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Kate Walsh
Ok now this is going to be gewwwd! ❤️ @IAmSandraOh #GoldenGlobes https://t.co/yHWI3UZbF2
07 Dec, 07:38 PM UTC
Killing Eve
Many happy smiles from @IamSandraOh, @KimBodniaDK, @jodiecomer, and #FionaShaw after yesterday’s #GoldenGlobes announcements! #KillingEve https://t.co/GdRqIOfzSP
07 Dec, 06:16 PM UTC
Lady Gaga 96
Gaga‘s friends surprised her with 7 balloons today! They represent her 2 #GoldenGlobes and 5 #Grammys nominations that she received this week. 🎈💛 https://t.co/ztQXiJIhyO
08 Dec, 03:05 AM UTC
Viggo Mortensen VMA
PLEASE RETWEET #ViggoMortensen sparked controversy when he used the N word at a public Q&A on his recent film #GreenBookMovie while discussing the endemic racism the film tackles. The #GoldenGlobes nominated actor now tells @FRANCE24_En how his remarks were misinterpreted. Viggo Mortensen VMA's photo on #GoldenGlobes
07 Dec, 07:23 PM UTC
Cecilia Place To Be
À l'occasion de la sortie au ciné du film #LeRetourdeMaryPoppins nommé pour 4 #GoldenGlobes, gagnez ce mug sculpté inspiré du film (16 €). Pour jouer follow + RT. Bonne chance ! 😘 https://t.co/GXen7JLZOw
07 Dec, 05:05 PM UTC
¡#WIFIRALPH fue nominada a los premios Golden Globe™ como “Mejor Película Animada”! 👏🏻📲 #GoldenGlobes DISNEY STUDIOS LA's photo on #GoldenGlobes
07 Dec, 05:58 PM UTC
TNT™ Brasil
Ícones nas indicações de todas as premiações até agora: @ladygaga, Bradley Cooper e “Nasce Uma Estrela”, já têm 5 indicações ao #GoldenGlobes e 4 indicações ao #Grammys⁠ ⁠. ✨ Nada mais justo, né mores? https://t.co/D6ICsoXaA4
07 Dec, 10:40 PM UTC
À l'occasion de la sortie au ciné du film #LeRetourdeMaryPoppins nommé pour 4 #GoldenGlobes, gagnez ce mug de voyage inspiré du film (17,65 €). Pour jouer follow + RT. Bonne chance ! 😘 https://t.co/TG4hiLdqec
07 Dec, 05:09 PM UTC
AMC Theatres
FOLLOW & RETWEET for your chance to win a vintage record player and the vinyl soundtrack to the #GoldenGlobes nominated film @greenbookmovie signed by Viggo Mortensen. https://t.co/AOttgns3zF AMC Theatres's photo on #GoldenGlobes
08 Dec, 04:14 PM UTC
Universal Pictures
Universal #WeeklyRecap: The latest news from this week! #GreenBook #FirstMan #Cats #GoldenGlobes Universal Pictures's photo on #GoldenGlobes
08 Dec, 04:21 PM UTC
Manuel Triviño
Nominado a los #GoldenGlobes @antoniobanderas Nominado a los #GRAMMYs @pabloalboran Andaluces triunfando por el mundo. Enhorabuena 🍀
08 Dec, 06:54 AM UTC
Hoyts Argentina
¿Sabías? #BohemianRhapsody recibió 2 nominaciones a los #GoldenGlobes: mejor película y mejor actor. Si todavía no la viste (o querés verla devuelta) aprovechá hoy! https://t.co/6uEVt5TLTK Hoyts Argentina's photo on #GoldenGlobes
08 Dec, 04:35 PM UTC
j.little monster🔥
E lá vem mais #GoldenGlobes pra coleção da @ladygaga 🌚💅🏻 j.little monster🔥's photo on #GoldenGlobes
08 Dec, 02:08 PM UTC
#ColliderFYC: Episode 14 - Decoding the #GoldenGlobes nominations. Snubs, surprises and analysis from our three hosts. https://t.co/uzky35QEy5
08 Dec, 04:42 PM UTC
capitana carmesí
A ver si os entra en la cabeza que, aun siendo un remake, A Star Is Born es una de las mejores películas de 2018 y merece estar nominada a los #GoldenGlobes, que sois una panda de esnobs reventados. capitana carmesí's photo on #GoldenGlobes
08 Dec, 04:41 PM UTC
🔥📽️🎞️ 🇲🇽. @alfonsocuaron competirá como mejor director contra Bradley Cooper (A Star is born), Peter Farrely (Green Book), Spike Lee (Blackkklansman) y Adam Mcay (Vice) en los #GoldenGlobes https://t.co/htLxAgUrFn LaHogueraMx's photo on #GoldenGlobes
08 Dec, 04:40 PM UTC
I’m so happy and proud of my idol @ladygaga The first and only artist this century to be nominated at the #GoldenGlobes in film, television & in music categories. Love you, Queen! 👑 A (truly) Star Is Born 🌟
08 Dec, 04:36 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Mexico.

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