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【Aile The Shotaがデートプランをプレゼン!】 ただいま放送中 『ALL GOOD FRIDAY』 13時35頃からは「HAPPY DATE」のコーナー!Aile The ShotaがLiLiCoとの妄想デートプランをプレゼン!お聴き逃しなく。 🎧https://t.co/IJIAnUPlGL #jwave #allgood813 @jwave813fm's photo on Good Friday
21 Jan, 02:41 AM UTC
john gilbertson
Good Friday morning friends this is The Virgin River Canyon between Utah and Nevada there's a 28 mile stretch of Arizona and The canyon it's part of that stretch https://t.co/yD0haSj9rU
21 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
As of now, it's ⭐️BACHCHAN PANDEY VS RRR - March 18 ⭐️LAAL SINGH CHADDHA VS KGF 2 - April 14 Two Bollywood films to take on two Pan-Indian films from the Southern Industry on Holi and Good Friday weekend respectively. What happens next? It's all wait and watch.
21 Jan, 01:17 PM UTC
🧈 Foreva ARMY⁷
Good morning...ready to have a good Friday? I am. Enjoy your day and don't forget to tag as you tweet. WE ARE BUTTERPROOF Listen to #BTS_Butter the best song of 2021 #BTS @BTS_twt
21 Jan, 03:03 PM UTC
🍩 Donut Girl 🍩
Good Friday morning! It’s time to make the Donuts! ☕️🍩 https://t.co/FCwtlExUTJ
21 Jan, 11:49 AM UTC
✨JO1出演お知らせ✨ メンバーは未定となっております。 1/28(金)11:30-16:00『ALL GOOD FRIDAY』 詳しくは記事を↓ https://t.co/xYV25KZX4m #JO1(@official_jo1) #Prologue 僕らの季節
21 Jan, 08:33 AM UTC
Look into my eyes and have a good Friday! Eyes v3 with @EllaVosMusic 👁OUT NOW👁 https://t.co/bscCA2viT1 @kaskade's photo on Good Friday
21 Jan, 04:17 PM UTC
#JO1ラジオOA LiLiCoさんと、稲葉友さんがDJを されているJ-WAVE『ALL GOOD FRIDAY(PART1) 』で13:56~『僕らの季節』が流れました❄️ 来週、ゲストコーナーにJO1が出演するそうです😆📻️ #JO1 @official_jo1 #僕らの季節 ❄︎ #Prologue ❄︎ Born To Be Wild ❄︎ https://t.co/IVhNskMVAJ
21 Jan, 06:25 AM UTC
👋🏼 morning! have a good friday ✨ https://t.co/C4AK3V7VJV
21 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC
✨Ju Starkmanoff ✨
Good morning y'all 😘 have a good friday ❤️ https://t.co/5XwzwOEBfC
21 Jan, 05:46 AM UTC
Shaun G
Who needs promo on this Good Friday???? DM Me Now
21 Jan, 06:42 PM UTC
Charles Martin-Shields
It’s the first Formal Methods post of 2022, and it’s a casual Friday look! Supplies of suits aren’t infinite, so sometimes a cardigan can fill the void. Add a book about tech and politics in Kenya, and you have the ingredients for a good Friday morning. https://t.co/8JWV4CKC6N
21 Jan, 09:30 AM UTC
jesus: what do people call the day i was crucified me: good friday. we call it "good friday" jesus: what the hell
21 Jan, 05:01 PM UTC
Dan Brown🦁🎮
Hope you're all having a good Friday 😎✌️ https://t.co/WNEaTJC2J9
21 Jan, 06:26 PM UTC
Davey B
today is an actual feel good friday cuz i'm a great ass mood☀️
21 Jan, 05:47 PM UTC
Limerick Council
Registration is now open for the 7th edition of Team Limerick Clean-Up @TLC_Limerick taking place on Good Friday, 15th April across Limerick city and county #TLC https://t.co/hkw2sL1YkL
21 Jan, 02:02 PM UTC
@rudysarzo https://t.co/zRxtQxa4M1 new dates congratulations my friends share with us have a good Friday Rudy https://t.co/31MdfLbAiP
21 Jan, 11:52 AM UTC
A feel good Friday for ⁦@the_atlp⁩ senior leaders working with the wonderful ⁦@MarkGregoryArk⁩ #leverageleadership https://t.co/RmHWAN6O8S
21 Jan, 01:01 PM UTC
ABC News Live
FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: For the first time in 24 years, a Jamaican team will compete at the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Shanwayne Stephens & Matthew Wekpe, members of the team, share their journey to the Olympics. @jambobshan https://t.co/HDrwtiitBU @ABCNewsLive's photo on Good Friday
21 Jan, 06:57 PM UTC
Nicole J. Butler aka "She-Shed Cheryl" 🏚🔥👩🏾‍🚒
Let's have a good Friday, shall we?
21 Jan, 06:12 PM UTC
so wtm today gumbo or nachos 👀 sb bring a bottle for this good friday @TheeRealSavagee @Shaaylooo @_CentralHeights
21 Jan, 06:55 PM UTC
i hope everyone have a good friday cause im having a bad one😭 so live it up for me
21 Jan, 06:48 PM UTC
Ryan Kraemer
I feel ya, Sadie. You have a good Friday afternoon plan lined out. https://t.co/bPxxdsjMRe
21 Jan, 06:47 PM UTC
From saving marine life in the Galápagos 🐠 to getting fiit for the new year 💪 finish the week with a smile in our Feel Good Friday roundup https://t.co/PlAQ85PVIC
21 Jan, 07:00 PM UTC
@metalyangiroux Good friday \m/
21 Jan, 06:58 PM UTC
Feel Good Friday 😍😍 A GA teen has been accepted to over 40 colleges and offered over 600K in scholarships!! https://t.co/QJ0SaPEzt9
21 Jan, 06:55 PM UTC
Ntv replaced Bull's Eye with "Feel Good Friday" ?
21 Jan, 06:55 PM UTC
Two Geeks Talking
@JonsCrazyTweets Both Louie Anderson and Meatloaf are gone on the same day... not a good friday
21 Jan, 06:55 PM UTC