
11 Jun, 05:14 AM UTC
Random Snake Facts
@LeviLWinters1 Nope...Gen X...Born in the mid 70's...
11 Jun, 05:05 AM UTC
Paul says Mask It or Casket
@robisraelart A Gen X/Millennial scavenger hunt.
11 Jun, 04:56 AM UTC
Mark J
@unlistenmusic My whole early Gen x life older boomers told me it peaked in 1969. But I don’t believe them.
11 Jun, 04:47 AM UTC
@Mondgesang @kriegundfreitag Logo, Musik ist Geschmackssache und ich wollte auch nur bisschen Spaß machen 😄 Für mich ist die Band halt nix, dafür viele andere des Genres 😁 Gen X geht wohl max. bis BJ 81,deswegen wäre es bei mir Gen Y, aber es ist ja nicht scharf abgegrenzt glaube ich 😀👍🤘
11 Jun, 04:42 AM UTC
Generation X: people born between 1965 and 1980 Aged 41-56 There can be a huge difference between someone aged 56 and someone aged 41. Gen X has always been two generations in one IMO.
11 Jun, 04:40 AM UTC
Jessica ; Being Normal
@RickNovy This is basically how my gen X doc reacted
11 Jun, 04:34 AM UTC
@nilikm @WalkinRobinL @BogochIsaac @HomerTien @fordnation @CBCOntarioToday I wonder what party gen x votes for the least. Hmm.
11 Jun, 04:30 AM UTC