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Ben "Ben Pack” Pack
Yes it's true - I'm leaving Giant Bomb after our GotY streams next week. I've had a great run but now it's time for a new chapter. Thanks for all the kind words I've already received, and I hope you enjoyed my bullshit much as I did.
12 Jan, 11:07 PM UTC
David Ellis
I stumbled across an old Giant Bomb thread about me leaving 1UP over 10 years ago, and comments from folks who said things like, "I didn't like him so this doesn't matter" still kind of hurts.
12 Jan, 10:23 PM UTC
Zoe! That's Me!
Oh jeez, Ben is leaving Giant Bomb too? not have a great feeling about the site sticking around in general now. Even if it does, Jan is the only none white and under 40 dude there at this point which is Less than ideal
12 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC
@PackBenPack This is a crushing blow to Giant Bomb millennial representation. I'm gonna seriously miss listening to you on the pod, but looking forward to what you do next. Good luck dude!!
12 Jan, 11:28 PM UTC
Dillon Skiffington
If I could go back ten years or whatever, I'd tell myself to read or watch Giant Bomb content because I hear so many people talking about folks joining/leaving and it means nothing to me until I google names.
12 Jan, 11:26 PM UTC
Double J: Wooper Watchman
Put me on Giant Bomb so I can have a continuously contentious relationship with everybody because they don't remember stupid facts like you could get e-Reader Air Hockey for free at Toys R Us.
12 Jan, 11:24 PM UTC
Vorked | Brandon
Damn Giant Bomb really be down to some barebones staff right now.
13 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
It's KFG
Welp giant bomb had a good run I guess. Not really liking what it looks like no matter what they say
12 Jan, 11:37 PM UTC
Dillon Skiffington
I guess it was the timing of me growing up or whatever, but for me Destructoid and Giant Bomb were sites that were big when I was growing up. They've kind of stayed there in my mind despite the fact that they still very much exist.
12 Jan, 11:36 PM UTC
@PackBenPack you brought such good energy to giant bomb, i’m gonna miss hearing you on the bombcast, but i know you’re gonna crush it at whatever’s next. good luck!!
12 Jan, 11:25 PM UTC
Mondo Cool
@PackBenPack I will greatly miss your bullshit Ben. Thank you for making these years of Giant Bomb that much better and for all the laughs you’ve given us. I hope whatever you find next treats you as fantastically as you deserve.
12 Jan, 11:24 PM UTC
Mike 🎮 Vita for life
@PackBenPack The first giant bomb podcast i heard was your first giant bomb podcast you were on. If it's ok I'll still probably listen. Will miss the B mails.
12 Jan, 11:18 PM UTC
@PackBenPack @giantbomb Best of luck Ben! Really enjoyed your time and contributions at Giant Bomb!
13 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
Sallybal she/her
@PackBenPack Really enjoyed your work on giant bomb. Good luck in your endeavours!
13 Jan, 12:07 AM UTC
Sean Mesler
I haven't listened to Giant Bomb in years. I have no idea who is even still here. I know Dan left, but that's about it.
13 Jan, 12:03 AM UTC
Emmanuel Zepeda
@PackBenPack Thank you for everything at Giant Bomb. I wish you the best of luck in the future. If you are looking for a new NBA team to root for, pick the San Antonio Spurs.
13 Jan, 12:02 AM UTC
Another person from the Giant Bomb crew is leaving. I don't know what I'm going to do if they stop making content. Where am I going to get humorous and informative views on video games?
13 Jan, 12:00 AM UTC
Ryan Gleason
@Skiffington_ Makes sense. I was more into seeing personalities than following the news which is why I ended up on Giant Bomb, at the time it felt to me they were focusing a lot on that back then. There are so many options for that now that its great to hope around and see everyone.
12 Jan, 11:59 PM UTC
Giant Bomb losing Abby and Ben already is ROUGH
12 Jan, 11:59 PM UTC
saddiq bey stan acct
@PackBenPack I started watching Giant Bomb around the time you, Abby and Jan came aboard and a big reason I liked it was the perspective y'all around my age brought against the older perspective from the OG crew. Thanks for all the entertainment. Good luck and hope you enjoy less public life
12 Jan, 11:53 PM UTC
@_BiggieCalls @laque_tess And that site must be ~10-20 or maybe more mi away from the shore (safety precaution, because rocket is giant bomb in essence). With cities like London, Paris, Moscow, Madrid etc. - it's even trickier (no completely uninhabited land or large body of water in surroundings).
12 Jan, 11:52 PM UTC
@PackBenPack Damn man, you’ll be missed. Always a highlight of Giant Bomb
12 Jan, 11:51 PM UTC
everyone’s leaving giant bomb :(
12 Jan, 11:50 PM UTC
@PackBenPack I’ve followed Giant Bomb since the beginning and I’ve always appreciated your stuff on GB Ben. Definitely gonna miss you on the site and the Bombcast. Best of luck on your next journey. 👍
12 Jan, 11:48 PM UTC
Uehara Matheus
Giant Bomb é a ESPN Brasil dos joguinhos. Cada dia sai um jornalista.
12 Jan, 11:48 PM UTC
Paul Warren
@PackBenPack Hate to see you go, but glad you're taking care of yourself! I hope the Giant Bomb crew has more great hires and continues their great work.
12 Jan, 11:45 PM UTC
@PackBenPack Big fan of the work you did with Giant Bomb and I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
12 Jan, 11:41 PM UTC
@Computron34 @SethBuzzard Right now especially, Giant Bomb isn't a big review source or news source. In all honesty, it's basically being a twitch streamer, but in stead of donations and ad revenue going to the streamer, it's going to the company who then pays the streamer what is probably a fixed salary.
12 Jan, 11:40 PM UTC
giant bomb condensing back down to its fundamental core of burned out old men who still talk about most japanese games like they're something you'd find on a back shelf in a suncoast video
12 Jan, 11:40 PM UTC
Jurge Cruz-Alvarez
@PackBenPack Big fan of your work around games since back when you worked with Destructoid! I remember being stoked when the news hit that you would be joining Giant Bomb, and yeah, your contributions made the site + Bombcast better. Good luck out there, Ben! Thank you for everything!
12 Jan, 11:40 PM UTC

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