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Brett/Michigan State Basketball Fan
With his win today, Mel Tucker in his first year has more wins vs top 10 teams than Jim Harbaugh in 6 years #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:15 AM UTC
Michael Gravely Jr. ™️
Spartan Family just stay patient and poised, everything gone be ok. 💯 #GoGreen💚 #GoWhite🤍
29 Nov, 12:15 AM UTC
Scott Aligo 🟢
Just • Keep • Choppin’ !!! #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:33 AM UTC
MSU Football Section
WHAT A W!!! #GoGreen https://t.co/OFfAEqdRGk
29 Nov, 12:15 AM UTC
Anthony Ianni
Michigan Loses✅ Lions clean house✅ @MSU_Football gets a big W✅ @MSU_Hockey gets the W✅ You’re up @MSU_Basketball #V4MSU #GoGreen✅ https://t.co/KnHoPcE7jT
29 Nov, 12:53 AM UTC
Supported @MSU_Hockey earlier, but it’s time for a wardrobe change for @MSU_Basketball #gogreen Spartans all day every day 💚🤍 https://t.co/MGVIWDgwsC
29 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
Gus Ramos
J Reed ❕❕❕ Former Naperville Central H.S. standout Jayden Reed (@JaydenReed5) scores for the Spartans. #GoGreen #AllAmericanBowl 🇺🇸 https://t.co/ih9Xlykvsb
28 Nov, 09:34 PM UTC
MSU/Detroit Sports Daily
I’m feeling good after that football win! MSU -9.5 fire it up! #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
Bryant Fillmore
Coach Dantonio!! Love the support from the man, the myth, the legend! #GoGreen #MSU @DantonioMark https://t.co/YkTZc7WHhm
29 Nov, 12:48 AM UTC
Lauren Elizabeth McCree
Oh, cause I told y’all Tuck comin!#GoGreen 😝💚🤍 https://t.co/ok0T59z1aC
29 Nov, 12:46 AM UTC
J-Rell: Rebuild SZN🏀🏈
Love to see it. 😏 #GoGreen https://t.co/dxddXoA01D
29 Nov, 12:38 AM UTC
Dylan Seybert
Neon jerseys undefeated under Mel Tucker #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:16 AM UTC
David Mobius
Great win today #GoGreen #V4MSU #Relentless
29 Nov, 12:42 AM UTC
Megan Cashen
Of course they win this game and lose to Rutgers. What else would you expect. #spartanfootball #NWvsMSU #gogreen
29 Nov, 12:40 AM UTC
Dan Clynick
@loghenk 👀 👍 #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:53 AM UTC
Adam Brown
This @MSU_Football season is a success. 2 Top 25 wins, one against the rival down the road and one against a Top 10 Team @NUFBFamily that exudes class. Michigan State is a special place & @Coach_mtucker is the right coach, at the right time. The best is yet 2come. #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:53 AM UTC
Kat 🌱
@rosenberg Yes #GoGreen but you have no idea how much fans want to see Em’s face again 😭 Like we’re pathetic at this point. Please ask Em to post just ONE NEW PIC of himself, that’s all we ask 😭😭
29 Nov, 12:51 AM UTC
Jon Hewett
@JasonColthorp @mattcharboneau Hold that child by the laces Jason. #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:46 AM UTC
I’ve been a @MSU_Football fan for over 40 years and never though I’d be giddy about beating @NUFootball #GoGreen @Coach_mtucker
29 Nov, 12:46 AM UTC
Matthew Parran
Mel tucker already has more of a winning legacy than Harbaugh #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
Dan Clynick
@MaidMelba Green is in my office 365 days per year... 😂 👍 #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
J Ben
@TheGruffSpartan 1. Spartans Win. Beat Top 10 Team 2. Michigan Loses to an otherwise winless PSU 3. Lions pull the trigger on Quintricia 4. MSU Hockey beats OSU 5. MSU Basketball - TBD Very Good Day! GO GREEN ! #V4MSU #GOGREEN #SPARTANS #michiganstate
29 Nov, 12:57 AM UTC
Kristen Gouin 🐾🌻
#GoGreen 💚💚 https://t.co/C84U2T2mCZ
29 Nov, 12:57 AM UTC
Mr. David Giard
I am still exhausted from today's thrilling football victory over top-10 Northwestern And the ice hockey team just defeated OSU in overtime in Columbus Now, it's time for Spartan basketball! Beat Notre Dame! #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:56 AM UTC
1-3 but we got Paul
Hockey and football W’s let’s get number 3 #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:55 AM UTC
J Ben
Amazing how much smarter the guys, Jason, George, and Steve sound after a win. @Spartan_Radio #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:54 AM UTC
Tom Condino
@guypbenson Thanks Guy. The MSU vs NW games always seem to be epic. #GoGreen
29 Nov, 12:54 AM UTC

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