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Rachel Johnson
Did I hear that right?! #richardmadeley just called #sirdavidattenbrough not a saint and just a broadcaster?!get this Alan partridge off my TV!!!!!#goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:36 AM UTC
Andrew Swindells
Richard Madeley looking good on Good Morning Britain today #goodmorningbritain #GMB Andrew Swindells's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:36 AM UTC
Courtney newcombe
#RichardMadeley is so rude and annoying!! 😶😶 #Goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:34 AM UTC
Wayne Alexander
Shania’s first selfie using my phone,not bad for her first go! #DaddyDaughter #goodmorningbritain #goodmorningtwitter Wayne Alexander's photo on #goodmorningbritain
15 Apr, 09:53 AM UTC
Ashley Parker
Richard Madeley is the real life version of Alan Partridge. #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 07:12 AM UTC
Abi Aldersley
FYI @GMB Sir David Attenborough is so much more than ‘just a broadcaster’ #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:38 AM UTC
Daily Express
‘I was concerned’ GMB host Susanna Reid speaks out on ‘troublesome’ health woes #goodmorningbritain https://t.co/eYJ112Egnd Daily Express's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 04:35 AM UTC
Ron Swanson
Wow, this woman on @GMB is reminding me of the woman from GB2! Things have to change but food will not run out "in a few years" because #DavidAttenborough said so! #gmb #goodmorningbritain Ron Swanson's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:37 AM UTC
Kunal Narayan Uniyal
Nirvana is the first step to spiritual progress, not the last one. The ultimate is the progress to the supermind and then merging with the absolute. #goodmorningbritain #quoteoftheday #Nirvana #sriaurobindo #Buddhism #integralyoga #blissful
16 Apr, 02:18 AM UTC
Richard whatsisface calling Sir David Attenborough 'just a broadcaster' is exactly the reason why I refuse to watch #GoodMorningBritain the rest of the week. What a disrespectful arrogant little oaf. Hurry up back Piers! #GMB @ITV
16 Apr, 07:33 AM UTC
Daily Express
#GoodMorningBritain host Richard Madeley SLAMS protestor in tense #GMB clash - 'Spare the mission statement' https://t.co/K0liK7lPCJ Daily Express's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 07:24 AM UTC
Megan Lightfoot
This woman on #goodmorningbritain could be talking the most sense ever, but she's such an overdramatic eejit you can't even hear what she's saying over her faux emotional breakdown. Absolute rocket
16 Apr, 06:35 AM UTC
Ron Swanson
To the lady on @GMB, maybe we don't belong here anymore? Have you thought about that? Maybe we had our chance and blew it and the Earth needs to start again without us. #gmb #goodmorningbritain #ClimateChange
16 Apr, 06:33 AM UTC
Daily Express
#GMB host Richard Madeley red-faced as he SWEARS live on air moments into #GoodMorningBritain https://t.co/MF7DZX2hJb Daily Express's photo on #goodmorningbritain
15 Apr, 06:28 PM UTC
@thismorning @sesamestreet @MeCookieMonster Hey #GoodMorningBritain, what about @MeCookieMonster replacing @piersmorgan - would be funnier and makes more sense! 😂
15 Apr, 06:05 PM UTC
Mr Flint
'Fifty Shades author E. L. James tells us the reasons she gets embarrassed reading her own books.' Pretty sure I can solve that mystery myself #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 07:11 AM UTC
So a beautiful building has been on fire, an iconic part of history destroyed... and here’s @GMB talking in depth about Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/Fernandez/Payne wanting another baby #GMB #GoodMorningBritain #NotreDameFire
16 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Mary-Jane Holland 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺🇬🇧
Why is this Lidl knock off Piers Morgan not letting this woman speak? Let her have her say... daft cunt 🙄@richardm56 #GMB #GoodMorningBritain
16 Apr, 06:35 AM UTC
ITV Loves Talent
ITV's #GoodMorningBritain and #Lorraine has an exciting opportunity for a Producer/Video Journalist to boost the programme’s coverage in the USA. Apply via: https://t.co/FAEoESYHal
15 Apr, 02:07 PM UTC
Daily Express
#GoodMorningBritain host Richard Madeley SLAMS protestor in tense #GMB clash - 'Spare the mission statement' https://t.co/K0liK74ee9 Daily Express's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 07:50 AM UTC
#goodmorningbritain Typical stupidity by climate change campainers!!! lets protest on the evils of climate change by holding up traffic and have vehicles standing still with engines running, then damage buildings using spray paints that have to be cleaned with harmful chemicals.
16 Apr, 07:24 AM UTC
George Turnbull
Yet another day passes without any mention of the 33000 ex servicemen and women that brought London to a halt on Fri. 12th April. Climate weirdos causing havoc is more important it seems #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
@Eneri96752758 @kew79 I agree. If ISIS wasn't losing she wouldn't have wanted to come back. All these people explaining how the family could 'afford the money' before legal aid application, wonder how they'd also explain all the presumably very expensive PR. #ShamimaBegum #GoodMorningBritain #GMB
16 Apr, 06:58 AM UTC
Mark Day
@richardmadeley1 “Sir David Attenborough is just a broadcaster!” 🤨 #gmt #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:52 AM UTC
Bring on the Easter sun ☀. #ClimateChange #gmb #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:45 AM UTC
Kiera Rose
The woman on #goodmorningbritain has a very valid and serious point! Climate change is real! We all contributed to the recent cyclone in Africa. I don’t know how or when people will stop and realise the crisis we are in! There needs to be worldwide political movement, fast!
16 Apr, 06:38 AM UTC
Jennifer Lucy
@piersmorgan @GMB Piers PLEASE hurry back!🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😬🙏🙏 #notthesame #isitalanpartridge #pierscomeback #trickydicky #cringe #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:35 AM UTC
kayleigh mcbride
How to people work with Richard or get interviewed by him- he contanstanly interrupts and doesn’t allow to finish answers 😩😩 @GMB #Annoying #Richard #Goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 05:58 AM UTC
#goodmorningbritain Windsor castle was built after the fire, House's of Parliament need doing, York minster after a lightning strike,Cutty Sark all was rebuilt AND GRENFELL TOWER????????
16 Apr, 05:38 AM UTC
Dawa Terrace
There are days I wonder what my purpose is,is if I will achieve my dreams. It's easy to get stuck wondering instead focus on moving forward.#TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #tuesdayselfies #TuesdayMorning #morning #goodmorningbritain #goodmorning
16 Apr, 05:14 AM UTC
Daily Express
#GMB host Richard Madeley red-faced as he SWEARS live on air moments into #GoodMorningBritain https://t.co/MF7DZXjSAJ Daily Express's photo on #goodmorningbritain
15 Apr, 02:28 PM UTC
Daily Express
#GMB host Richard Madeley red-faced as he SWEARS live on air moments into #GoodMorningBritain https://t.co/MF7DZXjSAJ Daily Express's photo on #goodmorningbritain
15 Apr, 10:27 AM UTC
Doing an Easter egg hunt for the kids, I'm a bear 🐻 gimmie 🍯#easter2019 #TuesdayThoughts #goodmorningbritain Mana-Myrealside's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 08:24 AM UTC
Guess I'm doing a #tedtalk @TEDTalks @TEDx @Lmf_network 🙌👏⚡ #ideasworthspreading #ted #tedx #journorequest #prrequest #women #tech #techwomen #techie #technology #BrownGirl #asian #dedicatedtodevelopment #goodmorningbritain #techlover #publicspeaking #TuesdayMotivation sonbar's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 08:24 AM UTC
🇬🇧 Graham Giles-Payne 🇬🇧
@Symdaddy I have noticed that. No mention anywhere unless you are a veteran and see it from your oppo's. #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 07:44 AM UTC
Bloody cheek #goodmorningbritain #DavidAttenborough is a Legend !!!!
16 Apr, 07:43 AM UTC
@richardm56 saying David Attenborough is “just a broadcaster”.. this is the biggest insult I have ever heard #ClimateCrisis #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 07:40 AM UTC
Jennifer Lucy
THREE WEEKS??!! What have we done to deserve this??!😩😭 Painfully cringeworthy EVERY day😩🤦🏻‍♀️ Bring back @piersmorgan ASAP!! #goodmorningbritain #wherespiers #itsalanpartridge #painful #cringe https://t.co/IFcpthVmzp
16 Apr, 07:15 AM UTC
Gilda K. Notarbartolo
Magritte in #Cambridge - #goodmorningbritain Gilda K. Notarbartolo's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:21 AM UTC
Good morning world ! New #phonecase design inspired by the French middle age. Check this out ! #French #goodmorningbritain #GoodMorningWorld #GoodMorningAmerica #phonecases #Inspired #inspiration #ShopMyCloset RaluFineArt's photo on #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 06:16 AM UTC
Democracy! Is he joking,Democracy died when Brexit did.Leave her to rot #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 05:47 AM UTC
What? No inane 15 minute bullshit chatter this morning? @gmb #gmb #goodmorningbritain
16 Apr, 05:04 AM UTC
Lee Drake
#ITV #GMB #goodmorningbritain #ThisMorning #lorraine Please can someone just explain why all these daytime shows have different presenters? It's very weird and uncomfortable where is piers/susanna/ben/phillip/holly and Lorraine? Can't all be on holiday surely?? @ITV
15 Apr, 05:51 PM UTC

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