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Not @BET sabotaging my mic 😂😂😂😂😂😂…… @LilNasX I get it!!!!
27 Jun, 04:02 AM UTC
Mysa Mami
Giveon looking confused at the mic why he sounds so bad. It’s you baby.
27 Jun, 03:36 AM UTC
LINDOS! Ludmilla e Giveon no #BETAwards @tracklist's photo on Giveon
27 Jun, 02:23 AM UTC
Girl, No.
Justine got Giveon doll and stabbed it in the throat.
27 Jun, 03:37 AM UTC
Justine after seeing giveon’s performance https://t.co/HnYdF4x5c9
27 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC
☆ d i d i ☆
the mic when giveon tapped it https://t.co/8BMHjOkgPy
27 Jun, 03:43 AM UTC
BET Awards Best Artist Nominees‼️👀 Best Male Artists: - Blxst - Chris Brown - Giveon - Lucky Daye - The Weeknd - Wizkid - Bleu Best Female Artist: - Ari Lennox - Chlöe - Doja Cat - H.E.R. - Jazmine Sullivan - Mary J. Blige - Summer Walker
26 Jun, 05:35 PM UTC
giveons mic
giveon heard his OWN singing and said "what the hell" 😭
27 Jun, 03:49 AM UTC
this was funny asf ngl. im sorry to giveon but lmao seeing him struggling to pull out that lil note had me yelling and screaming😭 #BETAwards https://t.co/bGsXpwEuoM
27 Jun, 03:42 AM UTC
ʝօʀɖռ’ֆ աօʀʟɖ🌱
@giveon oh baby the mic was on. the vocals wasn’t. and that’s okay💕 https://t.co/zXJUvJBkLW
27 Jun, 04:11 AM UTC
The Artist Known As PJ Darrell
Giveon sounds like a mix of Maya Angelou & the devil.
27 Jun, 03:36 AM UTC
Giveon really had the nerve to give the mic a stank look like he isn’t the problem
27 Jun, 04:18 AM UTC
k. matt | kristyn
Giveon looking at the mic and the mic looking at him like “don’t blame me” #BETAwards https://t.co/ObHdquoHuW
27 Jun, 03:39 AM UTC
Kimi Nani
looking at the mic as if it was the issue https://t.co/HkX9L6eO58 https://t.co/QfUhvsauYQ
27 Jun, 04:17 AM UTC
WILD ebony.
That one person who said giveon be singing like he eating peanut butter
27 Jun, 03:37 AM UTC
trey 💯
GIVEON OMG NO WAY- #BETAwards https://t.co/3buJLOTSP8
27 Jun, 03:44 AM UTC
@giveon @BET @LilNasX It wasn't the microphone. It was your vocals. https://t.co/jBwQSA0X2g
27 Jun, 04:44 AM UTC
@giveon @BET @LilNasX giveon: “😂😂 not BET sabotaging my mic… 😂😂” the BET technicians: https://t.co/J4Kxw0Vkuw
27 Jun, 05:30 AM UTC
Above Average Peso
Nah that man Giveon was blaming the audio equipment for why he sounded like ass. Looked like a DB that come up “injured” when he get burned for a TD.
27 Jun, 01:04 PM UTC
susan frm plannd parenthood.
Now, girl. https://t.co/d15DAoWosm
27 Jun, 11:02 AM UTC
y’all eating Giveon up😭
27 Jun, 12:05 PM UTC
Good Morning to everyone except Giveon for having the nerve to blame the BET for sabotaging his mic.
27 Jun, 01:12 PM UTC