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Sarah Derrick
He says General Hospital let him go. I say he made a choice. Goodbye, Jason. #GeneralHospital #SteveBurton
23 Nov, 08:37 PM UTC
Miss Brightside😊🖤🌸
@RougeNoirUK I’m sick of hearing hospitals are full of covid patients. They’re not. The Trust I work at has 31 covid positive inpatients. It’s a 550+ bed acute general hospital & it’s not full! Whatever is happening with the 999 #ambulance service is not because of Covid!!
23 Nov, 11:11 PM UTC
BNO Newsroom
'General Hospital' actor Steve Burton, who played Jason Morgan for 30 years, says he's been fired for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19
23 Nov, 09:03 PM UTC
The New York Times
The actors Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher left the popular U.S. soap opera “General Hospital” after declining to comply with an on-set Covid vaccination mandate, which took effect on Nov. 1.
24 Nov, 12:15 PM UTC
The MarDevil Stan Account (We love Jesus tho!)
General Hospital survived a good 5 years WITHOUT Steve "Covid Freedom" Burton. They will carry on! #GH #GeneralHospital
23 Nov, 10:53 PM UTC
The Daily Beast
Buh bye. General Hospital star Steve Burton posted on Instagram that he was fired from the soap opera because he refuses to follow the show’s vaccine mandate.
23 Nov, 09:30 PM UTC
Mike Sington
Long time ‘General Hospital’ star Steve Burton fired from show for refusing to be vaccinated. Claims it’s “about personal freedom for me”. Without a job, now he has lots of personal freedom. @MikeSington's photo on General Hospital
23 Nov, 11:38 PM UTC
Simon Houpt
The soap opera General Hospital has a stronger vax mandate for its cast - who only act like health care workers - than Ontario has for real health care workers.
23 Nov, 07:52 PM UTC
Steve Burton Out at General Hospital After Refusing to Comply with COVID Vaccine Mandate
23 Nov, 10:08 PM UTC
Nichelle (Nyx Greenfyre) Johnson
@Variety So Steve and Ingo would rather get fired after a 25+ year career on General Hospital,than take a vaccine that millions have received?Huh?Well they won’t be working in Hollywood The mandate is for almost all productions. They will have plenty of time to think about “muh freedom”.
23 Nov, 07:58 PM UTC
The Hill
"General Hospital" actor says he was fired from show for failing to get COVID-19 vaccine @thehill's photo on General Hospital
24 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
New York Post
'General Hospital' star Steve Burton exits show over COVID vaccine mandate @nypost's photo on General Hospital
24 Nov, 01:14 PM UTC
Gillian McKeith
General Hospital's Steve Burton FIRED for refusing COVID vaccination via @DailyMailCeleb
24 Nov, 12:05 PM UTC
Sky News
COVID-19: General Hospital actor Steve Burton says he has been 'fired' over his refusal to get vaccinated
24 Nov, 01:39 PM UTC
The Hill
"General Hospital" actor says he was fired from show for failing to get COVID-19 vaccine @thehill's photo on General Hospital
24 Nov, 09:41 AM UTC
Soap Central (
ICYMI -> CONFIRMED: Steve Burton out as @GeneralHospital's Jason Morgan "because of the vaccine mandate" #GH #GeneralHospital
24 Nov, 04:21 AM UTC
Yug Nivek🐀
Hello again Tweeps, I was away for a while was in Hospital, had two heart attacks, one in front of the Doc. But I'm back! lights almost went out but the great Cardio Team in Launceston General Hospital pulled me through Thank you! & Thank you Tassie Nurses Ambos! You're Gems!
24 Nov, 11:27 AM UTC
Belinda Kora
Dr Mangu Kendino of #PNG’s Port Moresby General Hospital Emergency section confirmed today that there are nil case admissions for COVID-19 in the Emergency section however screening continues. She says on average they are seeing 1 or 2 admissions every second day unlike before.
24 Nov, 05:35 AM UTC
The House of Darren
More stars need to speak out like Steve Burton. He is leaving 'General Hospital' because of the show's covid vaccine mandate. Not heard of him or the show, but good job, and to the rest of the celebs... You have platforms use them for good not profit!
24 Nov, 02:39 PM UTC
Mrs. Sniper ▄︻┻┳═ –
Kudos to @1SteveBurton for choosing personal freedom! Fuck @GeneralHospital for letting him go.
23 Nov, 09:20 PM UTC
Deborah Kay
He stood up to the mandate…he should have NATURAL IMMUNITY after having had Covid and they fired him anyway….‘General Hospital’ star Steve Burton confirms firing over vaccine mandate: It’s 'about personal freedom' - Fox News
24 Nov, 01:24 AM UTC
Marsha Parker
Okay. That was exactly the right action. Congrats to General Hospital for a safer, saner cast.
24 Nov, 02:11 AM UTC
Joyce Day
Steve Burton has been fired from General Hospital for refusing to be vaccinated! Smart man because he doesn't want to take the chance of being in a real hospital!
24 Nov, 02:49 PM UTC
Kartar Singh Bring
Marking the National Sikh Chaplaincy Prayer Day at Leicester General Hospital with an Ardaas for the wellbeing of Staff, Patients & Families across the #NHS. Acknowledging the dedicated service of healthcare professionals @Leic_hospital @LPTnhs @Leic_Chaplaincy @LouieSavva
24 Nov, 02:34 PM UTC
pat maddin
‘General Hospital’ star Steve Burton confirms firing over vaccine mandate: It’s 'about personal freedom' #FoxNews
24 Nov, 02:38 PM UTC
Ahmad Shooto ✍️
This and others are the positive impacts being made on our health facilities by @RealAARahman led administration. Here is the pictures of Before and After the intervention of Kwara State Government on Lafiagi General Hospital in Edu LGA of Kwara State. #IjobaMekunu #Isenlo
24 Nov, 10:08 AM UTC
SheKnows' Soaps
Don't freak out, #GeneralHospital fans, 'cause we're 100 percent sure Jason will be back… even if it means the soap does the unthinkable. Here's why.
24 Nov, 02:50 PM UTC
Qatar Living
Known for travelling the world to promote Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, Mohammed Al Marri, also known as “Hasayf the traveler”, passed away after being admitted to Hamad General Hospital earlier this week. #RIP_Hasayf #حسايف_في_ذمة_الله #Qatarliving #Qatar @qatarliving's photo on General Hospital
24 Nov, 02:50 PM UTC
Pia Wilson 🍗🥧🍽
@ritziroo Me too. More people watch General Hospital episodes every day than some prime time shows. So, those people can clam up.
24 Nov, 02:44 PM UTC
‘General Hospital’ Loses Second Regular Over Vaccine Mandat TWO HAVE LEFT. PEOPLE STILL WATCH SOAPS? 👀 via @thr
24 Nov, 02:55 PM UTC