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Wild Geerters
This update is funny, but the idea that the tweet the article was defending in the first place isn't racist is beyond ridiculous. It literally took Steve King saying that white supremacism is good for Ben Shapiro to finally realize he's racist. Ben Shapiro is a fucking joke.
11 Jan, 01:48 AM UTC
Lee Ghksh
Instagram was a fun place to me back in 2012/13. Everyone just appreciate good feed, photography. There’s no ‘influencer’, only ‘Suggested Users’ by Instagram itself. Now? Bleh.
10 Jan, 03:19 PM UTC
Netflix UK & Ireland
MORNING. Sex Education 🍆, Titans 💥, new Good Place 👿, and...Bad Santa 2 🙄...are all streaming NOW. enjoy x
11 Jan, 09:27 AM UTC
Joanna Robinson
My 2019 Good Place is Latinx actresses I love guest starring on each other’s shows.
10 Jan, 02:48 PM UTC
Law & Order: SVU
Thanks for meeting up with us, detectives. It's good to be back. See you next week - same time, same place! #SVU #BeautyLiesSVU Law & Order: SVU's photo on good place
11 Jan, 04:07 AM UTC
Chippmunkksé 💣💗
Not all who watches porn are BAD but not all who watches Porn are GOOD also. Besides, why would we want chaeng to be associated with that site wen it has nothing to do with her in the first place? IT IS NOT BABYING HER. ITS PROTECTING HER. ARE Y'ALL FOR REAL?
11 Jan, 09:13 AM UTC
The Vixen
Jason from The Good Place 🔥🔥🔥 The Vixen's photo on good place
11 Jan, 06:49 AM UTC
Charlie Daniels
Ain’t it good to be alive and to be back in Tennessee for a few days. Ain’t no place like home.. Thank God for the Volunteer State!
11 Jan, 01:38 PM UTC
#TheGoodPlace has captured the underlying tensions of the current political moment more effectively than most shows blatantly making the attempt
11 Jan, 03:23 AM UTC
DK is so.... sturdy. his chest? a good place to have a nap. his shoulder? the best place to cry. his thighs? could support your house. his arms? perfect for nice tight hugs. strong man. reliable man. lovable man. he ;;;;;
11 Jan, 06:50 AM UTC
Sinon, "The Good Place" est toujours ma série préférée du moment. Chaque nouvel épisode, c'est bourré d'inventivité, c'est incroyable ce qu'ils arrivent à faire en narration, tout en se renouvelant constamment au bout de 3 saisons. Fan de Janet. @DarcyCarden i love you. InThePanda's photo on good place
11 Jan, 01:45 PM UTC
Rolling Stone
#TheGoodPlace returns with a broken afterlife that looks a lot like modern America. Read Alan Sepinwall’s recap Rolling Stone's photo on good place
11 Jan, 03:02 AM UTC
looking for new mutuals so rt and follow if you stan • mädchen amick • twin peaks • riverdale (mainly the parents) • reese witherspoon • big little lies • sarah paulson • AHS • brooklyn nine nine • the good place && more I’ll follow back!
10 Jan, 02:49 PM UTC
Rashada Yesmin
Good evening/morning, friends! #TwitterWorld #HappyDay #writers #Bloggers #photographers, #colorful #flowers #photography #inspired #BePositive
11 Jan, 12:16 PM UTC
Nubyjas Wilborn
It can start with a job loss. Then you can’t afford your apartment anymore. You break your lease & move in with family (if you’re lucky enough to have a place to go) They files an eviction. Good luck renting with one those on your record.
11 Jan, 02:12 AM UTC
New one by me, wrote about the importance of black spaces in the club scene and why we need parties like @REC_ESS @DLTBrunch @plantain_party etc 💖
11 Jan, 12:28 PM UTC
ملاك الحرف (علـّۓ اعصابي)
Who said that the good is not suitable for this time .. The good is appropriate for all time and place, but not suitable for everyone! ( Not them) ملاك الحرف (علـّۓ  اعصابي)'s photo on good place
11 Jan, 12:31 AM UTC
celtic princess
@dally_russell @GillespieTereza That’s an incredible place. Too beautiful to be a sinkhole! Thank you for sharing Russell. My plans are embedded in eternal tomorrows...!!✍🏻🦢 Good evening / night to you my friend ✨🌟🧚🏻‍♀️ celtic princess's photo on good place
10 Jan, 07:42 PM UTC
Josephine Awuah-Dapaah
There are two types of friends you can have. 1. One will kill you,steal from you and destroy you. 2. The other will give you love, give you a plan for your good and give you a glorious place to be for eternity. CHOOSE WISELY!
11 Jan, 08:10 AM UTC
Samuel Avery-Quinn
@secupp This is only "good news" if you don't consider it shameful they had the vote in the first place.
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Daddy Oyin
Good afternoon. Just a gentle reminder: Falz is our new Falz, not a new Fela. Don't place him on a pedestal he didn't ask you for. As you were.
11 Jan, 01:33 PM UTC
Nubyjas Wilborn
I’m extremely blessed to now be in a place where I make a good salary for work that I enjoy. I love what I do, who I do it with & for. But there were years I was underemployed & coming back from that takes work. Imma get there tho.
11 Jan, 04:55 AM UTC
Michelle Allison
That's a story too. We deserve to hear it more. If I'd laid down in the story that my body was a pitiful trash heap, not worth the oxygen it consumed, I wouldn't be in a good place now. I might not be anyplace. I think that story, told to the exclusion of all others, kills people
11 Jan, 01:52 PM UTC
Lee Brackstone
Collective response to this shows what a powerful and positive place twitter can be when responding to reactionary and offensive 'views'. Good work everyone.
11 Jan, 12:47 PM UTC
올메인린 🍊🧡 라이관린 赖冠霖
can become as good as him. the classmates all saw ah yu working hard to practice in the drama club. even though there were some challenges in between, but due to ah yu's hardworking-ness, she got the first place #라이관린
11 Jan, 01:49 PM UTC
Gallery Antiques
Good morning #antiqueclique #vintagefamily #followvintage #etsysellers it Friday and the weekend starts now, even if I'm in the shop #galleryantiques today 10am - 2pm Chediston St #Halesworth #Suffolk opposite Market Place Have a lovely, productive and prosperous day everyone 😀 Gallery Antiques's photo on good place
11 Jan, 06:43 AM UTC
@HlomlaDandala Well honest talk is good but don’t brand groups of people. Rally law enforcement to tackle crime etc. But if it is an out of place feeling that you have then that is xenophobic. If it is crime and filth by all means it must be addressed. But don’t label groups.
11 Jan, 04:03 AM UTC
I'm OK ✨
the same goes to the one of my boy friends whom I have made to listen to ikon's songs. he said the comment section is such a good place to share thoughts with and to read messages on. i feel great that everyone can feel better just bcs of iKON's song.
11 Jan, 01:50 PM UTC
Dj Irakoze💽💿🎼
You look good in an Arsenal jersey. Please go with it to Kroenke's place, screw his marriage. His wife splits his wealth upon divorce. There he can no longer manage @Arsenal and then @AlikoDangote takes over. Best plan ever😎
10 Jan, 05:37 PM UTC
Good news for slaves , today i m going to finish my website blog where all of u will have the privillege to read more about me , see what i m into and buy vids and pics . Lots of you ask if i have a place where i puy my vids on sale and i m full of timewasters . 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 Lord-Kingsley's photo on good place
11 Jan, 01:53 PM UTC
@RepAndyHarrisMD @Acosta @POTUS So you agree that there is no crisis and whats in place is working. Good, the statistics show the same. So no wall is needed and we can end the #TrumpShutdown
11 Jan, 01:35 PM UTC
@WhiskiedWander I'd take them to a distillery to learn the process, meet the people and understand the current and historical context of the place. After that a tutored tasting will begin their journey to liking, enjoying and perhaps loving a dram. Aberlour may be a very good place to start.
11 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC
Jake Nelson
1. I was delivered a month early by C-section because I was trying to enter the world butt-first. Not necessarily a death sentence depending on time & place, but not good odds. 2. I got a sufficiently bad case of tonsilitis when I was around 8 it almost completely suffocated me.
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
go itaewon find mamak food HAHAHA — bitch itaewon is far and it’s not a good place to go alone lmao
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
Maso LeSandawana Dyani
@mpexo @Masandawana This is a winning line up member but I'd have loved Mabunda in place of Jali he's been good in the last 2 games. cHIEvEs and Bengahzi
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Anne E. Finley
@SKompass @krassenstein @realDonaldTrump #FactsMatter Trying isn’t leaving a negotiation in a huff, & Trump ‘owned’ the shutdown and proudly took responsibility., billions for abortions? But Obama, but Hillary. You’re all over the place. Agree to disagree this is unproductive and incoherent on your side. Have a good day
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
vendedor de morcego morto
como visto no episódio de hoje, a moral de the good place é que não existe consumo ético sob o capitalismo
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
meu good place teria cheiro de livros
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Breaking Men
Nouveau Radiohead, nouveau The Good Place, nouveau B99. Vraiment cette journée je l’aime bien pour l’instant.
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Yeray García
Flipas con el subidón que ha pegado The Good Place en la recta final de la tercera temporada. ¡Se va a volver a liar!
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Katie Hubbard
@Big_Eazzzzy I enjoy it! There’s an amazing bagel sandwich breakfast place called Sullys. They might also be open late night. Not sure but it’s soooo good!
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Joc Dávila
I had to ask my mom to make my hair appointment at her place cause my Spanish is not good enough to make one myself, I am DISGUSTED.
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Jason Marriott
@neilhembrow180 @DartsPlanetTV Starting to feel in a good place, might be too late for this year who knows, if next week doesn't go to plan then I'll put everything into the challenge tour
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
fast slow disco
dropping in to say that i’m just so glad the good place is good again
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Poetry Potion
New Poem: "Me and you by the beach. You staring up at the sky, me staring at my feet. As good a place as any to meet. Shy kiss, walking hand in hand. Behaving like we’re kids, standing in the sand." -Where I cannot follow by Charl Landsberg #Poetry
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Marquei como visto The Good Place - 3x10 - The Book Of Dougs #bancodeseries
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Susan McDonald
In association with Ya Dancer Silent Discos, book your place at our FREE Silent Disco in Johnstone on Saturday 19th January, 1pm - 3pm, to officially mark the launch of our Feel Good Renfrewshire programme of...
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Always good insights from @cote. In 2019, put a Product-as-a-Product strategy in place.
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Cherine Parvin
Good morning world. Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today. #PositiveVibes #happy #place #Loveyourself
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
Faiz Mohammad Atif
Good and beautiful behaved do not bring only peace, prosperity and security; but also makes place in the hearts. Faizmohammad Atif Faiz Mohammad Atif's photo on good place
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
wtf i wanna watch the good place so bad
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
my friend once told me during one of those late night convos "at least i wont be losing someone who cares for me" bitch that hit hard. wish that someone was still there for you. she aint in a good place rn. caring for you would be less depressing than what she's in rn haha
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
season 3 of the good place is so disappointing
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
@earth__photos Been to Hocking Hills, such a good place to go in this terrible state.
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
So happy that bts is on tour again. It's their happy place. Meeting a lot of army, interacting with them. And we got legendary fancam too. 💜💜💜💜 Maybe its tiring for them. But I never see them that happy except concerts. I just hope they have a good rest after every stops.
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
Bueno. The Good Place demostrando otra vez que es brillante.
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
@LufcPaul @Iromg @talkRADIO off the press. #Britain no longer a good place to invest due to #Brexit
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
Dana McKiernan
@blushandmumble Yeah, the image struck me more for the Janet-Chidi/Chidi both kissing Eleanor vibe than the meme-ness of either show. B99 is way better than I thought it’d be, but it’s not the same kind of rarified awesomeness that The Good Place is...
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
joshua hong is the only man to ever
I don’t like taking breaks frm writing bc I don’t feel productive. But for some reason I just don’t feel like I’m on a good place to produce anything decent rn.
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
@cat21X 😱 good choice! Forgot about that place.
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
PRZYPIETY [17's wercia]🌻 #ymmd
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
Ernie MackSatterfield (Big Ern)
@Jeremy_CSZ Also, Through the Decades at Hurstbourne and Taylorsville is a good place.
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
If you're wondering when the next Conifer Slopes video for @PlanetCoaster will come out, it might be a bit. I've been under the tutelage of Kinderly, the Coaster Whisperer to try to get a hyper coaster in place. Doesn't make for good vids. Hope to have something soon!
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
Himanshu Adlakha
#FridayFeeling Kabir God appears on earth in every age, establishes good by destroying evils, and go back to his place Satlok. For more information watch Sadhna TV at 7:30pm
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
David Teraoka
@Last_Grey_Wolf What would your Good Place smell like Austin? 🤔
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
Maya 🍰
Can you tell I'm having a good time at the toy store? I love toys and I started going there more often recently because to me it's like my happy place and gets rid of my anxiety in a flash lol
11 Jan, 01:58 PM UTC
hm b99???? the good place???? you're the worst???????? LA SAISON 2 ENTIÈRE DE FUTUREMAN
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
@TFS_Punisher @DRUNKKZ3 I think recoil is a good place to start. Right now the AR's are much easier to control primarily because the recoil patterns tend to lean more on the vert side rather than horiz. SMG's are heavy horiz, which can still be easily learned, but definitely make it more difficult.
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
@SMITEGame is in a weird but really good place right now. I've never been as excited for anything as i am for Project Olympus tho!
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
b99 e the good place voltando hoje. que belo dia pra estar vivo
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
lemon girl
From lying to stay in the Good Place to lying to stay in the Good Place. This show's gone full circle, huh?
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
Ann Ewing
@PMossburg @RepJoeKennedy @realDonaldTrump Good questions. These are the kinds of conversations that should be taking place in Congress.
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
Emily Zeringue
Love your good work! As much as I hate thinking about abortion procedures, people need to realise that the baby doesn’t just magically disappear in an abortion. That form of “healthcare” is violent and disgusting and has no place in society #ProLife
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
Lisa Moore-Banks
S/O of Appreciation💕 To Sister Angela Hudson ___________________________________ ▪Just about 2 months ago God put it on Angie heart to ask me to come to her place of employment so I can have a Good Full-Time...
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
Ver que toda semana tem um ep novo de the good place já dá pra ver que meu janeiro tá sendo maravilhoso
11 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
No alcancé a ver The Good Place!! Ugh
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
@ChrisJZullo @realDonaldTrump We have a barrier in place already 😂😂 good one man
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Mark Brown
Just watched this short film from Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative. It's really good. "I'm so tired" is a place that so many people end up at. Trigger warning for suicide. It's very much worth ten minutes of your time #mentalhealth
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
𝚋𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑𝚍𝚊𝚢 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚢 ☽
twleve year olds should not be on twitter and that’s that not that don’t even try to fight me, it’s not a safe or good place for people that young
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
It feels so good waking up in your own place!
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Gary Anthony
@scardoug @TMTVUK Hope you had a good launch, hope you still do A Place in the Sun ☀ 👌 😘
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Lindsey is like an emotional little boy searching for his place who needs to be seen. Problem is we see him and it’s not a good look. To thank him later Trump will shit all over on him and humiliate him even more than he’s done to himself
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Angie Hempel
@czuegner Omaha Craft Mafia might be a good place to start - they also have a pretty comprehensive list of resources on their website:
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Anyone recommend a good place to get a Brazilian Wax that uses hard wax ?
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Subodh Kumar Singh
@PiyushGoyalOffc Good evening sir please start fastest train between ajmer to Darbhanga via jaipur mathura bharatpur gorakhpur narkatiaganj Raxaul bargaina sitamarhi on daily basis. So sir please take a priority basis and start earliest sitamarhi is famous for birth place of Sita Mata..
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Mannnb everywhere out there has good food honestly. Emeralds restaurant is good if you wana get fancy. Then it’s a place called dragons den that’s lit , good drinks. Of course bourbon street
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC
Ana Mariana #Moose4HallSZN
The newest Good Place made me cry fyi
11 Jan, 01:56 PM UTC

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