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kate and gerry mccann when madeleine finally appears 🐉's photo on Gerry McCann
15 Mar, 08:20 PM UTC
Madeleine CaseTweets🌐
Netflix could have saved some money by just doing a 1 MINUTE documentary with this video of Gerry #McCann answering: Did you KILL your daughter? Yikes!!! Gerry...she was just looking for a simple NO Madeleine CaseTweets🌐's photo on Gerry McCann
15 Mar, 07:33 PM UTC
Anthony Malone
#TheDisappearanceofMadeleineMcCann kate and gerry mccann go for a meal, kate goes back to check on the kids, sees maddie is gone, runs back to tell gerry but leaves the twins there. The twins: Anthony Malone's photo on Gerry McCann
15 Mar, 11:05 AM UTC
Gerry McCann is one of only 222 cardiac surgeons in the uk, that’s why the government would protect him at all costs #MadelineMcCann brando's photo on Gerry McCann
15 Mar, 03:25 PM UTC
Aw ya lyin man!!! Thought the Maddie McCann documentary was gonna be a nice little 40 minute affair. Didn’t realise they were gonna long it out. Am not watching 8 hours of this when I know full well big Gerry done the deed
15 Mar, 09:53 PM UTC
joe 🅙
whether they killed her or not the fact remains kate and gerry mccann are to blame for maddie’s disappearance because they left their 3 TODDLERS alone at night so they could go out. their negligence is why their kid is gone. the rest is up for debate but that’s straight tea. joe 🅙's photo on Gerry McCann
15 Mar, 04:59 PM UTC
This Morning
Spokesman for Gerry and Kate McCann, Clarence Mitchell, reveals what the family make of the Netflix documentary's suggestion that Madeleine is still alive. This Morning's photo on Gerry McCann
15 Mar, 03:05 PM UTC
Denis Holton
imagine if Kate and Gerry McCann actually did nothing and the internet really is just filled with mean little pricks hahahahahah nah but they did murder her in cold blood and have made money off the disappearance of their child
15 Mar, 09:47 PM UTC
Casey Macrae
If anyone tries to tell me that Kate and Gerry McCann weren’t involved with what happened to Madeleine you can get straight to fuck, I am soo certain they were involved/did it.
15 Mar, 06:35 PM UTC
peter parker🕸
Kate and Gerry McCann: ‘we didn’t kill maddie’ The rest of the world: peter parker🕸's photo on Gerry McCann
16 Mar, 12:10 AM UTC
kate and gerry mccann helping the portuguese police search for maddie #MadelineMcCann evie's photo on Gerry McCann
15 Mar, 11:50 PM UTC
Mark Leese
: this Madeline McCann documentary is on for 435 minutes (works out at 7 and a quarter hours), Which means if you watch this all the way through you've spent longer watching Madeline than Kate and Gerry did :
15 Mar, 10:10 AM UTC
If there’s anycunt out there that thinks Gerry n Kate McCann didn’t kill Maddie let’s meet yates’ in Leigh for a scrap
15 Mar, 04:28 PM UTC
Kent Riley
Gerry McCann wears three quarter length chinos ! He knows where maddie is !
16 Mar, 02:01 AM UTC
Ceire Ramage ♡
Gerry and Kate McCann are responsible for this and you can’t change my mind until this poor girl is found dead or alive i don’t feel sorry for them they’ve had a life of luxury living off our money with only 10% being put towards the investigation itself
16 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
Is it just me, or does Gerry McCann look guilty? #MadelineMcCann
16 Mar, 02:14 AM UTC
Haunting clip shows Maddie McCann boarding jet to Portugal in last moments on UK soil ʇsǝɟ_ן!ʌǝ's photo on Gerry McCann
16 Mar, 03:13 AM UTC
Cían McManus
Kate and Gerry McCann did it Cían McManus's photo on Gerry McCann
16 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
Sarah Eaglesfield 👌
@smich61 @EuclidAcademy @JackPosobiec The Madeleine McCann documentary by the investigating detective is definitely worth a watch. This link goes straight to the sniffer dogs in the apartment. A lot of body language in interviews point to Kate & Gerry's guilt (including use of past tense)
16 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
Its Not Me Its You
I think Gerry McCann is guilty, just because he has a high-pitched voice. Isn't that how Twitter works? I say what I think without any foundation, right? #MadelineMcCann
16 Mar, 02:59 AM UTC
I think its safe to say that only thing the Madeline McCann series has achieved is making everyone on Twitter blame Kate and Gerry McCann more than we blamed them before
16 Mar, 02:55 AM UTC
kate and gerry mccann's photo on Gerry McCann
16 Mar, 02:41 AM UTC
kate or gerry mccann better tell us all the truth on one of their death beds like can you imagineeee
16 Mar, 02:39 AM UTC
Bobbie 🐨
Legit scared someone’s going to come in and kidnap me after watching these Madeline McCann documentaries... I’ve always thought Kate and Gerry had something to do with it 🤷🏽‍♀️
16 Mar, 02:36 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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