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Mike Golic Jr
Gonzaga: we have a high scoring offense Baylor: we lift with the football team
06 Apr, 01:49 AM UTC
President Biden
Congrats to the Baylor Bears on their National Championship — and to the Gonzaga Bulldogs on a great season. After an unimaginable year, every team in the tournament proved what’s possible with hard work and determination. You made your schools, communities, and country proud.
06 Apr, 03:40 AM UTC
Baylor spoils Gonzaga's perfect season to win its FIRST men's basketball national title 🏆 @espn's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 03:27 AM UTC
NCAA March Madness
THE BAYLOR BEARS ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 🐻🏆 (1) Baylor dominates (1) Gonzaga 86-70 to win the 2021 #NationalChampionship @marchmadness's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 03:27 AM UTC
Eric Fawcett
How Baylor is out rebounding Gonzaga right now @Efawcett7's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 01:27 AM UTC
Darren Rovell
When your kids are watching highlights of Baylor-Gonzaga this morning, make sure they don’t miss plays like this, which they won’t find on the stat sheet, but mean just as much @darrenrovell's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 11:03 AM UTC
NCAA Final Four
The dream is a reality! @baylormbb takes down Gonzaga 86-70 to capture the program's first ever #NationalChampionship! 🏆 @FinalFour's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 03:28 AM UTC
Nekias (Nuh-KY-us) Duncan
they gonziga’d when they should’ve gonzaga’d
06 Apr, 03:17 AM UTC
gonzaga trying to win the title & complete a perfect season vs. baylor @buckets's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 01:41 AM UTC
Y’all can finish your debates around student debt forgiveness but let’s focus on the real issue: the absurd cost to attend schools like Gonzaga or Baylor @litcapital's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 03:57 AM UTC
March Sadness
Dear Gonzaga fans, I sincerely hate to be the deliverer of bad news. With that being said, the sadness and sorrow you feel tonight will never leave. Being that close to perfect and having it taken straight from you. You will think of it for years. Sincerely, UK 2015 UK Fan
06 Apr, 03:43 AM UTC
Super 70s Sports
I’m not saying Gonzaga feels good about the end of the half but here’s a live look at Drew Timme in the locker room ... @Super70sSports's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
Brenna Greene
Corey Kispert on his legacy. I have been around a lot of Gonzaga basketball players between going to school there and now covering the team. Corey is one of the greatest class acts this program has seen. Period. @BrennaGreene_'s photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 04:16 AM UTC
Darren Rovell
Longest tenured NCAA Division 1 coaches, by days: Jim Boeheim, Syracuse, 16,438 Days Coach K, Duke, 14,994 Days Tom Izzo, Michigan State, 9,858 Days Mark Few, Gonzaga, 7,925 Days
06 Apr, 01:30 AM UTC
NCAA March Madness
🚨 Way-too-early #Power36 for 2021-22 from @TheAndyKatz! 1. UCLA 2. Michigan 3. Baylor 4. Gonzaga 5. Kansas 6. Purdue 7. Ohio State 8. Maryland 9. Villanova 10. Alabama 11-36. 👉 https://t.co/B5I0JD4jgv @marchmadness's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 02:07 PM UTC
Binford Carter
@kwameinc @mikegolicjr @BaylorMBB Gonzaga looks like that private high school that has to play that large public school for the state championship...
06 Apr, 02:46 AM UTC
CBS Sports CBB
COLLEGE BASKETBALL RANKINGS: The first 2021-22 @CBSSports Preseason Top 25 And 1 from @GaryParrishCBS has published. 1. UCLA 2. Gonzaga 3. Alabama 4. Duke 5. Baylor 6. Ohio State 7. Florida State 8. Michigan 9. Purdue 10. Kansas THE REST: @CBSSportsCBB on Gonzaga">https://t.co/RY9PoUZB4s
06 Apr, 12:59 PM UTC
.@ShannonSharpe on Baylor beating Gonzaga to win the NCAA Championship: "I'm surprised that Baylor won, and I'm shocked at how they won. They made it look easy. I'm not so sure if they played 5 more times that Gonzaga would win any." @undisputed's photo on Gonzaga
06 Apr, 02:06 PM UTC
2018 Villanova would dismantle Gonzaga
06 Apr, 02:00 AM UTC
Brendan Haywood
Gonzaga looked like that AAU team that hasn’t played the hood team yet.
06 Apr, 02:10 PM UTC
Iridessa Lopez
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06 Apr, 02:14 PM UTC
Dex Hinton
I had no idea how big or small a school Gonzaga was but figured it was probably about Baylor‘s size. Nope. It’s only like 7,000 students. All 7,000 of em woke up some losers today tho. Sad. Can’t relate.
06 Apr, 02:05 PM UTC
Pick Six Previews
Ted Ginn ran back that opening kickoff — where was Gonzaga’s big opening lead? January’s Alabama-Ohio State was the better comparison. Team coming off extremely emotional semifinal, comes out flat and overpowered in title game https://t.co/nqRDgZxkC7
06 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Bryce Bailey
@barstoolsports @ForePlayPod Me this morning after Baylor vs Gonzaga https://t.co/HvRmpv1oyt
06 Apr, 01:52 PM UTC
Rachel Lenzi 😷
Also, if you’re ready for November — especially you, St Bonaventure fans — ESPN’s way-too-early men’s basketball top 25 is out, and the Bonnies are at No. 15. @BonniesMBB https://t.co/kYY8OHUzrW
06 Apr, 04:04 AM UTC
Funny Bone
@CBBonFOX @BaylorMBB Interesting big names and historically strong programs not on the list: DePaul Florida State Georgia Tech Gonzaga Houston Illinois Iowa Memphis Notre Dame Oklahoma Pitt Purdue SEC majority (11 of 14 programs) Seton Hall St. John’s Temple Texas Wake Forest West Virginia
06 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC
JDF Sports
In Case You Missed It: #Baylor #Bears take down #Gonzaga #Bulldogs 86-70, ending Zagas perfect season and capping off their first men’s #NationalChampionship title #basketball #ncaa #ncaabb #cbb #collegebasketball #college #champions https://t.co/ot9b3cy3uX
06 Apr, 02:04 PM UTC
AMS Sandman
Being at Gonzaga during the championship game was definitely fun, sucks they lost though
06 Apr, 02:17 PM UTC
Andrea May
Are the Baylor Bears the 2007 New York Giants? Because Baylor just beat Gonzaga (a.k.a. the 2007 New England Patriots)
06 Apr, 02:17 PM UTC
MyNorthwest.com 🌲
"You can’t sugarcoat losing. But what you CAN do is keep it in your pocket," writes @thedaveross. https://t.co/uK1dtkXQ04
06 Apr, 02:17 PM UTC