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Eric Hubbs
Gleyber so off balanced. Never had a chance.
13 Aug, 02:26 AM UTC
Gleyber Torres is slashing .183/.221/.293 and a .514 OPS since the All Star Break with just 2 homers. Really need him to start turning it on again he was so huge for us in the 1st half
13 Aug, 01:43 AM UTC
Earl the Pearl
Im far more concerned about Josh Donaldson and Gleyber Torres than I am about IKF.
13 Aug, 03:15 AM UTC
@BryanHoch Every single opponent’s strategy for the past month with Stanton out: pitch around Judge, make someone else beat you. And NO ONE on the Yankees has stepped up. Gleyber, Donaldson, Hicks, the catchers have all regressed simultaneously with the injuries while Pirate Holmes is back.
13 Aug, 03:07 AM UTC
Mario Gomez🇩🇴🗽
Two months ago this fanbase was saying: “Gleyber’s amazing! He’s back! He’s an all star.” Now it’s: “Gleyber sucks, we should’ve traded him for Castillo.” The same fans will sing his praises in October. You can criticize a player but all I’m saying is pick a side.
13 Aug, 04:19 AM UTC
Donaldson strike out looking followed by Gleyber ugly 3 pitch strike out is obvious
13 Aug, 02:22 AM UTC
@YESNetwork Can’t wait to see Higgy, IKF, Hicks and Gleyber up the middle tomorrow when the #Yankees need a win. Arguably the worst in baseball at those positions. Assembled by none other than Brian Cashman. It’s the Yankees man, wake up!
13 Aug, 03:00 AM UTC
Yankees Updates
I love Gleyber, but this made me laugh I can't lie 😂 https://t.co/Jf02CSyeFx
13 Aug, 04:24 AM UTC
Gleyber Torres in any clutch situation: https://t.co/EUTP84xCtd
13 Aug, 03:16 AM UTC
@davidrifkin Gleyber needs to calm down and get himself right … i’m not worried in the least
13 Aug, 03:58 AM UTC
Michael Grogins
3B DJ CF Judge 1B Rizzo RF Stanton DH Carpenter 2B Gleyber SS Peraza (🙏) C Trevino LF Benny Off the bench: Bader IKF Higgy Locastro https://t.co/90BogaDo1L
13 Aug, 03:49 AM UTC
gleyber holmes ikf donaldson hicks CAN ALL JUMP OFF THE VERRANZANO
13 Aug, 02:26 AM UTC
Brendan Q
@marioagomez_1 I've defended Gleyber all year. He's in a slump right now, but he'll get out of it. I love him. Completely agree with you.
13 Aug, 04:21 AM UTC
Freddy S
GET IT BY TOMORROW!!! https://t.co/aRuMPo8vZR #OpportunityWithMarcus Jets #SmackDown Teddy Ray #AEWRampage Clay Holmes Tatis #OPLive Niners Tommy Pham #LifeAfterLockup Marte Whitlock Trayce Thompson Womack Nido Keith Hernandez Doubs Tulsi Gleyber Mike White Danny Davis JISOO https://t.co/C5b4dMXnh6
13 Aug, 03:50 AM UTC
Dee Black MMA wasn’t banned
@SatnLorth @Zalman888 DJ Benny Judge Rizzo Donaldson Gleyber Trev-dawg IKF/Hicks
13 Aug, 03:50 AM UTC
@PathDreamerGirl Gleyber es un out con uniforme. Holmes también es responsable de esta derrota. No tiene nivel para ser cerrador de los Yankees. Cómo un cerrador de un equipo como los Yankees va a salir dando dos bases por bola. Inconcebible.
13 Aug, 04:55 AM UTC
No one reported Gleyber was involved in any trade, Jack Curry said his name came up from other teams. Jok Heyman said the deal for Lopez would be for prospects https://t.co/Vrwk8zGcVY
13 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
Earl the Pearl
@CruzYankeeFan I completely agree with you my man it falls on Rizzo Gleyber and Donaldson to be better
13 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
anthony liotta
@jackstrawelf @marioagomez_1 Well you mentioned BA, which everyone should know at this point is a useless stat. DJ is worth almost double the WAR of Gleyber, has a OBP and OPS nearly 50 points higher than gleyber, and is a super utility man. Also, dont u think it would be fair to say that gleyber has had…
13 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Moises Ramirez 🇺🇸🇨🇷
@marioagomez_1 I don’t know about Gleyber anymore. He’s too inconsistent. He’s either at an all star level or completely lost. He’s got the talent but nothing between the ears.
13 Aug, 04:28 AM UTC
anthony liotta
@jackstrawelf @marioagomez_1 Not hating at all. DJ is playing much better than gleyber this year. Just simple facts.
13 Aug, 04:27 AM UTC
Edwin Fernández21
@CruzYankeeFan @AdianKaibaMEGA After his 1st inning GIDP, Gleyber Torres is now hitting .196 (19-97) with RISP this season
13 Aug, 04:11 AM UTC
Big Blue In The Bronx 🎙️ (Alex Gajovich🅿️rotich)
@AdianKaibaMEGA @Yankees @Mariners So he's a solid hitter and we should trade him because he's a veteran but keep Gleyber who's been a fucking blockhead most of his career?
13 Aug, 04:08 AM UTC
Big Blue In The Bronx 🎙️ (Alex Gajovich🅿️rotich)
@AdianKaibaMEGA @Yankees @Mariners Stop w/the Lemahieu trade. Ik u don't wanna hear it but he's better than Gleyber.
13 Aug, 04:02 AM UTC
@BrunoContesini6 Gleyber will never be consistent it seems…needs to be out the door next year. He’s been awful in the second half.
13 Aug, 04:01 AM UTC
Adam Cohen
@BrahmaBull71 @BarstoolHubbs Should’ve traded him when they could, be careful with these so called wonderful prospects. Been saying it a million times. Gleyber was top 5 in MLB. Read that again
13 Aug, 03:56 AM UTC
Papa G
@DanAlanRourke DJ LeMahieu Aaron Judge Anthony Rizzo Giancarlo Stanton Gleyber Torres Andrew Benintendi Jose Trevino Aaron Hicks/Harrison Bader Isiah Kiner-Falefa I don’t see how Carp fits in
13 Aug, 03:54 AM UTC
@KGRII2 @JackCurryYES Donaldson is just like Hicks, but Hicks walks a little more. You are 100% correct on Gleyber. They've changed players, and these bad habits returned after half a season. It's the managers, coaches, and/or front office that's killing this team.
13 Aug, 03:53 AM UTC
ML 🇺🇸⚾️✝️
@YankeesFanEarl They need Gleyber to get lost
13 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC