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The Late Late Show with PAPA MOCHI⁷
I BEEN DRIPPIN' IN FINESSE #BTSCarpool @bts_twt @brunomars @iamcardib @latelateshow's photo on Yuka
26 Feb, 05:54 AM UTC


d 🦋
It was so hard to get my boyfriend to go this LMAOOOOOOOO @pearllionaire's photo on Stanton
26 Feb, 04:58 AM UTC


BigHit Entertainment
[방송] 오늘(2/27) 6:00PM Mnet <엠카운트다운>에 #방탄소년단 이 출연합니다. [TV] #BTS will be on M COUNTDOWN on Mnet on Feb 27 at 6:00PM KST
27 Feb, 07:04 AM UTC


Sonic the Hedgehog
yo @LilNasX show them the real message you coward @sonic_hedgehog's photo on Sandstorm
27 Feb, 03:16 AM UTC


pequena erva
carnaval acabou e vamos de são joão @c_apitu's photo on Ramos
26 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC


Se imaginan cuando yo llegue a Argentina?. Ustedes comparten el mate, la birra y la pareja. Extingo el país.
26 Feb, 11:27 AM UTC

Saint Lil Ron

I suck at dating. 2 days in, I’m tryna buy you a Saint Lil Ron Jacket. 😭
26 Feb, 04:52 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & @CNN are doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus look as bad as possible, including panicking markets, if possible. Likewise their incompetent Do Nothing Democrat comrades are all talk, no action. USA in great shape! @CDCgov.....
26 Feb, 01:03 PM UTC


[#2020MOA_ACADEMY] 2020 MOA ACADEMY IN MARCH TOMORROW X TOGETHER 📌꿈의 이해 잠든 수강생들의 첫번째 강의🙋 "가장 기억에 남는 꿈" 말하기 ( #잠에들면_우리는_모아아카데미_수강생 #꿈속의꿈 #꿈속은현실이돼 #TXT #투모로우바이투게더 #TXT1anniversary
26 Feb, 03:00 PM UTC


Elizabeth Warren
How do we get more women to run for president? Elect one for president. I'm ready. #CNNTownHall
27 Feb, 04:00 AM UTC


March 6th #CHILOMBO 🌋 @JheneAiko's photo on #chilombo
26 Feb, 05:33 PM UTC

Josh Hart

Bleacher Report
BRON POSTER ON JOSH HART 🤭🤭🤭 @BleacherReport's photo on Josh Hart
26 Feb, 04:03 AM UTC

no makeup

n a o m i. 🐝
no makeup vs. makeup thread 🥴
26 Feb, 10:22 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
....during a debate). Pocahontas was mean, & undisciplined, mostly aiming at Crazy Bernie and Mini Mike. They don’t know how to handle her, but I know she is a “chocker”. Steyer was a disaster who, along with Mini, are setting records in $’s per vote. Just give me an opponent!
26 Feb, 01:24 PM UTC


갓 태어난 동물에게서도 발견되는 현상인데, 고양이와 전혀 다르게 생긴 주인의 손이 본인의 발과 대응되는 기관인걸 알고 행동을 따라한다는게 너무 신기하지 않나요?
26 Feb, 02:12 PM UTC


JUST IN: The House of Representatives has approved legislation making lynching a federal hate crime for the first time in U.S. history. The Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act was named for the 14-year-old teenager who was lynched in Mississippi in the 1950s.
26 Feb, 07:40 PM UTC

David Wright

James O'Keefe
BREAKING: Senior @ABC correspondent David Wright(@WrightUps) reveals he is a “Socialist,” Admits bosses spike news important to voters, says ABC doesn’t ‘give Trump credit for what things he does do’ Breaking updates: #ExposeABC @JamesOKeefeIII's photo on David Wright
26 Feb, 02:00 PM UTC


Benjamin Dixon
A few weeks ago I asked my friends who they were supporting in the election. Turns out, I’m not the only #BernieBruh. @BenjaminPDixon's photo on #BernieBruh
26 Feb, 08:31 PM UTC


Brian Schatz
Secretary Azar is refusing to promise that a Coronavirus vaccine will be affordable to every American. Kick them out of office.
26 Feb, 10:16 PM UTC


増田順一@GAME FREAK inc.
みなさん、いつもありがとうございます! (文章が長くなったので貼りました) #PokemonDay #PokemonDay2020 #ポケモン24周年 #ポケモンの日 @Junichi_Masuda's photo on #PokemonDay2020
27 Feb, 03:33 AM UTC


옹기종기 모여서 노래하는 방탄 사랑핵 🚘💜 #BTSCarpool @BTS_twt @venni_y's photo on Serena
26 Feb, 10:19 AM UTC


โฆษก กอ.รมน. บอกว่าเอกสาร IO คือเองสารจริง ย้ำว่าเอกสารจริงงงงง..... ชัดขนาดนี้แถก็ไม่ได้แล้วปะ . #อภิปรายไม่ใว้วางใจรัฐบาล #ถามตรงๆกับจอมขวัญ #รู้ทันIO @OGQOE's photo on Coven
26 Feb, 01:16 PM UTC

Tahir Hussain

Major Surendra Poonia
केजरीवाल के ख़ास AAP के काउन्सिलर Tahir Hussain और उसके लोगों ने मिलकर IB के अधिकारी अंकित शर्मा की हत्या की सिसोदिया-हम शाहीन बाग़ की साथ हैं अम्मानतुल्ला-जामिया दंगों में शामिल था अब भी कोई शक है कि दिल्ली में किसने आग लगा रखी है ? AAP आतंकवादियों का नया स्लीपर सेल हो गया 😞 @MajorPoonia's photo on Tahir Hussain
26 Feb, 05:08 PM UTC


Soo Choi⁷💜
Mnet MCountdown @BTS_twt comeback stage 2/27 tonight 6pm KST, they will perform #ON & #BlackSwan RM & Jin selfie
27 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC

Russian TV

Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
Bernie Sanders’ wife went on Russian TV to explain why open primaries — like the SC Democratic primary on Saturday — are more “democratic” because they allow REPUBLICANS to vote for who the Democratic nominee should be. Sorry, Jane — THIS IS JUST WRONG! 😡 @joncoopertweets's photo on Russian TV
26 Feb, 01:32 PM UTC


General Heleno
ATENÇÃO. Estão usando meu nome, indevidamente e sem meu conhecimento, para pedir apoio financeiro a empresários e amigos, em prol de propaganda e/ou de manifestações políticas. Alerto a todos que jamais faria isso ou autorizaria tal procedimento.
26 Feb, 03:34 PM UTC


jeune loup 🐺💔
C’était le montage de trop
26 Feb, 02:06 AM UTC


Pop Crave
.@DojaCat is a disco queen during her performance of #SaySo at @FallonTonight. @PopCraveMusic's photo on #SaySo
27 Feb, 05:59 AM UTC


official A.C.E
[#ACE_HBD] 🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY #DONGHUN #HAPPY_DONGHUN_DAY #온_세상이_동훈이라는_햇살로☀️ #ACE #에이스 #DONGHUN #동훈 @official_ACE7's photo on #온_세상이_동훈이라는_햇살로
27 Feb, 03:00 PM UTC


If you're a: - Leo - Taurus - ARIES, A FUCKING ARIES - Scorpio - Gemini - Sagittarius Everyone ALWAYS thinks you're trying to argue when ALL you're doing is just expressing how you feel and then you get heated defending the fact you're NOT arguing therefore MAKING you argue UGH
26 Feb, 03:06 PM UTC

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