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#BTS (#방탄소년단) '2021 BTS WINTER PACKAGE' PREVIEW SPOT 공개! #올겨울도 #함께보내요 #ARMY (
26 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC


who tf decided that tattoos and piercings are unprofessional and why do we keep listening to them???
26 Jan, 04:12 PM UTC


Louis Tomlinson
I watched some of the Michael Jordan series, still got a few episodes to watch but Phil Jackson's school of thought and his way of understanding each individual was incredible to see! Top man!
26 Jan, 05:54 PM UTC


Hillary Clinton
This woman should be on a watch list. Not in Congress.
27 Jan, 04:09 PM UTC


President Biden
No one should be profiteering off of our criminal justice system. That’s why today, I ordered the Department of Justice to end the use of private prisons by the federal government.
26 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC


엔진~💟🌙드론 들고 찍은 사진 어땠어요~😚 엔진을 빨리 보고 싶당🌟 -끝-🐆 #NI_KI
27 Jan, 04:15 AM UTC


why do humans need jobs why can’t i just exist & make art and chill with my cat
26 Jan, 07:58 PM UTC


Jackson Wang 王嘉爾 왕잭슨
🐶🐾 @JacksonWang852's photo on Jenny
27 Jan, 09:42 AM UTC


jullya 🎧
projota chora com tudo e é fofoqueiro, me senti representada
27 Jan, 03:08 AM UTC


The Chosen One
Oh and I almost forgot! This is Baby 🤗 @KidCudi's photo on Paige
27 Jan, 07:43 PM UTC


Bria Celest
Me investing my lil $15 in some stock rn. @55mmbae's photo on jennie
27 Jan, 04:47 PM UTC


Senator Rand Paul
The Senate just voted on my constitutional point of order. 45 Senators agreed that this sham of a “trial” is unconstitutional. That is more than will be needed to acquit and to eventually end this partisan impeachment process. This “trial” is dead on arrival in the Senate.
26 Jan, 08:26 PM UTC


27 Jan, 11:09 AM UTC


The Lincoln Project
We’re not moving on from January 6th. We demand justice.
27 Jan, 06:20 PM UTC


chloe x halle
a special performance for all of you. THANK YOU for all your love and support. let’s celebrate together in reaching 1Million followers (IG: chloebailey) 🥳🥰💋 @chloexhalle's photo on Seán
27 Jan, 05:23 PM UTC

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Scott Dworkin
Do you think Marjorie Taylor Greene should be expelled from Congress? (Me: Absolutely, yes.)
27 Jan, 04:40 PM UTC


Paul Pogba
Zlatan... racist? 🤨 He loves me too much so he's the last person I'd think of as racist! Come on, don't joke with that one! 🤣
27 Jan, 04:50 PM UTC


Phil Arballo
My name is Phil Arballo. Today I'm announcing my campaign against Republican Devin Nunes. I'm a Democrat, Latino, Central Valley Native, a father, and a husband -- and I'm going to win. Please visit the link in bio to join us so we can rid California of Trump's #1 stooge.
26 Jan, 07:02 PM UTC


[SPECIAL VIDEO] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - Shining Diamond @ 2021 SEVENTEEN ONLINE CONCERT <IN-COMPLETE> ▶ #세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN #SVT_IN_COMPLETE @pledis_17's photo on Riho
27 Jan, 12:00 PM UTC


Camilla Blackett
My best friend who has only dated girls since we were teens said after pandemic she wants to date a guy and I told her that yes, one of the side effects of covid is loss of taste.
26 Jan, 08:48 PM UTC


Documenting Bitcoin
reddit users buy a stock = manipulation govt prints $4T for wall street = banking
27 Jan, 01:40 PM UTC

Senate GOP

Max Steele
I mean once you shrug off the murder of 20 first graders in Sandy Hook it really isn't much more of a leap for the Senate GOP to shrug off a Republican president's coup attempt that leaves 5 dead.
26 Jan, 08:51 PM UTC


Harry ~ blm
“he’s doing the best he can” is what you say about a child who’s shit at football, not a prime minister with a 100k death toll
26 Jan, 09:56 PM UTC


Mark Cuban
I got to say I LOVE LOVE what is going on with #wallstreetbets. All of those years of High Frequency Traders front running retail traders,now speed and density of information and retail trading is giving the little guy an edge. Even my 11 yr old traded w them and made $
28 Jan, 02:14 AM UTC


Rep. Jim Jordan
President Trump’s press secretary doesn’t wear a mask for press briefings: gets ridiculed by the press. President Biden’s press secretary doesn’t wear a mask for press briefings: given free pass by the press. Double standard. Again.
26 Jan, 06:00 PM UTC


PSA: please DO NOT attempt to learn French. It is a made-up language. It was invented by linguists as a practical joke in the late 1800s
26 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC


Reddit after destroying the stock market @Arbiterwarpig's photo on Maurice
27 Jan, 08:20 PM UTC

Jordyn Woods

mr. menace 👹
Jordyn woods buss it challenge @DummyJayden's photo on Jordyn Woods
26 Jan, 06:09 PM UTC

Move On

Andrea Junker ®
2 died of Ebola: They said Obama should resign. 4 died in Benghazi: They had Hillary testify for 11 hours, held 33 hearings, and launched a multiyear probe. 432,541 Covid deaths plus deadly Capitol riots thanks to Trump’s malevolence: They cheered, and want America to move on.
26 Jan, 06:38 PM UTC

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