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O l i v i a
21 Nov, 12:17 PM UTC
Carrie Lynn
Glad to have Ohio State football back today. Let’s go Bucks,beat Indiana. #BIA https://t.co/LuQ7YwOg0X
21 Nov, 11:43 AM UTC
Have a fabulous day today. Go Bucks!! No idea why I’m up right now. Lol.
21 Nov, 12:02 PM UTC
Erika- spelled correctly-
Crisp morning but hot coffee to the rescue! Go Bucks! It’s coffee time lovelies! Good morning! ☕️❤️ https://t.co/UAt7iUQpTL
21 Nov, 01:05 PM UTC
Andy Wilson
@ESPNMcGee @MartySmithESPN I believe I'll have a bowl of hoosiers for breakfast while I get ready to listen to the best damn radio program in America 🇺🇸 Go Bucks! https://t.co/v3puThTzvi
21 Nov, 11:55 AM UTC
Jeff Brunswick
Big game today. Looking forward to the game. Go Bucks!🏈 https://t.co/bfkbOntC1L
21 Nov, 12:48 PM UTC
Nick Terry
@ESPNMcGee @MartySmithESPN Breakfast on gameday in Cincinnati crab eggs Benedict go Bearcats and go Bucks! https://t.co/lDs05wi0gA
21 Nov, 01:51 PM UTC
Carey Brewing Station
Doors open tomorrow @ 11:00 am as Ohio State hosts Indiana - Go Bucks! JD Owen takes the stage at 6:00 - live till 9:00. #drinklocal #GoBucks #drinkbeergrownandmadehere https://t.co/NZTBR8wvTE
21 Nov, 02:34 AM UTC
KC Buckeye (3-0) Nation
@Buckeyetxgrl2_0 Go Bucks.
21 Nov, 12:35 PM UTC
Wake up everybody its GameDay!!! Go Bucks ‼️‼️‼️#BeatIndiana
21 Nov, 01:21 PM UTC
Jim Ferk
Wake up. It is game day !!!! Go bucks. O. H. https://t.co/thqc7rjigr
21 Nov, 01:37 PM UTC
Buckeye Empire
Crazy to think the Buckeyes are in a Top 10 match-up the weekend before Thanksgiving and the team they're playing is Indiana. 2020, what a year. Let's Go Bucks!
21 Nov, 02:05 PM UTC
Erika- spelled correctly-
@shebored Go Bucks!
21 Nov, 01:02 PM UTC
KC Buckeye (3-0) Nation
@oliviacola Go Bucks!!
21 Nov, 12:36 PM UTC
Chrissy Baker
When your favorite college football team plays your girls school’s principal and head custodian’s favorite college team, you wear your OSU stuff to school on Friday. Today is game day and we are ready for a great game! So we say: GO BUCKS!! @JohnMattingly23 @johnmccutchen7 https://t.co/UCIUcbuvQc
21 Nov, 01:33 PM UTC
CLE Sports Twist
The Buckeyes are playing today right? We’re sure? Nobody from both teams has a ton of players with Covid? Ok. Cool. LET’S GO BUCKS!!! ⭕️🙌🏼🙏🏼⭕️
21 Nov, 01:58 PM UTC
Buckeyes are BACK! It’s game day! Let’s Go Bucks https://t.co/uJaPEwpgrf
21 Nov, 01:12 PM UTC
❌an O' War
@smlndzz Inject that into my veins. Go Bucks
21 Nov, 12:47 PM UTC
kyle kaspah
Gameday go bucks
21 Nov, 10:35 AM UTC
Land-Grant Holy Land
🎧 On our ‘Tailgate’ pod for today’s game against No. 9 Indiana, @BWWMatt runs through all of the info you need: TV, weather, odds, analytics, & predictions, and we’ve got Ryan Day’s final presser of the week! Listen and get prepared for today’s kick! 🎧 https://t.co/sZBkWy17Z9
21 Nov, 12:01 PM UTC
Go bucks lol ❤️🖤
21 Nov, 11:40 AM UTC
THE Clock Tower
BONG! It's 05:00 AM and Michigan still sucks. Go Bucks! #OhioState #GoBucks #Buckeyes https://t.co/a4SDg9AXt4
21 Nov, 10:01 AM UTC
@moneyladyjo Thanks Jo...GO BUCKS‼️
21 Nov, 01:55 PM UTC
❌eg Little
@BrynInvent @Bucknuts247 Thank you! So far just like a mild flu. Feeling better each day! GO BUCKS‼️‼️
21 Nov, 01:48 PM UTC
Tom Adelsberg
☮️❤️ - Go Bucks! https://t.co/G7C5jPIs1R
21 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC

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