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12 Jan, 04:24 PM UTC
Nintendo of America - "Mega Fury Bowser" Nintendo Japan - "God Slayer Bowser" NoA with the big L again... @Nintendeal's photo on God Slayer Bowser
12 Jan, 05:35 PM UTC
🍊Beans-made thighs🍊
I can't believe his name in Japanese is one of the rawest things I've ever heard, "God Slayer Bowser", but in the West it's just "Mega Fury Bowser". 😔 https://t.co/uy9EV6x0ta
12 Jan, 05:15 PM UTC
Ryan Malis
Apparently "God Slayer Bowser" is just the JP name, while in the west its....sigh.... "Mega Fury Bowser'. LAME.
12 Jan, 02:57 PM UTC
Source Gaming
There seems to be a bit of misinformation going around. The name of Bowser's new form in #BowsersFury is not "God Slayer Bowser" in Japanese, nor is it "Mega Fury Bowser" in English! There is no source for these claims and it is just made up. Check your sources! @AllSourceGaming's photo on God Slayer Bowser
12 Jan, 09:24 PM UTC
12 Jan, 04:42 PM UTC
This definitely my favorite design of bowser, and his name is God Slayer Bowser like this man just that heat (i will never call him mega fury bowser) https://t.co/LqWvWEILWC
12 Jan, 04:32 PM UTC
Scott Frerichs 🏳️‍🌈 🐯
To the 20 people who sent me pictures of-- and links to-- the Bowser's Fury trailer, you're doing God Slayer Bowser's work. @KaiserNeko's photo on God Slayer Bowser
12 Jan, 09:02 PM UTC
God Slayer Bowser: *exists* Porn Artists: https://t.co/9BQyfJ0CuS
12 Jan, 09:19 PM UTC
Scott Frerichs 🏳️‍🌈 🐯
God Slayer Bowser: *exists* Rosalina: https://t.co/qfIJyh0qfF
12 Jan, 09:12 PM UTC
KingBobbyG Art
I know I wasn't fast enough to be the first to do this, but hey it's the quality that counts. Here's my version of Mega Fury Bowser (or God Slayer Bowser as he's called in Japan lol) for Smash Ultimate https://t.co/VmoeHlNObD
12 Jan, 07:38 PM UTC
Korno 🦋
Virgin kaiju bowser vs chad god slayer bowser https://t.co/4Ya4u651aD
12 Jan, 04:07 PM UTC
Daily Diavolo Drip Deaths
Diavolo Death Nº547: Killed by “God Slayer Bowser” in Bowser’s Furry #BowsersFury https://t.co/Ioaw82HOjF
12 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Mega Fury Bowser / God Slayer Bowser 🔥 https://t.co/EoYnGEQDSq
13 Jan, 12:12 AM UTC
hatok (Knife Ruster)
I heard the God Slayer Bowser thing was a fake thing matt mcmuscles started
13 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
The name of this Bowser is named God Slayer Bowser. oh boy.
12 Jan, 11:12 PM UTC
Grant, CEO of Dokkan Luck
This an an actual fucking image God Slayer Bowser is that shit I NEEDED in my life, such a dope design https://t.co/CepZHKqvWP
13 Jan, 12:21 AM UTC
i Angel !
Ok sí, ya entendí que les gustó el nuevo arte del God Slayer Bowser en la lluvia frente a Mario. Pero puedo por favor dejar de verla cada dos tweets? (El arte le pertenece a su respectivo artista) https://t.co/2sxzFPy3CX
13 Jan, 12:23 AM UTC
Danny Marte'
@HouseofDrew92 @da1ndonlyac I need a God Slayer Bowser Amiibo ASAP! Lol me and chick have the cats on the way.
13 Jan, 12:26 AM UTC
✏️Pencil-Paladin🛡️ (Commissions Closed)
@Oriii000 Well God Slayer Bowser got all buff, so I figured I had to do the same with Bowsette. Lol And thanks, yo!
13 Jan, 12:24 AM UTC
less than 2 weeks until 3.0+1.0
God slayer bowser huh?
13 Jan, 12:29 AM UTC
The V Productions Arc
@BHSDesk Even better, the official name for Bowser's new form is God Slayer Bowser.
13 Jan, 12:29 AM UTC
mercedes on a mercedes
Artwork reminds me of the fight in Doom Eternal lol Also the Japanese name of this Bowser is "God Slayer Bowser"
13 Jan, 12:28 AM UTC
@beanzaru This form will forever be known, to me, as God Slayer Bowser. No excuse
13 Jan, 12:27 AM UTC
The Lost Jay
Tbh I hope there’s gonna be more after the God Slayer Bowser because it feels wack that they’d spoil their final boss fight like that. If they just stopped before the reveal it would’ve been so hype to fight against Bowser.
13 Jan, 12:27 AM UTC
The King of Trash
Ok but shhhh it’s god slayer bowser https://t.co/U7uEJd6kQr
13 Jan, 12:26 AM UTC
@rashxne @snickers3k his name in Japanese is God Slayer Bowser. raw af
13 Jan, 12:26 AM UTC
Change bowser’s final smash to god slayer bowser that would be sick af bro Why Giga bowser if you can’t actually play as him :/
13 Jan, 12:23 AM UTC
@NintendoAmerica God Slayer Bowser and Super Saiyen Mario.
13 Jan, 12:23 AM UTC

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