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Chaque fois qu’il va neiger je vais mettre cette vidéo @Vastiiine's photo on Goff
16 Jan, 02:09 PM UTC
🇩🇿 El Kxcito ♓️
Vu qu'il neige il est temps de ressortir ce classique "oh boule de neige" 😂 @KxDansLaPlace's photo on Goff
16 Jan, 02:25 PM UTC
Scott Hanson
If Goff needs any more work on his thumb, he can go to GB sideline. 12 is performing surgery.
16 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
Green Bay Packers
SACK!!! @KCBoutThatLife & @RashanAGary bring down Goff! #LARvsGB | #GoPackGo @packers's photo on Goff
16 Jan, 11:23 PM UTC
The Rams answer back quickly. Goff to Van Jefferson for the touchdown! #RamsHouse #NFLPlayoffs 📺: #LARvsGB on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https://t.co/nMJSN7Rn8Z @NFL's photo on Goff
16 Jan, 10:49 PM UTC
Andrew Siciliano
Rams were within 7 points in the 4th quarter with 1/2 of Aaron Donald and a 4-fingered Jared Goff. No trophies for losing, but a damn good effort.
17 Jan, 01:01 AM UTC
Goff delivers a strike into Packers territory. #RamsHouse 📺: #LARvsGB on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https://t.co/nMJSN7Rn8Z @NFL's photo on Goff
16 Jan, 09:52 PM UTC
David Jamal
While in school at BYU, Zach Wilson would drive 10 hrs after class to attend QB camp with gurus Tom House and John Beck who have worked with Brady, Brees and Goff. This is not something he was asked or paid to do. He was simply HUNGRY for it ! https://t.co/bnEQKdXZvZ
16 Jan, 05:46 PM UTC
I have a take on Jared Goff and Jimmy Garoppolo. If you want to win a SuperBowl with either one of those guys, everything has to be PERFECT! We’ve seen them both win a bunch of games. Both play in a SuperBowl. Both lose a SuperBowl the same way and it comes down to one thing...
17 Jan, 03:10 AM UTC
Zach Kruse
Rams only had one play over 20 yards. Only 3 scoring drives out of 8 possessions. Shutout in fourth quarter. Finished 2-for-9 on third/fourth down. Jared Goff ended up with 148 net passing yards. Robert Woods had 48 receiving yards. Cam Akers was productive but hardly dominant.
17 Jan, 04:26 AM UTC
Sosa K
Jared Goff is a god man. This dude doesn't give a shit about nothing. He just shows up and plays.
16 Jan, 11:38 PM UTC
Lindsey Thiry
Sean McVay on Jared Goff: "...Saw a guy that stepped in. He did what he could, I thought he made some plays, thought he saw the field..." Asked if Goff was his quarterback, McVay said: "Yeah, he’s the quarterback right now."
17 Jan, 02:05 AM UTC
Jared Goff is currently 15-17 (88.2%) today. The only QB with a better completion percentage than that in a playoff game is Tom Brady in 2008 (min. 15 attempts) https://t.co/lcEkpbW0XL @pfref's photo on Goff
16 Jan, 11:51 PM UTC
Clapback Sports
Daniel Jones > Jared Goff
17 Jan, 12:28 AM UTC
@jonnyoneill72 @Clayster @timthetatman Here’s another state for u Rodger is 12-1 in below freezing temp in the past 13 games, Jared Goff has 0td and 5 ints in those type of games, and the last time lil Wayne made a packers hype song they won the super bowl that year
16 Jan, 07:37 PM UTC
What’s Goff’s signature play? Signature moment? Same with Jimmy? Any in either one of their SuperBowl runs?
17 Jan, 03:16 AM UTC
Off-season decisions Fire ST coach Beef up the Oline Linebackers Jared Goff, you did your thing tonight homie. Carry this fire into next season
17 Jan, 12:25 AM UTC
Next Gen Stats
The Packers pressured Jared Goff on 15 of 31 dropbacks, the Rams highest pressure rate allowed in a game under Sean McVay (48.4%). The Rams three highest pressure rates allowed this season came in their last 3 games (Week 17: 42.5%, Wild Card: 35.7%). #LARvsGB | #GoPackGo @NextGenStats's photo on Goff
17 Jan, 12:46 AM UTC
Only dude in history to be slandered with a stat line of 19/22 for 169 and a TD. Your very own, Jared Goff.
17 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
Love The Rams
For ALL the Goff haters.... https://t.co/JaJF0Kaa6Y
17 Jan, 01:20 AM UTC
Sean McVay's Saturday press conference ended with a question regarding whether Jared Goff is the team's quarterback; McVay's answer invites plenty of speculation https://t.co/Rjmm3aoyBf
17 Jan, 05:50 AM UTC
Akash Anavarathan
Also, I think having a player like Goff and Garoppolo adds immense pressure to their play callers. Shanahan and McVay have to call the perfect play every time because their quarterbacks can’t create out of the structure of the play. https://t.co/7e1NHPYeEF
17 Jan, 05:58 AM UTC
Flippin Chiefs
Goff is performing surgery out there with a damn broken thumb! #WPMOYChallenge + Kelce
17 Jan, 12:02 AM UTC
Bhav Dhillon
Many would have missed coming to New Zealand & witness first hand 36th@americascup #pradacup2021 Wud hv been grt to host @anandmahindra here-maybe next time😊@nzhays @MFATNZ @NZTEnews @NZinIndia @IndiainNZ @DavidParkerMP @inzbc @PhilTwyford @phil_goff @DamienOConnorMP @GMortonNZ https://t.co/keNrdKaIT2
16 Jan, 11:46 PM UTC
Jamahl Bostic🎶🎮
Oh hey Mr Goff. #Toonami #aot https://t.co/7WJOpYsqvS
17 Jan, 05:38 AM UTC
Johnny Kinsley (Loyal AFC Fan)
Real thoughts on Jared Goff: Certainly capable of good stretches of QB play, good getting the ball out of his hands quick. Low mobility means his skill set is more limited so he can’t rely on running to escape a sack.
17 Jan, 05:49 AM UTC
Madeleine B, MFA #BLM
It's not Toonami without Kellen Goff! #AttackOnTitan #Toonami
17 Jan, 05:37 AM UTC
@ElitePrez Lost to nine finger Goff ? https://t.co/aexekh4TxD
17 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
Bertha Alicia
Ya,ya, cheers for Jared Goff ... https://t.co/vpw12inIQx
17 Jan, 05:27 AM UTC
Yung Shmoney
What does an nfl team do when they have a slightly above avg qb that won’t ever win you a chip? If I’m the rams I’m offering the Texans Goff for Watson. Houston can still compete and rams become instant Super Bowl contenders
17 Jan, 12:22 AM UTC

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