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NFL Update
#Bengals released RB Gio Bernard, ending his 8 year run with the team.
07 Apr, 01:46 PM UTC
B/R Gridiron
The Bengals have released RB Gio Bernard (at his request) after eight years with the team, per @MikeGarafolo @brgridiron's photo on Gio Bernard
07 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Mike Garafolo
Gio Bernard asked for his release and the #Bengals granted it, source says. The team had asked him to take a pay cut two weeks into free agency, which hurt his chances of landing elsewhere. But he's expected to find a new gig soon.
07 Apr, 01:48 PM UTC
Mo Egger
Gio Bernard came off as one of the nicest, most down-to-earth athletes we've ever had on our show, and he provided some pretty electric moments on the field. I'll root for that guy wherever he resurfaces.
07 Apr, 01:50 PM UTC
Ian Hartitz
Hope the Raiders sign Gio Bernard because I enjoy watching the fantasy football world burn
07 Apr, 03:20 PM UTC
Lindsay Patterson
Gio Bernard was a good one on and off the field. Wishing him the absolute best.
07 Apr, 01:51 PM UTC
Paul Dehner Jr.
As noted by @MikeGarafolo, the frustrating part of this from Gio Bernard's side - and was a complaint of Andy Dalton last year - is by waiting until after free agency to do this the team hurts the player's options in landing elsewhere. If you knew this was the move, why wait?
07 Apr, 02:27 PM UTC
Ben Baby
I really liked what Gio Bernard brought to the Bengals' offense last year. Think he has some left in the tank
07 Apr, 02:03 PM UTC
@AdamSchefter if you haven’t played Gio Bernard en route to a RB1 week in fantasy, you haven’t lived.
07 Apr, 01:54 PM UTC
Jeremy Fowler
Bengals announce they released running back Gio Bernard. The team looked into potential trade partners before doing so. Intriguing back with pass-catching ability is now available pre-draft.
07 Apr, 01:49 PM UTC
Just so we're clear, Samaje Perine had just 28 pass blocking snaps last season (59 PFF grade). 53 in his career. He's not replacing Gio Bernard, it will be Joe Mixon replacing Gio. Perine will get the carries to give Mixon a break.
07 Apr, 03:36 PM UTC
Ken Broo
Gio Bernard was a very good player on a lot of bad Bengals teams. But anyone who didn’t see this coming hasn’t been paying attention @700wlw
07 Apr, 02:54 PM UTC
Josh Klein
Panthers could really get a lot of value out of a veteran running back like Gio Bernard, who has a similar game to CMC and is a quality pass protector. Would be a great signing, especially if he were to come in for the #VetMin
07 Apr, 02:24 PM UTC
The Dynasty Commander 🥇
Gio Bernard free agent? I love this for Gio Bernard (literally with any team in the NFL) I love this for Joe Mixon
07 Apr, 01:51 PM UTC
NBC Sports EDGE Football
Bengals release Gio Bernard after eight seasons
07 Apr, 01:50 PM UTC
Joe Mixon with no Gio Bernard 👀 2020: - 81.5% opportunity share, 2nd highest in the NFL - 11th highest PPG for RBs with 16.6 - 19.9 attempts per game - 4.4 targets per game - 23.8 yards created per game, 13th in the NFL #Bengals #FantasyFootball #JoeMixon @MyFantasyLeague
07 Apr, 02:08 PM UTC
Fantasy FB Gawd
it says a lot about joe mixon that gio bernard being cut is grounds for a victory lap
07 Apr, 04:21 PM UTC
John Paulsen
Over the L2 seasons, Gio Bernard averaged all of 5.1 touches in the 22 games that he played with Joe Mixon.
07 Apr, 02:31 PM UTC
Sam Darrel
Gio Bernard to the Raiders makes so much sense. Gotta make up for how AWFUL Josh Jacobs is in the passing game amirite? @StillRyanFive
07 Apr, 02:28 PM UTC
I swear at some point on our podcasts @SlurpeesVA was banging the table for Gio Bernard. I also definitely might have dreamt that but either way, I think the Panthers would be happy with him giving CMC a few plays off.
07 Apr, 04:31 PM UTC
Bengals UK
You better believe there will be a tribute song to Gio Bernard *watches as we lose followers*
07 Apr, 04:20 PM UTC
Jacob Bak
If 29 year old Gio Bernard getting released is “huge” for Mixon then maybe you should chill on your expectations for Mixon... maybe that’s just me
07 Apr, 04:00 PM UTC
Ben Grant
That the @Bengals cut Gio Bernard isn’t surprising, but I’ll be upset if this doesn’t turn into a number of new signings given how far below the cap they are. Gio is still an electric runner and the best blitz-pickup back in the league. This is a huge loss. #Bengals
07 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
Después de 8 temporadas con los @Bengals, el RB Gio Bernard es liberado. Durante su estancia en Cincinnati, Bernard acumuló 921 acarreos generando 3,697 yardas y 22 TD 342 recepciones para 2,867 yardas y 11 anotaciones adicionales.
07 Apr, 03:51 PM UTC
Nacion Fantasy
👀Ya vieron que los @Bengals liberaron al RB Gio Bernard? 👨Nunca olvidaremos su nominación como Mejor Bigote en los Nacion Fantasy Awards 🤔Este año tendremos MixOn o MixOff? Que opinan @PacoZendejas @ricronalds @_cesar_fuentes @GugaGekko? #NacionFantasy #ElFantasyNoPara
07 Apr, 02:40 PM UTC
The Fantasy Factor
Hopefully the news of the Bengals releasing Gio Bernard means Joe Mixon will finally be a “3-Down Back”🙏
07 Apr, 03:48 PM UTC
Sam Darrel
@FbGawd I actually think it’s the other way around. I think we’ve been underestimating how good of a football player Gio Bernard actually is. He looked great when filling in for Mixon last year.
07 Apr, 04:24 PM UTC
Noah Countinfo 🙅🏼‍♂️🅰️🧛‍♂️📊
Who’s your favorite pass catching rookie rb the Bengals are gonna draft after releasing Gio Bernard? @MyFantasyLeague
07 Apr, 04:13 PM UTC
I’ve always been a big fan of Gio Bernard. Hope he finds a home in Carolina.
07 Apr, 04:03 PM UTC