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Bree Newsome Bass
All I know is I'm here to defend gen x, millennials, gen z & every other subsequent generation from the baseless attacks of the entitled baby boomer generation that brought us Ronald Reagan & Trump, made social security insolvent & destroyed the environment. What's good? Bree Newsome Bass's photo on Gen X
14 May, 02:21 PM UTC
The New York Times
Walkmen, long phone conversations, “The Real World” and pagers: A look back on Gen X
14 May, 03:15 PM UTC
Casey B. Head
Gen X weathered the dot com bubble and the great recession. It came of age on 09/11 and fought an endless war on terror. It keeps funding Social Security and Medicare, but won't see a dime. It quietly gets things done, and it's tired of your shit. (
14 May, 03:48 PM UTC
Kimberly Atkins
This package calls Gen X “a mess” and “so-so,” but then goes on to detail how we envisioned, created and perfected all the things that allow Millennials to do all the things they do. So you’re welcome. Also, we have ⁦@LennyKravitz⁩ so we win.
14 May, 12:53 PM UTC
Carol Roth
Gen X is the BEST generation. We are never talked about because we are the only ones who *aren't* a mess and have our stuff together. We are small, but mighty. We survived acid washed jeans. Our men were manly AND wore makeup. We wanted-and got- our MTV.
14 May, 03:21 PM UTC
andi zeisler
I'm not going to look up why "Gen X" is trending I'll just assume it's because we died
14 May, 06:05 PM UTC
Oliver Willis
gen x managed not to bankrupt the planet or fill the world with viral hate videos. i think we're ahead of the boomers and millenials, tbh.
14 May, 08:34 PM UTC
Emily Nussbaum
Refusing to participate in the Gen X discourse is my participation in the Gen X discourse.
14 May, 06:33 PM UTC
❄Mikki Kendall❄
Being a Gen X Black girl & dating is a whole book no one has written because our teen angst was navigating racism & respectability politics. I might have an idea forming that is all hot tea
14 May, 07:56 PM UTC
Mike Ryan
In the Times Gen X feature, this line got me the most. As a kid I felt I had to learn about all the popular culture that came before, which was a shock later when it almost became a currency to just not know much. Mike Ryan's photo on Gen X
14 May, 06:21 PM UTC
Ari Shapiro
Maybe the arts and culture of Gen X is a case study in what happens when a generation's most creative dreamers get wiped out by a plague.
14 May, 08:01 PM UTC
Not a disposable person 🌹🐰
I'm a baby boomer and can say that we, yes we boomers, screwed up the country for decades & continue to try to keep it that way. Stop blaming the Gen X, millennials & all the younger ppl. Get out of the f*cking way boomers & let them try & fix this hell we made.
14 May, 05:04 PM UTC
💀 damned sinker 💀
I know that I'm Gen X because I sure as fuck am not going to take that quiz come on.
14 May, 07:56 PM UTC
Adam Best
The test to figure out which generation you are is the 2000 election. Too young to vote? Millennial Gore, Nader or stayed home? Gen X Voted for Bush? No matter your age you have Boomer energy and are a Boomer.
14 May, 10:40 PM UTC
Miki Berenyi
A heads-up for Lush in the 4AD namecheck exploring the culture of Gen X, courtesy of @nytimes Miki Berenyi's photo on Gen X
14 May, 05:25 PM UTC
I saw another "Millennials have Gen X parents" thing today and it annoyed me so much I went and did the math based on CDC data on live births by age of mother by year. Roughly 70% of Millennials were born to mothers of Boomer Generation or older.
14 May, 10:46 PM UTC
Kaya Oakes
Gen X having our own special day on Twitter only because some Millennial editors and writers at the NYT paid attention to us for a minute is the most Gen X thing ever.
14 May, 11:40 PM UTC
The New York Times
Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day
14 May, 10:47 PM UTC
Matthew Perpetua
As a person who exists on the line between Gen X and Millennial it basically comes down to this: Gen Xers are cool but not at all fun, and Millennials are conformists but pleasant to be around
14 May, 09:38 PM UTC
Chase Masterson
I’m all in for Tim Conway, Gen X, and #Eurovision trending. But here is what MAGA’s president is up to. And it’s barely making news. Iran says Trump playing “very dangerous game” after US deploys military personnel & equipment to Persian Gulf
14 May, 11:17 PM UTC
The scoreboard here has exit velocity, and launch angle. It might as well have a giant sign that says “Gen X Not Welcome. Go to Hell you old farts”
14 May, 11:46 PM UTC
The Girl Least Likely To
There's a recurring theme in Gen X music that we were sold a vision of the world that was total bullshit and the despair that comes from realizing hard work doesn't pay and we're all a bunch of fuckups who will never be good enough because the whole thing is a con.
14 May, 10:51 PM UTC
Marvic Leonen
For Gen X: those who grew with walkman and telebabad
14 May, 11:28 PM UTC
Nitsuh Abebe
press about gen x has a distinct and unfortunate bias toward the 90s, but personally i prefer their cooler underground early work in the 80s
14 May, 11:47 PM UTC
Rob Motto
@nytimes Gen X is what millennials wish they were.
14 May, 08:24 PM UTC
Elana Levin
hippies had an authenticity fetish but no generation was as obsessed with labeling poseurs as gen x folks in any counterculture. I don’t actually know what pop teens obsessed over but it seems like the younger generations are all completely fine with wearing Tshirts for the art Elana Levin's photo on Gen X
14 May, 11:55 PM UTC
Kyle Fischer
Describe Gen X in one tweet: 👇
14 May, 06:18 PM UTC
I just saw an article about Gen X & what messed-up underachievers we all are. Like we didn't fucking know. #WhyIUseCurseWords
14 May, 11:43 PM UTC
Dirty Ernie
@JimmyLevendia The cassette is Gen X, the Record is boomer
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Mac William Bishop
@TaylorLorenz It’s a compelling project, but I’d also like a Gen X analysis to touch on: 1) The fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War 2) Rodney King & the LA riots 3) Desert Storm 4) The Oklahoma City Bombing 5) The X-Files 6) Hip Hop 7) Raves ...and a dozen other things.
14 May, 11:59 PM UTC
Dirty Ernie
@JimmyLevendia The Atari, NES, genesis, Walkman/CD Walkman, The desktop home PC. These are Gen X technologies
14 May, 11:59 PM UTC
Tag (2018)
Gen X was way cooler before everyone started talking about them
14 May, 11:56 PM UTC
Hey ⁦@opiatepix⁩ long phone calls make the list! 😘 Gen X Is a Mess - The New York Times
14 May, 11:55 PM UTC
Dr Sandra Antonelli
@buriedbybooks My hubs is a very, very tail end Boomer—but he's not a Boomer or Gen X.
14 May, 11:53 PM UTC
I liked it better when no one was talking about Gen X.
14 May, 11:52 PM UTC
Dick 7 Powell 🍸
@fimoculous @HarryR Was Night Flight a Gen X thing? I have Betamax tapes of New Wave Theater which was my intro to the LA Punk scene while growing up in southeastern Virginia. No Betamax player though, at least you can see the show on YouTube now.
14 May, 11:52 PM UTC
customer service
gen x is tricky. on one hand, it's actually a self-identifying subculture of people who were born between certain years. on the other hand are a large number of people who are not aware that their life circumstance was determined by their birth years and do not identify as such.
14 May, 11:52 PM UTC
황금 실험실
Masih menunggu berita bts x jonas brothers
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Mom Folding Laundry
@VainPretense @JimmyLevendia Gen X should be defined by Jim Henson.
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
@TWillardAuthor I like being gen x!!!!
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
gen x crawled in disillusion so millenials could fly high enough to see "selling out" not as a sin but as survival
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Daniel L. Grote, CFP, BFA
Scarred by the bust and the financial crisis is leaving many Gen X workers with unreasonable fear about the risks associated with investing in the stock market. Sadly, this fear could leave many people broke when it comes ti Daniel L. Grote, CFP, BFA's photo on Gen X
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Tadd Schwartz
The Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando was the poster boy — and prettiest boy — of Gen X. At 52, he’s still enjoying a life of drugs and rock ’n’ roll, on Martha’s Vineyard of all places. @nytimes #TheLemonheads
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
I can recite a blow by blow account of Real World Boston, Seattle, and Road Rules Australia does this make me gen x
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Pink Bunny
This thread is a joy and a delight, if you’re Gen X. 😁
15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
@BLinderLaw @OhNoSheTwitnt This is interesting. I'm Gen X and I have a Millennial daughter. She has made me reconsider so many behaviors I had just considered normal. Ultimately, a lot of women are mad as hell. As we should be.
14 May, 11:59 PM UTC
@JulieDiCaro Dazed and Confused over all of them and yes I know it’s set in 1976 but it is all about Gen X
14 May, 11:59 PM UTC
Rusty 🌹🗽
Can’t believe Paul Ryan is still the only notable Gen X politician
14 May, 11:59 PM UTC
white lumpenbourgeoipseu
@iske_paul @JennuineDelight Naw, you're pure gen X.
14 May, 11:58 PM UTC
Second Class Elitist
@WitneySeibold Technically speaking gen X. But the thing that people forget is just because there's a "prevalent generational mindset" doesn't mean you individually can't be closer in value to another age. I was born in 1973, but my attitudes and beliefs have been "millenial" since 1985.
14 May, 11:58 PM UTC
I was actually grateful today I don’t have to interact much with generations after x and how much of a mess they are. Why drag gen x? Seriously?
14 May, 11:58 PM UTC
@eephusasher These Gen X guys and their REM (oh, maybe I’m speaking about my husband here... 😂)
14 May, 11:58 PM UTC
Public account for public good can I have $$$ now
@CaseyBHead Lol you're just listing events in contemporary American history. Gen X can't claim Nirvana and 9/11
14 May, 11:58 PM UTC
Do I even want to know why "Gen X" is trending? Did we all disappear in a puff of cynicism or something? Though it's not like anyone would notice if that happened.
14 May, 11:57 PM UTC
Heavy L
@trevordebrauw I take that back. The most Gen X thing is me still being lost and without a career direction.
14 May, 11:57 PM UTC
This test confirmed my deepest truth, that im Gen X adjacent. I am fluent in millennial but at my core I’m a rebel 💪🏾
14 May, 11:57 PM UTC
Arden Brooks
@TheRealStacyD @LeeFlower Gen Y is the same as Millennial. As I recall, it was named Gen Y before the formative factors of the cohort were known just because Y came after X (which was dumb because the X wasn't some arbitrary letter). 81 is a cusp year, sometimes grouped as the Xennial microgeneration.
14 May, 11:56 PM UTC
litherland reads
✌ @Reading "Actually, Gen X Did Sell Out, Invent All Things Millennial, and Cause Everything Else That’s Great and…"
14 May, 11:56 PM UTC
@caro @SpectatorUSA Gen x has gotten stuck paying for all of the boomers and millenials "free stuff" and entitlements. We have earned to right to be "insufferable".
14 May, 11:56 PM UTC
Andre Preoteasa
That's me, determined by age: Xennials live in the cusp between Gen X and millennial.
14 May, 11:55 PM UTC
There's a freedom to youth that I don't think kids living with social media will ever experience ever again. There was an article, I believe in The Atlantic, about younger Gen Z kids being annoyed that they have pics on online...thanks to their Gen X and millennial parents. :-/
14 May, 11:55 PM UTC
Eric White
@TheDarkEyedOne @k4t4klysm I did get a bit of enjoyment when my supervisors were self destructive. Young white man doing a dangerous job have potential make 200k/yr+ by 30. Gen x is full of fuck ups and boomers are too old.
14 May, 11:55 PM UTC
Sarah Ní Riain
@alan_maguire I'm technically gen x but definitely identify more with millenials
14 May, 11:55 PM UTC
Silence of the Dems 🐼
THREAD: For Millennials and Gen X, this IS your father's Republican Party, the bat shit crazy party created by the Powell Memo, The Southern Strategy, The Neoliberal Reagan embrace of the Religious Right, Clinton Neoliberalism, GW Bush Kleptocracy and Obama Neoliberalism.
14 May, 11:55 PM UTC
in honor of this violent and unseemly roasting of gen x, this great piece on the inevitable (hopeful?) reemergence of the slacker, the era’s defining archetype. by my girl @rojospinks
14 May, 11:54 PM UTC
Gen X Is a Mess - The New York Times.
14 May, 11:54 PM UTC
Mike Cadaver
@RAZ0RFIST Wow... Gen X, if anything!
14 May, 11:54 PM UTC
Ryan Gustafson
@CuffyMeh Very tail end of Gen X/beginning of Gen Y/Millenials - My So Called Life We need to have a gosh darn international forum to nail down a date for this stuff. Personally, I want Gen X extended to 1985, maybe even 1990. But that's me.
14 May, 11:53 PM UTC
@moongoddess7111 No. Didn't see an article on gen x..
14 May, 11:53 PM UTC
Nicholas Slayton
Wished I was Gen X because I just alienated amid my generation.
14 May, 11:53 PM UTC
Prof. Lindenbrook
@scotirishviet U see the def. for Boomers is too long. 1946 to 1964. That's 18 years! Gen X is also too large, 1965 to 1980 - 15 years. I think at one point they were doing a Gen-Y, 1975-1985, but then it got dropped as the term "Millenials" became the catch word: 1980 to 2000. 20 years! dumb.
14 May, 11:52 PM UTC
courtney cantrell engages in joymongering
•Generation Z, early 2000s-end date?; kids of Millennials So my thought is: My Silent Gen parents waited a long time to have me. So I'm a Gen-Xer born to Silent Gen instead of to Baby Boomers. Husband & his parents are also Gen X and Silent Gen, respectively.
14 May, 11:52 PM UTC