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teenage millionaire 💕
Gunna on Gimmick #WUNNA
22 May, 04:04 AM UTC
When the beat started on Gimmick #WUNNA
22 May, 04:04 AM UTC
Raph lol
gunna wunna on gimmick, addy, dollaz on my head, skybox, blindfold, rockstar bikers & chains and met gala
22 May, 04:31 AM UTC
Adding insult to migrant misery, Cong ‘misses’ the bus in Rajasthan and now, mismanages Mumbai ‘relief’ as migrants misled, forced on roads. 'Lies' in Lucknow, 'lathis' in Mumbai. ‘Cong's 'nyay' a gimmick on 'garib'?’ Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. | #CongMigrantShame @TimesNow's photo on Gimmick
21 May, 03:23 PM UTC
#闫丽梦 Another naive girl fell into the trap of Guo Wengui's(郭文贵)story, and Guo's deception began again. The fake dress packed with the gimmick helped to reverse the gimmick, which became the label of Guo's cheater.
22 May, 04:53 AM UTC
#みおーん絵 跳び回し蹴りミオちゃん
22 May, 07:23 AM UTC
#みおーん絵 タイガ君単品もこのタグでいいのかな・・・?
22 May, 07:39 AM UTC
#みおーん絵 #ミオかわいい #絵描きさんと繋がたい いつもひっそり見てるVtuberのミオちゃん!! とてもかわいい(確信)
22 May, 08:27 AM UTC
In the Congress-ruled state, the government is pressurizing the public to pay the electricity bill. While Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra is making a gimmick about the power bill waiver in the BJP ruled state of Uttar Pradesh.
22 May, 08:06 AM UTC
Before I see Sonic start doing weird experimentation again I want to see A) Evidence of a refined play style in 3D B) An established brand idenity C) Make the gimmick work alongside the core gameplay
22 May, 07:13 AM UTC
Wiza of Waverly Place 🔮🤴🏾
22 May, 04:09 AM UTC
@AnthonyJohnG @LBC @ShelaghFogarty Why are you are talking about social distancing? A gimmick plucked from thin air to begin social engineering for tracking. FFS, wake up before you all give your life away to 100% control.
22 May, 08:33 AM UTC
glogang man
J’ai recommencé l’album Jsuis bloqué sur gimmick
22 May, 08:43 AM UTC
Je tiens à dire que le skurr à 1:08 dans Gimmick c’est un des meilleurs skur de l’histoire des skur
22 May, 07:46 AM UTC
@soarel325 Because nobody likes them so they have to do a gimmick account to get followers
22 May, 08:37 AM UTC
AgFunder 🌱🍝
#Farmshelf wants to take home growing systems from gimmick to #grocerystore replacement - AgFunderNews 👀 @WeWork #WeWork #Foodlabs #Startups #FoodTech #AgFunder
21 May, 10:55 PM UTC
Shree Speaks
K'taka Cong finds PM Modi's immed stock takng visit & interim packge 2 Bengal as an Electn year gimmick. Ths is bcoz last yr,K'taka faced its worst evr floods tht killed 90 people & dstroyed property wrth several crores.But,d PM neithr cared 2 visit nor help inspite of a BJP Gov.
22 May, 08:55 AM UTC
@weapon_twin そういや、湯船で思い出したけどヴィクトルはお風呂好きって言う設定があったな。一日二回は湯船に浸かる。大浴場も好き。一回でも湯船に入らないと不機嫌になる。(定期的に呟かないと忘れそうだから定期的に思い出したら呟くネタ)
22 May, 08:41 AM UTC
I fucking hate gimmick accounts they’re so fucking annoying
22 May, 09:00 AM UTC
@weapon_twin 大変失礼だけど大浴場とかでラズワルドさんとはちあったらヴィクトルは笑い死ぬと思う。(小学生レベルで下品ネタの沸点が低い)
22 May, 08:56 AM UTC
having to stand on the sidelines as you watch your favorite gimmick account turn into a shitty arg
22 May, 08:38 AM UTC
@senseimel_ Fammm, the amount of times I reloaded Gimmick alone 🤣
22 May, 09:01 AM UTC
@STYPJM Coba contoh gimmick kek mana?
22 May, 09:01 AM UTC
This ain't no motherfuckin' gimmick
22 May, 09:00 AM UTC
kaira gemoii 🐾
22 May, 09:00 AM UTC
FPL Doctor 🇲🇾
@Bman0988 @MichaelHamflett Maybe bcos someone with zero booking experience is running things. Besides those who know how to book themselves (Jericho, Elite) there are issues. Dark Order gimmick was DOA, but is still around after 1 year. And Lee's push has a strong whiff of Aaron Rex in TNA. Very troubling.
22 May, 08:59 AM UTC
@weapon_twin 馬鹿にしている訳じゃないんだ本気で楽しんでるんだこの男。触っていいですかwwwってなるしガチのやつじゃんwwwってなる。やめなさいよ
22 May, 08:59 AM UTC