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Gherbo’s girlfriend got him a chain with his grandma pic in it & he cried😭😭❤️❤️❤️ @Clyycly's photo on Gherbo
09 Oct, 04:54 AM UTC
Wild 'N Out
Get off of @gherbo's neck @chicoBean 😂 #WildNOut @WildNOut's photo on Gherbo
08 Oct, 04:52 PM UTC
XXL Magazine
Happy Birthday, @gherbo! 🎉 What’s his greatest song ever?
08 Oct, 01:19 PM UTC
Kollege Kidd
#gherbo girl Taina gifts him with chain with his grandma’s face
09 Oct, 06:47 AM UTC
Taina made gherbo cry in public omfg. He lovessss her
09 Oct, 05:06 AM UTC
taina deserve rounds tonight from gherbo she did that for his 24th birthday
09 Oct, 06:31 AM UTC
Me watching Taina’s ig stories of her making Gherbo cry on his Bday
09 Oct, 06:35 AM UTC
i really like ari as a person besides the gherbo bullshit
09 Oct, 07:29 AM UTC
Awww gherbo and his girl so cute😢😢
09 Oct, 05:51 AM UTC

Yall act like Ari ain’t got a right to feel some way about Gherbo. Not only did he cheat, he put his hands on her & he steady disrespecting her by bringing her kid around somebody she don’t want him around.
09 Oct, 07:43 AM UTC
So Ari mad because Gherbo have THEIR son around HIS girlfriend ?? Pathetic
09 Oct, 07:42 AM UTC
8/8/18 💚
Gherbo still be clapping those cheeks you can believe that
09 Oct, 07:36 AM UTC

@beendidthtt But mfs ride gherbo dick so hard they don’t wanna see the real
09 Oct, 07:41 AM UTC
Shan 🖤🇯🇲
Ari just went off on gherbo and deleted it.. lol my comment was doing numbers
09 Oct, 07:41 AM UTC
🦋𝒞𝑒𝑒’𝓈 𝐹𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓈𝓉 ♡.
09 Oct, 07:44 AM UTC
Gherbo bm just wanted some attention coulda kept that shit off social media especially on the man bday 🤦🏽‍♂️ bitter af
09 Oct, 07:42 AM UTC
Aye @latainawilliams you the 🐐 g you did that for @gherbo birthday
09 Oct, 07:41 AM UTC
@gherbo go beat that bitch up bro don’t ever let her violate on ur birthday she always does this we hate her
09 Oct, 07:40 AM UTC
FreakNik PV 🤩
Gherbo Got Herpes & Ari Fucked and sucked him.... So that means she itchin too. Y’all hoes quit being so naïve
09 Oct, 07:40 AM UTC
Kateara 🎃
im tryna be taina, and you can be gherbo 😭❤️
09 Oct, 07:39 AM UTC
@gherbo give me 50racks & I’ll get this bitch lined rn
09 Oct, 07:38 AM UTC
lmaooooo Ari just went tf offff on gherbo and taina😭😭😭😭
09 Oct, 07:38 AM UTC
Uncle Gxldie
@gherbo you doing good man stay up🙏🏽
09 Oct, 07:38 AM UTC
Ari sick gherbo ain’t cry when she bought all them g fazos 😭😭😭😭
09 Oct, 07:37 AM UTC
Everytime @gherbo goes viral with his girlfriend @AriTheDon has to respond on some sucka shit. Shorty going to be miserable for the rest of her life. All you gotta do is call a nigga instead of acting a fool and posting and deleting shit Idc how fat her fake ass is shorty a clown
09 Oct, 07:37 AM UTC
FreakNik PV 🤩
I worst than gherbo, my girl could buy me some shoes & a shirt & I’ll cry 😂
09 Oct, 07:36 AM UTC
Rell 🦇🦇
I need that prayer Gherbo used to get a shorty like that ... I’m running outta patience
09 Oct, 07:36 AM UTC

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