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Girls' Frontline-EN Official
Dear Commanders, As the VA-11 Hall-A collaboration has been online for a week, we would like to invite you to share some thoughts on it! #GFLDrinks @GirlsFrontlineE's photo on #gfldrinks
13 Aug, 11:25 AM UTC
Mommy AK12
#GFLDrinks As a barista myself, I'd give AA-12 a Frozen jolly rancher mixed berry smoothie topped with whipped cream and sour patch kids. Because i love seeing her overjoyed about candy, it warms my heart. https://t.co/x7EAdC56uo https://t.co/WhVDulFA5m
13 Aug, 12:48 PM UTC
@GirlsFrontlineE #GFLDrinks I’d give UMP45 a Sunshine Cloud, because despite her playful nature & cold demeanour, inside she’s hurting, & just wants to bask in the warmth of that special place with the one she cherished the most. She truly is the brightest sun, covered by the darkest cloud. https://t.co/DkCSNBixts
13 Aug, 12:07 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks I’d give UMP45 a Sunshine Cloud, because despite her playful nature & cold demeanour, inside she’s hurting, & just wants to bask in the warmth of that special place with the one she cherished the most. She truly is the brightest sun, covered by the darkest cloud. https://t.co/6b3eSAndeO https://t.co/Bhs2K4t3kp
13 Aug, 12:11 PM UTC
lolokoa had sands on his eyes
#GFLDrinks Giving M200 Bleeding Jane so we can crit and delete Sangvis scums https://t.co/aSekN6rUD1 https://t.co/AvF4kNnzdL
13 Aug, 12:32 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks I'd give MDR a gut punch to wipe the smug off her shitposting face https://t.co/V9quGVwi5r
13 Aug, 12:26 PM UTC
Michi Rea
#GFLDrinks G41, Gut Punch, I want to discover if Homete is a wasted drunk, feral drunk, or if she would just pass out (lol) https://t.co/WT5nWeYX3Y
13 Aug, 01:48 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks I'd give MP40 a big ol' mug of Beer. Nothing fancy, nothing mind blowing, just the good ol' Oktoberfest staple. https://t.co/TPB7uZ8Ugk
13 Aug, 01:04 PM UTC
rossmir ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'd give: - SAA some cola because duh - FNC some choco drink because duh - AA-12 a liter of Mountain Dew for maximum sugar - M̶o̶n̶i̶k̶a̶ Springfield would like coffee #GFLDrinks https://t.co/FwgT1cWPWv
13 Aug, 12:42 PM UTC
#GFLdrinks tdolls have it made in this collaboration event, I'd get Kalina a big beer for writing thousands upon thousands of combat reports for me. https://t.co/J3XFEFl53s https://t.co/FCpxUu6G7O
13 Aug, 12:34 PM UTC
Jonathan "Swiftblade" Mazulraki
@GirlsFrontlineE For #GFLDrinks... I think M4A1 needs a Sugar Rush to refuel after everything that's happened. Whether she turns into Metal Gear itself depends on the Karmotrine content...
13 Aug, 02:30 PM UTC
Alec Wasko
@GirlsFrontlineE #GFLDrinks Honestly this crossover has been the most fun I've had in this game in a long time and has resparked some of my ambitions to pick up the game again for a bit. I just wish it could last longer. So let's give a glock 17 a bad touch just to make Jill laugh.
13 Aug, 02:22 PM UTC
Sean Cabezas
@GirlsFrontlineE #GFLDrinks I'd go simple by serving FAL some beer to then get things interesting ;)
13 Aug, 02:18 PM UTC
Denni Huda P
#GFLDrinks WA2000 Wine because she is a classic gun https://t.co/YFzJL1tXDF
13 Aug, 02:17 PM UTC
@GirlsFrontlineE @SukebanGames #GFLDrinks A flaming moai to M16, just to hear her opinion, also great event, I'm having a lot of fun, I just hope to get to the end before the event it's over, just just started a month and a half ago, good luck everyone.
13 Aug, 02:16 PM UTC
@GirlsFrontlineE #GFLDrinks I think I'd go with a Piano Woman for UMP9. Her demeanor is fairly similar to Dorothy's so, perhaps her tastes are too.
13 Aug, 02:14 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks I would love to serve a Moonblast To AA-12, the combination of sweet and happy would be great for her! https://t.co/zrFAzYButL
13 Aug, 02:13 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks A Piano Woman for M870; a plain choice but im a stickler for alternate dialogue https://t.co/g4kpaYTBSy
13 Aug, 02:10 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks A Beer for Springfield, I just want to see her drunk personality. https://t.co/tte0J6aPuW
13 Aug, 02:04 PM UTC
Brandon Brown
@GirlsFrontlineE #GFLDrinks Share a Moscow Mule with our favorite mech operator, PPSh-41. For all the work she does around our base, she deserves the thanks and a drink.
13 Aug, 02:01 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks Would give IDW a suplex, so she can give way to grizzly in 1:10 https://t.co/9Ev302pA78
13 Aug, 01:57 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks I'd order a Last Word for 416 because she'd be absolutely oblivious to the meaning of it, and that would be kind of cute while the bartender, or in this case, jill, gives me a double thumps up. https://t.co/imHBOfBFZZ
13 Aug, 01:54 PM UTC
Of course I'd give soppo a beer! :D #GFLDrinks https://t.co/TLVTecczm3 https://t.co/gFhdIDaF5H
13 Aug, 01:52 PM UTC
@GirlsFrontlineE #GFLDrinks TMP, Mulled wine, because she seems to be a person that's fun to drink with according to her Christmas voice line.
13 Aug, 01:51 PM UTC
I will offer Mr. Kruger a beer. After all, he also sometimes needs to relax. #GFLDrinks @GirlsFrontlineE https://t.co/15XnrmTWqv https://t.co/ZHODRlNTab
13 Aug, 01:49 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks Gr G36, Piano Woman. Because it fits her well after her logistics and sorties are done at dusk https://t.co/VomPy7rBK3
13 Aug, 01:46 PM UTC
Saishy Kitty
#gfldrinks TMP Strawberry Parfait Cos I keep feeling bad we gave a perfect doll anxiety ;^; https://t.co/idSzpSM6bs
13 Aug, 01:42 PM UTC
A Fistful Of Kittens
I would probably buy Mosin a Long Island Ice Tea. Because I would feel rude giving her my White Russia. Lol. But I think she'd be a please t enough woman to understand either way #gfldrinks https://t.co/F6fXZAXmFw
13 Aug, 01:40 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks Strawberry Martini with Lee Enfield using her wedding dress costume. isn't that lovely? https://t.co/w8S77HWDsF
13 Aug, 01:32 PM UTC
#GFLDrinks I would give Contender a Fluffy Dream. Something so soft, sweet, fluffy, and girly, given to a rather masculine, serious and prince-like T-Doll would bring out a whole different side that would undoubtedly be irresistibly adorable. She'd be the cutest in VA-11 Hall-A. https://t.co/iP9HnaaAPa
13 Aug, 01:29 PM UTC