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Hoop Central
The 18-2 Warriors take on the 17-3 Suns tonight. 🍿 Phoenix is on a 16-game win streak, and Golden State is looking unstoppable.
30 Nov, 05:53 PM UTC
Chris Haynes
Phoenix Suns say Devin Booker will not return tonight against the Golden State Warriors due to left hamstring soreness.
01 Dec, 03:59 AM UTC
Evan Sidery
What the Suns have done in the second half against Golden State without Devin Booker is incredible. Best team in the NBA.
01 Dec, 05:18 AM UTC
🏳️‍🌈Eb0y Cr1mez🏳️‍⚧️
@dasiavou @bocxtop There's actually a story surrounding a similar situation. There was a serial rapist/murderer in the 90s, but once DNA analysis was invented, the murders stopped. After a while, they were all linked back to an ex-cop. He's now the golden state killer.
01 Dec, 12:43 AM UTC
Bobby Marks
Just remember that Gary Payton II was waived by Golden State at the end of training camp. He was eligible to be claimed by all 29 teams but his contract would have become fully guaranteed. Went thru waivers, GSW signed him again (with $350K guaranteed) and the rest is history.
01 Dec, 04:46 AM UTC
Joey Linn
Safe to say the Golden State Warriors made the right decision between Avery Bradley and Gary Payton II.
01 Dec, 04:48 AM UTC
Tim Bontemps
The Suns have absolutely bottled up the Warriors. Golden State scored 35 points in the first quarter. They’ve scored 57 since — and just 38 total in the second half. Warriors have 23 turnovers, too.
01 Dec, 05:17 AM UTC
Leandro Carranza
Hola, @NBA. Quisiera siete partidos entre Golden State Warriors y Phoenix Suns durante los Playoffs. Gracias, saludos.
01 Dec, 05:24 AM UTC
Laney College Football
Nothin’ like Friday night in The Town! We will be hosting the Golden State Bowl this Friday 6pm at The Nest! #LaneyBuilt🦅
01 Dec, 01:41 AM UTC
biased rockets stan 🚀
The Phoenix Suns just beat the Golden State Warriors in a game where Devin Booker only played one half of basketball and we had Stephen A. Smith trying to convince us the Suns’ title window was closed.
01 Dec, 05:19 AM UTC
Duane Rankin
Cam Johnson is cramping badly in his calf it appears. Golden State calls a timeout after Ayton bucket puts #Suns up three, but Johnson was calling to come out. 5:38 left in game.
01 Dec, 05:06 AM UTC
Wait, People said the Golden State was gonna end Suns win streak? Like bro be serious for once😂
01 Dec, 05:30 AM UTC
Mutana ❁
Golden State Warriors fans are in a Silent Disco 😂
01 Dec, 07:19 AM UTC
En un duelazo, #PhoenixSuns derrota a #GoldenStateWarrios y suma 17 victorias por tres derrotas en la #NBA75 @mediotiempo's photo on Golden State
01 Dec, 05:55 AM UTC
Little Simz Just Dropped The AOTY - Brian
The Lakers still got a lot to figure out but - with the return of Bron, a key rotation guy in Ariza coming back, and Vogel slowly (if not begrudgingly) playing smaller - I still like LA's chances in the west against Phoenix and Golden State.
01 Dec, 06:58 AM UTC
Carol Radull
NBA FT. Brooklyn Nets 112 - 110 New York Knicks Toronto Raptors 91 - 98 Memphis Grizzlies Phoenix Suns 104 - 96 Golden state warriors Portland Trail Blazers 110 - 92 Detroit Pistons Sacramento Kings 92 - 117 Los Angeles Lakers #TheGamePlan
01 Dec, 07:05 AM UTC
S Sport Plus
POINT GOD! 🔥☀️ Pheonix Suns, gecenin maçında Golden State Warriors'u 104-96 mağlup ederek üst üste 17. galibiyetini aldı. 🔸Chris Paul karşılaşmayı 15 sayı, 6 ribaund, 11 asist ve 5 top çalma ile tamamladı.
01 Dec, 07:14 AM UTC
Pop Patchwork
Sale nuit pour Steph Curry. La star des #Warriors affrontait les Suns. En jeu, la 1re place de la Conférence Ouest. Le joueur de Golden State n'a mis que 12 points en 36 minutes avec un 3/14 à 3pts et 4/21 aux shoots. Les #Suns passent premiers mais les deux équipes sont à 18/3
01 Dec, 06:48 AM UTC
Eurosport France
Un 17e succès d'affilée, une victoire face aux Warriors dans le choc de la nuit et la place de leader : les Suns sont inarrêtables ! #NBA75
01 Dec, 07:23 AM UTC
Die Phoenix Suns bleiben das heißeste Team in der NBA. Beim Spitzenspiel gegen die Golden State Warriors feierten die Suns den 17. Sieg in Serie. Bei den Lakers steht Superstar LeBron James auf der Corona-Liste. #NBA #Basketball #Sportschau
01 Dec, 07:02 AM UTC
Marcin Weiss
Phoenix Suns ograli Golden State Warriors 104:96 i wyrównali rekord organizacji — 17 zwycięstw z rzędu! Świetny mecz Deandre Aytona (24pkt/11zb), który dominował w pomalowanym oraz fatalna gra Stephena Curry'ego, który miał ogromne problemy rzutowe #NBA75
01 Dec, 07:21 AM UTC
Dominic Muema 🇰🇪
Golden state Warriors lost to suns, who would have thought!?
01 Dec, 07:08 AM UTC
☁️🍀 Isa/Smarts²⁷!! 🍀☁️
@ihatecdream @smiletwtanti Surree 🙄 anyways “The Golden State ranked 50th in quality of life by fairing poorly in the natural and social environment categories.”
01 Dec, 06:57 AM UTC
Sports Media
ENRACHADOS. Los Phoenix Suns vencieron 104-96 a los Golden State Warriors y ligan 17 victorias consecutivas. Con récord de 18-3, lideran la Conferencia Oeste de la NBA. #NBA75 #ValleyProud #DubNation
01 Dec, 06:52 AM UTC
Vegasmira bet
🏀 Suns vs Golden State under 222 ✅ great defensive battle just as we predicted it to be. let's keep winning. 10-5 run +$53,740. #handicapper #tipster
01 Dec, 07:25 AM UTC
Yeni Açık
💥 NBA'de gecenin maçında Phoenix Suns, Golden State'i 104-96 mağlup etti. 🌟 Chris Paul 🏀 15 sayı 🅰️ 11 asist ✋ 6 ribaund 🌟 Deandre Ayton 🏀 24 sayı 🅰️ 2 asist ✋ 11 ribaund #NBA75
01 Dec, 07:25 AM UTC
@wllmckn @Ben_Pfeifer_ At the same time Poole was the 12th man on the Warriors scrapping for minutes, he looked horrendous as a rookie and had a G League stint as recent as last season. Golden State had some injuries, he got his shot and seized it.
01 Dec, 07:20 AM UTC
John (JD Notae is my hero) 🐗
@angelinams112 That’s a nice accomplishment right there. The Suns got some big rebounds down the stretch to help them build a lead. I saw that Golden State was getting some offensive boards in the first half; the Suns got that fixed and it helped them win.
01 Dec, 07:20 AM UTC